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When you travel, how much do you usually pack? Like in relation to the amount of time you'll be away? 🎒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Our vacations takes usually 2 weeks and I pack for all of us everything what I think we will need because I am not willing to wash during my holiday 😬😅.... Then this is the regular sentence of my busband: Honey, we have just small Toyota, not truck 😂😂😂

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Is it ok to break down and cry whenever someone insults you?

ChrisSmolik4100’s Profile PhotoChris Smolik
No it is not.
Ask yourself this simple question: When someone insults you, whose problem is that...yours or theirs? I believe it to be their problem. Therefore, when you cry, you are making their problem your problem. A more effective strategy would be to tell them that they have a right to their opinion and then to walk away from them without showing any emotion.
When someone insults me I assume several things about that person i.e. (1) they are insecure, (2) they are projecting their anger, anxiety and depression onto me, (3) they are attempting to manipulate and control me, (4) and finally, they are seeking attention and they believe that abusing me will provide the attention they crave.
I refuse to tolerate such dysfunctional and hateful behavior and so I WILL NOT feed into it. Crying is not only feeding into their insecurity and abusive behavior, but it is giving them the weapon and ammunition required to destroy you! If you care about your own health and well being, you will walk away and end your relationship with that person. People who love you and care about you, would never intentionally insult you or do anything to cause you physical or emotional harm.
How can you prevent situations like this or at least minimize them? Establish personal boundaries. In other words, you must decide what types of behaviors you are willing to accept and those behaviors you refuse to accept. Once you have defined your upper and lower thresholds, then you must effectively implement them into your daily life. I am not saying it is easy, but it is essential if you want to manage the dysfunctional people in your life. Sometimes these boundaries involve time limits or distance or stating your rules either verbally or in writing.
Here are a few examples:
1. Smoking - I do not allow smoking in my house. If someone lights up, I kindly ask them to please smoke outside.
2. Vacations - before I allow anyone to vacation with me I must know and agree to their arrival date and their departure date.
3. Alcohol and drugs - my mother was an alcoholic. Whenever I took my mother out to a restaurant, I would remind her that she is allowed only one alcoholic beverage. Now some people reading this are probably thinking that I am nuts, right? Have you ever had to pick your mother off the floor because she passed out from being drunk? Or had to restrain your mother for sexually assaulting a married man because she was drunk? Or help your father wipe the vomit from her face before putting her safely into bed? So before you criticize me...try walking in my shoes.
4. Distance - I admit this is drastic but sometimes the only solution is to move away from all of the family dysfunction. I did, and the truth is that moving saved my life.
Summary: Learning to establish effective boundaries that define and differentiate acceptable behaviors from unacceptable behaviors is essential to your own personal health and well being. Good Luck

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Post 20 facts about yourself 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend, colleague, negotiator, blonde, 164 cm, 65 kg, blue eyes, curious about new people, yoga trainings, loving vacations near forest or sea, loving skiing, creative and handy person, loving crimi or mysterious movies, regularly visiting theatre performances, loving walking in the city and shopping centres, trying to eat healthy. 😅

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Hello ❓❗️ Let's talk!

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Willkommen auf ask.fm, eine Plattform, die jetzt beinahe so geil ist, wie die durchgeknallteste Talkshow der 90er! >> Ricky!
Here is our brand new good old soundtrack of all crazy soundtracks for crazy people like us:
Let's talk!
I'll be there for you
Let's talk!
Do the thing you wanted to
Let's talk!
Have a good time!
Let's talk!
Let's talk about love and se.x and money and girls
Let's talk about boys, relationships, vacations and anger
Let's talk about jobs, friendships, hu.rt and pa.in
Let's talk about eating, crying, dy.ing, lying, cheating, eating, sleep...Let's talk about EVERYTHING!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dBh8pBg6dgandy4me’s Video 167470597981 7dBh8pBg6dgandy4me’s Video 167470597981 7dBh8pBg6dg

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What do you feel that people need to remember in life?

Remember that your true potential is unlimited and you should strive for the highest expression of yourself as possible. Everything ends. The only way to combat that dreadfully sorrowful inevitability, is to make good memories. Go out, and make good memories. Love isn't real, it's a chemical reaction in the brain, that others can and will use to take advantage of you. Protect yourself at all costs.
No one really gives a fuck, they too busy caring about themselves and looking after their own lives, and even if they do it doesn't really change anything. Life has a shite ton of suffering, and most people will not understand your struggles. Nothing is coming to save you, not jesus, gods, the list goes on. you are your own savior, yes it sounds cheesy but its very true. also, our dreams/desires don't always work out, but it may show you a new better path.
It is almost impossible to thrive if you continuously surround yourself with bad people. Don't try to fix relationships that you didn't have to start and that you'd better end long time ago.
No matter what you do or who you are, nothing will go to plan. Vacations, jobs, whatever. That's where the fun is in life.
If you’re working towards it, give it time. Nothing is instant and you can’t stress your way throughlife. That’s not a way to live.
Being a failure is still better than being a quitter.
You are wrong a lot of the time. Try to get out of your own head and listen to other people. What you are experiencing is only a version of reality filtered in your own mind. Life can be so different (and better) if you change perspective and actively create your new self.
There are exactly two types of people. Those who are good, and those who are rewarded for being good. You cannot just surround yourself with people that reinforce your echo chamber. You have to listen to people and challenge your own points of views. Play devil's advocate on everything. Ask yourself why you feel the ways that you feel. You cannot connect with people and maintain those connections if you do NOT quiet your own thoughts and consider others.
Enjoy everything while it lasts and never stop dreaming. You’ll never get those moments back,
There's really no point in doing anything in life, because it's all over in the blink of an eye. We could wake up tomorrow, and could all go to hell. There will probably always, to some extent, be that feeling, this could all end tomorrow.
As an athlete you rely on the health of your body, and as we all know, that can stop from one moment to the next.
That life doesn't matter you have make it matter for yourself.
Just because you love someone doesn't mean they are going to treat you right.

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Imagine, a stranger is tasked with summarising the kind of person you're. But the info they've on you is a video footage going about your most recent week. Based on the tapes alone, what opinion would they form about you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Interesting! Since I have been back for vacations the first thing would be that I am lazy af, watch a lot of good series, music taste is just weird or I would say diverse, does both sports and video games and lastly the thing I’m not gonna say cause it’s bad ❤️

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What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
"Rain or Shine" by Nico
I remember as a young boy of maybe 10, helping my father on weekends and vacations deliver milk and other dairy products to his 400+ customers. In those days, we delivered milk 6 days each week, rain or shine. I recall one time when it was raining heavy all day long, as I ran to and from dad's milk truck delivering products to our customers and getting completely saturated from the rain.
At 12:00 we arrived at grandma's house where we always stopped to eat lunch and visit with my fathers mother. On this day, when I entered grandma's house soaked through and through, grandma looked at my dad and exclaimed: "Nicky, how could you do this to your son? He is all wet and will get sick. Shame on you! That was the first time I had ever heard a woman reprimand my father, and I must admit... I was very impressed with my grandmothers concern and love for me, not to mention her firm demeanor and sassy tone. Next, grandma proceeded to dry me off as best she could while she continued reprimanding her son in Italian.
Of course, as time moved forward, nothing changed. In the rain I got wet and in the winter I froze. Even though, I knew my father was a good man who loved me, I also understood that he survived the Great Depression and fought hand to hand combat during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. And though Dad never discussed his war time experiences, we all knew that Dad had suffered. We were also taught that that Dad believed in hard work and expected his boys to do their best and to earn their keep without complaining. Life is tough, and getting wet in the rain and freezing during winter, was simply reality as far as Dad was concerned. And to this day, in the early morning hours before sunrise, I can still hear my fathers voice calling out to me: "Son, it's time to get up... Rain or Shine."

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What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget

it's children's day where I live! do you celebrate children's day in any way? when was the last time you cherished/uplifted a child (or group of children) who meant a lot to you? 🗓💝🖍🎉

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Great question and might I add, an important one too!
I have three children ages (42, 37 and 14). Two are now adults and we take vacations together, play golf and music together, etc. My 14 year old daughter lives with me and I spend most of my free time guiding her, teaching her and recreating with her. We play golf each week and we also play violin and guitar together several times each week and I answer all questions related to school, homework, religion, society and life in general.
We are working on a book of poetry and Faith is creating most of the illustrations for it. Faith and her mother are also creating an online store where Faith will sell her Artwork. We are involved in every aspect of Faith's life and it is our hope and prayer that as an adult, she will be successful, independent and able to make informed decisions.
For me, children represent our future. The collective future of humanity is dependent upon children and it is incumbent upon ALL adults to care for our children and to acknowledge and celebrate that every child is a blessing from God.

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its childrens day where I live do you celebrate childrens day in any way when

How often do you travel to another country in Europe, and where to? Obviously the EU helps with travel to most of these countries, but as an englishman I have only ever been to five other european countries outside the UK. Is this good? bad? Do you travel more since you can drive instead of fly?

I normally visit England (have family there), The Netherlands (lived their for a half year a couple of years back) and Italy (have family there) at least every second year. I visit Norway and Germany (lots of Germans went to the same bachelor’s degree as me) multiple times a year. Living in the center of Denmark (Odense) makes it very easy to go to either central Europe or the rest of Scandinavia without it being too expensive or that much effort. But I do have friends who seldomly visits other European countries, but most of my friends and family at least visits some in a year, especially Germany, Norway or Sweden. As an Irish person I've been to.. UK (England & Scotland) numerous times France Spain 4/5 times Monaco Switzerland Italy twice Vatican City Czech Republic Denmark Sweden (day trip by train from Copenhagen) Greece And brief stop over in Belgium. Obviously I've had to fly to all except when I got to l the ferry to Liverpool once. Thank god for Ryanair! I wouldn't really considered myself 'well travelled' but with cheap flights from Ryanair we've been able to get to a see a lot of Europe cheaper and quicker than it takes to get to Dublin. I live in Helsinki so there's a very easy access to both Tallinn and Stockholm via ferries. Generally I visit both fairly regularly, maybe on average around three times a year between the two. The last time we booked a cruise to Tallinn was a bit over a month ago as a friend had some sort of membership points about to expire and we paid like 10€ each for the trip. Sadly most of us missed the stop in Tallinn the next morning, though, that tends to happen sometimes on those cruises... As for other "proper" trips to abroad, usually we go around once or twice a year. In recent years we've been to our favorite Italy a bunch of times and have made several long weekend trips to many interesting cities around Europe. Finland is quite similar to the UK as we're so cut off from everything we might as well be an island. Unless you're traveling to Russia you'll have to cross a sea to get anywhere, as going by land through the north is ridiculously cumbersome and useless for most, people in all the three countries generally live in the southern parts. I live on a small island which means that the amount of cities (Well, in this case they're towns) I can just regularly visit is low. Couple that with nothing really interesting to do for someone who's lived here for their entire life as well as no money to go anywhere else in the country, I can't justify going pretty much anywhere.
Although all that travel was when I lived at my parents and followed on their vacations. Since I left the nest I have not been to another country at all and do not really plan on it either since I hate traveling.
So "lets pop into austria for a snack" doesn't happen for me. But for someone living in Como, for example, it's pretty much expected that he will hop on the other side of the Swiss border to refuel because gas costs less.

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How often do you go on vacation? How's your life style?

Freelancing is a lifestyle you have to build. You probably aren't going to have the perfect system of recurring work and high-paying gigs lined up right away. Don't expect any vacations the first year, maybe 2 depending on your level and skill set. I was freelancing and took plenty of long weekends off, but could never really afford big travel plans. I was making ok money but there was always the looming cloud of having to get more work lined up. I hated the constant sales and self-promotion. So I ended up joining an agency that's really flexible and now I'm happier focusing on completing the projects instead of trying to secure my next meal ticket. Freelancing just wasn't for me. On the other hand, I have a friend who's been freelancing for 5 years now, gets calls constantly from a bunch of major agencies, signs 6 figure contracts for a few months of work, and schedules minimum 3 weeks between projects. He has a very specific and high-demand skill set and has built a network of clients. He's set and typically seems happy with his work life. I try to have as many days off as my full-time job counterparts. So the same national holidays, the same amount of vacation. The difference is I'm not getting paid for any of this. Yet, if you compare my hourly rates, lack of commute, never being sick (truly, most likely because I am not with sick people at the office or the bus) I probably come even. But I try not to count too much for sanity. Last year was the first time ever I took three weeks off in summer and went abroad. The longest streak of vacation I had before (full-time job or freelancing) was two weeks. I have to say three weeks was great and I plan to repeat that. Now, all the time. Just got back from the Bahamas, going to Disney World with my nieces in August, and going to London in September. (This year is kind of a fluke. Before this year I only went on "vacations" to visit family.) However, it took awhile before getting to that point to establish consistent, regular income. And even when I'm on "vacation", I'm usually working. So they're more working vacations than anything.
I recently took a month off on holiday, in part just because I was feeling a little burnt out. Before I went I emailed all my clients to explain that I was going away and I offered to get all of that month's work done in advance for them before I left. The majority agreed, and so I had one hectic month followed by a month off - and that worked out fine for me. YMMV.
Generally once a year, varying in length. This year I took an 10-day vacation, but there was plenty of stress leading up to it. The evening before is generally an all-nighter. I like vacations but sometimes they really put the stress on. However, my wife really likes to travel so I compromise.

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Canciones que deben descargar (pt 3) Kendrick lamar - Humber Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision Migos - Bad and boujee Nirvana - Smell like... Pei pa koa Tobi lou - Cheap Vacations Trippie Redd - Love sick Trippie Redd - Real feel Trippie Redd - Who needs love Vamonos a marte

Quien_esDei’s Profile PhotoDei
No te voy a ofender ni en tono de burla pero, esas canciones están ya muy infravaloradas, es más, casi todo el listín de playlist que das. Por favor, trae recomendaciones que escapen de los gustos sociales a las 3AM solo para animarse a tomar sidra al lado de una rubia o de una depre típica existencial de morra en secundaria, después de leer Wattpad y escuchando esos tracks al anochecer lluvioso.

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What’s your favorite family memory? & What's something your family would be surprised to learn about you?

Adham5l5’s Profile Photoa.
"What’s your favorite family memory?"
I have plenty of favourite family memories — so I can’t possibly single one out as my all time “favourite”. I do recall our road trips and annual family vacations (before covid happened) fondly.
"What's something your family would be surprised to learn about you?"
not much, really. my family is pretty much updated on my life story so far. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Whats your favorite family memory  
Whats something your family would be

I have a questions for you! 😇 What do you think about a separate vacation with the person you love? Is this possible in a normal relationship?

I do not understand this question. My wife and I take vacations together every year and my wife also takes a separate vacation with her family and friends each year. Why does this arrangement work? Because I trust my wife and I know that she would never do anything to ruin our relationship by obliterating our shared trust in one another. Remember, a relationship without trust is like a house without a foundation.

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I have a questions for you  What do you think about a separate vacation with the

Quel destination aimeriez vous allez pour vos futurs vacances ?

Autello’s Profile PhotoKevin TELLO
Those three ideas are always floating around, but I just need time to actually go. As for my next trip, I have no idea. If it's not a long, multi-week trip, it's very spontaneous. I may decide to take a trip to French Polynesia out of the blue one day, and you'll catch me on the next flight out. I actually do this semi-frequently, as whenever I need to focus on an important essay for one of my classes, I'll leave town for a few days to focus. Small <1 week trips are always spontaneous and I go wherever I feel like. It's the bigger trips that require planning and lots of time.
Before I watched the video series in Vietnam though I really wanted to travel to Italy and explore the country in depth. So I was also in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Italy (both of these trips would be over a year away because I just recently booked a flight to Lisbon to start a 5 month solo trip already).
So now I’m just planning over a year in advance honestly. I’m thinking when I get around to my next trip I would do 2 months in Vietnam on a motorbike, a month in Taiwan, 2 and a half months in Italy and finish off with 2 weeks in Malta. (again I only really thought of Taiwan from posts on this subreddit, and then from lurking in google maps I saw popular tourist attractions that looked beautiful, so I thought taiwan would be cool to visit)
Money is a big factor for me and skyscanner has been a life saver with its wide search options. I can look at worldwide prices for a given month. They have some results from iffy sites though so you have to be smart but I’ve booked most of my vacations because of deals found there. I do more nature/dive trips (done lots of the Caribbean) now while I’m relatively young but sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on European cities but hopefully I’ll live long enough and see those when I’m a bit older and not as keen on scuba diving and hiking all the time. Thailand and Cambodia is my top dream trip though and I’ve decided to do it next fall regardless of the cost.
For example - I was looking for a place to go to. fiddling about on a flights site. Hmm Ireland maybe? I could split the time with Scotland? oh wait these are some seriously cheap rides to Istanbul...hell yes Istanbul it is! Do I know anything about Istanbul? no....nothing more than what Ive come across in passing...Well lets go find out. In another case its more planned. My GF is finishing nursing school (seriously bad ass) and we have talked for a long time about going to Morocco. She was there with her family when she was young. And I love me some middle eastern stuff. So Ive always kept that destination on hold as "our thing". So I was fiddling about again with flights and I was seriously considering Spain. The idea of roaming Spain by train had serious pull for me. And my GF says "I think Im going to take a break between degrees this spring" well hey girlfriend, can I take you to Morocco?

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How often do you travel and for what reasons?

My family isn't that rich so I've barely gone on vacations when I was a kid, like 2 times in my entire childhood and only in southern france, and now that I live alone, I get enough money to travel if I wish to but I'm just not interested in going anywhere, I know it'd probably be fun and nice but I feel like it's not worth and in the end I'd rather stay at home and do whatever I want to do.
I try to get twice a year for a total of 4-6 weeks. Last couple of years it's been South East Asia a bunch of times. I stay home and work in midsummer because the sun is up for 18h anyway and I strive on sunlight. In the 6 darkest months is when I try to go twice because I hate the cold and the darkness.
I live in Zagreb, Croatia, if I drive I can be in Slovenia in 30 minutes, Austria, Hungary or Bosnia in 1hr30, Italy in 2 hrs... And there's reasonably priced public transport too. It's not really that much of a financial commitment, can be even worth it for shopping trips if particular products are cheaper somewhere else.
Once or twice a year. Been outside of Europe two times, Egypt when I was very little and the trip of my life to Sri Lanka not that long ago. When I move out and start earning something considerable, I'd rather switch to every other year to go somewhere more far away.
Twice a year. I usually devote a summer trip to Europe. Then a winter trip where I split time between Europe and somewhere else. Like this past December, it was the UAE /Netherlands (Leeuwarden and Zwolle). For pleasure and meeting up with people.
Think of it this way OP, statistically there are much less chances of something going wrong on a plane than there is on any other form of transportation. In comparison, anything driven on the road is a death trap.
At least 10 times a year for work and my travels are outside of the NA. I can't wait to get out of Vancouver nowadays. Really fed up with this city and all the drama. All you hear is RE is too high, gas prices are too high and combine that will junkies everywhere and gangsters everywhere. No one in this city is actually happy, all locals do is bitch and combine that with the passive racial tension boiling under the surface.
Not since 2009, except for a quick trip to the USA a year ago by car, but I have bought a house and had two kids since then, now travel has gotten a lot more expensive and wasn't possible for a while. I seem to be the only guy I know with an IT job that never gets sent elsewhere for work or training.
At least 10 times a year for work and my travels are outside of the NA. I can't wait to get out of Vancouver nowadays. Really fed up with this city and all the drama. All you hear is RE is too high, gas prices are too high and combine that will junkies everywhere and gangsters everywhere. No one in this city is actually happy, all locals do is bitch and combine that with the passive racial tension boiling under the surface.

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What year was your favourite summer?

2012 or so. Summer ain't the same these days, I think going away makes it better too, I mean this summer is okay. Much prefer if we had nice proper summer weather friends to hangout with though I have Sociables and very thankful for it, but I only hangout with friends there, not outside of it. I do miss family vacations before shit got complicated which I won't go into and things like that, but yeah I'll probably say summer 2012, summer 2010, summer 2009 and that. xD

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What year was your favourite summer

➥ Do you travel a lot? Where have you been so far? Where do you still want to go?

megansworld932’s Profile Photomegan
I’ve been to Florence (Italy) , Mexico City (Mexico), Havanna (Cuba), London(Great Britain), Tulum (Mexico) and Puebla (Mexico). I’ve also been in Las Vegas (Nevada) and New York City.
I love to travel and I could do it all the time but my job at the hospital forces me to do it in my vacations 😅

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You mentioned that it is okay to smoke marijuana as long as you don't feel a need for it. As someone who has not smoked marijuana I was wondering if it is it easy to recognize that one has a need for it and then having recognized this is it easy to stop smoking?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
Well, maybe that's what i think that it's easy to stop smoking, depends on circumstances. Like i have a job to do and i don't smoke it like for 3-4 months (not necessary) when I am at work place. And when i proceed on vacations God knows how many packs i smoke. So if a person doesn't have anything to do , he wouldn't think of quitting it and that's why he doesn't stop. Just so you know it's a great experience to smoke it for the first time after you had already quit.

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🍃❤ ضع ما شئت هنا ^^ ❤🍃

This is typical for starts of all our vacations in the mountains ☔😅 .... The Day no. 2 👇 My husband suggested romantic barefoot walk in the wet morning grass 💚, I prepared good lunch on terrace 🤩 and suddenly in the afternoon all water of the world started fall down of sky 😂😂😂 .... so, hopping to sunny next days ... ✌😎

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ضع ما شئت هنا

You act okey ,, but deep down you need a vacation

Hmph..due to pandemic, I have got many vacations and still they are going on, I don't know when will they end, My whole last school year ended up in online classes😣😣 me & my friends were wishing to spend & enjoy our time together but it didn't happen, now I wonder how my college life would be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hope I could stay with some of my old friends along with some new buddies, But I can't just wish it, Future only knows what will happen 😹

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What would your dream life look like?

I'd like a job that doesn't feel like a job. A job that I look forward to going to, instead of struggling to wake up every morning. My coworkers and I would all love each other and be efficient because of it. We'd treat each other to drinks and snacks without keeping a tally of who paid when. I'd like at least two kids that I could embarrass, yet they would love me again after their teenage years. Being loved by my friends and family is the most important. So I would like to live a life where I could spend more of my time with those who mater the most. Money and fame dose not interest me. Of course it is nice to have money so I can live a comfortable life, but more money than keeping a roof over my head, food on the table and Internet flowing trough the cables would not add much to my wellbeing. Besides that, I would like to have a carrier in academia. I have a very high respect for those that push human knowledge forward and I would feel honored if I could be part of that.
I don't feel like I would have to be rich, but just comfortable enough to be able to do the things I would like, for example traveling around the world. It would make me endlessly happy to make a full time living off of my art and be known in the art world. For my son to grow up happy and healthy, and to be able to provide for him and never leave him needing for anything. To have all my relationships with my family be healed and functional. Oh, and my home base would be in New Zealand, or somewhere scenic and beautiful. I would want a big plot of land of my own and to create my own house, with a secret smoke room hidden behind a bookcase. And of course my own personal menagerie of animals both to rehabilitate and to have a home for if they couldn't return to the wild.
I wouldn’t want to be rich but surely make enough money to purchase the things I’d need and want as well as live extremely comfortably; like being able to buy as much healthy food (I love eating healthy, thank-you Mom and Dad!) as I’d want and need, easily pay bills without worry and yet be able to put in extra for retirement and vacations often.
I’d own a slightly smaller house, beautifully maintained where I live almost minimalistic and know where things are without clutter in a neighborhood where life is simple, no need to make things too complicated. People are friendly, interested in getting to know you and genuine. Maybe I’d have kids, maybe not. That part I don’t know. I’d have a girlfriend/wife that has a job that she loves going to every day; something that inspires her and makes her happy. I’d have a job that I’d also love to do and go to every day, something very physical (I love working out and pushing my limits juuuust a bit more each time with plenty of rest in-between) like Police or Military, something that involves actively helping/defending people.

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Vous avez un objectif dans la vie ? Si oui lequel ?

tom_Pce’s Profile PhotoTom
Find a job that doesn't make me want to kill myself. I'm not exaggerating. Even something I can somewhat neutrally tolerate for the majority of the day but not necessarily "like". I have been out of school working for 4 years now. I am literally so physically and mentally exhausted on a daily basis I lost my will to do anything with my free time apart from sleep and relax as much as humanly possible. I lost my will to date, I lost my will to travel, I lost my will to enjoy life outside of work because as it stands I am obsessed with saving money just so I can retire as early as humanly possible. Meanwhile I spend the majority of my week hoping for a fatal car accident.
Upper middle class, good sized house, vacations with family in fun places, the ability to play whatever sport I want, and afford the university of my choice. I still had to work for things that I had though. The majority of my possessions I bought myself, my college applications were largely on me, i strives to make good impressions on adults, and have good manners. I’m not perfect, but my parents did a good job raising me and I want to give them grandchildren they can be proud of.
I just want a house. I want a two story house in the woods, overlooking forest. I want a balcony on the second floor where I'll drink tea really early in the morning. I want the neighbors to be far enough away that I barely ever notice signs of life besides my own, my boyfriend and my pets. I don't want a ton of people knowing where I live. Just very close friends. I'd like it to be in another state... Maybe Arizona, Texas or Colorado. I don't ever want to see my family again. I want them to wonder every once in a while whether I'm dead. They have ruined my life. I want some kind of passive income so I can work from home most of the time and almost never have to leave. I don't like to nor do I want to deal with people on a regular basis. I honestly just want to be left alone. Immortality and great power. I am not joking. Immortality depends a lot on the scientific progress over the span of my natural life, worst case I will have to settle with the metaphorical version. As for power...I plan to rule this world one day and change it for the better. There is a part of me thinking this is pretty unlikely to happen but then again I am convinced that I am able to accomplish whatever I truly want.

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Soyez heureux. Vivez à fond.

I'm starting out small. Coming from a very conservative family, now that I live on my own I walk around my place naked. All the time. Former recluse, I now talk, compliment, smile at anyone I see. I don't commit because I like to experience all types of guys out there. If someone asks me out, whether it be a gorgeous rich lawyer or an awkward parent basement dweller, I take them up on the offer. I sing everywhere. Shower, store, while jogging. I also dance in public. I drink at 9 am if I feel like it and I sleep in if I feel like it. If my friends want something of mine I'll give it to them. When I see someone who needs help then I help. I have a neighbor who is a single unemployed parent(man) with two children and no family. I bought over thee hundred dollars worth of groceries and put them in front of his door with a note that read "welcome neighbor". Making your life feel good is truly living a good life.
Ever since I got divorced and met my boyfriend I've really enjoyed life. I went from being a depressed gambling drunk to an avid bike rider and have gotten back into my art. I enjoy the moments I have with my children and even though I have a cubicle help desk job I appreciate it in this hard economy and appreciate my health. Every day you have the opportunity to do something good for yourself or someone else and I really really try to enjoy life a little every day.
You seem to have confused living life to the fullest with being the life of the party. I'm an introvert, so I don't have a gigantic social network. But what I do have is the knowledge that I live my life the way I want to. And that's what I consider living life to the fullest. Find what makes you happy and do it, regardless of what the world tells you. Everyone's lives are filled with adventure and unexpected twists and turns, you've just got to be willing to put yourself out there and let them happen. Odds are you're not going to meet that one person who changed your life while asleep on the sofa. So go out and do things. Besides sitting around watching movies.
Well for me, I drink a lot. But I had a lot of fun tonight! Just a few hours ago, I became the Heavyweight boxing champ with a 2nd round knock-out! And before that, me and my friend cleared out a bunch of tangos in a Las Vegas night club, and I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. Just before that, I lead a team to Novaria to kill Benezia and find out why Saren was interested in the research at peak 15.
Planning for vacations every year. I save where I can, then ideally go on international trips. Sometimes the US just gives me cabin fever, local trips don't always cut it. Airbnb has really helped me out on this, as it's nice that I don't have to stay at hostels so much anymore…I like having a kitchen!

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Years of your life that you love the most?

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
The childhood spent in Karachi. 💓Thou we only used to visit in our summer vacations. My only concern back then was to get Disney princess stuff. 🌚 Liberty Books was my go to place for it all. 💓 The sea side McDonald’s and the dessert shop named desserts. 💓 They made the best chocolate mousse. Haven’t had one that could beat it in all these years. We had a ‘mini melts’ ice cream parlour on walking distance from our apartment. I love that ice cream till date. It was always windy in the defence, it’s closer to sea and oh how I miss collecting sea shells from the sea. :’) it’s been 14 years now. Miss that time, that place, that age.

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What do you like about life?

I saw something the other day about finding “vacation” throughout the day. Some people want a grand adventure but i find a lot of joy in the small mundane “vacations” in my life. A stop at my favorite convenience store for my favorite cold drink. Savoring a long hug with my husband after being apart at work all day. Petting my cats soft ears and talking to them in baby voices. Listening to a good song in the car. Doing my hair and makeup while I’m deep in thought. I really like those little mundane moments. Sounds cheesy but true.
Summer days at the cottage dock. Singing along to music in the car with your SO. Climbing into bed with warm fresh sheets. Watching your favorite sitcom in bed. Finishing your SO sentences. Having a good hair day and people actually see it. Making other people laugh. I got more but the list would be too long.
Man. Where do I start? It's incredible just how big and small the world is at the same time. There are billions of people on this planet. I live in Mississippi. I have friends across the globe thanks to the internet. I'm traveling to California to meet one of them for the first time this summer. I'm super excited about that.
I live with so many insecurities on the day to day but if you take a step back, what does it matter? I doubt I'll make it to 100 years old, and even if I did, I've already lived more than 20% of my life! I don't have much reason to be worrying about my looks or what has me down. I've made it through 20% of my life, if I could do that, I can keep going easily enough, ya know? The mystery involved is intoxicating. Will I stick to my tentative plans and move westward to the mountains? Find a reason to stay in Mississippi? Will I get married? Have kids? Who knows? I sure don't. I do hope that I find someone gentle who I can share a comfortable companionship with. I find a sense of fulfillment in traveling, and sharing my experiences with a few good friends. I'd like to have that with someone that I can spend my life with as well. So there's a certain hopefulness there that lends towards my enjoyment of life as well. Perhaps I find that someone soon, maybe later. Maybe not at all. But I am certain that I'll be able to enjoy my life regardless. There is plenty more that I could say, but I feel I'm slowly becoming long-winded for a Reddit comment haha. I hope this satisfactorily answers your question!

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☆ What is your star sign? Imagine it to us.

delicatechocolate’s Profile Photolovely baby ☆
I didn't knew anything about this whole Topic about Star Signs so I had to do a little research: My star sign is 'virgo' and virgo traits are: Smart, sophisticated, and kind, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgos are amazing friends, always there to lend a hand and also lend advice. Practical Virgos are incredibly adept at big picture thinking, and planning out their life, their vacations, and what they're going to do today isn't a drag it makes them feel in control and secure. Virgo has a rich inner life, and can sometimes seem shy at first meeting. A Virgo won't spill secrets right away, and it's important to earn a Virgo's trust. But once you do, that Virgin will be a friend for life. And if you think that you're dating a shy Virgo, trust that those walls will fall down in the bedroom. One of the most passionate signs, Virgos specialize at connecting to their physicality, and this earth sign loves and celebrates physical connection with their partner.

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1 memory of your childhood perhaps a place you use to dine in frequently? Or a special Bday? A place you cant forget :)

flowur123’s Profile Phototofa7a bnt zaytoon
Every vacations spent with my grand-parents in their house and big garden were amazing - meals and cakes of my grandmother, walks in forest with my grandfather who taught us everything about nature, playing with their cats, fun with my cousins and their friends ❤️ - from that time I love walking in the cold creek 💦😅

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1 memory of your childhood perhaps  a place you use to dine in frequently 
Or a

Have you ever had a friendship that ended for of a stupid reason? What was that reason?

Yeah! in school actually.. after summer vacations my best friend (at tht time, i dont believe in tht word no more) just stopped talking to me and whn i asked fr the reason, she said tht i misbehaved with her during vacations.
& literally i never had a single conversation with her during those vacations 😂😂

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Is it better to have one vacation spot you visit often or take different vacations? Which do you prefer?

What matters is what makes the person happy. If the person is traveling solo, then anywhere she wants to go is fine.
Problems develop when 2 or more travelers don’t fully agree. I’ve seen it. Usually one of them just stays home.
I haven’t been to Cali in 30 years. Maybe time to go back.
Look out @Applepop I’m coming!

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I mean sure, your kids, your life. I'm not trying to lecture you on anything. I just think every young recently married couple needs to have fun from time to time. Sure, kids and jobs and daily tasks are important, but you also need to destress yourself by changing the routine and living life.

Stop. YOU don't dictate what I need. YOU don't dictate what my relationship needs. YOU don't get to comment on my kids, or my husband, or me. You don't know anything about my life. I'm so tired of people on here trying to tell me how to live. Because no, going on vacations isn't living life. My kids, my husband, my day to day, THATS living life.

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What if you could have access to either free vacations for the rest of your life, a loving and romantic partner till death OR never have to work for the rest of your life? Which one would you choose?

sister__morphine’s Profile Photoꜱɪꜱᴛᴇʀ ᴍᴏʀᴘʜɪɴᴇ
Never have to work = unlimited money = travels and all of that gives you opportunity to find loving and romantic partner for the rest of my life, so choice is obvious.
Btw. Sorry for saying that, but u r sexy af.
I have to say that. U need to know, even if u already knew that.

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