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Co myślisz o otwartym związku?

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What do you think about an open relationship?
There are no open relationships. Once there was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR for short, and even that fell apart
Nie istnieją otwarte związki. Kiedyś istniał Związek Socjalistycznych Republik Radzieckich i nawet to się rozpadło

Before bolshevick's administrative system of USSR there was no such nation as Ukranians/ since 10 century was only Russians of Small, White and Greater Russia.. Like in Poland exists Small (Lessier) and greater Poland, but one nation - Poles

Listen, inquire about the story in more detail, and then say intelligent things. Because that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. UKRAINIANS ARE, WERE, and WILL BE!!!!!
Before bolshevicks administrative system of USSR there was no such nation as

In 1969, the Apollo 11 lunar module landed on themoonand Neil Armstrong took man's first steps on themoon, but who was holding the 16mm camera? All that footage was grainy at best. Yet we have a very clean shot of the first step. How is that possible?

Come on ..The United States government couldn't cover up a secret about what Clinton was doing with Lewinsky😁 but u expect anyone to believe that it can keep hundreds of other people pretended to be mission control, astronauts, film crews, and everyone else shown,every news industry and The USSR who were spending billions spying on America quiet about the biggest secret in history?
It must have been a powerful spell😂

Yeah sure! I always want to learn 😄

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it will be a long story) Russia is a country of poets, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Lermontov were born here. People also love Lenin and Stalin - these are famous politicians. In 1941, the Germans attacked Russia with a war. this war lasted 4 years and in 1945 we won with huge losses. Then everything was fine, but in 1992 there was a big fire. In 2016, there was a complete massacre at a university in Moscow. All by events. Now about people. Lenin is the chairman of the Communist Party of the USSR, streets are named after him. Stalin is a military man who participated in the Great Patriotic War.

what are your thoughts on the current state of the world? 🌍

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Well, I think Russia is morphing into the USSR 2.0 (Someone should totally give Putin the memo that Stalin is dead and gone) The EU it seems (mainly Germany) is hesitant to act because if oil. We’re dragging our feet on the situation and absolutely no one wants to go to war again. ☺️
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The Soviet Union ended 30 years ago today. Is Russia a better place 30 years later?

You cannot seriously compare them.
USSR was a jail. There was a strong elite Border Guard Force with primary responsibility to defend the border against civilians wanting to leave the country.
For most of the people returning to Soviet era would be a horrible experience even if they are now stating otherwise.
They would have to live without modern kitchen appliances (nobody new what a “microwave oven” is in Soviet Union, or a dishwasher for example), with crude and noisy air conditioning units, ugly clothes and probably without a telephone (even a landline one).
If you wanted to buy a good any long-term goods (a wardrobe, or a fridge or a car) you had to apply and be included in a queue thst could last for years (it’s not an exaggeration, you could literally wait for an car for a decade).
Most Russian people now have much better life than in Soviet era.

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Do you know much about the history of your country? If you want to, maybe share a bit of history? 😄

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For a long time Poland was in the sphere of influence of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and was treated by the Russians not as an independent state but as one of its subordinate republics. The Russians invented the saying: A hen is not a bird and Poland is not abroad. This saying was about the fact that forged people cannot fly, and Poland is not an independent state, because it will always be subject to Russia. After the collapse of the USSR, Poland at least in theory became a free country. Unfortunately, people from the Russian secret services were still in power and were destroying the Polish state. The same is true today, only secret service people change
Czy wiesz dużo o historii swojego kraju? Jeśli chcesz, może podzielisz się odrobiną historii?
Polska przez długi czas była w strefie wpływów byłego Związku Socjalistycznych Republik Radzieckich i była traktowana przez Rosjan nie jako samodzielne państwo tylko jako jedna z podległych mu republik. Rosjanie wymyślili powiedzenie: Курица не птица Польша не заграница - co po polsku znaczyło "Kura nie ptak a Polska nie zagranica"
W tym powiedzeniu chodziło o to, że kuty nie potrafią latać, a Polska dla Rosjan nie jest samodzielnym państwem

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Well Im not drawing straws to go first. 😂 I think it would be unwise until we are at least able to 'observe' the dimension above our own. Otherwise its just hope. The USSR trialled dropping armoured vehicles from the back of airplanes with the crews in them. Physics proved that was a shitty idea

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In principle, yes, but in practice you'd probably die long before then. You'd either get cooked my gamma rays, shredded by its accretion disk, or spaghettified by its gravity. If you did, you would never know, the inertial gravity rips apart entire planets and stars. Yes I think, it’s like a vacuum.
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Why do I get this some sort of Raccoon City vibe from coronavirus? I know it's an inappropriate joke, but the way China handle this virus is like real life Umbrella Corporation

There are actually some rumor that Coronavirus is actually a bioweapon developed by the PRC and the outbreak in Wuhan is because they mishandle the virus. Spooky.
Nah but for real, PRC just don't want the world knows that they fucked up terribly with how they handle the outbreak. Yanno, the usual pride of fascist state just like the USSR back then.

Haha! After reading your text I think your English is good. I just wanted to ask you about Russia, the USSR etc. Since you're Russian, you'll be able to provide me with a better view of things. So do you want me to jump into your personal A/C somehere or is it okay here?!

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What is A/C?😅
You can ask me everything you want, but I'm not a historian so I wouldn't know everything)
+8 answers in: “Heya. I am sorry I don't speak Russian so I'm gonna say this in English, hope you don't mind. I have some questions regarding Russia and its people. Do you mind if I ask you some. I mean it'll help me a lot. Thanks.”

Según yo la influencia que los motivo al ritmo guitarra fue chuck Berry por eso sacaron varios covers de el, aparte una de sus otras influencias tambien fue the beach boys esto a ve en la canción back in the ussr pero es grato saber que también se inspiraron en buddy holly

VictorDanielLuvianoPineda’s Profile Photosr ardilla
『 Efectivamente, influencia de Berry hay, nadie lo niega, pero según varias biografías y entrevistas, el mayor ejemplo fue Holly. Porque era distinto, el rock&roll de Holly no era "vacío" (Berry era R&B, no rock&roll, cosas racistas de los yankis) como la mayoría de la música rockanrolera de los blancos. La performance de Holly era "aburrida" en comparación a otros artistas, él mismo era re aburrido en el escenario, pero su mensaje era mucho más conmovedor e innovador que otros músicos. Por esa rama Los Beatles lo consideraron a él y su música, además del gran impacto que tuvo su temprana muerte, bueno, al menos eso dicen los libros; a Berry no se le niega, es más, de ahí sale su lado más rockero, más loco, pero no estoy muy segura de que haya sido su más grande influencia musicalmente hablando, porque la música compuesta por The Beatles siempre fue más bien relajada, incluso los temas más movidos (en sus inicios, porque después ya es otro cuento), además de el tipo de canto que utilizaron. También tengo entendido que el nombre The Beatles es en honor a The Crickets; hay historiadores que dicen que es casi una imitación, a excepción de la referencia al ritmo llamado "beat". Probablemente más adelante hay otras influencias diferentes, pero al menos en la etapa uno, creo más bien fue así, apelando a esto por el tema Back in the USSR, que es del año 68. Tampoco niego a los Beach Boys, pero yo veo ese tema más por el lado comercial de la banda, onda, el tipo de rock y la imagen, considerando que los Beach Boys se adaptaron más de una vez al mercado, y bueno, son bacanes también hahaha. Igual hay un montón de influencia posterior de otro tipo de cosas fuera del mundo musical incluso, cómo sus experimentaciones con nuevas religiones y/o culturas, e incluso el aporte del conocimiento musical docto de George Martin, por ejemplo. Te invito a oír más a Holly y quizás a leer más sobre él, tiene un montón de sorpresas ese hombre. Preciosa noche! 』
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsjI7ekciZsNyappyohsy’s Video 155829541741 hsjI7ekciZsNyappyohsy’s Video 155829541741 hsjI7ekciZs

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Nyappyohsy’s Video 155829541741 hsjI7ekciZsNyappyohsy’s Video 155829541741 hsjI7ekciZs +1 answer in: “Alguna persona que sea un ejemplo a seguir para ti?”

استحملي تفاهة الموضوع معلش ....هي محرجة جدا و حاسة انها هانت نفسها ..و فعلا احنا ملاحظين ان هو اصحابه بيشتغلوها جامد والله و هي عايزة تعرف تتصرف ازاي عشان تنهي الحوارات دي و ليه هو عارف انها هي ???? و ليه عارف انها بتراقب الTwitter عايزين نحاول نشيل الموضوع من عليها ????‍♂️

Msh fahma hya kant bts2al bl ussr y3ne ? W hwa tlama by3aksha eh y5leha t3ml el 7rkat elhbla de w t5leh yfham enha mbsota kda? Hwa 5las 3rf ygeb m3aha sekka bsor3a w 7as enha mlhash lazma fa by2lbha ,she has to ignore all of this and act like she doesn’t care,hear or see. just ignore them and they will stop after a while
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Yeo definitely cultural differences, British people don’t behave the way you do, we’re very defensive but never on the offensive, if you’re going to stay here please adapt to our customs and culture, you aren’t in the USSR anymore, there’s no gulags or forced labour.

Never on the offensive, huh? Ben, I very, very much hope you are aware of the irony in what you say. Because you are either being ironic or very hypocritical.
Now, leave me alone. From now on, if I don't like the question you are asking, I will either ignore it and delete it or block you. Goodbye.

I think there is another reason for that -Universities like KTU ,VU or the others inviting students from former USSR ,China, India or Bangladesh because these students giving salary to these Universities , it's nothing but business you know , because students from Asia and former USSR are cheaper

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well of course most of the students in Lithuania are from India, Pakistan, Arab countries - so basically it’s called BUSINESS. and if you wanna say something, don’t try “students from USSR are cheaper”, clarify the sentence, first. the second of all, my university in Azerbaijan gives options to choose for Erasmus, and there are only 4-5 countries. Turkey, France etc. well I loved Lithuania more, and don’t regret anything. Kaunas was perfect:)
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Masih belum nangkep. Andaikata USSR berhasil di invasi oleh German, bukan nya untuk bisa punya landing site buat tank-tank german di Britain, German harus ngalahin royal navy Britain terlebih dahulu, yang pada saat itu Royal navy adalah angkatan laut terkuat dan German kuat nya di angkatan darat

Kamu jangan lupa, bahwa pada era tersebut, ASW itu benar-benar masih terbatas. Itu kenapa, pada kedua perang dunia (PD 1 dan PD 2 bagian awal), kapal seram itu benar-benar macam tidak terkendali.
Itulah kenapa, kamu gak bisa ngeremehin barisan kapal selam, karena pada waktu itu, Jerman yang benar-benar intensif dan ekstensif dalam mengerahkan kapal selam untuk menenggelamkan konvoi bantuan dari Amerika Serikat ke Inggris. Konvoi yang sama juga termasuk kapal pendamping yang jelas merupakan kapal tempur.
Ketika enigma dipecahkan, justru itu yang penting, karena kamu bisa antisipasi gerakan-gerakan dari kapal selam Jerman. Kamu tahu lokasi mereka dan mau ke arah mana.
Sekarang, andaikata USSR jatuh dan Enigma belum dipecah, maka ya, Royal Navy sendiri juga bakal setengah mati.
Andaikata mereka masih bisa menahan kapal selam, konvoi dari koloni mereka juga bakal disergap.
Panjang ceritanya kalau kita mau bicara "what if".

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+4 answers in: “Lanjutan, Apabila Enigma pada saat itu belum berhasil dipecahkan oleh Inggris, Jerman akan menang pada saat Battle of Stalingrad?”

Kalau menurut gw, andaikata USSR kalah, Britain yang bakal megang kuasa, karena kekuatan german sudah berkurang banyak dan Britain kan emang lagi perang sama german, dan di support America pula, dan nantinya USSR bakal dimiliki perancis, amerika, dan britain

Gak segampang itu.
Memang invasi Normandy itu krusial, tapi seberapa krusial? Itu melepas sebagian beban dari Uni Soviet. Sementara itu, tanpa Normandy pun, sejatinya Jerman juga lagi "losing" di front Timur. Jadi, berharap USSR kalah itu luar biasa gila.
Terus, andaikata USSR kalah, Britain yang juga kalah. Kenapa? Setelah USSR, maka Jerman juga lebih bebas untuk main "Operation Sea Lion" yang artinya, dari Britania yang cuma dihajar bomber, jadi beneran dihajar tank.
Sementara itu, Britania juga harus berantem ama Jepang di Asia Timur dan Tenggara. Koloni mereka makin susah dikendalikan pada waktu itu, dan juga, mereka gak bisa bantu dengan cepat.
Walhasil, Britania nasibnya juga bakal sama cem Prancis.
+4 answers in: “Lanjutan, Apabila Enigma pada saat itu belum berhasil dipecahkan oleh Inggris, Jerman akan menang pada saat Battle of Stalingrad?”

what's the deference between stalinist communism and the 'normal' 'standard' communism? not looking for a fight, sincerely want to know as i am ignorant in that topic. was russia ever a communism?

communism, by definition, is a form of government that calls for a stateless, moneyless and classless society, where mankind is free from oppression and scarcity and the means of production are controlled through common ownership. in classical marxist, it was the terminal stage of human social development that would be achieved after a revolution resulting in a seizure of power by the proletariat. even then, the post-revolutionary period would be one of socialism, not communism, which would come after the state "withered away," in engels's memorable phrase. communism has never been seen in a successful view, since it hasn't been pared with any other form of government but a totalitarian state.
it’s important to note that technically russia did not exist at the time of the ussr. russian sfsr was one of the republics of the soviet union. soviet people lost their houses and savings and were forced to labor eternally for meager wages with no voice in the system. millions of petty criminals and political prisoners were sent to work camps (death factories) for harboring anti-soviet views. ussr’s economy was characterized by wage labor (the employer-employee relationship), the accumulation of capital continued to drive economic development, and planning wasn't an operational part of the economy, devolving into a system of command-and-control administration, with enterprises being vertically integrated into the command structure. essentially it was run like a large corporation. the means of production did not belong to the people, they were still private, but lied in the hands of state bureaucrats instead of entrepreneurs. thus, the ussr was a state capitalist society. communism has nothing to do with ruling others or oppressing anyone

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как бы вы описали эволюцию взглядов Джона Леннона по этапам? Что-то я совсем запутался, что он пытался сказать

Если коротко, по периодам...
1. Любовь и семья. 58-65
2. Психоделическая хуйня 65-68
3. Мир несправедлив. Надо что-то делать. 68-70
4. Мир несправедлив. Надо что-то делать. 70-73
5. Психоделическая хуйня 73-75
6. Любовь и семья. 80.
Есть чуть длиннее...
1. Вначале (да и вообще) Леннон был обычным Ливерпульским быдланом с ЧСВ, который умел сочинять песенки про любовь и рисовать уродливые картинки. А сочинять он правда умел хорошо. У Битлов абсолютно прекрасные не заезженные последовательности зачастую, если песня не стилизация или не положено по идеологии такой музки че-то стандартного. Back in the USSR это рокнрол, оно сделано, чтобы звучало как рокнрол. И аккорды там рокнрольные. И текст. Почти...
2. Когда идеи про любовь начали кончаться, а денег было много, появились наркотики, а вместе с ним и песни типа Lucy in the sky, I'm the walrus, Tommorow never knows....
3,4. Третий этап напрямую связаны с Йоко Оно. Простого деревенского парня было достаточно легко сбить с панталыку. Достаточно поломать ему шаблонов. А Йоко, в отличие от Джона, это такое декаденское аморальное высокообразованное существо, которое могло поломать шаблонов кому угодно. Например, представьте как риторика сегодняшней фем могла проехаться по мозгам человека из 60-х? В общем Джон ебанулся и начал писать песни типа Woman is the nigger, Come together и working class hero. При этом надо понимать, что Йоко никакая не феминистка. У нее нет социальных взглядов. У нее есть идеи перформансов, которые бы выносили людям мозг. Она меняет взгляды как перчатки. Double fantsy за счет некоторых песен Йоко считался вообще мизогиничным... Но в тот период Джону проще всего было снести голову социальными проблемами, чем Йоко и воспользовалась.
5. Поскольку за 5-6 лет Джон таки понял, что у него достаточно деструктивная женщина, он от нее свалил на 1.5 года. И вернулся в состояние на котором Йоко его свернула с пути истинного. Начал писать что-то типа Dream #9, Bless you,... А потом помирился с Йоко и вообще перестал писать, потому что у него появился Шон и ему было не до того.
6. В конце он решил начать писать миленькие песни про любовь и семью и вот это все, но за это его завалили через месяц (или типа того) после выхода альбома Double fantasy.

Такое вот Улиссовское путешествие из банальности в банальность у него было, с большими социальными завихрениями посередине.

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What's the public opinion about communism in Russia, especially considering the millions of Russian peasants that straved to death during the Soviet rule?

People strongly dislike communism and the memories of those times aren’t happy ones. Now, I personally think there are a lot of “myths” and disinformation about Soviet times. The USSR was a socially-conservative state that prioritised large families, classic art, etc. but without the property rights. Many common people benefited from early USSR’s policies that went from massive literacy increase to a decrease in childhood mortality. There were plenty of homegrown, willing, and able Communists in every Soviet republic. The political prisoner deaths in the USSR are nowhere near the millions of millions as people seem to think in the West. If you count the non-political deaths from the “harsh conditions” then you can probably make the same argument about poverty and disease etc. under capitalism. WWII touched us. Russia lost around 26 millions of lives after being invaded. My family was part of the war effort, and we also lost many beloved members during the 1930s purged. I just wanted to point that out. I personally think communism is an outdated ideology, but Marx is useful as an analytical method of the relations between the bourgeoisie, elite power structures, etc. I think one of the main problems with communism, that most Russians can agree with, is that communist pretended to be the sole representation of reality making Christianity an ideological opponent. That negation and replacement of the Sacred with itself (materialism) is perhaps what we find most shocking and what bothers us the most. Or so I’ve seen. Orthodoxy is a very important part of our lives. Also, I’m sorry if this is too much. I felt the need to debunk some of the lies people tell about Soviet times.

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el supuesto fraude del hombre en la luna. ¿Qué piensas sobre eso? No creo que sea un fraude.. pero si es cierto la guerra espacial entre USA y la USSR (o como mierda sea)

JonasRiquelme’s Profile PhotoJonás Gabriel
URSS* la Unión Soviética.
Mira vos, no sabía ese detalle, lo voy a investigar O:
Solo sabía que Estados Unidos tenía los astronautas, la URSS los cosmonautas (lo mismo), y competían quién llegaba primero y tal.

«Отечественный производитель», как клеймо. Признайтесь, насколько предосудительно Вы относитесь к тому, что сделано в Вашей стране и ближнем зарубежье? Сколько раз встречались с продуктами кино, музыки и литературы, которые действительно нравились несмотря на пометки «made in UA / RU»? Расскажите.

Импортозамещение - слово, от которого меня бросает в дрожь. Что дальше? /Эмоции/ Железный занавес? Еда по талонам? Очереди? Ловля фарцовщиков? Срок за зарубежную пластинку? Аааа !!! Хочу в тюрьму, окно в Париж, только не USSR !!!! Ахаха ) Простите. Нет. Я могу посмеяться на эту тему и вспомнить целый прилавок "отечественного" дор-блю, (сыр), под этикетками нашего комбината которого, хорошо проглядывались знакомые мне ранее французские, но ценю качество и цену, а не страну производителя. А вот с кино дела обстоят хуже. Там есть недоверие, страх. И пока я не ошибался, что тоже огорчает.

Kak, tapi masa stephen hawking udah pernah bilang kalo filsafat udah gak relevan lagi.. (aku lupa linknya)

No, he said philosophy is dead, because of its inability to keep up with science. The relevancy of knowledge and the art of knowing what we think we know, in the eyes of physics perhaps is so little if our lives on this universe were merely a projection of a higher intelligence. It's not surprising to think of such thing through classical positivist lense of understanding the world.
But as Hegel said that most of the time we can only assess things retrospectively. In his writings he warned human beings that to what we know right now, we ought to believe that this reality and the values are by far the most rational, progressive, and enlightened. For example the very existence of democracy, human rights, free market, etc are seen as the best by design or was mentioned by Fukuyama (in which he retracted within the next decade, lol). If we reflect upon the last 50 years, ethics or values had evolved. Slavery once was normal, is now seen as oppression. Nation state, once was the peak of humanity as a creation that comes with decolonialization and imperial retreat from Ottoman or USSR or GB or anything else were fought over by those who want to determine themselves, which later on the idea of sovereignty itself is compromised by the existence of EU, ASEAN, etc.
We cannot predict how we will appear for those in the future. Philosophy keeps us grounded and creative to explore the extent of our minds. Harvard Bussiness Review, if I am not mistakend and Big Think recently published pieces regarding how Liberal Arts and Philosophy might be needed in times of AI and technological advancement. Not only that, in the brink of Industrial Revolution 4.0, those who are studying about liberal arts and philosophy in workforce allow humans to welcome a more humanistic framework to technological advancement. What makes us humans are pertinent to the core of development. To put that dichotomy in the sense of relevancy of one being more relevant than other is old school yo, not only that, the tradition of thinking in philosophy is what scholars nowadays in various fields trying to preserve. Including myself, there is no point in conducting research exclusively in one discipline if I want to contribute to the world. The complexity of contemporary world needs me to collaborate with all branches and all kind of scientists existed.

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Lon doch dia zwo in rua was 2 verbindat muas an 3ta ne verstoh und außerdem sen se Goals af also gang vo sandros ask!!!! und kreag du die leba selber hera ne mol anonym kasch usr tua also losna ne uf solche tuasch eh ne aber trzdm!!!!

Was redasch du? Was füran sandro? Scho traurig zu miar sega tua anonym ussr obwohl i an füchta gschreba hon und sell no anonym dinna ho? Weller sandro
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ВДОтАнонима: В этом году многие заканчивают 9-11 классы ♥ Хочу спросить у тебя,какие экзамены ты будешь сдавать/сдавал(-а)? + Плэйлист под выпускной ♥ УДАЧИ НА ЭКЗАМЕНАХ КОТЁНОК ♥♥

буду сдавать ОГЭ по био и общ. эх удачи мне
Tini-Born to shine
Ariana Grande- Dangerous woman(я буду опасной)
The Pretty Reckless - Going to hell(в 10 классе будет ад)
The Pretty Reckless - No Sex in USSR
ВДОтАнонима В этом году многие заканчивают 911 классы  Хочу спросить у тебякакие

whats the definition of communism? im only asking bc it was defined in a really iffy way to me recently and im not sure if its immature of me to dispute that or point out that communism shouldnt be painted in a bad light esp during tests ? ah

no, i totally get you. communism isn't what american history paints it to be. everyone thinks of it as the marxist-leninist society that the USSR had, but that's not it at all.
the idea of communism is that each person provides what they can, and takes what they need. that's the entire minimum jist of it. only in a society where your worth is determined by how much you own would that seem like a negative thing.

cậu ơi cho tớ hỏi một tí được k thái độ của quân phát xít Đức ở liên xô thì có khác gì với ở mặt trận phía Tây vậy mong cậu rep nếu đc thì có thể rep sớm nhất có thể k ạ :< cảm ơn cậu nhiều

Lmao sao cậu không google mà lại hỏi mình
Thái độ của quân Đức nói chung thì nó mixed nhiều lắm cậu =)) nó còn tuỳ thuộc vào nguồn cậu đọc ở đâu nữa ;)
Có những người Đức ghét cái sự ngạo mạn và cocky của người Mỹ. Đúng. Nhưng western media thì đều record lại rằng thái độ của người Mỹ, người Anh và người Pháp thì lại rất sòng phẳng với người Đức, nên rất nhiều lính Đức có ác cảm với người Nga ở mặt trận phía Đông hơn là bên kia chiến tuyến =)) nói gì thì nói, nhưng mặt trận ở phía Tây không căng thẳng bằng cuộc chiến với Liên bang Soviet. Ở mặt trận đánh với quân Đồng minh thì cả 2 bên hạ từng chốt phòng thủ của nhau một để tiến lên dần dần, còn ở bên kia từng đợt, từng đợt quân một tiến lên cho đến khi có một bên cạn kiệt nguồn lực và nhân lực. Cuộc chiến với Liên bang Soviet căng hơn nhiều, ai ở góc nhìn thứ 3 sẽ dễ dàng nhận ra điều đó.
Vấn đề vẫn nằm ở chỗ nguồn cậu đọc ở đâu thôi.
Từ một góc nhìn khác, khi Hitler lên nắm quyền thì Germany và Soviet Union có hợp tác với nhau mà =))) hiệp định Versailles gây ra những quy tắc bất lợi cho phía Đức, và Đức cần hỗ trợ về quân sự ở một nước nào đấy để không bị các nước phương Tây nhòm ngó. Và Đức nhờ ai? Chính xác. USSR của Lenin có hợp tác với Đức của Weimar, Liên Xô train một số lượng không nhỏ các sỹ quan của bên Đức và đổi lại thì Soviet sẽ thu lợi từ việc hỗ trợ Đức sản xuất vũ khí. Nhưng khi Hitler lên nắm quyền thì toàn bộ các giao kèo bị huỷ bỏ. Hitler ghét tư tưởng Bolshevik của Lenin để lại, và Stalin thì cũng ghét chủ nghĩa Nazi của Hitler. 2 bên có kí một cái pact là sẽ không đánh nhau, mà sẽ cắt đôi Ba Lan ra chia đều. Sau này vì Đức tấn công trước với chiến dịch Barbarossa, nên Liên Xô phải phản kháng lại, và cuộc chiến này khiến cả 2 bên nghĩ là bên kia đâm lén mình sau lưng, nên giới cầm quyền ở Đức thì ghét Liên Xô và ngược lại.
Vì có một số lượng lớn các sỹ quan khi ấy được Liên Xô huấn luyện ra trận nên họ biết quân Liên Xô nguy hiểm thế nào. Trong mắt rất nhiều lính Đức ở mặt trận phía Đông khi ấy, người Nga là những người chăm chỉ nhưng cực kì nguy hiểm và đáng gờm. Tuy vậy vẫn tự tin là mình có thể chiến thắng quân Soviet với chiến dịch Barbarossa (điều mà lịch sử đã chứng minh là không phải). Từ năm 1940 đến 1943, người dân Đức quan tâm đến mặt trận phía Đông hơn là phía Tây đấy =)))
Câu hỏi này vẫn khá là vague, cậu có nghĩ thế không? Thái độ của người Đức ở thời điểm nào và ở tầng lớp nào mới là quan trọng chứ. Bản chất chiến tranh cũng thay đổi, vì ban đầu là chiến tranh để tấn công xong cuối cùng Đức phải dùng lối đánh của chiến tranh phòng thủ. Lính Đức đâu phải ai cũng có một cái mentality giống nhau đâu?

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Lenin and Stalin I'd say are, I'm very critical of Lenin though, do not find him to be the idealist hero he is made out to be, Khrushchev had some good ideas but too radical caused failure, Brezhnev bought the beginnings of the downfall of communism

i don't idolize the ussr at all (but i do carry its flag to scare right wingers and even some liberals who consistently demonize communism)
in fact i love marxism
just plain ol marxism

Какой рост? ? размер обуви? ? любимый цвет? ? любимый канал? ? когда др? ? сколько было парней (девушек)? ? сейчас есть? ? из какого города? ? который час? ? любимое время суток? ? любимое время года? ? любимый цветок? ? любимая песня? ? го фоточку ? Перешли всем на кого подписан(-а)?

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No sex in USSR
Какой рост  размер обуви  любимый цвет  любимый канал  когда др  сколько было

Du kallar dig kommunist, och jag har uppfattningen att kommunister älskade Östlocket. fast helst skulle väl USSR ha tagit över hela Europa va?

fast jag var aldrig ett fan av sovjetuniuonen. och nej, om det hade hänt hade världen blivit en mardröm.

Du bisch so a wunderschös moatle und jeda dea di hat kann sich sealba so glücklich schätza! Buba kummand sicha agrennt, warum bisch du denna no single?

Mai mai maiiiii😍vielen dankk des freut mi graf mega! Magsch anonym vlt ussr tua😚

oh du hesch jo voll die schöni augefarb wöt au grüen bruni auge ha alli vo minere famile hend ussr ich ha bruni hahaha

Bi mir hett mini Schwöster und mi Brüeder graui/blaui Auge und ich und mini anderi Schwöster bruun grüen weish wie geil es wäär eif graui Auge zha ich beniede die voll defür HAHAHAH
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Gimana pendapatmu? https://science.idntimes.com/discovery/bayu/akhirnya-peta-dunia-baru-yang-paling-akurat-ditetapkan

Itu bukan hal yang baru, for so long, terjadi disorientasi dalam pemetaan kaya benua Afrika lebih kecil dari aslinya dan Amerika terlalu besar. Kalau jaman Coldwar sih ini disebut political positioning nanti terlihat antara USSR dengan Russia segede-gedenya, kalau lihat peta buatan Inggris maka proporsi negaranya juga kebesaran. For a long time mereka berusaha membuat peta dunia dengan ukuran yang benar, itu bukti kan bahwa the world is round thus it becomes hard to flatten them menjadi 2 dimensi? Tapi upaya untuk mengerti secara 2 dimensi pun penting ketika dalam proses pengajaran, apalagi sekarang peta dunia harus bebas dari doktrin politik manapun yang berasal dari negara apapun,

"The best form of nationalism is fascism". Do you happen to agree with this irony or do you define yourself as an extreme left-wing kind of person?

I strongly disagree. Ultranationalism, especially fascism, is redundant and obsolete. It only governs the distribution of power among authority, utilizing nationalism as its fuel. It doesn't reform socio-economics aspects. It doesn't aim to form a better society, only strengthens the Authority.
I am a socialist. A democratic socialist (do mind it's different with Social democrat). I believe that the ultimate form of society would be one where means of production are mostly done by technology, not human. Thus, currency would be obsolete. You can see how Universal Base Income is now being propagated on several western countries.
Technological progress is inevitable and as it progresses, various means of production that were previously worked by humans would be worked by machines. You can see it today. Driverless cars replace chauffers. ATM replaces tellers. Advanced softwares replaces analysts, doctors, etc. Machines replaces manufactory workers.
Past communism did not fail because its economics principles are flawed. It failed because the government (Stalin & Mao) are corrupted and because creating a society with little scarcity incentive and optimal use of means of production require advanced technologies. Ironically, as Marx theorised, feasible communist states would ideally emerge from capitalist states while USSR and China emerged from Feudal states.

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как не расстраиваться из-за плохих оценок? еще и учительница выставила тупой, раз я материал не понимаю. после этого нет сил браться за материал

Расстраиваться из-за учебы вообще не надо. Не в смысле - закинуть болтец, ни в коем случае. Смысл в том, что ты идешь в школу/в универ/на курсы по почесыванию лемуров именно с целью научиться чему-то. Будь ты такая же знающая как учительница - зачем бы тебе вообще ходить туда? Конечно, наша система образования к этому только приходит, учителя любят поглумиться, но когда-то давно твоя учительница тоже сидела и обтекала над задачей - не этой, так какой-то другой. Если совсем туго, то повтори про себя какой-нибудь малоизвестный факт (не знаю, Гринпис образован в 1969; песня Back in the USSR сыграна без участия Ринго Старра; Теодор Жерико перед тем как нарисовать "Гибель Медузы" обрился налысо и т.д, можешь и свои придумать). Человек не может знать все - но ты знаешь гораздо больше, чем учительница догадывается, и в этом твой козырь.

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Und denn gomma in sutterlüty und wenn d manuela odr wia oh immer ne do isch wür i echt aggro weil wir hon ihra 1 johr ziet ge sich Selbstbewusstsein zum erschaffen und sich zum zega o gott😂😂😂

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dmanueeeeela ahaha😂😂 dia traut sich immr no ne us dr fleischabteilung ussr zum ko😂 übrigens schöne grüße vo kräuter ihon sie mol am bhf gsaha sie vrmisst di😂

einfach bittr dass ma über a person aba haua muas dias dr am Anfang im guata gsed hot und jz die einzige isch dia d eier dazua hot zum dr sega wias isch so bittr... 😒

ähm hahaha als ob i jzt ne wüsst wer du bisch sölli dr e sach sega? du hosch dich an scheissdreck in mi leba izmisch weils die genau an füchta agoht! und i hau net übr die aher abr passt scho abr globsch ne dass da a klis bizle übrtrieba hosch? i men des was du tua hosch war bitter mehr ne ok!!! und kannsch o gern anonym ussr tua weil i wes sowieso wer du bisch
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