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You going for SIMUN ? Well let's just say whc girl had the combination of beauty+brains in ur committee in the IIMUN Vadodara chapter ??!

Yes; I'm going to SIMUN - Security Council - France.
It was the delegate of Austria who was exceptional; but then; I'm extremely sorry for not being able to give you the name; since I'm unaware of the same. 🙈😂

Who was the most beautiful and sensible girl according to you in the IIMUN Vadodara chapter in ur committee ? Tell her name or her country .

Being beautiful and sensible are two different things; doesn't mean @jahanvi00 - Guinea Bissau isn't beautiful and it also doesn't mean @NiharikaShah - Burkina Faso isn't sensible.
They both were fabulous; although Jahanvi's groundbreaking skills are just off the chart.
BUT WHO AM I JUDGE; I've just done 2 MUNs.

?Full name: ?Nick name: ?Battery percent:your city: ?Iphone or Android: ?Last3 person in your texts: ?Birthday: ❤Something you love: ?Someone you trust: ?Last song you listened to: ✏Favorite color: ?Favorite drink: ?Favorite movie: ?Favorite chocolate: ?Favorite food:?Relationship stats

CrazyyyMeeee’s Profile PhotoRavi Nangalia
Name: Shachi Agarwal
Nickname: Blossom
Battery: 57% and charging
City: Vadodara <-> Ahmedabad
Last 3 persons : I rather tell you about WhatsApp,
1.Amit sir
3.Yash Gosalia
Birthday: September 16, 1997
Someone I love and trust: Mumma
Last song: vanilla twilight
Favorite color: pink, duh
Favorite drink: Virgin mojito
Favorite movie: mean girls
Favorite chocolate: Temptation-Rum and raisin
Favorite food: Pasta
Relationship status: Committed.

tbh: if i would be drunk as fuck (when i am with you) even in a locked room. even after you being drunk you would make sure that i reach home safely. not only home but sleep well. #RESPECT. sachi you are the only guy i vadodara who is a perfect gentlemen. Jealous of that girl

This made me feel so good... Untick I wanna know who you're... And jealous of which girl? 😊

Did you all like our page? Follow and keep liking.. A page without hate is best.. Thanks for your support.. @askvadodara

askvadodara’s Profile PhotoAskVadodara
Dude whoever you are change the page name. Instead of Vadodara it should be navrachana/vidyani girls. If the page is called askvadodara talk something sensible for once. Instead of rating people on their looks and talking about stupid relationships do something useful. Honestly people you talk about don't give a fuck about this page. So please get a life and make yourself useful.

Because I am so smart, I haven't yet revealed the secret place to you so you have to come here after your exams, Ohh wait! You have to drive to Vadodara on my bday(21st November if you forgot😒) to meet me and then we'll go to that secret place(shh..don't tell it to anyone😂)

Haha Okayy. Not assuring you tho. You HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT THAT PLACE
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You don't want reltnshps BT still you complain abt vadodara not having good looking guys. What's the deal?

The deal is, show me one guy who can prove me wrong about the whole "every guy is the same " notion that I've. Don't argue on this. It's tried and tested.
Having a boyfriend for the sake of having one is the stupidest thing according to me. I'm way more mature for stupid childish flings.
okay bye :) xx

Vadodara ma pan sari schools chhe.. Is it really necessary for you to go mumbai? My official ask.fm crush is going to mumbai. so sad..??

Khilanpandya’s Profile PhotoKhilan Pandya
Hahahaha....Yes,Barodas schools are famous for their gossip not education.?Sorry brother,we gotta live a better quality life,and do something great in our life.?
Awwwww....Ask.fm crush??
Your soo cute.?

you girls have so much attitude and a thought that you're the best ..bitch have you not seen girls outside Vadodara so pretty so down to earth but u girls 🙅😒 you all are nothing girls grow up bloody hell.

And i am sure you were once rejected by one us.
Boys note : Girls behave the way you deserve. Nothing more or less. :)

Mentality like mine? WTF do you even realise what you just said? It's my mentality that fights for those victims. It's ones like yours which say "don't blame my Vadodara or it's citizens" when it was YOUR VERY CITIZENS that committed mass gang rape, ripped babies out if pregnant women &burned them!

Yep I realise what I just said and I'm gonna stick to my words. If you did all this at that time I would've supported you for sure! But blaming us right now? No ways I'm not gonna take that even after emerging as the 2nd safest city. Mind telling your city!? Then we'll talk. Or else just don't coz I don't judge on what happened 5-6 or even 13 years ago! Bye anon. No longer taking your shit.

you're right. There are crimes that have been committed all over India by my city's residents as well. Difference between me and the citizens of Vadodara however is...we don't try to wash our hands clean and act as if nothing happened. The ghosts of 2002 will NEVER have peace until justice is served

The difference would be that the citizens of Vadodara have come up to such a level that we've made our city the 2nd safest. Did your citizens do that? And who said nothing happened? Yeah it did. But 13 years ago, you can't judge us on what happened that long ago! And and about the ghosts? They won't rest in peace until people with a mentality like yours still exist!

It might be the safest city now but that doesn't erase the crimes against humanity its monstrous residents committed. The sands of Vadodara are still stained with the blood of innocent men, women and children.

It is the 2nd safest city now thats what matters! And please, the whole India was ruled by the British 68 years ago. India has blood stains of people all over itself! Don't you blame my Vadodara or any of its citizens. And as if none of the crimes were committed in your city!

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