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Once upon a time ...🍂

Iquratulainb’s Profile PhotoQᴜʀᴀᴛ ᴜʟ ᴀɪɴ
There was a happy, stress-free, full of life child who was eager to grow up and conquer the world. Then he grew up, saw the ugly true colours of world. Now that child is an empty, numb and silent man, who is trying to survive another day in this cutthroat world!

What makes women attractive to you or others?

A big one for me is dressing well. Outside of the gym, the women wearing leggings are low effort imo. I think they look like shit because of it. Same with those large distressed light denim that women seem to wear these days. A nice summer dress does for me every time.
I have news for you, if you think you’re kind of attractive, you’re probably attractive (most people don’t give themself enough credit in the looks dept), so guys are noticing you. I’ve had the thing happen where the girl I liked liked my friend and it sucks, but it doesn’t mean that other guys aren’t noticing you. Just put yourself out there and you should get some attention.
Personally, well kept hair, like you can tell she has taken care of it, well brushed, healthy, good hairstyled hair. Then other things, like she dressing femininely (not gonna lie), and the overall sensation that she takes care of herself. Clean hydrated skin, things like that. Then there are deal breakers that are like imbedded in me and I can't control, like being overweight or having unshaved legs, or a sensation that she is chaos, like having a huge ugly handbag full of junk, or dirty shoes. Idk why really, it just happens.
Good humour, intelligent, witty, pretty face, sorta between 110-150 lbs ish, boobs and butt, some guys like highly extraverted girls some like more introverted girls, most men find women who dress less provocatively more attractive although women who dress in a provocative manner get more attention it's usually with much shorter term "goals".
For me the first thing is the face. It can be one feature on the face (eyes, smile, dimples) but if it’s special that will pull my attention to examine further hopeful to find more things to pull me in further.
The way she types (I call it a “typing style”. It’s just the way they text you. A unique one is so fucking cute). The odd little passions and things she loves. Her way of expressing how much she cares. Loving things not because it makes her “quirky” but because she genuinely loves them. Doesn’t expect you to be as masculine as the doom slayer. Confidence, not so much that it’s over confidence but enough that they can try new things and aren’t afraid to fail a bit (which don’t worry, as someone with constant self esteem issues, I know how hard this one can be to achieve).

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Is it ok to say someone's baby is ugly?

Being an ugly child is not always a bad thing. How many ugly children do you think get sexually abused? Tell them to think about that before they get fucking upset. If anything, I think they will be fucking happy. Sometimes you need to put things in perspective.
Well, rest in peace to that fucking guy.

Do you think the "Y2K" is problematic? I saw a post on instagram about all the trends coming back and people were complaining that we shouldn't glorify that period bc those were some toxic times, when if u werent a tall, skinny, blonde white chick (the paris hilton type) you'd be considered ugly.

I don't much care for fashion trends either way, but I'd like to point out that as a "skinny blonde chick" growing up in that era wasn't kind to me either. People think because Paris Hilton & Co were "in" that everyone who was skinny were seen as attractive and had a good time, that's just not the case.

Have you forgotten your bad memories?

Sometimes! Sometimes I'm totally better and I feel a little embarrassed about the girl I used to be.
But sometimes I feel awfully scared, and I lose my grasp completely. Then I remember why, and who, and where I came from. I'm trying to make that okay. Healing is ugly, there aren't too many ways around it.

Las cosas como son; Ugly Betty era una mosca muerta que iba por la vida quitándole el novio a sus amigas? O en este caso la culpable era su arrollante personalidad? Hola👋 como están?

Dantes190’s Profile PhotoTHE NEW CESAR
Esa novela fue un boom en Colombia y después en otros países. Creo que el éxito radica en que los de “abajo” también pueden alcanzar el cielo.
El sueño eterno del oprimido.
Las cosas como son Ugly Betty era una mosca muerta que iba por la vida

What calms you down?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Music, I don’t know man, there’s something about music. It always has been a big part of me ever since I was a kid. My father was into music and I always had really nice equipment to listen to music to. No matter how bad of a day I had, you put on a song which I vibe to and I’ll dance my ass off with you, even if it’s an ugly dance, the genre doesn’t even matter, Hindi, English, Japanese, anything as long as I vibe with it we’re dancing.

Las cosas como son; Ugly Betty era una mosca muerta que iba por la vida quitándole el novio a sus amigas? O en este caso la culpable era su arrollante personalidad? Hola👋 como están?

Dantes190’s Profile PhotoTHE NEW CESAR
Buenas noches!✨🎇🌹
▪️Nunca he visto la serie ugly Betty, no podría darte una respuesta, si fuese así que ella que le quita los novios a sus amigas, no es una persona con buenos valores.
▪️No sé cómo era su personalidad, nada justifica meterse en una relación.

Well my male best friend is committed and has feelings for me when i said im leaving he started to cry what should Ido ?

Stoppppp bitch maybe you’re just a good friend to him and doesn’t wants to leave you so stop complicating his life and stabbing another woman’s back comon’ you lifeless ugly piece of shit🤌🏻

Few things offend me

Beautiful people have ugly , ugly people have golden heart
Rich people are mischievous poor people have golden heart
Beautiful ugly doesnot matter anyone can have pretty heart or ugly heart
Rich poor doesnot matter anyone can be mannerful or foul mouthed
Why judging ? 😃 I am not happy
This not good !!!!
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Is dunya me logo ko pyaar zabardasti ek doosre pe thopne ka shoq hai. Or agar pyaar na milay to reject karne wale ko bura samajhte or gaaliyan dete. If someone doesn't like your appearance and he/she rejects you, it doesn't make that person bad. You r bad who can't take rejection gracefully

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Lol it’s funny that how tf you spend hours and hours talking to that ugly/worth rejecting person and make false promises of marriage? If that person is ugly and later you gonna leave him/her then why why why tf you bother to talk to them? Bari pyas lagi hai jo bujhti nahi ya hawas bari exceed ker gai hai jo fazool bande ko b mu laga rahe ho??
Don’t give excuses like time pass kerna hota hai etc, humans are not for fkin timepass.

what is your attitude towards ugly men who want to talk to you

I literally do not care about looks. As I’ve said in previous questions today, the type of men that I find physically attractive generally do not approach me. If men that I am not physically attracted to do and they have a good energy then I will easily engage.
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Guten Morgen Otto Ich weiß nicht wie lange es her ist das deine gegangen ist. Dein Verlust tut mir unendlich leid. Wann immer du ein offenes Ohr brauchst höre ich dir gerne zu. Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Kraft

uglydish2004’s Profile PhotoUglydish
Guten Morgen Ugly, Danke.
Die Kraft das Leben wieder in geordnete Bahnen zu lenken, hat sich inzwischen eingestellt.
Am Abend des 8. März 2015, ist sie im Krankenhaus gestorben. Ja eben, genau zum Frauentag. 20 Minuten nachdem meine Besuchszeit beendet war.
Und genau Heute, wäre sie 70 Jahre alt geworden.
Das sind alles so Dinge, die mir momentan durch den Kopf gehen und mich bewegen. Ihre Grabstelle ist voller Blumen der Kinder und Enkel. Heute Abend will ich auch nochmal runter zum Kirchhof und ne Kerze entzünden.
...mehr geht ja leider nicht.
Guten Morgen Otto

Ich weiß nicht wie lange es her ist das deine gegangen

What does it say about a person who has lots of selfies? What does it say about somebody who doesn't?

I guess some people can assume those who post selfies, are confident etc or like to be seen. But tbh although not mega frequently, I post selfies here and there, and I'm increeeedibly low in self esteem.
I have chronic body dismorphia, so I always feel like a monster and gross. So whenever I've felt SOMEWHAT passable as a human, I'll post it. Not for others, but to challenge me to put my face out there regardless of my deep discomfort of being seen. And as as a reminder that nothing bad will happen if I post photos of myself. And that I'm not mega ugly alllll the time.
And I'm aware there's others who do it for the same reasons as me too.
As for people who don't post any, I'd say they don't want to be scene and don't want to challenge it. Or they just really really priorities privacy.

Have you ever asked any of your haters why they hate you, what their problem is? If so, did they give a good explanation? or there wasn't any, just the simple fact that they had issues and projecting them onto you? :))

"Abusive Behaviors" by Alex
You ask me the most interesting questions and the truth is that your questions are intriguing and capture my imagination which keeps me coming back. Please keep sending me your questions.❤️
When I was young and naive, I felt hurt when people did not like me, but by the time I entered high school, I did not care what people thought about me. And asking people why they hated me was like asking a thief if he stole money from my wallet. Most people are going to tell you what they think you want to hear. So why bother asking? What's the point? I do not like dishonest people and I do not have the patience to listen to their bullshit.
Your last sentence, when you mention people with issues project them onto you is really the description of a bully and to some extent a person who abuses alcohol or drugs. Instead of confronting their demons they project their insecurities onto you and in a sense attempt to blame you for their problems. For 30 years I had to deal with an abusive mother who behaved like this. She was abused as a young girl and as an adult she abused her own children. Was there ever any explanation given or apology rendered because of the abuse? No...never. In fact, people who behave like this and project their fear, hatred and insecurities onto other people seldom, if ever, show any remorse or contrition. They behave as though the abuse never occurred and if it did, it is always the victims fault.
Oh I could write a book about this type of abusive behavior. But I suspect that what you really want to know is how to avoid or manage such behavior. You must first admit that you are not the problem, you are the victim. Next, you need to establish personal boundaries. This is where you take control of your own life and decide what behaviors you will not accept and how you will react when such abuses occur. My trick was to always have a plan (A) and a plan (B). And... always have an exit plan. Also, when forced to deal with difficult personalities, set time limits. Two hours was the maximum time I could be around my mother, but if I had to leave after 30 minutes, I would invent an excuse I quickly depart.
What is important is to not enable or feed into the abusive behaviors because then it escalates and the situation can get ugly. Plus family members who sympathize with the abuser will gang up on you and it becomes a feeding frenzy. So set your boundaries and enforce them no matter what anyone says or does. It's your life and nobody has a right to treat you with disrespect or with malice or contempt! You fight for your rights and for your rightful place in this world!! And if people don't like it, you give them a piece of your mind and walk out holding your head high without any regret.
Sorry for the rant; but, when I write about these things terrible memories bubble up to the surface. Contact me at any time if you need to talk.❤️

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Why do people wear makeup even though they look beautiful without it?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps they still see themselves as ugly even though others describe them as pretty.
Sometimes it's also to gain confidence. The purpose of makeup is not to make them pretty but to enhance their beauty.

Würdest du überhaupt Frauen nexten die gut aussehen ?

Na klar
Wenn ich mit ihr zum Beispiel nicht auskomme oder mir nicht vorstellen kann, dass man zum Beispiel gerne gemeinsam an einem Tisch säße und sich nur verächtlich anschweigen oder sogar streiten würde, na klar würde ich dann Next sagen.
Das heißt ja nicht, dass ich nur nach dem Äußeren beurteile. Next heißt also nicht gleich Ugly oder so.

my boyfriend says I look ugly with no makeup. He then says that all girls look unattractive without makeup. Then does he think he is good looking? Should I break up?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and no one is perfect. If you're unable to accept those facts, you'll always face unresolved conflicts with others. Learn to differentiate between battles to fight for and those to let go. But of course, if his words and actions serve to continuously perpetuate psychological and physical hurt, it is wise to re-ebaluate your relationship. But if it's a one-time event, it's best to let it pass or discuss how his comment made you feel if it bothers you a lot.

You would never date an ugly guy with great personality. Prove me wrong.

Wtf? I never said i'd date an ugly guy. Even if i said, i don't prove anything to anyone, if u want to believe-believe if u don't want to- i really don't care ;)

What happens if I am the most depressed I've ever been in my life.. Is there a way to not feel like this long term? I'm not ugly, had money, stuff I want, girlfriends and good friends, been to nice places, have great parents, Idk what makes me happy. Suggestions?

I’d recommend seeing a GP friend, they may be able to give you more helpful advice, or at the very least, professional advice! From someone who has depression, it does sound like you may be lacking in serotonin, and it may be worth seeing if there are ways you can try and increase that in your system (if you’re reluctant to go down the meds route).
But no, the feeling doesn’t last forever. It can always be there to an extent due to a hormonal imbalance, but in terms of severity, then no, there is hope of coming out of a particularly dark spell. It ebbs and flows, but while I can’t really offer anything helpful, I do wish you the very best in regards to healing :)

kind, emotional people like tend to see the good in others bc we see things through rose colored glasses. is it naivety? yes. lol. it's just the fact that it's hard to accept that some people are trash.

Yes, what you say is true.
Here is my question/problem:
How can you protect yourself from evil if you do not recognize evil or if you believe that evil does not exist?
For me it is beyond comprehension that there are so many people who refuse to accept or acknowledge evil simply because evil is ugly, distasteful, offensive, unacceptable, cruel, hurtful, atrocious, terrible, unspeakable, etc.
Yes evil encompasses all of those descriptive adjectives.
Yes evil is difficult and perhaps impossible to understand.
But... evil exists and evil is our natural enemy that has the potential to destroy all life on this planet, so it is imperative that we acknowledge evil and prepare to combat and defeat evil. For me, there is no other acceptable recourse except to fight back against evil and win.

Does anyone else feel like their life was meant to be a tragedy?

Why would anyone think like this?
To think like this is a self-fulfilling prophecy that guarantees that you will not only fail, but you will completely self destruct and become both dependent upon the good will of others and forever be a noncontributing member of society and a burden to family and friends.
Unfortunately, I have known people like this and their negativity, anxiety, constant depression persistent need for attention, is not only unhealthy, but venomous. I require peace and solitude in order to write and create music, and such clinking, clanking, clattering, collections of cartilaginous junk, inhibits my creativity and results in my depression rearing it's unforgiving and ugly head to the point where I become a nonfunctioning babbling idiot incapable of concentrating or setting goals that provide me with inspiration and meaning. In other words, people who see their life as tragic and without meaning, literally suck the life out of everyone they come in contact with. Their negative behaviors create a terrible state of affairs because they reduce everyone to the lowest common denominator, thus creating a black hole that is inescapable to all who dare enter.

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I see ppl being desperate all the time and a lot of them are really good looking. Why do you think is that so? Why would an attractive person commit such an “ugly people thing” to desperately go after people and initiate conversation? Normally they attract people, they are NOT the initiators.

Great question, but because I've been out of the dating scene for so long and do not frequent places where single people hang out I can only repeat what my co-worker who is single tells me almost every day. He tells me that many single women today are mostly interested in wealthy men who can give them a better life even if there are single men with better personalities who treat them with kindness and respect but they are financially poor. I do not know if this is true or not but if it is, that might explain the "ugly people thing" you are referring to in your question.
I live in Florida where there are many older men who are financially well off in Miami and in the Tampa Bay area where I live and hang out. Based upon my own personal observations I have seen many young women between the age of 20 and 30 dating men who are between 40 and 60 years old. These older men are typically in good physical shape and they drive very expensive cars which is indicative of wealth.
My 29 year old friend tells me that he believes that many young women between 20 - 30 have given up on men his age and essentially ignore them, at least this is how he perceives his situation. He also tells me that he finds it difficult to even find a woman in his age group who will talk to him. Now in all fairness he is a video game junky and I've have read that young women are not interested in immature men who play video games all day long and they prefer men who will wine and dine them and take them on vacations, to concerts and who have the means to show them a good time. In other words young women want what most women want, a serious man who is well educated and fun to be around. Sorry guys, but that eliminates you gamers who love video games more than females.
Summary: I don't know who is correct. I think that young women are correct when they complain that young men between 20 - 30 are very immature and are more interested in video games than in having a meaningful relationship with young women. And if that is true, and I am not saying it is, then it makes sense that young women prefer older men, because what other choice do they have? Dating a immature man-boy who is addicted to video games or dating a man twice their age who treats them like a lady and has the financial resources to have fun and show them a great time?
I don't know.... you decide.

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I see ppl being desperate all the time and a lot of them are really good looking. Why do you think is that so? Why would an attractive person commit such an “ugly people thing” to desperately go after people and initiate conversation? Normally they attract people, they are NOT the initiators.

Anybody has the capability of coming off "desperate".
Just because ones percieved as attractive doesn't mean they view theirselves that way.
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Предложете ми любим ваш филм, с когото не много хора са запознати.

trapforanonymoususers’s Profile PhotoTFAU
Ммм...съмнявам се,че има такъв филм.Старите са си
най -хубави,новите са пълна боза.
И все пак ще предложа не един,а няколко.
- For a few dollars more.
- A fistful of dollars.
- The Good,the Bad and the Ugly.
- Поредицата Dirty Harry.
- Mortal Kombat.
-Mortal Kombat : Annihilation.
-Blade 2.
-Blade : Trinity.
- Sleepy Hollow.
- Mad Max : The road warrior.
- Mad Max : Beyond thunderdome.

Have you ever had a situation when somebody looked completely different in real life than on Internet pic? If yes, share your story

isayevaisayeva2627’s Profile PhotoSly Fox
Yes. I met a girl years ago online and we agreed to meet up. When I arrived she looked completely different than her pic did. It wasn’t that she didn’t look like the cute girl from the photo it was that she lied to me about it. She wasn’t ugly by any means but she couldn’t be truthful with me about her looks.

Was sind deine persönlichen Ziele bzw. Vorhaben im diesjährigen Sommer (falls vorhanden)? Du kannst diese gerne teilen, wenn du magst. - @feytality

feytality’s Profile PhotoFey ✧˖°
I'll give it a crack in german for once I suppose!
Das wichtigste Ziel für diesen Sommer ist vermutlich die "großen" Fragen des Promotionsprojektes zu klären. Einige Sachen stehen schon, einige Grundlagen sind gelegt und die schemenhaften Umrisse eines Typsystems bahnen sich an, auch wenn gefühlt jeder zweiter Tag daraus besteht, sich Gegenbeispiele zu überlegen, wieso es so nicht gehen kann. A special kind of fun.
Das ist irgendwie wichtig, um nicht in einen Dauerzustand der Panik reinzugeraten. Weil wenn man den erstmal erreicht hat, kommen auch keine guten Ideen mehr.
Das ist irgendwie noch wichtiger, weil wenn irgendwas schonmal läuft, kann man Paper einreichen, und irgendwie die vorzeigbare Quote erreichen, mit der die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft dann zufrieden ist.
Plus es eilt irgendwie, einer der smartesten Personen aller Zeiten verlässt den Lehrstuhl. Ich bin nicht der Einzige Doktorand der zittert!
Jedoch viel wichtiger ist der Post-Covid Reboot meiner typischen sozialen Kreise. Ich bin sehr auf der extrovertierten Seite angesiedelt, und ich bin froh das alles langsam wieder aufwacht. Leute erscheinen aus der Senke, die meisten Wochenenden sind endlich wieder verplant mit persönlichen Treffen mit oder ohne längeren Trips in andere Städte. Es gibt wieder Night-Life, und ich kann die Lichter wieder genießen. Das Vorhaben/Ziel ist es wieder den selben Zustand wie vor der Pandemie zu erreichen.
Ich hätte gerne meine zwei Jahre zurück, aber wenn ich das schon nicht haben kann, dann möchte ich zumindest soweit möglich meinen Lifestyle zurück. Und als erster Schritt ist Cocktailbar und K-Pop Party in relativ großer Gruppe ziemlich gut, zumindest ein Ziel was aktiv direkt kommendes Wochenende in Bearbeitung geht.
Hmm. Yeah. This text reads ugly. Sighhh.

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