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Do people from London have a reputation in England

Maybe for being unfriendly and very shut off, perhaps? I’ve never found it to be the case personally, London is incredibly diverse and it’s quite easy to have wholesome interactions with strangers whilst travelling. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, who knows!
It’s true that folks don’t really like talking on the tube though 😂

Is the idea of an afterlife comforting or scary to you? Why?

Mostly comforting. It gives me hope that there’s something beyond this life, whether that be reincarnation, or travelling across different realms of space and time, etc. Our energy has to go somewhere, as it can’t be destroyed, so I guess anything is possible :)

Where would u like to travel to ?

craigbrien666’s Profile PhotoCraig
ive got my mind set to getting back to New zealand either this year or the coming years... but if its travel as in bucketlist travelling, i dream to goto: malmo, geneva, seoul, taipei, hongkong-times square+lankwaifong+causeway bay, vancouver, borabora, Bulgaria, Jordan, aaand Kazakhstan.❤️

Do you prefer travelling alone or with someone else?

I prefer to travel alone. I'd like to do Europe alone again, but I have no idea how to tell my SO that without hurting his feelings. Not that I don't love traveling with him, I just find taking a trip on my own is infinitely more relaxing than going with another person.
With someone else. I might have to compromise on things I want to see, depending on the person, but I love sharing great experiences with people I'm close to. I love to be able to say, hey, remember that time we did that thing? Wasn't it awesome? and laughing about it together. Doing things alone can be formative, but I personally find solo travel to be less fulfilling.
For me it depends on the person and the experience I'm looking for. I also love to travel alone, in fact I usually prefer it. There's something so wonderful about not having to deal with another persons agenda. I also clothes shop alone for this reason. Lately, though, with my current SO I've enjoyed tremendously seeing the same thing through his eyes. We don't get irritable or annoyed with each other like I have with just about every other traveling companion, romantic or otherwise. I wish I could insert him into all those trips I took alone now, which is a crazy thought to have when those solo trips made me me.
Definitely alone! Best part of travelling is the freedom and the adventure and the being entirely immersed in a different life. And you meet the most incredible people when you travel alone because the travel culture is so open and you let yourselves be vulnerable. Travelling with my bf is nice but doesn't compare to travelling alone.
Definitely alone. It's less pressure on your shoulders and you can pretty much do and see whatever you want. I also prefer it since I usually go traveling in order to clear my mind and have a bit of alone time. It's really freeing to be in a completely strange city/country where you don't know anyone and nobody knows you. Traveling with other people can be fun too though, but only as long as you get along really well and have similar interests/habits. It really depends. Camping is more fun with people, urban exploring can be more fun alone.
I prefer to travel with someone else while still having days to explore on my own.
"Alone." I say that in quotation marks because you always end up meeting people while you're travelling anyways, but I would rather embark on the journey itself alone.
Definitely alone! Best part of travelling is the freedom and the adventure and the being entirely immersed in a different life. And you meet the most incredible people when you travel alone because the travel culture is so open and you let yourselves be vulnerable. Travelling with my bf is nice but doesn't compare to travelling alone.
Alone. The last time I traveled with a group, two out of four people that went don't speak anymore. I want to plan out my own itinerary.
Alone. My husband is the only person I can stand to travel with!

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Why do you like to travel?

For me, it's about fulfilling a sense of wonder about a specific place. Unlike some travelers, I don't go to a place because it "sounds nice". I only visit places that intrigue me for one reason or another. I may have watched a documentary or a movie or read a book and suddenly I'm hooked. For instance, I loved British comedy when I was a kid. I had to go see England. So I did. It was everything I expected and more because I was interested in the small details of the place. The brick architecture. The hedgerows. The musty air of an old pub. The gray slate skies over the Channel. All that stuff. I've been to London twice. Still haven't seen Big Ben or Parliament. Why? I just don't care about them. I've read a lot about Roman history and the great Slavic migrations, so I visit those places. I probably won't visit Sweden because it just doesn't hold any allure to me. I'm sure it's nice and I even have a very good Swedish friend. But I'd rather go to Turkey. Or New Zealand. Or Argentina. Those places intrigue me. That's why I tell new travelers on this forum to think hard about what place holds that magical appeal in their minds. GO THERE. Once you do, every moment becomes special. You aren't just plodding from one tourist site to the next. You are instead immersed in a dream come to life. That's why I travel. Being completely immersed in a culture you have no experience with and people who speak a language you dont know is incredibly fun.
What I mean by perspective: these are the tourists who want to see something that they've heard about or read about all of their lives, and they want to see it for their own eyes rather than on a page or a screen. Times Square, the Mona Lisa, the Pyramids of Egypt, etc are typically the things that these people want to see. Examples: people who sign up for tour groups and spend 10 days on a bus going from tourist trap to tourist trap. Very few people fit perfectly into those three categories, but you can define a lot of travelers by how they fit across those categories. I'd say I personally am about 15% adventure, 15% hedonism and 70% perspective. I travel on my own, without a minimal set itinerary or guide, but the places where I travel tend to be fairly sedate and within an easy walk of toilet facilities. While travelling I indulge a little, but not much more than I would at home - it's about indulging in different things. And I'm 70% perspective: I want to be able to see thing with my own eyes so that I know what it really looks like, without the perspective filter that books, movies and video games put on places.

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Why do you enjoy travelling?

But in all seriousness, in our modern society, especially in a city, there is very little outlet for that primal urge in most people for adventure, danger, pitting yourself against nature etc. Travelling gives you that sense of adrenaline the first time you see Kilimanjaro appear in the distance or that time that pretty Colombian woman smiles at you from across the bar in Cali. At least those are my reasons to travel. There is nothing quite like the rush you get from finally summiting a big peak, or dropping into the spectacular depths of a coral reef. Traveling takes away everything you are comfortable with, and lets you expand into your surroundings. I've travel all over the US and parts of Canada and when I first ventured out of the US to Western Europe I was hit by so many simple differences. All over the US our electrical plugs are the same, our toilets flush the same way, you use the same money, etc. In Europe, I would travel to a country that was an hour away and need different money (prior to the Euro), the plug might be different (UK to France), etc. I came back from first trip with a new perspective....just because you did it differently doesn't mean its wrong...its just different. I love that feeling and I love finding it again when I travel along with the wonder sights, sounds and tastes. For me, it's a fascination of how people of other cultures live their lives, what they talk about, what they see on a daily basis. I also love seeing history up close and personal. For example being in the Colosseum in Rome, a couple of thousand year old building, still standing. That, to me, is breathtaking.
I've been traveling domestically since I was 6 weeks and internationally from 9 months. It's honestly how I grew up. Even if we always went to the same places to see family. It's what I know. Plus I love discovering things about history/Archeology.
I enjoy traveling for the ultimate sense of freedom. I have less things with me so I need to worry about less things too. The constant new things that happen and unfold around you make you feel like a child... everything is new and interesting. And by constantly meeting new people and making new friends you are always the person you are right at that moment.. It makes one grow so much! By seeing the same people over and over again (colleagues, friends,...) you don't grow as much... you have unconsciously created a role with those people that you keep following. I also love how travel makes you read between the lines.
When I travel it's always in conjunction with going on holiday, so my primary reason to travel is to relax, get a change of scenery, break my usual routine; I also enjoy seeing, doing, eating and drinking things that I can't see/do/eat/drink at home.

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Do you like travelling?

I am a tireless traveler. Travel makes me feel good, gives me energy, and makes me happy.
I was just in ayyuthaya (ancient city near Bangkok) I only had a rough idea of how to get around and I rented a bicycle instead of a motorbike cus I was a cheapskate. It ended up being 100x harder to get around and 100x more confusing. But the fun was that I just went where I felt was right. At each of the ruins, I had lovely conversations with other travelers about their trips and the locals are always helpful when I was absolutely lost.
Travelling may bring people joy through many ways. You may like to see beautiful cities and their landmarks, or simply their architecture and general atmosphere. You may want to see how different nature is around the globe and how surprising it may be to see the great outdoors. You may want to engage in different activities, from paragliding to dance classes, from rafting to riding camels in the desert, from balloon trips to hiking on mountains... you may want to experience different cultures and foods, you may want to know the history of the world in museums, or you may just want spend a few days relaxing in a beach or in a secluded lodge... you may want to know people from other places or you may want to go to big parties in a place where nobody knows you. These are some of the reasons why people travel, and only a few of them are applicable to me, for instance. Maybe some of these will appeal to you, or maybe none at all. It's for those moments that you just can't experience by staying home. I just got back from a trip where I could watch the sun come up while overlooking cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde and nobody else was around. There was a buffalo munching on grass right outside my cabin one evening. I've had too many extraordinary experiences to count over the years and that's what keeps me getting out there to places I've never been to.
My main hobby was photography. I then got into travel, and found that they were very complementary hobbies. The thrill of enjoying and taking in some place new is a cool buzz, especially when you have a camera in your hand and want to capture the moment to help relive it later on.
It's really hard to explain to be honest, it's just a feeling of exhilaration and excitement I get when I get to see new places and exploring an unknown (to me) area. It's a kind of passion which I don't really experience when doing anything else. The world we live in is so beautiful and there's so many amazing things to see, and I just enjoy seeing them :) whether it be interesting sights, cities, nature, or just people. At the end of the day we only have so much time on this Earth, I figure I may as well try and see as many interesting places as possible!

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How much do you like your own bed? What could've been done to improve it? 🛏

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I dearly LOVE my bed. It's the opposite of fancy - it's too short, because in a fit of genius I decided to cut the legs off, and the paint is peeling because I just slapped some random white on it years and years ago.
But it's mine, and I love that it's low and dumb and difficult to store stuff under. I'm a really rubbish sleeper - whether that's due to years of travelling or just a general thing, I don't know. But when I come home and I crawl into my bed, I'm a happy bunny.
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What kind of drug are you?

Riding at the back of pickup truck heading back from north, eating the milk cookies and drinking namkeen lassi out of a jar, and singing my lungs out with undending verses of "Tum hi din charhay, Tum hi din dhalay" with stars, and moon and God above . Sweet dreams at the end of the journey home and not a care in the world.
This is my kind of drug, my kind of travelling ❤️

What would you do if fear was not a factor and you could not fail?

It might sound silly to some but facing a massive anxiety of mine which would be leaving the country and travelling to the beautiful places I've always wanted to visit. I'm not at a point to do this at the moment, I've got some stuff I need to work on in this country first, but at some point, I will see Italy. 🤌🏻

Today you have won the lottery. Where are you travelling first?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
(Ma megnyerted a lottót. Hová utaznál először?)
A Távol-Kelet utáni részekre... ami kb. Ausztrália után kezdődik és az USA nyugati partjaiig tart.
Mert ott olyan csoda szigetek vannak (pl. Salamon-szigetek, Fidzsi-szigetek, Új-Kaledónia, Húsvét-szigetek stb.) és csoda óceán és álomszerű emberek, mint a mesevilágban.

What makes you happy?

Kind gestures, people who understand me and their vibes always match mine. ❤️ Songs, dance, cartoons, shows, nature, talking, cracking jokes and when people laugh😜, but sometimes they are not that good. 😝 😹
Travelling 💫😊 + doing valuable tasks where I learn something. 😊 + Playing with harmless animals and friends 😊💫 + when someone praise me😸😊 (And that's a big proud moment when everyone admires that praise or give a thought to it) 😂🤣😂😂
What makes you happy

What are your hobbies and interests?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Bouldering, singing, playing guitar, playing piano, metal work, making jewellery, writing poetry, sculpting, making clothes, 3D animation, 3D art, writing songs, travelling, hiking, camping, metal detecting, treasure hunting, art, painting, drawing, digital art, history, science, theoretical science, subatomic particle science, fringe science, photography, videography, bike riding, novel writing, illustrating, wood work, cooking, gaming, making people laugh, motivational videos, both watching them and making them, learning about poisonous plants, science documentaries, history and science museums. And so much more

What do you seek to achieve in your life?

JBI2010’s Profile Photoأحمد JBI2010
My number one goal in life is to one publish a book of poetry. I already share my work online and in doing so I have acquired a small reader base, for whom I am endlessly grateful, but it's my dream to someday see my work sitting proudly on bookstore shelves.
Aside from that? The only thing I really want out of life is to be happy, to make the people I love happy, and to make the most of my brief time on this planet by travelling, by allowing myself to have new experiences, to take risks, to be uncomfortable, and to learn as I go along. I want to live an exciting and fulfilling life.

Does anyone have any idea of umrah packages? Like per person package for 10 days?

Untick and ask as a personal question, with a number you can be contacted at... You will get the call on monday... The call would be from a travelling and tourism company... It will address all your queries... Salamat rahiey 🙏🏽💐

How does it feel to travel alone?

Travelling alone was probably the best decision I could have made.
It made me really question my life and where I’d like to see myself further down the road.
You see a lot, you move a lot, you experience a lot. There are no downsides to taking some time off and travelling solo.
It is easy to go the traditional way and leave out personal growth. With travelling you truly do grow every day.
If you have the opportunity to travel alone, take it! You won’t live to regret it.

What's the last creative thing you accomplished?

vexiled’s Profile Photo↭vex↭
Not finished yet, but I'm Designing a website for my travelling group. And i add booking online.
Also i felt creative when i Designed a one day retreat called Silent Hike & meditation. I added Breathwork techniques & Qigong and finally Zen meditation. Then people will remain silent while hiking then they scream. Many people felt that they cleanse their emotions.

What 3 things could your parents have done better in raising you?

Now, usually, I would claim that my parents have done an absolutely splendid job, that I am the light of their (enormously seperate) lives, etc, etc.
However, there are some teensie weensie things that I'd have changed - Because I have grown into a compete athlete with crippling anxiety, and THAT makes for a very interesting mixture.
So I would not have let me compete at such a high level so early, it did me no favours and definitely contributed to burnout. If it had been at junior level, absolutely, but this was travelling to adult tournaments, with adults, as a very vulnerable 14-year-old. At the time I thought I was super grown up. Now, I just think it was a time bomb.
I also would have liked it if they'd stepped in when I got into an adult relationship (also as a child.) Nobody said "are you sure" or "are you okay" at any stage, and I was covering up bruises and breaks and all sorts. It took well over a year before I could ask for help.
Anddd that's probably it, to be honest. I'd have appreciated it if my mother had let me keep my surname instead of changing it 600000 times, but c'est la vie.

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Sweetest thing a guy has ever done for you?

So this one time i was travelling alone and right from Bahrain airport to Pakistan i was surrounded by desi uncles during my flight, and this one uncle in front of me decided to write his number on the window, creepy tbh. And the guy beside him realised it's making me uncomfortable so he turned around and said don't worry i'm right here which made that creep think that guy is with me which he was not, later he waited for all the uncle's to leave, helped me with the luggage and said i would have done the same if it was my family. Gem!!!!!!!
I hope he's doing good in life wherever he is.❤

Ada yg pernah travelling solo/sendirian.. ceritain sedikit dong n travelling kemana ?

pupppppa’s Profile PhotoUlfa Sintya
terakhir kemarin bulan desember ke bandung jadi transit di 3 stasiun pertama di stasiun mojokerto, kedua di stasiun kertosono, ketiga di stasiun kiaracondong. lalu sampai di stasiun bandung ketemuan sama temenku disana dan nunggu selama 4 jam wkwk, akhirnya nunggu check in hotel agak lama, setelah check in kulineran di bandung sekitar alun alun. dan malamnya ke braga dan cari makanan sunda. hari keduanya cari nasi tutug oncom belum buka akhirnya pesen nasi timbel dan jalan jalan ke heritage pakai bus bandros dan hari terakhir drama mau ke kartikasari gak dapat ojek online akhirnya setengah jam dapat dan langsung ke kartikasari jalan kaki sampe bawa koper dan langsung masuk beli oleh oleh disana, dan temenku mau bayar kartu debit nya erorr keblokir akhirnya minjem uangku yaudah akhirnya dia ngepres uangnya dan juga langsung bayar utangku wkwk. pulang naik gopar disambut pemandangan bagus sekitar bandung sampe ke cikampek. dan setelah sampe gambir berpisah sama temenku aku melanjutkan perjalanan malam dengan argo anggrek ke surabaya

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Say you got turned into a vampire, how do you think you'd choose to live your life from there on out? 🧛‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'd spend a while just trying to accept and deal with having an eternal life I now have to live on earth...
after that, I'll probably take some time off to travel and see the world (and definitely visit my international friends). I'll decide what I want to do with my life as I am travelling.
Say you got turned into a vampire how do you think youd choose to live your life

Winter essentials to travel ?

Hand creams sunscreen and vacuum bottles. I usually like to travel with my water bottle even if I’m heading to the nearby markaz. I don’t believe in making another bag just for winters my travel bag has almost everything you can think of Kiunke kabhi bhi anything can come handy. It is ideal if you keep an emergency kit jisme thread and needle bhi ho along with sunny plasts. XD I hate travelling in winters but when travelling to the North ( in any season) I keep handcreams and Vaseline because I cant function with dry hands and chapped lips.
Winter essentials to travel

If there was a chance for you to become any non living thing (washing machine, fridge, stone, sofa etc) , what would you like to become? And what will be your point of interest that you'll be looking forward to?

PulkitSharma62’s Profile PhotoJustice
A free ticket for travelling 😂, Going with the flow of winds 😺, and looking closely at birds, nature, and also at people 🤣 maybe,
That will probably make me more illuminated 😺🌦️☁️, and will assist me in experiencing each wonder of this beautiful earth🌻🌷😇
I can also race with other clouds🤪🤣 and sometimes A bright rainbow 🌈 will also be visible 😇🌷🤩
If there was a chance for you to become any non living thing washing machine

longest trip? 🛫🚙⛺️

Fatm_Th’s Profile PhotoFatm
The longest trip I've been on was my trip across Asia and Australia in late 2018! Spent a week in Tokyo, one month travelling along the east coast of Australia, three days in Singapore and three days in Shanghai. It was great in so many ways, a true trip of a lifetime 🥰🌏
longest trip

What's the best thing you saw while using public transport. Mine: people adjusting their seats to accommodate a female passenger nd an uncle actually sacrificing his seat ...♥️

dictator_1059’s Profile Photokiddo headshrinker
i have used public transport, most types, without my family's knowledge in the past cuz my relatives don't approve of travelling in public transport usually.. but my philosophy was.. and is that if others are doing it, i can do it too? and unfortunately i havent seen anyone giving up their seat for sb else.. although ive given mine for some elderly woman when i did get a seat in metro which was extremely rare.. but young ladies and men keep sitting even when they should offer their seat to sb that really needs it like sb who's carrying a baby etc. and its sad to see how mean and apathetic we are as a nation.. so i cant think of anything good done by anyone on public transport.. not atm at least

Oh hi! Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try and send out more personalised questions to those I follow! What are some topics you'd like to receive questions about?

Hey Jo, that's great so I hope 3 topics are enough: animals, music and maybe travel or something similar to travelling, please. 😸
Oh hi Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try and send out more

what do you think of the common mentality in PH that success is when kids want to buy a home for their parents as they retire or join their family when travelling especially abroad.

That's a nice gesture but it's not a marker of success. Don't ever measure your success based on someone else's actions. Secure your own future and don't treat children like a piggy bank and ask for something in return for raising them. Most of all, understand that many parents are terrible, even abusive, and if their children don't act lovingly towards them or according to popular expectations, the parents probably deserve it.

And I have another question as well, how do you manage to travel that much Ma shaa Allah? Very nice to see you roaming around Pakistan, I wish your love for travelling lasts for so long. :’))

Oh i am travel freak but never used to get permission from my parents. I work with a game studio in Islamabad. They planned a trip in 2019 to Phandar Valley Gilgit Baltistan. That was my first trip with friends to somewhere so beautiful. So yes thats how it all began. 😄

When do you think we will find extraterrestrial life, if we do, and how do you think that will impact humanity?

I don't think we ever will. The observable universe has thus far shown no signs of EL that would be capable of travelling to us, and we don't have the technology to travel there, the universe expands and pushes any potential EL further and further away while we are stuck grounded. Even if its out there we will never find it.

Do you speak with a certain dialect? How's that dialect typically considered being by others who speak your mother tongue? 💬🌍

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I grew up speaking a broad and distinct urban version of the Yorkshire dialect, which has changed somewhat in adulthood reflecting my time travelling and also my decade living in Scotland.
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Share a little about you

My name is Freya but you can call me Frey. I currently live in London. I’m Welsh and was brought up in Cumbria from the age of 5. 🌾 For work, I’m in design engineering, working as a technician in a machine shop.
🌸 Slightly more random childhood facts in no particular order… I grew up camping, travelling, climbing and skiing, catching frogs and building forts in the woods with my siblings. We loved water balloons, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and air soft guns. Cozy coupe cars, jelly shoes, blacksmithing, the stars and alternative rock/grunge bands were my jam. I dreamed of living on a canal/narrowboat. I think the closest things to dolls that I really enjoyed was the doll house itself and Polly Pockets and what I enjoyed equally as much as playing with my toys was organising them 😂 I think I’m a type-A gal.
I want a van life or something like that, it’s actually less about travel and more about simplicity. The less cluttered I keep my external life, the easier it is for me to think clearly. I’m more able to answer cliche but important questions. Knowing myself is something I really value and it makes me a better person to those around me. I feel much more present and at peace. 🤍
I’m probably a classic 90s kid with a love of learning by doing.

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