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What type of music are you into?

leahtvergara’s Profile Photo✿ ℓεαɦ ѵ. ♔
I like whatever feeds my emotional needs. Usually reverb, strings and/or waltz are involved in some way.
All sorts!! It really depends on my frame of mind but usually something uplifting and upbeat!
I’m into all sorts but because anger plays a big role in my life I do love some hard thrashing metal to listen to soothe the anger because the music screams it out for you. Why do you think most metal heads are so chill but deep down know how to fuck shit up if need be. Lol
Music with a message of nearly any genre. I like songs/artists that have a purpose.
Mexican corridos. I get that for non Spanish speakers it sounds all happy-go-lucky and festive but if you listen to the lyrics, they get into some real gangsta shit. Rap and hip hop don’t even come close... in rap they just say things like “I’m going to shoot you”, Mexican corridos go into detail lol they say things like “ima chop off your head, put your body in an acid tub, and bury you in a hole” type of shit. But no seriously, Mexican corridos is like a mash up of rap and country and action movies. Most songs tell a story like country music, but they’re violent like rap (even more so), and it feels like you’re watching an action movie by how they describe the events.
Rock spanning from the mid 60s to the late 70s, or thereabouts; I'm very into the psychedelic and prog stuff. And then grunge of course, love that too. But I'll listen to most of rock's subgenres, really, it's just the ones I named are the ones I return to the most.
All sorts. I like classical and choral, rock, pop, metal, reggae, country (even the stuff with gratuitous yodelling), rap, R&B old and new, rock and roll, industrial, dance music, goth, punk, swing, jazz, big band, soca, indie, disco... the list goes on and on. I cannot get on with grindcore though, or Nu metal. It just pisses me off.
I listen to and play a LOT of trad music. Quebecois (French Canadian), Swedish, Cape Breton, New England, Old-Time, Irish, Scottish, English, etc. I also love listening to and learning old folk songs from all over the world (Appalachian, sacred harp, UK, Georgian, French, African, etc). It's what I grew up listening and dancing to and it's always been important to me! I like a lot of different things, though I don’t really like country music most of the time. I listen to some alternative, pop, indie, and rap mainly. A few older artists as well. I love Fall Out Boy, MGK, BVB, Three Days Grace, Queen, and Juice WRLD. I’m not sure how much I differ from most males in general but my male friends and I have quite a bit of overlap in our music.
My musical tastes are pretty eclectic and I listen to a variety of genres, but my preferences tend to lean toward rock/alternative for the most part. A large chunk of my playlists/personalized stations is emo music and I like quite a bit of k-pop as well.

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What does your country mean to you?

This is a tough one. I’m from Northern Ireland – that funny little place with the permanent identity crisis. Everyone is Northern Ireland has dual nationality whether they like it or not so you can have both an Irish and a British passport if you desire. I can’t say I love my country with a big L and would much rather be re-unified with the South. However, I do accept that we are part of the UK. That being said, I am very proud when I see someone from Northern Ireland do well like Rory McElroy, Liam Nesson or Jamie Dornan to a lesser extent. I was pleased to see Northern Ireland do better than expected at Euro 2016 although when it comes to football I’d be more of a Ireland fan.
At the moment there is an election upon us and the political parties involved like to play what we refer to as the “Green v Orange” card i.e. playing the two communities against each other. I do not like this as they are trying to put fear in people’s minds as to what would happen if someone from my community became the First Minister. This makes me feel like I am unwanted in my own country. Also, the sheer ignorance over the Irish language not being allowed anywhere makes me feel frustrated. This will always be a complicated issue for me. But the more personal things are things where I have a more regional/local point of view — within Danish identity, I am firmly Eastern/Middle Jutlandic and often puzzled by people in other regions, like Copenhagen, Southern Jutland, or Bornholm. I became aware of this when working a job that required me to live for a few months in nearly all areas in the country, one by one. The official narrative is that we're all so similar. That's not what I actually saw. The country took on a whole new meaning to me that makes a lot of things not feel very exceptional anymore, that is, compared to dealing with someone from Germany, England, France, or whatever. So at the national level, the efficiency and benefits of the system are what the country means to me. But at the human level, I'm basically at one and the same time regional/provincial, then quite international, but the national level has been skipped there. Don't really care much for our national flag, either, but I like the crest of my city and the European flag. For me, my country means my family and friends, freedom (as a LGBT person, I'm very glad to be born in Spain; although, there's homophobia like in every country in the world), solidarity because Spanish society is very solidary (we're the first country in organ donations), diversity because Spain is a multilingual country and there's a big diversity of landscapes, architecture styles, food... And tolerance because we don't have any xenophobic parties in our parliaments and the Spanish society received and integrated well the 7 M of immigrants that arrived here the last decade.

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Do you love your country?

nai269549’s Profile PhotoLeian
A lot of questions…it’s complicated.
This is home, but my country has been plagued by some rather extreme racism, both by law and custom, and I am a person of color.
I want things to improve, and some have. But it still has quite a ways to go before I’d say I’m “proud”. There are still several groups who continue to shame this country by perpetuating that racist hatred, mostly followers of our (single term) 45th president. As much as we have struggles and things I’d like to change, I do love my country. Not too many places a teenage immigrant (my Da,) could realize Thier dream of being a cattle rancher and land owner. I know that not everybody’s experience has been equal but it’s worth fighting for to have it someday fully realized, as a place where a truth can be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--
i wonder what type of ppl will hav such little achivements that they can be proud of in their lives that they must resort 2 finding pride from their country of birth - a thing they hav no control over whatsoevr🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Not patriotic to South Africa at all. I lived there for 30 years. I ended up really hating the crime and corruption. I left in 2012 and have never been back. Nor do I want to go back.
American...I like bigger cities where culture is diverse but go outside of that or to the deep South and it's gross. People discriminate against each other like that's all they know how to do. Our current politics are shit, our president probably wants to be an authoritarian figure in what's supposed to be a democratic country. We're looking to move.
Honestly I’m a huge mixed bag on this one. On the one hand, I love Scottish culture, and how open we are to people of varying races, sexualities, religions, et al (as a whole, anyway), but of course that also comes with a legacy of imperialism and racism that I don’t feel is ever really going to go away. It’s a similar situation with Britain as a whole. There’s a rather unique feel to British culture, and the whole keep calm and carry on thing is great, but as many are quick to point out, said culture is built on the backs of hundreds of thousands of dead foreigners. Plus, over the past two years I’ve come to realise just how racist and insular the UK as a whole really is.
Ease of transportation/cities built with streets big enough for automobiles, standard of living, diversity of weather and terrains, diversity of people, public wifi, basic quaility of plumbing and bathrooms with hot water, access to clean water, and ESPECIALLY getting a quick meal and large scale department/convenience stores. One thing that drove me crazy living abroad is not having one stop shop places to buy all your necessities for a good price (eg. Walmart, Target, etc).

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What do you recall as being your unluckiest moment? How about luckiest?

ClaudiaHobbs’s Profile PhotoClaudia ❤
If you play the Euro Millions you will see on your ticket that in the UK we are automatically entered into an extra game and there is a code printed on the ticket. One ticket is guaranteed to win £1,00,0000! This particular week I had all of the current letters and numbers but the last two were the wrong way round! 😭 X

How did you learn English?

It definitely helped that I learned as a kid. My parents hate dubbed films, so both my sister and I got exposed to the language frequently. There was also a Disney course for children to learn English, and you bet we studied with it almost every day, and finally pretty much all of the music we listened to was in English. This was also when Youtube had just become a thing and we were pretty addicted to it. Later on, when we were teens, our family paid us an English course that claimed you could become fluent in 8-9 months, and I'd say this is when we really got a good grasp of the language. I seriously don't remember a lot. School started to teach us English at around the 4th grade. Rougly when I was 10. I am taught English for around 5 years after that in school. I didn't know how muc I knew at that time but my English was pretty good in school. Because we weren't in an English-speaking country, I had no real life experience of speaking with natives. Later (Just after 5 years of school learning, when I was in High school in Turkey), we moved to the UK. I realized that my English was pretty good (better than I thought) and I had not many problems with speaking, writing and reading. There were a lot of words I didn't know though, but I usually understood the theme at least. Listening was a huge issue when we first got here (Scots does nae [not] speak English, their accent still bothers me), especially understanding students was a great problem for me (it still is though), but teachers were clear most of the time. So I didn't go to any language courses, I was a high schooler in the UK now. It's been 1,5 years, my English is probably upper intermediate (I would say around B2 in CEFR, but not sure) now. I am not sure because I didn't take any tests but I am pretty comfortable with reading and writing in English. I love American English (British as well) and seriously can listen (and understand) someone for hours if they speak proper English, but when a Scottish speaks, I lose all my motivation and want him to stop talking. I now don't seriously try to learn English, I learn as words and phrases pop up somewhere. It still can be tough when it comes to complex expressions but I can handle pretty much everything now. When I started gaming almost all of the games I played were English per default. I don't think most of them even allowed you to change the language. That was on an original grey Game Boy brick and Playstation 1, lol. None of those games had a lot of text or dialogue in them, though, so I didn't learn anything from them. Years passed by as I struggled to learn English and French and finally mastered both. I am here for whoever wants to learn English, perfect it, or fight the language barrier. For the youngest I try to make them learn English through stories and play games to keep them focused during the course. After having passed my A levels, I went to England for eight months as an au-pair girl, in order to improve my English.

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Ayesha this is not only in Pakistan . Pakistan kou blame na karo ladies kia ho gia hai USA nd UK nd India nd others sab jagah hai serial killers

Pakistan is to be blamed. When such incidents happen, the first thing we do is blame the victim and start using the religion card.
we haven't even passed a domestic violence bill . we have bare minimum of freedom. we can't report our abusers at all. there is no law protecting women that is actually practiced properly.
It is so suffocating to be living in Pakistan as a woman where you cant even go for a walk outside without it turning into a big ass issue.
Yes, it might happen in other countries too, but getting some semblance of help is still possible. this country is a fucking joke, being run by misogynists of highest order, a victim blaming police and judicial system.

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Szerinted a netes portálok miért tartják annyira fontosnak megírni folyton, hogy melyik celebnek buggyant éppen ki a melle a bikiniből? 🤦‍♀️ Vajon egy ilyen képes újságírónak nevezni magát ezután?! Miért nem akarnak minőségre,színvonalra törekedni szerinted? Létezik még igazi újságírás manapság?

coorious’s Profile Photorandom - coorious
Valószínűleg azért, mert erre még mindig van kereslet. A "kibuggyant", "villantott", "beszólt" (tehát a szex- vagy botrányszagú), sokszor egyébként valóságalapot is nélkülöző és minden esetben a semmit felfújt "írásokra."
Igen. Olyan világot élünk, hogy ezek a lények képesek tükörbe nézni, és meggyőződésük, hogy ők remek újságírók, ebben biztos lehetsz, hogy 90 %-uk ilyen. (Tegyük, fel, hogy 10 %-nak azért van némi realitásérzéke...)
Létezik még újságírás, bár eléggé szűk körben.
Én a Nők Lapját járatom évtizedek óta, azt még újságírok írják, és remek (többnyire női) szerzőkről beszélünk. Érdemes beleolvasni.

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Ciekawostkihistoryczne’s Profile Photo#CH Ciekawostki Historyczne
25.07. 1434 – Władysław III Warneńczyk został koronowany w katedrze wawelskiej na króla Polski.
25.07. 1939 – W ośrodku wywiadowczym w Pyrach pod Warszawą polski wywiad przekazał przedstawicielom wywiadów brytyjskiego i francuskiego rezultaty prac nad złamaniem szyfru Enigmy.
26.07. 1899 – Pożar Starego Miasta w Malborku.
26.07. 1941 – Niemcy utworzyli getto żydowskie w Białymstoku.
26.07. 1971 – Rozpoczęła się załogowa misja księżycowa Apollo 15.
27.07. 1610 – Został zdetronizowany car Rosji Wasyl IV Szujski.
27.07. 1851 – Pierwszy w historii pociąg odjechał z Bydgoszczy.
28.07. 1656 – Potop szwedzki: rozpoczęła się bitwa pod Warszawą.
28.07. 1883 – W trzęsieniu ziemi na włoskiej wyspie Ischia zginęło 2300 osób.
28.07. 1941 – W dniach 28-30 lipca w zajętym przez Wehrmacht Krzemieńcu zamordowano, około 30 przedstawicieli polskiej inteligencji.
29.07. 1836 – W Paryżu odsłonięto Łuk Triumfalny.
29.07. 1921 – Adolf Hitler został Führerem w strukturze Narodowosocjalistycznej Niemieckiej Partii Robotników.
29.07. 1941 – Podczas apelu w obozie koncentracyjnym Auschwitz o. Maksymilian Maria Kolbe dobrowolnie wybrał śmierć głodową w zamian za Franciszka Gajowniczka, który był w grupie 10 więźniów skazanych na śmierć za ucieczkę jednego z więźniów.
30.07. 1775 – James Cook powrócił do Anglii z drugiej wyprawy dookoła świata.
30.07. 1924 – Na Górnym Śląsku wybuchł strajk 150 tysięcy górników i hutników w obronie 8-godzinnego dnia pracy.
30.07. 1943 – Rzeź wołyńska: oddział UPA zamordował 33 Polaków w Antonówce nad Horyniem i okolicach.
31.07. 1666 – Zawarto ugodę w Łęgonicach kończącą rokosz Lubomirskiego.
31.07. 1919 – Sejm RP ratyfikował traktat wersalski.
31.07. 1928 – Podczas Igrzysk Olimpijskich w Amsterdamie Halina Konopacka zdobyła w konkursie rzutu dyskiem pierwszy w historii złoty medal olimpijski dla Polski.
1.08. 1919 – Sejm RP przyjął ustawy: o godłach i barwach Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej oraz o orderze Virtuti Militari.
1.08. 1944 – O 17:00 wybuchło powstanie warszawskie.
1.08. 1944 – 1 Dywizja Pancerna gen. Stanisława Maczka wylądowała w Normandii.

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Quel est ton meilleur souvenir de voyage ?

leloup9849’s Profile Photole loup
I always knew I wanted to travel, but my mom is terrified of flying so growing up we didn't exactly go very far on the rare occasion we did travel. When we were 19, my (now) wife and I saved up some money for a trip, and that first day is still like a fucking fairy tale in my mind. My first time flying, and I fucking loved it, 30,000 feet in the air, looking down at the clouds. Stepping off the plane at CDG and getting that feeling of "Holy fuck, I'm in fucking Paris". Checking into our hotel then taking a nice stroll down to the Eiffel Tower. I proposed to wife my at the Eiffel tower that day (I know, wicked fucking cheesy right?) Going to some bistro and getting a bottle of fancy French wine, some fancy French cheeses, trying some escargot. It was like all of these mystical things that I never really imagined I would be able to do and see all materializing in one day.
For my first year wedding anniversary a few years ago, we did a road trip across the UK. We started down south then up to Scotland before looping around and heading back down the other side. We only booked our accommodations a few days ahead so we could decide whether to stay somewhere for longer than our loose plan or shorter as we felt it. We also stayed at our first (and probably only) 5 star hotel that felt as big as our flat at that time. Was lovely and the only thing that would have made it better and even more memorable would be if I could've brought our pooch with us. Sitting beside a mountain stream, legs dipped in the ice cold water, blunts going around and the three of us breaking into songs. The fact that apart from travel tickets, we had nothing planned and just did whatever we felt like. That was special. One of my favorite memories is meeting an acquaintance of an acquaintance for literally 1 minute in Sydney. When I told him that i'd be visiting Melbourne, he said he'd show me around as he's from there. Unfortunately his flight back was delayed. Figured it was the end of that, but he ended up having a friend show me around instead, and through that friend I met some amazing people and ended up having the greatest day of my month long trip. Ended up feeling like this random group of people were lifelong friends.
The time I spent in Tokyo early this year. One night I stumbled upon a sake bar next to my hotel, and I was making small-talk with the owner/bartender. After a few minutes, it clicked for both of us, we knew each other already! In 2013, I went to a sake bar on the far west side of town and got friendly with the bartender. That night he gave me his business card and I took a photo of us. In 2016, out of all the bars in Tokyo, I found him again at his brand new self-owned shop in the northeast side of town, by pure dumb luck. We were so utterly stunned, that he, his partner, my newlywed wife, and I shared a bottle of his best sake, on the house!

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What's the most expensive meal you've ever eaten?

My boyfriend and I stayed in the Balmoral in Edinburgh, Scotland and when I was drunk I ordered up a full breakfast, with 5 different types of fruit juice and tea and coffee for room service. That came to £80 for breakfast and the meal the night before came to £500. I wasn't the most popular the next morning when the bill had to be settled. Including the room price. I went on a trip to the Soviet Union in 1989. I was 20, most of my group were 15, 16, 17. At one meal they served very expensive caviar (back in USA this stuff was $80 an ounce) and the teens didn't want theirs. I must have eaten like $500 worth of caviar. New Years Eve dinner at the New York Grill, Park Hyatt Shinjuku, Tokyo. It's the bar/restaurant where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen meet and hang out in Lost in Translation. 5 course meal plus drinks and champagne at midnight. Pretty sure we spent around $800 on a meal for two. Totally worth it.
My grandparents wanted to take me out for dinner a few weeks ago. My grandparents are the type of people who when we go out, they go all out. We went to some super fancy seafood restaurant. I always try to go cheap when someone else pays, my grandfather wouldnt allow this and ordered for me. My meal alone was around $100. Crab stuffed shrimp, crab chips, and a xl cold water lobster tail. Very delicious but very expensive.
This one time at a bar some friends and I went to in order to watch some hockey, we got dinner and some drinks. Some drinks turned into getting completely shit hammered. The waitress we had was phenomenal, never had an empty beer bucket, would complete all the stupid drink requests that our dumb drunk asses asked for, and was super fun to talk with. I’m usually a generous tipper, but my drunk self was extremely generous. I tipped her 100%, I think. That’s how shitty sports bar food and a fuckload of drinks became the most expensive meal I ever paid for.
I was once on a project with ~60 people from my firm. We were in Minneapolis, in the winter, and this project was not known for being a career-maker, so no one was thrilled to be there. One of the more social consultants was being rolled off and so we had a last-week dinner for him. Typically, this just means the different teams meet up at a slightly nicer than usual restaurant for dinner together (when you're on the road, every dinner is out somewhere, so this was mainly just convenience).
Several years ago, when money was somewhat more available than it is now, my wife and I ate at The Fat Duck, a three-Michelin star restaurant that at the time was considered by many to be the top restaurant in the world. It was around $1200 for the two of us. That doesn't include the cost of flying from the US to the UK (we did a few other things while we were there, including eating at Gordon Ramsey's flagship restaurant, but The Fat Duck was the reason for the trip). Stupidly expensive. Worth it? Yes, no question.

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Skoro włosi jakby nie przepadali za ich muzyką, bo nie wpasowywała się w ich "ballady" to jakim cudem zostali reprezentantami Włoch?

olakomarr’s Profile Photo私は蚊が好きです
Wiesz, nie należy generalizować, bo prawdę mówiąc oni jeszcze przed Eurowizją byli mega popularni we Włoszech i już nieco znani za granicą, bo w 2019 dawali już mini koncerty czy to w Austrii czy w UK, więc nie można mówić, że byli całkiem obcy dla Europejczyków, bo jakaś garstka ludzi ich już wcześniej znała. Już za czasów X-Factora wielu Włochów im kibicowało i już wtedy zaczął tworzyć się ich fandom. Ludzie widzieli w nich potencjał i śledzili ich rozwój nawet po tym jak nie wygrali, bo zajęli 2 miejsce, za to zwycięzca zniknął z włoskiej sceny po 2 piosenkach. Fakt, że najgorszy okres przeszli zaraz po X-Factorze, bo podpisali niby kontrakt z Sony Music Italia, ale ci z wytwórni chcieli zmienić ich styl muzyczny, bo ich zdaniem rock nie jest już głównym nurtem w muzyce, a już na pewno nie we Włoszech, a włoski rynek muzyczny jest bardzo konkurencyjny, więc nie wierzono w nich, że sobie na nim poradzą. No, ale oni się uparli i tak w 2017 wydali swoją pierwszą EP-kę „Chosen”, która ku zdziwieniu wytwórni szybko pokryła się we Włoszech złotem, a później platyną. Nie zwolnili więc tempa i rok później wydali swój pierwszy album studyjny o nazwie „Il ballo della vita” (Taniec życia), a utwór, który go promował czyli rockowa ballada Torna a Casa stał się we Włoszech mega hitem. Piosenka przez cały 2018 leciała we wszystkich włoskich rozgłośniach radiowych, co z kolei doprowadziło do tego, że pierwszy full album Måneskin szybko pokrył się potrójną platyną. Ale zespół nie chciał tworzyć samych ballad, bo ludzie zaczęli plotkować, że ich muzyka nie ma nic wspólnego z rockiem, więc w 2021 postanowili zaryzykować i wydać swoją mocno rockową EP-kę Teatro d’ira - Vol. I (Teatr gniewu - część 1.) aby udowodnić ludziom jak bardzo się co do nich pomylili. Wytwórnia im mocno tego odradzała, ale oni już wtedy byli pewni swojej muzyki i stwierdzili, że muszą zaryzykować, aby udowodnić sobie samym i innym, że muzyka rockowa wcale nie umarła. EP-kę promuje oczywiście wszystkim nam dobrze znany kawałek Zitti E Buoni (Siedźcie cicho i zachowujcie się) nawiązujący do tego jak byli traktowani i teraz tym kawałkiem mówią swoim hejterom i ludziom z wytwórni „to teraz wy siedźcie cicho i słuchajcie co my mamy wam do powiedzenia”. No i właśnie z tym kawałkiem pojechali na festiwal San Remo, gdzie ku zdziwieniu wszystkich wygrali konkurs z tymi wszystkimi włoskimi sztywnymi balladami. Jako jedyni na San Remo wyróżniali się i zaprezentowali coś żywego i innego od tego co znają Włosi i prawdopodobnie to właśnie zadecydowało o ich wygranej. Jurorów musiała urzec ich energia, zapał i głęboka wiara 20-latków w swoje możliwości. No a wygrana na San Remo była równa zostaniu tegorocznym reprezentantem Włoch na Eurowizji, gdzie w Rotterdamie znowu się wyróżniali i również i tam zaczarowali europejskich jurorów i europejskich widzów. Oni po prostu mają w sobie coś takiego, że ludzie chcą słuchać ich muzyki, bo nie ukrywajmy, jest bardzo dobra i potrafi przebić wszelkie uprzedzenia.

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Skoro włosi jakby nie przepadali za ich muzyką bo nie wpasowywała się w ich

Który kraj według Ciebie jest najpiękniejszy? 🗽🗼🕌🛕🗺️✨

Gabrycha14’s Profile Photoɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟᴀ
Każdy kraj ma w sobie coś ładnego, dajmy na to taką Petrę w Jordanie. Jest śliczne.
W UK też jest dużo ładnych miejsc, na przykład Carnglaze Caverns.
Jednakże w moim zdaniem, najpiękniej jest chyba w Japonii, i to nie chodzi o to, że są ładne miejsca, krajobraz itp., tylko o fakt, że ludzie trzymają tam porządek. Japonia, to całkiem inny świat.

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Post some picture you think that is nice 👁👁

LOVE ON TOUR will be going out across the USA this September and I could not be more excited for these shows. As always, the well-being of my fans, band, and crew, is my top priority. Safety guidelines will be available on the respective venue websites to ensure we can all be together as safely as possible. Please notice that some dates have changed, and new shows have been added.
To everyone in the UK, and across the world, I can’t wait to see you again, but for obvious reasons it is just not possible at this time. I will be sharing more news soon about shows across the globe, and new music. I love you all so much. I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to see you. H

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Post some picture you think that is nice

love Tyrone Mings etc calling out Johnson and Patel, utter hypocrisy, she's a nasty piece of work imo , was telling the Irish they needed to be reminded that they could go hungry due to Brexit lol now the empty shelves are in UK , talk about schadenfreude, as for Johnson.....lying twat !!!

princessali6’s Profile PhotoMáire Ní Einstein
I have heard lots of disturbing things about her from people in the civil service. They are all terrified of her any lots are trying to leave the home office. I haven't seen any empty shelves here though ??.
Johnson is just a self promotionalist(?) not interested in the country or even his party , he will say and do whatever suits him at the time

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Nu sunt același anonim de mai jos, dar sunt puțin confuza 😂 nu te urmăresc de mult timp deci întreb serios care e numele tău real 😂 just curious

Mă cheamă și Cătălina. E atât de greu de înțeles?
Aici în UK mulți nu pot pronunța corect Cătălina și folosesc Kate care e același lucru, Kate, Katy etc

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Hey my friend! How are things across the world ? It’s warm and sunny here. Covid is ramping up and people still refuse to get the vaccine (same people who think trump is still president).

psychobaby1’s Profile Photopsychobaby
Good morning beautiful 😍 .. things over here are still ok .. no community cases of covid but we can also only travel between Australia and Rarotonga with no quarantine period .. its been so cold here like its currently -3 🥶🥶 ... I heard in the UK they're dropping all restrictions regardless of their current status..its madness when its already creeping up again ... I hope you are doing well my beautiful friend 🌹🌻😘

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Do you like art? what are some good uk museums?

Tate Modern!
I went a few years ago as I was in London for my birthday (we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour). But I wanted to go to Tate Modern as well cuz I love art!
There were tons of really interesting pieces there! Including this one I took of technology through the ages :3

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Do you like art  what are some good uk museums

Co myślisz o szczepieniach ?

MagdaMroczek’s Profile PhotoMagda Mroczek
Już się wypowiadałam na fb, jak nie chcą się szczepić to się mogą nie szczepić są dobrowolne, tylko niech nie pierdolą o szkodliwości a później żeby tylko nie narzekali na kolejny lockdown, wczoraj gadałam z moimi friends form uk wariant który oni mają jest o wiele bardziej gorszy, a właściwie to przyjaciele właśnie załapali deltę mówią, że fatalnie czują a zwolnienie z góry dostali na miesiąc.

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Ambientalistas, talibanes, socialistas y más, repudian a Estados Unidos, por diferentes razones: -Que si todos tuviéramos la vida de un estadounidense promedio, los recursos del planeta durarían 10 años. -Por invasor. -Por aplicar de forma extrema el capitalismo. A ti, ¿qué no te gusta de ese país?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
@TrollearNEF, los socialistas solo repudian lo que les conviene, porque cuando están en el poder arruinan a los países en que gobiernan 😂.
Cuando veo a Gretha diciendo how dare you? - mientras que niños en otros países son obligados a trabajar y sus derechos son horriblemente vulnerados, si les interesaria ayudar a esos niños ahí recién podría creer en ellos.
- Su política intervencionista no me gusta mucho, eso es algo que hay que reconocer en ellos, una vez vi un reportaje de Jamaica cuando se independizó de U.k y ellos también intervinieron ahí.
Fuera de eso el país me encanta.

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Have you said something on social media that can get you in trouble?

dodoBluz’s Profile PhotoI am Jack's Amygdala
I once pointed out to a trans woman that she was a hypocrite. She rightfully called out people who judge all trans people as dangerous just because one trans person assaulted someone. Then in another post she commented that all muslims should have to leave the UK in reaction to one Muslim man assaulting someone!
This did not sit well with me so I pointed out that I thought it was hypocritical that she was expecting others to rightly judge her as an individual not by her gender but then there she was not extending that same privilege to Muslims!
It went down like a cup of cold sick. She called me transphobic and really went to town sharing it and saying how awful I had been to her. I stand by what I said though: Being a victim of stereotyping and bias because of an aspect of your identity doesn't give you the right to do that to others! It annoyed me she couldn't see that she was doing to others what she complained was being done to her and had caused her so much distress!

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Have you said something on social media that can get you in trouble