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You being pisces explains why you are cool tbh. Did you ever meet a pisces that you didn't get along with?

Aw I love this! First time I’ve seen some Pisces love on here haha. I think people just think we are sensitive and dreamy, which we are, but it’s not all we are ♓️
And yes, but strangely enough it it’s been February pisces men all three times. I love the women - a close friend of mine is actually my birthday twin, different years and I adore her. :)

Did you know Opel / Vauxhall is a American GM product?

Where is Vauxhall originally made?
Vauxhall Motors Limited (/ˈvɒksɔːl/) is a British car company headquartered in Chalton, England. Vauxhall became a subsidiary of Stellantis in January 2021. Vauxhall is one of the oldest established vehicle manufacturers and distribution companies in the United Kingdom.
However , when I bought MY first Vauxhall in 1978 , it was at that time own by American 'General Motors'
And it was generally well known at that time , that GM owned Vauxhall , Opel , & Bedford . . .
My Vauxhall was a 'Viva GT' ~ very rare , only 200 made . . . didn't even have a handbook ! - but the manual for the 'VX-490' was perfect, as that was it's ohc engine . . . . twin Stromberg carburetors, that were virtually pumps!
mine only got 8 miles to the gallon when I got it ! . After much expert work & tuning, got it up to an amazing 20 mpg
Could only keep it running with help from enthusiastic friends & constant raiding 'scrappies' for VX490 parts . . .
Finally had to let it go
Here is a rather toned down model , and a dreadful colour !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvAhwIckMgoigotamatch’s Video 172449954170 vvAhwIckMgoigotamatch’s Video 172449954170 vvAhwIckMgo
* & the original Vaux *

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Did you know Opel  Vauxhall is a American GM product

How would you react if you saw someone look exactly like yourself or like your partner? Would you try to talk to them and what would you say? How do you think they would react to this situation? 👯🏻‍♂️👯🏿

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Apparently I have doppelganger out there as I was at home once my auntie said hi to someone who look exactly like me I'm like that wasn't me I've always fancy being a twin like two of me when need to be in two places at once I like mean it's would be awkward like someone looking exactly like me would be so cool but awkward with breaking the ice instead of looking like a completely stalker at the same time
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Are soulmates to be together or apart? Why?

It makes more sense to answer this in terms of twin flames. The twin flame journey is often about being apart. Because you must make yourself whole until you’re ready for union with your divine counterpart. There’s generally a “runner” and a “chaser.” And the roles can become reversed at any time. And we often find that what we thought was our twin was a false. Only when both true tfs are ready will there be a successful union.
Are soulmates to be together or apart Why

Favourite song of the week - what is the one song you been obsessed with, thought about or sang to yourself this past week?

no other name for you
even though they call you by another you were always my G
and you light up the room 🎶
Song aitch & ed sheeran
the artist was a twin and his twin sister was born with down syndrome such touching song about his sister such a good song

«Un agente del F.B.I. es enviado a un pueblo para investigar el asesinato de una estudiante» ¿Te agradan este tipo de historias? Son las típicas para una serie de TV, pero, ¿realmente son buenas? ¿Ya viste «Twin Peaks» o «Mare of Easttown»? Si sí, ¿qué te parecieron? ¿Conoces series similares?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Hola!! 🥀🍂🌺
▪️Si, me gustan esos tipos de series, me parecen interesantes y si tiene algo de misterio o un vuelco en el que el personaje menos sospechoso es el victimario, obvio que capataria toda mi atención.
▪️No he visto las series que has mencionado, recuerdo que antes veía "The law and the order", "CSI Miami", aunque la última la pasaban muy tarde y no siempre alcanzaba a ver todos los capítulos.
Un agente del FBI es enviado a un pueblo para investigar el asesinato de una

«Un agente del F.B.I. es enviado a un pueblo para investigar el asesinato de una estudiante» ¿Te agradan este tipo de historias? Son las típicas para una serie de TV, pero, ¿realmente son buenas? ¿Ya viste «Twin Peaks» o «Mare of Easttown»? Si sí, ¿qué te parecieron? ¿Conoces series similares?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Se me hacen muy pesadas, aburridas, monotonas y repetitivas las series de investigación de crímenes. Rara vez se salen del mismo patrón.
Quizá sea porque poco queda ya por innovar en ese sentido o no sé.
No he visto esas series, pero tampoco tengo intención de hacerlo. Prefiero otros géneros.

«Un agente del F.B.I. es enviado a un pueblo para investigar el asesinato de una estudiante» ¿Te agradan este tipo de historias? Son las típicas para una serie de TV, pero, ¿realmente son buenas? ¿Ya viste «Twin Peaks» o «Mare of Easttown»? Si sí, ¿qué te parecieron? ¿Conoces series similares?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Hasta cierto punto me da igual de qué trate la historia, si veo un serie es porque me gusta y me entretiene, y las historias son buenas siempre que se monten bien, da igual el género

Do you sometimes feel like you’ll never find your soulmate?

Soulmates do not exist. Out of 7 billion people, nobody is that unique that only one person will fit them. As long as you are waiting for your soulmate, you will be alone and miserable, because your standard will be too high, and you will ignore everyone who doesn’t fit your idea of “soulmate.” Instead, know that there will be many many many people fully compatible with you, and a much bigger amount of people will be reasonably compatible with you. And that really is good enough. I have come to realize that the chances are I will never find my soulmate. I am okay with that. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. In the meantime, I am happy with life as it is today. I've always had bad luck with love, and at one point I thought I'd never meet my soulmate. So I consider myself extremely fortunate to have come across this opportunity. The results of the tests seemed vaguely familiar to me at first, but I assumed it was just my imagination. I kept the drawing, but guess who I saw a few weeks after? The very same person who was inside the result all this time. It was too accurate to ignore, and we've been dating ever since. No can't say I do. I found my soul mate at 21 and we had 13 wonderful years from then until he died in 2013 and left me a widow. Then 1 year and 2 days after hubby died I met my twin flame. So if there is another soulmate out there for me I don't know and don't care right now as I am content with what I do have. Find yourself and love you and they will show up. We all have different journeys to self growth. I have come to realize that the chances are I will never find my soulmate. I am okay with that. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. In the meantime, I am happy with life as it is today.

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Why did I develop strong feelings for someone I shouldn't have feelings for?

Because sometimes people want someone for all the wrong reasons, likes to hurt people emotionally, mentally instead of releasing them, reacting in a malicious an evil way. It says, does things that lure your heart in, it makes you develop strong feelings. Some people are impulsive with love, fall to quick with love. They think by looking at you, how you dressan how you talk an how your heart responds is someone thats similar to me, ends up falling hard with love.
Which isn't good because these people want to be loved, treated with respect. I'm actually one of those people. When I fall for a guy its head over heels, I become obsessed an foolish infatuated with him. I become vigorous , usually want to be heart of, noticed. Then I get all mushy, creative inside when I have a crush on someone. But usually my relationships end up short lived because what I want isn't something a girl should be chasing the guy, doing the work. Which is why I actually stopped doing that. When I was younger in high school I used to chase a guy, stick to one guy an then I become obsessed with him. Now it's I wanna know everything about you or be near you, flutter you with affection an attention. The problem is youre not my type, so back away. The nice thing is..I want to be noticed, you'll either want me or don't. Then..when I'm heart broken its boo boo, I'm sad. But hey..at least I tried, I got your attention. It didn't work out, but at least this person feels admired, happy that you found interest of crushing on me but its a no. Then you have the guys saying high..she's cute, yea..I will go out with her, slam I get dumped within a week. I'm getting to wrapped up, clingy an mushy to much. Bow the guy hates my temperament, doesn't get my mind. I sound nutty or owts not sharp witted of understanding me. Now.. I'm heart broken, looking for someone new or how about letting the guy come to you, chase you instead. Sometimes..a cougar goes better with a archer or a ram. Or maybe a water carrier or a Gemini or a Libra moon. Sometimes not knowing why you act the way you do..will eventually appear as you get older, actually find your twin that's kinda similar to your temperament. Sometimes its better for a guy to take the lead, show he's obsessed an into you.
Uh, I don't know. Why do you think you have? What's the reason why you shouldn't? Don't be ashamed to have feelings, unless they related to you, than that will be where ya draw the line. Don't do anything, and talk to a counselor about it if it's that. If it's just someone who's different qnd believes differently than you that's not the biggest deal as long as you agree on morals and religion. If it's your enemy than you'll figure it out. Just don't tell them. Short lived relationship are never good.

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«Un agente del F.B.I. es enviado a un pueblo para investigar el asesinato de una estudiante» ¿Te agradan este tipo de historias? Son las típicas para una serie de TV, pero, ¿realmente son buenas? ¿Ya viste «Twin Peaks» o «Mare of Easttown»? Si sí, ¿qué te parecieron? ¿Conoces series similares?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Sí, me gustan la verdad que no he visto ninguna de las dos que has mencionado. Alguna serie parecida seguro que habrá pero ahora no caigo en ninguna.

«Un agente del F.B.I. es enviado a un pueblo para investigar el asesinato de una estudiante» ¿Te agradan este tipo de historias? Son las típicas para una serie de TV, pero, ¿realmente son buenas? ¿Ya viste «Twin Peaks» o «Mare of Easttown»? Si sí, ¿qué te parecieron? ¿Conoces series similares?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Todo lo que tengo que ver con la policía, me gusta. Me he criado con CSI, con Mentes Criminales... Aunque tampoco creo que sean la hostia, es lo que me gusta y no dejaré de verlo

Happy birthday fahad..🥳 InshAallah this year be special than any other year.. 🌹 May u achieve all ur dreams, Allah bless u always.. 😇🤩

Oh hey belated happy birthday to you too my birthday twin 🌸💐🍰
Aameen and thanks a lot for such a sweet wish. Nobody knows my bday here but you my bday twin knows 😂
I hope this year would bring much more happiness, joy, love and blessings into your life. Wish you a very happy and blessed life ahead Hala 🌸♥️

If you game, what got you into it? 🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My older brother. It was the usual story, you know? The little sister wanted to spend time with her big brother so, so bad and always tried to be part of his social group. Yeah, he told me a few years ago how annoying he thought I was and...yeah, fair. I get that. But I always wanted to play video games with him and his friends and my Mom told him that he had to let me and my twin brother be a part of their fun.
So Adoration for my brother got me into gaming...that is kinda cute I guess?
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Wenn du die freie Wahl hättest: WIE, WO und MIT WEM würdest du die nächste Nacht verbringen?

Ich würde mit @whereisherhead in ein hutzeliges Katzen-Café gehen, jede feline Schönheit nach geistig umnachteten Schriftsteller:innen benennen und in Twin Peaks-esker Manier ein Stück Kuchen verdrücken. Danach flechten wir uns die Haare und spielen gemeinsam etwas auf der Switch, hihi.

Qué demonios ocurrió en Roswell en julio de 1947? 🛸

Creo que he leído sobre eso en algún libro (creo que tocan el tema en el libro de Twin Peaks) y creo que fue un 2 de Julio de 1947, un objeto desconocido (👽) se estrelló en un rancho de Roswell en Nuevo México, ¿me equivoco? …

Do you believe in unconditional love/the one/soulmates? Is there someone you will always love in a romantic sense no matter what?

I believe in all of those thangs'.... including a twin flame! I have one soulmate (my bf) and 2 people I would deem as twin flames (non-romantic, friendships)...
I feel like I will always love my bf... Even if we were to breakup... which GAWD... I hope not! O__O *knocks on would for good measure*... I would still love him... have love for him? Not sure if that would be the "romantic" love... Depends on how I "heal"... But, I would still care for him as if he is family/my best friend. I mean, he is SOOOoooo important to me, because he's helped shape me in so many ways... I've learned a lot from our relationship, and still am learning :) And that shan't be overshadowed!

Hi adult friend Lauren are you mom or who is the babies on the photos? 🙂

mbwgrkyulcxjkryxqi’s Profile PhotoSuper Teddy
The babies are my sisters & my brother children lol I’m not a mom yet
Christina- Barrett James (he’s a toddler blondish hair with blue eyes) and the newborn baby girl tristen
Katherine- twin boys Leo & dom (they’re almost one)
Lisa- Lilly (she wore a helmet for a few months but just got it off awhile back back ago. Has darkish brown curly hair)
Michael- has a daughter that’s one named Remington (brown hair ) also shares two older girls with his wife

А вы знали, что между дружбой мужчины и женщины постоянно что-то встаёт?

Oczywiście że my znali, a dlaczego ty nie znasz języka polskiego, a ja mam znać rosyjski?
Jak ja bym chciał do Ciebie na Kreml pisać, to włączyłbym translator i pisał po rosyjsku, a ty nie potrafisz włączyć translator i pisać w języku polskim? A język angielski znasz?

What is supposed to be between a friendship between a man and a woman? There is pure friendship and nothing else. I will prove it to you that there can be a pure friendship without sex between a man and a woman! You have a husband who has a twin brother. You are only friends with your husband's brother. You won't go to bed with your husband's brother, because your husband would have beaten you and your husband's brother so much that you would both remember treason for the rest of your life! Do you still have doubts whether there is a friendship between a man and a woman and never has sex in such a friendship?

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Power in corruption? I'd be no better than those who are inflicted by it. How can I trust negativity ? *he frowns* The darkness will consume me as it has everyone else im not strong enough to control it alone.

*Now the dark king finally steps out, his lone cerulean eye glowing malevolently, he's clearly a highly corrupted being, if Grimoire had not been told Nightmare was @BowsOfLights 's twin, it would be impossible to tell*
And what's wrong with being consumed by darkness, I know it gave me the strength I needed
Power in corruption Id be no better than those who are inflicted by it How can I
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Hello Mizu, my birthday twin😄🥳 hope you have the bestest of birthdays with whatever you do today! Hope you get the best presents and the best attention! 🎉🎂🎁🎊

Thank you, doctor twin! Today's heartwarming for me and I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest, too! 🎉🎂

¿Os gusta el anime? ¿Cuáles son sus animes favoritos? Sino os gusta, ¿cuáles son las series que más os gustan? Que tenga un lindo día. 🤍🌹

Hace mucho que no miro anime, pero el que fue mi favorito y llevo siempre con mucho amor en mi corazón es "Twin Star Exorcist", el único anime que hizo que me enganchase tanto que esperase con ansia viva los capítulos siguientes. A mucha gente no le gustó, pero mira, para gustos colores.
Otro que de peque me encantaba era "Sailor Moon", mitiquísimo, vaya. Y mi segundo tatuaje hace también referencia a dicho ✨.
Os gusta el anime Cuáles son sus animes favoritos
Sino os gusta cuáles son las

What’s it really like dating someone who’s always busy, a business man and always traveling… but hes loyal and loves you. He asks for you to be understanding and to support him, and wants you to pursue your dreams and career to become a power couple. Is this ideal or not?

> What’s it really like dating someone who’s always busy, a business man and always traveling…
It's terrible. Worse than you could imagine. If he is so busy and taking such dramatic steps to retire early with a huge pile which will allow both of you to live very comfortably for the rest of your lives, I can't see anything positive in it... ;-)
> but hes loyal and loves you. He asks for you to be understanding and to support him, and wants you to pursue your dreams and career to become a power couple.
A sharp lad. He sounds like my twin. I already like him. 👍
> Is this ideal or not?
Yes. Marry him and invite me to the wedding. After you take your vows, I would like to pull him aside and discuss some investment opportunities. Yes, your honeymoon can wait. ❤️
Whats it really like dating someone whos always busy a business man and always

I've spent over 500 years with my twin brother out to kill me, I think I can handle an AU, I know when to fall back if it gets too dangerous, and are you sure you don't want me to do anything about those wounds? I know you said before they never stay healed, but surely even some reprieve from pain

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
/Papyrus had to think for a moment, was Dream really like this? It reminded the tall skeleton of his old ways, he was so adamant to help..even with knowing how his timeline was or maybe he failed to explain well enough? But what really got to him was the offer to heal his wounds..it was a constant problem for Papyrus.. he had to constantly use his healing magic just to be able to withstand the pain he's in so he can still move around and fight, he has to make sure he doesn't use too much magic though..if he becomes unable to use his healing magic or uses too much, he could dust or worse..what would be worse than dusting? Suffering until you dust..
I think any Sans would be heartbroken to watch their younger brother be put through so much/
YOU HAVE A BROTHER TRYING TO KILL YOU TOO!? I FEEL LIKE YOU MAY HAVE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE..BUT WITH ALL THE RESETS HERE, IT'S HARD TO REMEMBER THINGS AT TIMES..I'M STARTING TO REMEMBER MORE AND MORE FROM THE PAST RESETS.. BUT SOME THINGS ARE STILL HARD TO REMEMBER..LIKE OUR FIRST MEETING, I FEEL LIKE I'VE MET YOU BEFORE../unlike Sans, Papyrus wouldn't be able to remember every exact detail from all the resets..not without a few reminders, like when Geno showed him a cellphone, he remembered he had one of his own before and started talking about how popular he was over the internet when Geno spammed "So Cool" on his phone just to see what would happen, you can trigger Paps past memories to pop back in by doing certain things like that but he didn't interact all that much with Dream before so it might be harder for him to have Paps remember him/

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Посоветуйте классный сериал

svierkaj’s Profile Photoli
Последние 2️⃣ недели я смотрел культовый сериал 9️⃣0️⃣ годов — "Твин Пикс (Twin Peaks)"
Он стал поистине популярным телесериалом того времени. Авторы показали 2️⃣ сезона, а затем на экраны вышел полнометражный фильм "Твин Пикс: Огонь, иди со мной/Сквозь огонь (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me)", который только добавил популярности проекту. Но в тоже время он и разочаровал многих фанатов сериала, потому что после просмотра фильма осталось много недосказанного, различные вопросы. Фильм должен был казалось бы расставить всё на свои места, а вместо этого внёс ещё больше путаницы. По этой причине Дэвид Линч решил опубликовать новый материал. Порадовать поклонников сериала, сделав им сюрприз в виде фильма по мотивам основного проекта, в который включены все вырезанные сцены из сериала и фильма.
Давно хотел его посмотреть, в детстве мне показался он интересным, но мне запретили его смотреть. Только от взрослее ребят слышал рассказы серий. А вот сейчас я вообще разочаровался как в фильме, так и сериале. Подобный сериал "Нэнси Дрю" 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ года куда интереснее. Другие сериалы не смотрел. Главное, что жанр у обоих сериалов одинаковый. И третий сезон этого не намного отстал от "Нэнси".
Сюжет о таинственном преступлении, произошедшем в вымышленном городке Твин Пикс. Убита школьница Лора Палмер. Для проведения этого расследования направляют Дейла Купера, детектива ФБР. Сразу же подозрение падает на отца, но агент выясняет, что в этой истории замешен кто-то ещё. После находки дневника Лоры ситуация становится более запутанной. Из местных легенд Купер узнаёт, что есть вход в другой мир, из которого приходит злой дух. Чем дальше заходит расследование, тем больше переплетаются факты и мистика касательно убийства этой девушки.
А уже в 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ году вышел 3️⃣ сезон. 2️⃣5️⃣ лет назад жители маленького городка Твин Пикс были ошеломлены загадочным убийством популярной девушки, королевы школы — Лоры Палмер. События давно минувших дней дают о себе знать, история эта ещё не закончена.

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Посоветуйте классный сериал

Parents: use this thread to brag about y’all kids.

He’s amazing ; smart ; going into the 4th grade next year. He’s hilarious & is still my twin 🥺. He’s growing so fast everyday & it makes me said. He’ll be 9 this year . & he knows how to cheer ppl up when their down. He’s also popular . Lol

Какой сериал посоветуешь посмотреть?😄🐱

"Twin Peaks", "Hannibal" !!!, "Dark" (2017), "Big little lies", "House, M.D.", " Lie to Me", "The Big Bang Theory", "Black Mirror"!!!, "Fargo"!!!, "Sherlock"!!!, "Chernobyl", " Agatha Christie's Poirot", "Тайны следствия", "Pride and Prejudice" 1995, "Criminal Minds"!!!, "Dexter", " X-Files"

The person asking about how to stay cool with no a.c is an evil psycho spreading defilement to people that respond to their post. They are claiming they are sharing a twin bed with their father and they are both naked because it's too hot. Get this filth off this app!

I saw that after I replied. When VIP+ ended this place has gone to shit honestly. Like how is there such a new influx of such trash all at once?

Appareby somewhere in the world is your exact twin. (Unless you are a twin then there's another copy of you somewhere... triplet .... quadriplet etc etc... anyway.... so what if you had plastic surgery and comletely changed the way you look, would there stil be a copy of you somewhere else? 🤔🤔

niallbop’s Profile PhotoThecyberneticphantom
It wouldn't be an exact copy. no one has an exact copy unless you are a twin. You just have someone who resembles you but not exactly 😃

Einige wenige Filme/Serien fand ich beim zweiten Mal schauen sogar noch besser als beim ersten Mal. Gibt es für dich persönlich auch Filme/Serien, bei denen das auf dich zutrifft? Welche sind das?

LukasSteigerwald’s Profile PhotoLukas
Magnolia (1999) von PTA fand ich beim ersten Mal supergut, aber das Ende etwas komisch. Nun finde ich mich jährlich irgendwie den Film wiedersichten und habe ihn inzwischen total ins Herz geschlossen. Über drei Stunden lang und für mich sicherlich PTAs Meisterwerk. Tom Cruise als Red Piller ist einfach nur die Höhe.
Oldboy (2003) von Park Chan-wook war einer meiner ersten koreanischen Filme, und daher ist viel der Filmsprache noch an mir vorbeigegangen. Nachdem er sich zu einem meiner Lieblingsregisseure gemausert hat, habe ich den Film auch noch viele Male gesehen und liebe ihn inzwischen bedingungslos.
Ähnlich verhält es sich bei vielen der kinderfreundlicheren Ghibli-Filme, auch bei Mamoru Oshiis Filmen und bei Akira - die habe ich so früh gesehen. Jetzt, wo ich mit Anime und Animation wirklich sehr viel Erfahrung habe, habe ich erst realisiert, was für phänomenale Ausnahmewerke Filme wie Ghost in the Shell und Akira sind, oder Serien wie Cowboy Bebop.
Jim Jarmuschs Night on Earth (1991)! Fand ich anfangs mit jedem Kurzfilm etwas weniger cool, und am Ende etwas planlos. Rewatche ihn aber jährlich, weil der New Yorker Abschnitt allein so genial ist, und habe die Schönheit darin endlich erkannt. Mit jedem Kurzfilm wird die Nacht später, und die Begegnungen entsprechend... auch müder, irgendwie. Das ist einfach ein toller Film, gerade, wenn man selbst etwas müde ist.
Andrei Tarkovskys Ouvre ebenso. Damals war ich einfach noch nicht bereit für langsam erzähltes Kino, das auch noch als älteren Jahren ist. Jetzt, wo ich alte Filme sehr gern sehe, und auch überwiegend (noch dazu deutlich älter als 1960 oder sonst was), bin ich total daran gewöhnt, mehr entschleunigt. Seine intuitive Art, Filme zu drehen, findet bei mir "mit dem Alter" genau wie Terrence Malick und Wong Kar Wai immer ein Stückchen mehr Anklang. Sehr schön.
Serientechnisch vermute ich, dass mir eine Wiedersichtung von Twin Peaks die Serie völlig zur Offenbarung macht. Sie ist der große Bruder meiner Lieblingsserie The Leftovers, und gerade ihre surrealsten Momente sind TL am ähnlichsten, aber damals fand ich es einfach zu lang und teils etwas banal. Inzwischen vermisse ich das Städtchen so sehr, dass ich mir sicher bin, mich über jede geteilte Minute damit mehr zu freuen.
Zuletzt Breaking Bad, das ich zweimal abgebrochen hatte, obwohl es so gut gedreht und gespielt war, weil's mich in der dritten Staffel immer wieder verloren hat. Habe es irgendwann zur vierten geschafft und war dann vollends sprachlos glücklich, das Meisterwerk endlich so richtig zu fühlen.

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Wie sieht es denn bei dir mit Filme, Serien und Animes aus? :D Was sind so deine Lieblinge? Gibt es welche, die du schon mehrmals gesehen hast und wenn ja, wie oft ungefähr? :3

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Filme sind eine große Leidenschaft von mir. Hatte auch mal Pläne (oder naja, eher Träume :D) etwas in die Richtung zu machen bzw. zu studieren.
Jedenfalls sehe ich in meiner Freizeit doch recht viele Filme. Natürlich gibt es da auch Höhen und Tiefen, was meine "Aktivität" und Motivation angeht. Aber so ganz prinzipiell, ja. In den letzten paar Jahren hat sich bei mir eine klare Liebe für Horror, speziell der 70e-r und 80er-Jahre herausgebildet, aber prinzipiell sehe ich mir schon so ziemlich alles an, unabhängig von Genre, Produktionsjahr & -land. Hauptsache es wirkt annähernd interessant auf mich (also eher weniger Mainstream & Blockbuster, auch weniger Modernes, aber nicht prinzipiell ausgeschlossen!). Zu meinen Lieblingsfilmen zählen u.a. "Scream", "Mulholland Drive", "Blade Runner" oder "Chungking Express". Joa.
Serien schaue ich eher weniger und ich habe seit 2018 keine (längere) Serie mehr angesehen, einfach weil mich da oft die Motivation mittendrin verlässt und es mir schwerfällt, einigermaßen aktiv dranzubleiben, ohne dass ich die Hälfte wieder vergesse. :D Auch da ist mein Geschmack aber eher "klassischer", zu meinen Lieblingen zählen "Die Sopranos", "Six Feet Under" und "Twin Peaks". Und "Avatar" natürlich! :D
Animes sehe ich noch eher als Realserien, aber auch da möchte ich eigentlich viel mehr sehen bzw. so einiges noch nachholen. Nach aktuellem Stand dürfte "Cowboy Bebop" wohl mein Favorit sein. Habe ich auch schon so 2 bzw. 2 1/2 mal gesehen. :D

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*He pauses for a bit before answering* "I learned I had the potential ta be a hero too... Even tho I was da shadow of a hero, I could be a hero in my own right."

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A raise of fungus ridden brow, before removing of something from deep within his robe.
A sword, long and thin and curved, black mixed with splashes of cosmic coloration.
"...It is not often one encounters something similar to them. I was born a creature of vileness and grave tidings, an Omen.
...They did not take too kindly. My childhood was spent in the bowels of the subterranean, instead of beneath the comforting glow of the midday sun.
But yet, Omen or not, I meant no harm to my family. In truth, I still don't. I do not blame my mother and father for hiding me and my twin, because in the end, that caution could save their life."
He pauses for a bit before answering I learned I had the potential ta be a hero
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[C]... Es considerado como “normal” lo que la mayoría hace, pero eso no significa que sea lo correcto. ¿Qué situaciones se han normalizado y crees que no están bien o se contraponen con tus ideas o valores?

El amor propio. Varias personas me han contradicho, pero yo personalmente al amor propio le tengo un odio que Pfff. Han normalizado romantizar el amor propio lo cual me parece una cagada porque todo lo que tenga que ver con higiene, mantenimiento y orden es mayormente aburrido, difícil y requiere de voluntad. No es tan lindo como lo creen, está normalizado echarte porras por resultados, resultados, ¿por qué nadie hablo del largo trayecto antes de esos resultados? Ese difícil camino.
Está normalizado usar extranjerismos y pese a que yo mismo los incluyo en mi habla, los odio en su mayoría, porque, Jo, el español es un idioma tan RICO y lleno de palabras impresionantes y hermosas que, ¿por qué introducir palabras en inglés cada siete palabras? Detesto la cultura "woke"; en sí, detesto Toda la cultura pop. Esta semana dos chicas me dijeron "somos twins" y yo... Pues sé lo que es pero igual dije, ¿y eso qué es? Háblame en español, carajo. Es que en sí odio las modas y cuando algo se pone de moda y es un extranjerismo, Pfff, me revienta la bilis. Ser twin, tener crush, gaslightear, estar sad, de verdad, mi gente, ¿qué mierda es eso? Para mí es exactamente lo mismo que en 2010 escuchar a alguien decir: está in, está out, focus...
Yo mismo uso muchos anglicismos, cute, chill, man, hasta hablando del cubo, "soy sub 30 mi pb es un 18 full step y mi main es un Warrior" pero oye, son tecnicismos hablando de algo en concreto, ay no sé... Yo sólo opino que si vas a hablar con palabras en inglés, directamente hables inglés. Es genial hablar como negro. Combinar palabras de idiomas es un poco hartante.
Tal vez sólo soy un anciano amargado, si, amargado sentado en una banquita de algún lugar concurrido lanzándole pan a palomas gordas.
Supongo esperabas otro tipo de respuestas... Perdón. Quiero decirte que gracias por meterme en tus colectivas. 💚
A veces cuando veo tu c entre corchetes, mi mala vista cree que es un veintitrés.

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C Es considerado como normal lo que la mayoría hace pero eso no significa que
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