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Was beeinflusst die Gesellschaft deiner Meinung nach?

Madame_Vava’s Profile PhotoChaosperle
Medien - Filme, Bücher, Serien, TV-Shows, Zeitschriften, Zeitungen etc.
Politik - Politiker, Slogans, Wahlkampagnen, Reden, Agendas, ...
Vom Menschen gemachte Ideologien - die Verbreitung von Säkularität, New Age, Liberalismus, Kommunismus, Transhumanismus, Kapitalismus, verändertes Christentum bzw. vom Menschen korruptierte Religion und die damit verbundenen Medien, Agendas etc.
Sich ständig ändernde ethische Aspekte, mit denen gespielt wird und die je nach Lust und Laune geändert werden können.
Hier noch einige andere, die die Gesellschaft beeinflussen könnten:
- Religion, die unter konstantem medialen Beschuss steht und ständig durch Missinformarion und Hétze diskreditiert wird (da kann man sich dann denken, wer dafür verantwortlich ist) und bei der die Menschen scheitern, näher nachzuforschen
- Natur
- Die Beobachtung der Lebensweisen von Mensch und Tier
- Wissenschaft, die im Einklang mit dem Menschsein ist
- Die Auseinandersetzung mit den großen Fragen der Menschheit, sowohl im persönlichen wie auch im weltlichen und spirituellen Sinne
All das zuerst genannte (im oberen Absatz) hängt natürlich zusammen und es gibt diese Menschen, die meinen, das bestimmen zu dürfen - das sind die paar Menschen, denen beispielsweise viele Konzerne und Medien gehören und die somit am meisten Einfluss haben. Die reichsten 2% sozusagen, die so viel Geld besitzen, dass man damit theoretisch die ganze Welt ernähren könnte. Beispiel für so einen Konzern: BlackRock.
Jeder Mensch wird durch irgendwas beeinflusst. Das kann man nicht verhindern. Und nicht jeder Einfluss ist ein schIechter. Aber man muss mit Bedacht wählen, von was man sich beeinflussen lassen möchte, um Schaden möglichst klein zu halten.

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Do you regret all the time you've spent watching tv?

Yes, but not as much as watching vids on YouTube. At least with television I had to learn to be patient. With the internet everything is instant and there is that decision overload that comes from having too much to choose from.
I definitely regret watching series that are just good enough to stop you from watching, but not good enough to really enjoy them. I think that's referred to as 'fast food media'. Thankfully I haven't watched an actual TV since like 2005 or so, haven't regretted it since, say what you will about infinitely scrolling feeds but at least with YouTube it's a bit harder to watch things that you don't like, as you're more active in the process. Also, it's a bit easier to do other things while you're watching something on a PC, so there's a little productivity in there at least.
Normally about 10 hours per week, depending on what movies are on. I don't really follow tv-shows anymore on TV like I used to. I do watch a lot of tv-shows and movies that I get from the library for free. My wife and I watch one show over dinner each night during the week. Sometimes on Friday we will watch a movie instead. Other than that I just watch a few things on Youtube. We did a month of Playstation Vue last month just to try it out. The amount that we watched TV definitely went up. When you can just flip through channels and something is always playing I think people are more likely to watch TV. We canceled the service because we felt so unproductive with it. I watch countless amounts of YouTube and Netflix. Don't have traditional cable. I'd say at least 30. I work graveyard at a hotel. You'd be surprised (or not) how much free time I have during the night. Plus I barely sleep.

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RWQ#5 : Do you still go on vacation with your parents ? If not, for how long ? If yes, when do you think you'll stop ?

roxsweirdquestions’s Profile PhotoRox's weird questions
Last time I went on vacations it was with my ex boyfriend 2 years ago if I'm not wrong. No, I don't go with my family since I was a teenager and this summer I don't have plans so I'm going to stay at home vidding and watching tvshows and crying over SuperFlash and waiting for all my precious shows to come back, to bad it's only in September and October, I want to die.
RWQ5  Do you still go on vacation with your parents  If not for how long  If yes

If you could get any character to have more screen time in show or movie, who would it be and why? 📽

People are probably tired of me but I just made this GIF about the last crossover between them because I seriously can get over them. I wish I could see more scenes like this, I love Barry's expression looking at Kara while she's singing, how passionate this scene was that made me cry.
People just look at them as friends but honestly I see further on even they'll never be together for obvious reasons, I can't stop loving them no matter how many tvshows I watch these two will always be my everything. ❤️
If you could get any character to have more screen time in show or movie who

have you ever had other channels/usernames before or the one you are on now is your only one/first? if yes, how many? what were the usernames?

I use to vid anime 7 almost 8 years ago and I had a channel with my twin sister @MissingJuliette and we had another username in our channel but honestly I can't remember it, then we stoped to edit with anime and I started vidding tvshows and my sister is coming back to this universe! ❤️
have you ever had other channelsusernames before or the one you are on now is

- Name + middle names if you have? - Age? - Single or taken? - Since when vidding? - An actress that looks similar to you? - Last video you watched? Husband/wife? - Nationality and origins? - Favourite song at the moment? - Name two song you're using for one of your projects?

- Name + middle names if you have?
Miguel and I think you don't need to know my middle name.
- Age?
- Single or taken?
Single at the moment, I just need to conquer Xavier's heart a little bit more!
- Since when vidding?
Vidding tvshows since 2015 but I've edited with anime since I was 11 years old.
- An actress that looks similar to you?
I don't know.
- Last video you watched?
I've been vidding so I haven't watch any
- Husband/wife?
- Nationality and origins?
- Favourite song at the moment?
I'm not going to say because I'm using it in a video, thank you so much for the song suggestion, @alwayshappyah !
- Name two song you're using for one of your projects?
I'm gonna keep it private, only @alwayshappyah and @Carla027 knows it at the moment. (Don't you dare ask them!)

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Name  middle names if you have  Age  Single or taken  Since when vidding  An

Question #10 ➡ Another Answer of your choice for my 10th question! https://ask.fm/funplaceforvidders/answers/142028281871

funplaceforvidders’s Profile Photo♡ Fun Place For Vidders ♡
1- How do you cheer yourself up after a bad day?
Sometimes, I watch films or tvshows to cheer me up, today I'm not okay all I want is cry, I'm trying to edit something but it's getting harder. I'm feeling a mess.
2- What is your dream job?
3- Which fantasy world would you like to visit the most?
Somewhere in DC universe
4- What have you learned the hard way?
That doesn't matter what you do for people, some of them don't give a shit about it.
5- What is your opinion on beauty in today's society?
Every person is beautiful in their own way
6- Would you rather live near the ocean or in the mountains?
7- Do you believe in horoscopes?
Hell no.
8- List the 3 most important people in your life right now.
My family, my cat and my dog.
9- How important is privacy to you?
Who does not like to have privacy?
10- Would you rather have a lot of friends to hang out with or just one best friend?
One best friend.

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Question 10  Another Answer of your choice for my 10th question
Liked by: Alice Miguel

Question #4 ➡ It's finally the weekend! Tell me, how was your day? Do you have plans for the weekend?

funplaceforvidders’s Profile Photo♡ Fun Place For Vidders ♡
My day is pretty relaxing today.
and well, about my plans for the weekend I don't have too many but I think I'm going to start my Multiheroes with DC tvshows from The CW! Of course I'm going to give credit to @svfruzs22 because her videos inspired me to make this video that's in my mind weeks ago! (: ❤
(Offtopic: And then people ask me why I'm so obcessed with this two, look at this GIF!)
Question 4  Its finally the weekend Tell me how was your day Do you have plans

👰Full name: 😻Nick name: 🔫Battery percent:your city: 📱Iphone or Android: 💬Last3 person in your texts: 🎂Birthday: ❤Something you love: 😍Someone you trust: 🎶Last song you listened to: ✏Favorite color: 🍸Favorite drink: 📺Favorite movie: 🍫Favorite chocolate: 🍕Favorite food:👫Relationship statu

1. Sara Adris
2. Sarsora 🐞
3. 40%
4. Lattakia
5. Android
6. Nannocee 😻
7. 24.7.1998
8. Tvshows and movies 😌
9. Myself
10. Rihanna - work
11. dark shades of green,purple and black
12. Ice tea
13. Harry potter 😏
14. Milkaa 💪
15. Pizza 💅
16. ..

They mostly say things like 'oh where flying on top of this place'like dude I don't want to know. Yes,now that I watch tv shows, I think the same thing.Movies are too short except for the lord of the rings.It has 3 parts and each part is like 3 hours long.

LOTR IS MY FAV MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Just a few hours ago I was reading eomers quotes he's so empowering riders of rohan oaths you have taken hes rlly cool and yah their safety procedures last so long like a whole two mins of a guy fake smiling
Btw Welcome to the tvshows fandom ???

facts: -Rama -Mohammed -Jassi -Assi -Djis -Lebanese -bestie: only me -9Peach -lesbian for me -You hate I call to spoil an episode for you -The day you charge you phone,is the day world ends -started watching tvshows bcz of me (ARROW+FLASH) -We fangirl about AdamLevine 24/7 - YOU WOVE ME KK? ❤❤

Ghazal3nani’s Profile PhotoGhazal Enani
Hahahahha yea ofc ofc! w my phone is always charged but I just dont answer your calls :p hahah jk i put it on vibrate. Yeth ofc. i wove you tho mutth I cant efen!♡

Yeahh and I always watch tvshows with much drama, and their drama seems to be much worse than mine, so that makes me feel a lot better.

think about this
people die
people have pain
people know they dont have long to live
people have cancer
people have aids
people dont have sanctuary
people dont have food
nothing can be worse then that and you have nothing of those

1) tayoba 2) a close friend 3) da7ee7a :P 4) really friendly <3 5) 7boba 6) its hard to end a conversation with you xD 7) bt3sh2y ian somerhalder :P :P bs ana 2ktrr :P :P :P 8) ana w enty we both love romantic movies and tvshows 3lchan 3ndna fra8 3atefy :P 9) enty mn alex :P 10) 3a2la

amazing answer from u ya asolti <3
w btw ana kmaan s3b to end convo with u bmoot fl r3'y m3aki wlaahy <3 la ana b7b Ian aktr b2a , aywa ya o5ty rbna yshel el fara3' el 3atefy dh b2a mn 3ndna 2oryeb ya raaaaaaaaaaab :D

Home or Out, Tvshows or Movies, Friends or Family, Science or Math, Acting or Faking, Lies or liars, Mom or Dad, Sister or Brother, Friend or Boyfriend, Love or hater, Sunny or Rainy ????????????

Out, Movies, Both, Science, Acting, None, Both, Brother cause I don't have sisters, Both, Love, Rainy <3

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