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Tell me something about which type of man is best for marriage👍💯

-Middle Class boys are the best Marriage material because they don’t have their dad’s money or family wealth to rely on, they know the Struggles, Life’s brutalities and Responsibilities that come with fatherhood. Just a little trust and patience, they will give you the world, They know the world beyond papa ki civic and vape and parties in the farm houses , dates in posh cafes , they know the real world and girlies only a man who knows how to fight the real world can be the Father of your children, only they know how to deal with tough situation as well as they can adjust anywhere.
That's the best part of a responsible boy Respect for them.♥️

They say that practicing gratitude can help lift your mood so, what are you grateful for today? Can be big or small 😁

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I'm grateful for my baby. I'm grateful he's such an easy, happy baby, i'm grateful he's so talkative and finally trying to stand and walk, i'm grateful I get to be the one who raises him and love on him. Don't mind my vape lol, he was playing with a straw last night🤍 I thought I was done with babies after Ethan so he was the best little surprise
They say that practicing gratitude can help lift your mood so what are you

420? Smoke, eat or vape?

i even don’t know what is this anonymous
i’m using your question because
i get a lot of questions but could not found
about smoking and alcohol
who knows….
but new people want to know….
i have never smoked or taken alcohol in my life never….-
no one forbade me …. it was a my choice….
moreover a smoking girl or a woman is hell for me ( in bad meaning)
and i don’t want to be a girl or a woman whose whole body is saturated with the smell of cigarettes and alcohol….
and for the men if someone wants them have only one working side
sorry guys….
but what questions such answers
but you know
i think i’m not against those girls who takes a small amount of alcohol
i never used
because was something inside me
that i should i want try
for the first time with the loved ….
( it’s inside me from my childhood….)
i read a lot about wines and i understand a little about varieties….
not only wines …. ( i mean whole alcohol

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Fumar vape é bom? Estou pensando em comprar um e queria saber as opiniões de vcs.

Faz isso não, é pior do que cigarro..Ele mata 3 vezes mais do que o cigarro.. Vi numa reportagem e um cantor quase morreu.
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If you need to decompress, how do you typically choose to do so? Like, if you’re feeling burnt out, what is the first thing you immediately want to do? 😮‍💨😴

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Climb in bed with a pepsi, ice cream and my vape, put on my comfort show & not be disturbed by anyone other than my kids for a few days.

What do you do to relax? What's the most relaxed you've ever been? 😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Brandon drew me a hot bath complete with bubbles, epsom salt and a bath bomb. I also have my vape & a Pepsi with me so i'm all set for an hour. Most relaxed i've ever been was last year when I stayed at a hotel for a week, I went to Texas Roadhouse and got drunk then wandered back to the hotel and took a long, hot bath and drank some more lol. I got a California king to myself and no kids, no husband, no cooking, it was so nice.

nah the new 7th graders in my school been carrying around vapes and hot cheetohs walking like they stiff and tough bouncing everytime they take a step 😭 just a tip boys don't like when you try to act like that it's just weird 😭

student160121’s Profile PhotoValentino
Good thing I don't vape at school. I'm trying to quit vaping for my sake and for my parents' sakes. It's practically a curse on ur body. Like a cancer. Like Covid.

Sekarang banyak w liat cewek" pada gantungin vape, kenapa sekarang banyak cewek yang ngerokok terang" gituu?

Miris dicontoh anak² gasii, sekarang disosmed apalagi tiktok itukan banyak anak² dibawah umur dan si cewe² dewasa yg famous ini seringnya ngalungin vape atau bahkan bikin vt sambil ngevape menurut gw ini kurang bijak.
Kayak iya gw tau lu emang ngevape or ngerokok but bisa ga si itu gausah dijadikan konsumsi publik karena anak² yg belum cukup umur inituh nganggap lu panutan dan menurut mereka mungkin lu itu terlihat keren jadi memicu mereka mau nyontoh yg lu lakuin aka mau ikut ngevape and ngerokok juga.

🎤 Você é usuária/o de Vape?

Me respeita. Isso aí é coisa de gente problemática e que não encara os problemas internos que possui. Cigarrinho do capeta... acho rídiculo quem usa essas coisas. Por isso que não quero ter filho, tu cria um ser para daí ele ouvir as amizades que são um lixo e começa a ser um problemático vulgar. Bah!
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men used to go to war now they be puffing blueberry vape⭐️

Asifkhangandapur’s Profile Photodoctor x
Men use to smoke hashish back then too and they do so now as well... Men used to raise their daughters like soms back then too and men do so now as well... Men used to make a righteous earning back then too and they do so now as well... Dude please stop fuckin stereo typing every fuckin shit... Please... Use your brain in a way like no one has ever used it before... I wish you a lot of amazing things 🙏🏽💐

Smoking in the UK looks like it is set to be made illegal. One option the government are looking at is to make the minimum age go up by one year, every year. Essentially ensuring no young person can ever buy cigarettes again. What are your thoughts on this? I personally do not smoke.

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomxmm
I smoke but trying to cut back if I'm honest I think the government should just let people decide but at the same time I do think its better that younger people don't smoke 😅 I vape sometimes but still similar I guess 😅

Saran kado ulang tahun untuk cowok dong

apa yg dia butuh dan itu untuk hal yg kamu dukung.
misal, mendukung dia rajin ibadah kadoin alquran, sarung dll
bukan beliin dia vape karena vapenya rusak, berarti kalau kamu memberi itu kamu mendukung dia untuk merusak diri.
rada aneh, butt mia selalu gitu kalau mau memberi kado untuk orang.
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Currently doesn't accept any guy who's smoking and vaping. For any girls, korang boleh terima ke klo lelaki tu hisap vape ataupun merokok?

Boleh 🌚 is still a factor boleh consider. But kena ade la attitude to cut down ehh. Smoking n vaping is not good for urself n ppl around u. U cnt stop in a day, i paham. It is not possible anyway but slowly. Slowly but surely 😌

Tips berhenti ngerokok selain nge vape

PangestiAgnes’s Profile PhotoLovelyLittleLeo
Walaupun tingkat berbahaya nya vape mendingan dari rokok, tapi penggunaannya sama aja kek ngerokok. Dari sini aja cara kalian buat berhenti dari rokok keliatan belum di niatin banget, karna kalian malah nyari pengganti penghilang asam mulut yang sebelas duabelas sama kayak rokok. So saran dari gua ya niatnya lagi yg di gencerin.
Starter pack para alumni perokok biasanya itu permen, jadi setiap kali mulut berasa masam/pait ya ngemutin permen. Monggo di coba sist~

What are your thoughts and opinions about Vaping ?

I’m pretty neutral honestly. If that’s what you like, go for it… Within reason obviously. I mean, I don’t vape at all myself, but most of my friends do and even some of my family does. It doesn’t bother me at all.
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What are your thoughts and opinions about Vaping ?

I smoked for 24 years.
I was up to 2 packs a day, at the end, which was now 8 years ago...and it was killing me, physically & financially.
I can't say it will work for everyone, but after researching & learning the proper methods & materials...it was vaping that helped me.
I make my own vape liquid, with natural flavors, pure PG/VG & organically sourced nicotine.
Not only did this replace smoking with a healthier alternative, it allowed me to slowly decrease nicotine consumption over the years.
Within 3 months, I felt better, wasn't coughing up blood or tar anymore, and had more energy & lung capacity.
The whole system is also substantially cheaper, top to bottom.
Within another 2 years, I will quit vaping, as well, and be free of that vice.

Umur 25. Tak pernah couple. Tak merokok, vape, shisha etc. Selalu lepak sorang² like makan, tengok movie & jalan² satu mall. Adakah aku seorang yang normal?

Normal je bro, sendiri tak bermaksud kita alone, kadang me time lagi seronok, usia 20 an ni kau buat je apa yang kau tak boleh buat masa umur belasan, mcm kejar hobi kau n have fun sikit ii, sbb nnti 30 an dah boleh fokus kahwin n hal lain.
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Normal lang ba na ganito yung bf ko sakin -Wala pa kong sahod pero nagpapabili na agad ng vape. -Wala pang 2 weeks yung vape nya pero nagpapabili nanaman sya kaya binilihan ko ulit -To receive na yung pangalawang vape na binili ko at nag chat nanaman siya kanina at may pinapabiling isang vape pa 😭

I think may pinagbibigyan siya ng vape and wag mo pong sanayin dahil lalaki Ang ulo po Niyan Yung sahod niyo po ipambili niyo po para sa inyo or ibigay niyo po sa family niyo sabihan niyo po siya na magtrabaho siya para makabili siya ng vape kung kailan Niya gusto

mo nanya, bedanya pod sama vape apa sihh?

Beda non, vape itu istilah (googling lah ya)...
Pod itu jenis dari Vape..
ada POD ada juga MOD ...
Pod jenis vape dgn baterai internal..
pod lebih simple cuma perlu mengganti catridge doang dalam penggunaanya.. POD pakai liquid SALTNIC.
MOD jenis vape dgn baterai eksternal
membutuhkan perlengkapan yg banyak..kayak RDA/RDTA/ baterai, charger.. MOD pakai Liquid Freebase..
semoga jelas infonya ya... 😉

If you're a non-smoker, does it bother you when people smoke around you in an indoor space? If you're a smoker, do you usually ask the people around you if they're okay with you smoking in an indoor space?

I vape ; I am actually in the process of quitting.
I hate when people smoke cigs around me/in the house - i hate that smell & it sticks to everything!
If youre a nonsmoker does it bother you when people smoke around you in an

Próbáltátok már az e-cigit? Mivel jobb, mint a dobozos vagy a töltött cigaretta? Szerintetek mennyire káros a szervezetre?

Az e-cigi csak máshogy büdös, mint a sima társa, és ugyanúgy fáj tőle utána az ember feje. Ha aktívan akarnék élni ilyen szerekkel, akkor inkább választom a vape-et. (Egyszer majdnem rá is szántam magam, hogy vegyek egyet.) De amúgy mindegyik máshogy káros, nyilván a legegészségesebb és legolcsóbb lehetőség az, ha az ember nem függ rá a nikotinra, vagy lesz szükséges számára a füstöléssel járó pótcselekvés.
Ha jól tudom a vape és a vízipipa még mindig egy fokkal jobb alternatíva, de ezek is okozhatnak egészségügyi gondokat.

Kriteria lu kayak gimana sih? Izin memantaskan diri 👉🏼👈🏼

Wew ini ya bismillah, ini tipe suami yang selalu aku inginkan dan selalu aku doakan di sujudku. Aku yakin ini ada sih sebenarnya masih banyak lagi cuma penuh.
1. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang satu agama denganku yaitu beragama islam.
2. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang rajin sholat lima waktu dan ketika adzan berkumandang, langsung mengajak aku dan anak kami sholat bersama.
3. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang bisa dan rajin membaca al-quran terutama di hari jumat mengajak aku dan anak kami mengaji bersama.
4. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang dapat menjaga kesehatannya dengan tidak merokok, dengan tidak menggunakan vape, dengan tidak meminum alkohol, serta tidak pernah memakai obat obatan terlarang.
5. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang sayang terhadap orang tuanya terutama sayang kepada ibunya.
6. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang tidak pernah bersikap kasar, baik dalam perkataannya atau perlakuannya.
7. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang dapat menjaga batasan dengan wanita yang bukan mukhrim nya sehingga aku merasa tenang ketika suamiku diluar rumah.
8. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang dapat menjaga kepercayaan ku dan tidak akan melakukan hal negatif yang dilarang agama.
9. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang sangat setia kepada aku sebagai istrinya.
10. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang bertanggung jawab terhadap aku, dan anak-anak kami.
11. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang pekerja keras tapi bisa membagi waktu antara pekerjaan dan keluarga.
12. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang selalu bersikap jujur dan terbuka kepada aku setiap ada masalah.
13. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang tinggi badannya lebih tinggi dari aku. Minimal tinggi badannya 165 cm.
14. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang berkulit putih, mulus dan wajahnya enak dipandang.
15. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang umurnya lebih tua dari aku minimal satu tahun lebih tua.
16. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang tutur perkataannya lembut, halus dan selalu bisa membuat aku bahagia.
17. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang takut kepada Allah dan bisa membimbing aku ke arah yang lebih baik jadi lebih taat beribadah dan lebih mematuhi ajaran agama islam.
18. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang jika aku sedih, dia akan memeluk aku dan akan menghibur aku.
19. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang jika aku marah, dia akan memeluk aku sampai emosi aku meredam.
20. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang sangat menyayangi aku dan mencintai aku baik sifat baik yang kupunya ataupun sifat buruk yang kupunya.
21. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang mempunyai sifat penyabar yang luas.
22. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang rajin berolahraga dan juga ahli dalam bidang bulu tangkis, dalam bidang renang dan juga dalam bidang sepak bola.
23. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang keluarganya akan menerima aku dengan baik dan sangat menyayangi aku seperti anaknya sendiri.
24. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang jika ada masalah, bisa langsung diselesaikan bersama dan tidak dipendam.
25. Aku ingin memiliki suami yang jika aku disampingnya, aku merasa tenang dan nyaman senyaman tempat bersandar.

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What's the point of quitting cigarettes if you're going to continue vaping which is as harmful as smoking?

i was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 10 years. after quitting cigarettes, i went to vaping to ease myself off of them, and now i only vape occasionally during the day.
yes, vaping isn't a healthier alternative — especially considering we don't know the long term effects — but it's a step in the right direction for me.

So vape smoke is actually harmful?

tranquiloagusto6’s Profile PhotoJunior
Vapor isn't smoke and it is relatively safe or rather, a much safer alternative to smoking. There are some studies which allude to "popcorn lung" (bronchiolitis obliterans) but they (purposely?) confuse ethanol glycol (anti-freeze, which may cause cancer or kill you) with the base of e-liquids which could be propylene glycol or vegetable glycol - both have been around for decades and there isn't any data which confirms that either one is harmful. To be clear, e-liquid does not contain ethanol glycol. Regarding nicotine, while highly addictive (and introduced in many e-liquids), it is *NOT* a carcinogen or toxic unless it is ingested. Lastly, the 40 to 60 known carcinogens which are found in burning tobacco are not present in vapor. To date, not a single person has died from vaping while smoking kills about five million people annually.

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Describe your ideal type.

Similar music taste, ofc, pero open din makinig ng ibang genres.
Has a progressive mindset; hindi lang nirerespeto ang family at friends niya, but also strangers and people of different ethnicities, sexualities and ages.
Does not smoke, vape or go clubbing (big turn off talaga).
Family oriented.
Has a nice voice (sa’kin kasi pangit so sana naman kaniya maganda, lol)
Good dresser.
And siyempre, someone who takes care of her appearance and may proper hygiene. Doesn’t matter kung hindi ganu’n kaganda or shit basta may pag-aalaga pa rin sa sarili.

How's your 2022 so far?

it's been great, actually (assuming i'm not just experiencing mania).
i set a few goals for myself for the coming year & so far, they're going according to plan.
— write more often.
— read more often.
— stop drinking alcohol.
— vape less often.
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So is being able to smoke inside one of the big advantages of vaping over smoking for you?

i quit smoking cigarettes because it was extremely detrimental to my health. vaping was something i took up afterwards so i didn't have the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. i don't vape very often these days, so it isn't really an x vs. y type of thing — it was just easier on my health.

You're such a polite smoker! Like I think secondhand smoke isn't really a serious issue, but still I get that people are uncomfortable about it indoors so I try to be respectful, you know? I think treating it like smoking a cig is the right approach.

there's not much known about secondhand smoke in terms of vaping, but establishments treat vaping the same as smoking cigarettes — you can't do it inside either way.
there was one time i was at the bar with a friend mid-afternoon and we were the only ones there, so the bartender said i could vape unless another customer walked in, lmaoo. that was the only exception.
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Actually how do you pace yourself as far as vaping? That's one thing I'm worried about, actually. With a cigarette you have to take the time and make it a point to go outside and smoke, but I'm worried with a vape that I'll just be randomly taking puffs constantly.

in the beginning, i vaped in the same pattern as if i was smoking cigarettes — i went outside and did it every few hours, instead of immediately jumping to vaping inside the house. granted over time, i did start solely vaping inside the house but by that point i had developed enough will power and knowledge to pace myself inside too.

Mau nanya deh buat yg ngevape, kalo ngevape tuh yg dirasain apa? Tenang atau gmn? Jelasin dong

https://youtu.be/IaVaoja2Uk4diassantosoputri’s Video 168997897352 IaVaoja2Uk4diassantosoputri’s Video 168997897352 IaVaoja2Uk4
1. menghirup sesuatu selain udara segar itu sgt buruk bg paru2.
2. kl merokok (tobacco) dn mau brhnti, vape bisa mmbantu dgn pln2 hentikan nikotin. nikotin dll dahlah ngerusak.
3. kl g mrokok tapi ngevape, sprti d video di atas bisa ngerusak paru juga, sprti pneumonia tp gk ada mikroba. hanya dr vape. dan sakit perut dll.
Allah dh kasih organ sempurna, udara gratis, buat apa ngisep asap, tar kl udh dahak2 nyari o2 mbayar. payah.
btw ngevape ada sensasi menggelitik gt d paru2 wktu asepnya masuk, enak sih krn ada rasa2 tp no no gabaik, bentuk rasa tidk bersyukur kpd Tuhan

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