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— kamu adalah nama yang selalu aku gemakan di langit Tuhan.

pada setiap jalan itu..
punya simpang siur yang merisau kadang terbabas lalu
punya lampu trafik yang mengarah kadang terluang waktu
sedetik mata mengerling awan biru mengirai gumpalan rindu
direct translation 👇
on every road..
have a worrying junction that sometimes slips past
have a traffic light that leads sometimes to spare time
for a second the eyes looked at the blue clouds counting the lumps of longing
kamu adalah nama yang selalu aku gemakan di langit Tuhan

Kash Allah ta'alah ham se baaten karte hamen gallay lagate or saray dard gayab ho jate!

Malaika_1010’s Profile PhotoQuestion?
namaz..Quran-Pak phrny k bad roty hwe dua krny k bad prayer mat pr hi sajdy mai jana r waheen late jana..yhi sb hota ha ...r Bohat dukh ho to Quran-Pak translation se phr ln ..us mai hi ap ki muskil ka hal hota bs dondna hota khud😊

Allah sy communication Kaise strong ki jaye ?

salmanshah19’s Profile Photoسید سلمان احمد
Gratitude, Dua & Salah.
It’s my habit that I always share all of my deep thoughts of either happiness or sorrow both with my Lord. I keep praying about each and everything, even little things like if I’m stuck in a traffic jam, I pray, “Ya Allah, please I want a clear road” or while making something for some special occasion, I make Dua, “Ya Allah, please make this delicious”. I am habitual of making Dua for every single thing (that doesn’t mean I don’t put on my efforts, I do that too and make Dua as well).
Now whenever I receive any kind of success or happiness, my lips whisper, “Thank you so much ya Allah, I love you”.
And I pour my heart out to Him whenever I’m sad or things don’t work for me. But this is something different. I tell each and everything to my Lord, all of my problem, the entire situation (when He knows everything) and then I ask for His guidance. After that I start reciting the Holy Book (Quran Kareem) with translation and every single time, since I’ve been doing this, every single time I get a solution to my problem.
This is how you can actually talk to Allah Almighty. This is how we can communicate with him. Say everything you want to and right after that start reciting The Holy Quran, you’ll get your answer. Also it’s not about a specific Verse or Chapter, every time you can recite it from wherever you’ve left.
Also sometimes when I feel like I don’t understand the answer after reading the translation and sometimes transliteration as well after reciting it from where I’ve left then I just open any page and start reciting it from there. I always get my answer. I always get a solution. I always get peace of mind and I feel like I am communicating with my Lord.

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Buenas tarde gente!🤭 ¿Vais a celebrar 🎃 ? Un besito💗

luciiacarmen_’s Profile Photo〽alagueña por ask.
@luciiacarmen_ 🌺 Lucía, ten buen fin de semana 🍸
Ettoo... así es, nos vamos a disfrazar de familia de vampiros 🧛
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 16

Libro Verde (2018)

Liga de Extraordinarios (2003)

Lights Out (2016)

Línea mortal (1990)

Linterna Verde (2011)

Liz en Septiembre (2013)

Lizzie Superstar (2003)

Llámame por tu nombre (2017)

LLegada "Arrival" (2016)

Llévame a casa esta noche (2011)

Lo dejo cuando quiera (2019)

Lo Impensable (2018)

Lobo (1994)

Los Chicos están bien (2010)

Los Creyentes (1987)

Los Descendientes (2011)

Los Falsificadores (2007)

Los Hambrientos (2018)

Los Miserables (2012)

Los Otros (2001)

Los Sin Nombre (1999)

Lost in Translation (2003)

Love Actually (2003)

Luna maldita (1996)

Luz de Luna "Moonlight" (2016)

Mad Max 1/5 (1979/2017)

Mal gusto (1987)

Malditos Bastardos (2009)

Maléfica (2014)

Mamá (2013)

Manchester frente al Mar (2016)

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Buenas tarde gente
Vais a celebrar  
Un besito

Lemme ask you question which were earlier asked by a non Muslim “ why we are here? Who we are ?

salmanshah19’s Profile Photoسید سلمان احمد
It is difficult to answer a complex topic such as this comprehensively in a short article, but three verses from the Qur'an quickly give a sketch of the Islamic understanding of the purpose of life:
وَمَا خَلَقْتُ ٱلْجِنَّ وَٱلْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ
I did not create jinn and humans except to worship Me (51:56)
مَآ أُرِيدُ مِنْهُم مِّن رِّزْقٍۢ وَمَآ أُرِيدُ أَن يُطْعِمُونِ
I do not want from them any provision, nor do I want them to feed Me (51:57)
اۨلَّذِىۡ خَلَقَ الۡمَوۡتَ وَالۡحَيٰوةَ لِيَبۡلُوَكُمۡ اَيُّكُمۡ اَحۡسَنُ عَمَلًا ؕ وَهُوَ الۡعَزِيۡزُ الۡغَفُوۡرُۙ‏
(67:2) Who created death and life that He might try you as to which of you is better in deed He is the Most Mighty, the Most Forgiving
One critical word in this definition is the word "ya'budu" -- to worship. In Islam, the concept of worship does not exclusively mean "go to the mosque, pray 5 times a day" -- the Western concept of worship......
It means to obey and to do what pleases God and avoid what displeases him. Perhaps a better translation of ya'budu in this case is "devotion". The next verse denies that Allah benefits from our worshipping him; it is we who benefit from obeying Him.
The second verse also presents the same idea, but in a different way: the people who really grasp the purpose of life are those who when given the option of choosing how to live, choose to devote their lives to serving Allah. Those who do so will be rewarded.
Synthesizing the meaning of these two verses: life is a test to see what our actions are. If we choose to follow the way that Allah has taught us to live (this is what worship means in Islam), then we have fulfilled the purpose of life. If instead, we spend our time entirely on idle entertainments, or worse, on actions of destruction, then we have not grasped the purpose of life.

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Dizem que podemos encontrar aquilo que perdemos, mas não o que abandonamos; com base nisso, o que você tem certeza que não encontrará novamente?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoLennongrabb
"" "They say we can find what we've lost, but not what we've given up; based on that, what are you sure you won't find again?" ""
~ the morning of my life
~ and yes , you're right ; I gave it up .
"Where's the morning in my life?
Where's the sense in staying right?"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgBS6zyCAKUigotamatch’s Video 171631842170 QgBS6zyCAKUigotamatch’s Video 171631842170 QgBS6zyCAKU

Hope everybody has a great Tuesday 😸 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo❄ ❅ ❆ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ❆ ❅ ❄
Yes. The day was successful. Thanks. 😉👍 I went shopping. Cooked lunch. Cleaned 1 1/2 windows and put a few of my cacti in the apartment. Have now used 1 curtain in the washing machine to spin and go to my parent repräsentatives meeting. 😉
I hope the translation is correct 😅
Jepp. Der Tag war erfolgreich. Danke. 😉👍 Ich war einkaufen. Hab Mittag gekocht. 1 1/2 Fenster geputzt und ein paar meiner Kakteen in die Wohnung gestellt. Hab jetzt 1 Gardine in der Waschmaschine zum schleudern gebraucht und gehe zu meiner Elternvertreterversammlung 😬😆👍
Hope everybody has a great Tuesday

Do you believe that pain has been used to justify toxicity for long? Maybe just maybe some compassionate eye doesn't find these crying culprits guilty. Do you find them guilty?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
See i tried google translation of this question to understand. I still failed. Im sorry.
"کیا آپ کو یقین ہے کہ درد کو طویل عرصے سے زہریلا ہونے کا جواز پیش کرنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاتا رہا ہے؟ شاید بس شاید رحم دل ان رونے والے مجرموں کو مجرم نہ پائے۔ کیا آپ ان کو مجرم سمجھتے ہیں؟"

How long have you been on ask? What made you stay? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have been on askfm since 2015. The two primary reasons I stay on this social network is that I enjoy meeting/communicating with new people from around the world and askfm provides a great platform for writers to express themselves. Anyone who follows me knows that I enjoy poetry, music, thought provoking questions, thoughtful and well formed answers and good humor.
Also, I think askfm could improve their platform greatly if they made the following changes:
1. Blocking - create a blocking algorithm that blocks the offending account from accessing any information on the account initiating the block. This would prevent the offender (stalker) from being able to follow their targeted victims online activity.
2. Real time editing - most platforms already have designed their product to allow the content creator to edit their posts after the post has been uploaded. Currently you make a post containing a grammatical error and your only option is to:
(a) leave the error or
(b) delete the post, fix the mistake and then repost.
The problem is this: what if the original post received many likes and coins? The deletion of the post also removes the likes and the associated coins which upsets the folks involved.
3. Ip address blocking. (might not be possible)
The most effective mechanism to remove chronic haters from askfm would be to block accounts based upon source ip address. This is very easy to accomplish via the routers access list or the firewall. The askfm administrators simply need to create rules based filters that associate offending user accounts with their originating ip address. The caveat being whether or not Network Address Translation (NAT) is being used or a VPN (virtual private network) which is likely the case and would make denying the specific source ip address impossible to filter (deny/block) because the source ip address is hidden (translated/encapsulated).
Please forgive the technical rant.

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Have you ever been addressed by a stranger on the street? What did he/she want? 👀

constantly. It doesn't matter what I look like or what I do, I'm still a magnet for strangers. From banal questions about how to get somewhere, how much time and requests for translation (how the hеll do they know that I'm a polyglot? Is there something written on my forehead? There are, for example, several people at the bus stop, but the person purposefully walks towards me. How does it work?) and compliments to my hobby to orders to urgently repaint my hair (yeah, random yahоos definitely know what the best for me, no doubt) and offers of seх in public with emigrаnts for money with which you can buy a car🤣 Like, it was so polite and naive that I was just blown away.

sevgilim, neden bir düzine çocuk doğurmak istiyorsun aşkım, balım, bebeğim, pilicim, tavşanım?

I’m sorry, but the translation didn’t make sense for me.
Day 1 of waking up at 5 am 🥱
sevgilim neden bir düzine çocuk doğurmak istiyorsun aşkım balım bebeğim pilicim

1)Твой телефон, ноутбук, портативка обклеены наклейками? 2)Какое полное название твоего университета? А места, в котором ты работаешь? 3)У тебя есть пирсинг? Где? 4)Ты живёшь в доме или в квартире? Если в кв, то на каком этаже? 5)Катаешься на самокатах, которые сейчас на каждом углу стоят?

1. Нет, это портит всю эстетику устройства.
2. Rainburn State Military Medical Institute, Translation Group.
3. Нет.
4. В квартире на десятом этаже.
5. Иногда.

What is your favorite bible translation and why?

And now abide Faith, Hope and Love, these three; but the greatest of these is Love. (Corinthians 13:13)
Why? Because without Faith, Hope and Love, life is meaningless, without purpose and not worth living. /Alex
Liked by: Aysu it’s me Inna

and I want to learn more about Islam religion can you tell me why you believe in Quran ? and I can’t read arabic so I cant read :/

My dear sister you don’t need to know the Arabic language to do that. Just read a good translation in English. You‘ll see the truth even by reading the translation InshALLAH ( God willing).
When you read yourself you’ll understand why I believe it’s the word of Allah ( the one true God) and could not be produced by any human being. Much love and God bless! 🌸🙏

What is your favourite song right now? 🎶 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo❄ ❅ ❆ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ❆ ❅ ❄
https://youtu.be/SEL3Qh6FOboainaasaharuddyn7’s Video 172482402701 SEL3Qh6FOboainaasaharuddyn7’s Video 172482402701 SEL3Qh6FObo
I choose the one that has an English translation for you to grasp the meaning of the song. It's not my fave song, it just happened to cross my feed and I was attracted to the melody😂.

now he says u only use google translate......

Of course. *ALL* of the imbecile's "observations" ignore the other points which were made. Like a dysfunctional child, he latches on desperately to *ONE* detail and completely ignores the rest. There's no mention of translation software or one's familiarity with other languages. Please, kindly stop polluting my page with this cretin's monumental ignorance and inability to form a coherent argument. If the coward had a spine and two functioning neurons, he would address me directly instead of asking himself moronic "questions" and regurgitating prepared responses in order to appear edgy. Pathetic specimen, insanely jealous and an obvious failure. On a positive note, I've received several followers due to his latest spasms. Perhaps you might be kind enough to extent my gratitude? 🤣
now he says u only use google translate

now he saying u have low self esteem andlike answer u dont understand

> now he saying u have low self esteem
Expert analysis. As everyone knows, it is impossible to have high self-esteem unless one impersonates others, obsesses over trivial nonsense and "hides" behind 10,000 profiles just to get one person's attention. It's all very flattering and it has done wonders for my "low self-esteem." 🤣
> andlike answer u dont understand
Another brilliant deduction! Translation software does not exist, Google Translate is probably just a conspiracy theory and as you are aware, it is impossible to read / understand more than one language. Yes, the law specifically forbids it!
"Ioi... No, tulai Doamne!" Ardeleanu' nostru... 🤣🤣🤣
now he saying u have low self esteem andlike answer u dont understand

How much difficult when ap 7th semester mai ho or aik sth classes chl rhi ho internship chl rhi ho, uni ka projects chl rhy ho or ap depression mai ho....🥺🙄

talhaking303’s Profile PhotoTalha
Have you ever, by chance, heard of this aayah...
لَا یُكَلِّفُ اللّٰهُ نَفْسًا اِلَّا وُسْعَهَاؕ
Its under the topic : the cow. (البقرہ) aayah 286 chapter one.
Try to recite it when you feel heavy or burdened... By reciting it i mean, not just arabic text but its translation as well... So that you can keep up with your faith... I pray for your ease and comfort. 🙏🏽💐

شيل فكرة التبرير من راسك متل ما بفهموك غلط بقدروا يفهموك صح وخالصين .. 🤎

ahmad_fisal’s Profile PhotoAhmad. F. Shawabkeh
🌷 I'm not sure if the translation I got from my phone was right. Anyhow my answer is -
I agree.
I've always been a straight forward person. I'll say what I think and feel most of the times. And no, I don't justify other people's words and reactions to what I say or do. But to be fair, I wait and observe first before I make my own perception, because I don't want to make a mistake of misunderstanding anyone as well. I'm reasonable and patient that way. Then once I made my conclusion, it's hard to change my mind.

If you had the opportunity to ask for the correct meaning of a song from the singer what song would it be and what question would you ask?

I heard from a friend some song from a quite famous tv series (i have no idea which one, but like, at the time of this soundtrack, in the series someone was dying or something), so, the translation there is just ridiculоus. Something about a kid with shoes and revеnge. Part of it was in english, and part of it was in an unknown language - perhaps something from the natives of north america. I wish I knew what that song was really about.

Haha semm, my mum is in alhuda, completed her Quran course and my baba is with tableegh. Allah hame bhi un jesa ban'ne ki toufeeq de sbse pehle to. Plus sure, do let me know about d ssd, I'd love to assist you further regarding any kinda information. 🌸

congratulations to ur mother !! i don’t know much about alhuda but i know a lot about tableegh even though i’m not that religious myself ( not as much as my parents) i personally think the tableeghi jamaat has a lot of room for improvement. the biggest downside of tableegh is that it largely depends on the people of your local masjid and the people you are tashkeeled with. if they’re nice understanding people then you have a great productive time but if not then it can be very traumatising. another major issue is that it is very culturally influenced which is not necessarily bad but the problem is that the islam part often gets lost in translation over cultural norms. customs are always held above critical thinking (at least in pak / india jamaats)

Guten tag, Schön! But now it will be just my luck that you’ll respond in German and I won’t have a clue what you’re saying! Guess I’ll need to learn more!

Oh that's why you wanted to have that translation 🤭
Than you have to say Schöne because I'm a girl you have the female version of that word 🤭🤭
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Do you agree all lives matter no matter the color of there skin or the way someone is هل توافق على كل الأرواح مهما كان لون شخص سكون أو طريقة بنائها؟

r_sinester’s Profile PhotoRaven rose Sinester
Yes all lives matters, despite the color . Btw the Arabic translation is wrong. هل جميع الارواح مهمة مهما كان لونها وعرقها

🌾☘️🎋 Знаешь ли ты, как выглядит плод бергамота? А ванили? А кунжута? А гречки? …И это далеко не всё, чего люди реально используют, но не представляют как выглядят плоды. А ты знаешь? Поделись фоткой плода, который раньше тебе был внешне не знаком. {Можно из перечисленных мной}

minik_5050’s Profile Photo⋆*✮.М❀ℕi̾kA.✮*⋆
"" 🌾☘️🎋 Do you know what bergamot fruit looks like? What about vanilla? What about sesame? What about buckwheat? ... And this is not all that people really use, but do not imagine what the fruits look like. Do you know? Share a photo of a fetus that you didn't recognise outwardly before. {It is possible from those listed by me}" ""
~ hope the translation is good !
~ 2 groups of Bergamot ;
though the herbal or 'bee balm bergamot' is actually -Monarda fistulosa . . . .
Citrus Bergamot ~ of Bergamot Oil Fame ! ~ 'Citrus bergamia'
*****************"" 🌾☘️🎋 А вы знаете, как выглядит фрукт бергамот? Что насчет ванили? А кунжут? Что насчет гречки? …И это далеко не все, чем люди реально пользуются, но не представляют себе, как выглядят плоды. Вы знаете? Поделитесь фото плода, которого раньше не узнавали внешне. {Можно из перечисленных мною}"""
~ надеюсь, что перевод хороший!
~ 2 группы бергамота;
хотя травяной или «бергамотовый бальзам» на самом деле - Monarda fistulosa. . . .
Цитрусовый бергамот ~ известное масло бергамота! ~ 'Цитрус бергамия'
as this bee creates botanical fetuses . . . . as each pair of haploid sex cells fuse; a new individual comes into being . . . . the mother has no rights over this, only responsibility . . . . & here is another life lesson ~

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Знаешь ли ты как выглядит плод бергамота А ванили А кунжута А гречки И это

Sisliydi kirpiklerin ve gözlerin yağmurlu...

Was foggy ….tears like a rain were dripping from your eyes…. ( translation…. - of the meaning of this phrase from anonymous….)
thank you anonymous….
(i just saw it now….
months later…. )
it’s about my beautiful mom….
anonymous expressed in such a form…. what I wrote then….
if i had read it earlier…. when my beloved mom was with me….
and when i sometimes was just upset…. and sad ….
I would have thought how beautiful and romantically expressed….
but now these words…. fog …. rain …. on eyes…. and on eyelashes….
it’s so painful….

Mjh ik chez nhi ati agr insan achy tareeky sat bat kr rha hai to us ka jwb galt q ata hai

Asimshabbir678’s Profile Photoครเ๓รђค๒๒เг
State Of Mind...
Huzor e wala we all-own-an-individual-state-of-mind since we all are born... We just keep learning and learning and it keeps changing and changing continuously... We just also learn how to understand people... According to their state of mind... And ours... and sometimes we just get lost in translation you know... Sometimes we dont get us as well... I get you...

Translation for what purpose?

Tufailmabood’s Profile Photopooqɐꟽ lᴉɐɟn⊥
So I can understand the unknown language ! !
What ever ~ google-translate can't cope
can you you understand?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzGfwEXPIwMigotamatch’s Video 170379089786 jzGfwEXPIwMigotamatch’s Video 170379089786 jzGfwEXPIwM

А ты мне опять улыбаешься, а у меня сердце болит. Зачем же ты мне так нравишься. К тебе тянет, словно магнит. А ты мне в ответ улыбаешься, а у меня сердце горит. Но как же ты мне, сука, нравишься😍

Holy shit! Let me give you the translation of this one.
(And you smile at me again, and my heart hurts. Why do I like you so much. It draws you like a magnet. And you smile back at me, and my heart burns. But how do I like you bitch😍)
What a fucking love letter. Russian love letters, my friends!
А ты мне опять улыбаешься а у меня сердце болит 
Зачем же ты мне так нравишься К

1)У тебя в телефоне и в соц.сетях светлая или тёмная тема? 2)Дата начала твоих последних отношений.Вы до сих пор вместе?Если да,когда поженитесь/поженились?Если нет,когда расстались? 3)Любишь шоколад с орехами? 4)Название твоей должности и организации,где ты работаешь 5)Любишь фильмы про вампиров?

1. Светлая. С 22:00 до 8:00 установлен переход на тёмную.
2. Начали встречаться в середине 2019, а расстались в середине 2020.
3. Нет. Люблю молочный.
4. Переводчик. Наша организация называется Translation Group (TG). Мы работаем с несколькими журналами и газетами. Так же есть отдельные заказы на перевод других вещей, которые перечислять довольно долго.
5. Мне нравился какое-то время сериал Дневники Вампира, но очень быстро остыла к нему и даже не досмотрела.

Write down the first word that popped up your mind when u finished reading this!!!

lil_steph5’s Profile PhotoIzzy.fanny
If you insist on 'WORD' solely , it would be 'BIG' . . . .
But, I, me, myself . . . . . insist on the full picture . . . . anthologised:
(translation of RUSSIAN intro: "Citizens , take your seats ; the train is leaving, the train is leaving" [this is Trotsky's Train] )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDW8cpsvqAwigotamatch’s Video 169989369978 jDW8cpsvqAwigotamatch’s Video 169989369978 jDW8cpsvqAw

What's the best way to improve English in ur opinion?

Umm.. I guess if you’re good with the basics, practicing the skill you wanna improve is the best way
Like to start listening to broadcasts or reading English books, watching movies without translation and talking in English to people you know.

📒📚📖 «Привяжет она тебя к себе чем-то, чего не видно, а порвать – нельзя, и отдашь ты ей всю свою душу!»©️ Ни с чем нельзя порвать раз и навсегда. Всё, что было, мы забираем с собой, хотим этого или нет. Согласны? Или готовы оспорить? Что скажете?)

minik_5050’s Profile Photo⋆*✮.М❀ℕi̾kA.✮*⋆
📒📚📖 “ will bind you to herself with something that is not visible, but it is impossible to break it, and you will give her all your soul!"©️ Everything that was, we take with us, whether we like it or not. Do you agree? Or ready to challenge? What do you think?)
OR (variant translation)
📒📚📖 “She will tie you to herself with something that is not visible, but it is impossible to break it, and you will give her all your soul!” ©️ You cannot break anything once and for all. Everything that was, we take with us, whether we like it or not. Do you agree? Or ready to challenge? What do you think?)
(both translations by google ; the first via the translation app. , the 2nd on instant page translate)
I can neither disagree , nor be certain . . .
I apologise ; my answer feels unworthy , inadequate , but not a cop-out . . .
All I can sincerely say is "everything changes", "nothing stays the same. . . ." Can anything truly remain ? ? - When one looks back , is it ever the same? - "The Truth is changed by the memories we have??"
2 songs that so strongly anthologies , engulf me . . .
(if ask will allow ; they are so limiting, suffocating now.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qalEH9mCegigotamatch’s Video 169842416762 -qalEH9mCegigotamatch’s Video 169842416762 -qalEH9mCeg
(on a other perspective, yet the same: )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iPPU2m96Wwigotamatch’s Video 169842416762 1iPPU2m96Wwigotamatch’s Video 169842416762 1iPPU2m96Ww

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igotamatch’s Video 169842416762 -qalEH9mCegigotamatch’s Video 169842416762 -qalEH9mCeg

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