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♈︎ Te devasto a ti y a tu alma / el lenguaje de la musa ♈︎

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❥ name: Emmeline Newthorne
❥ birthday and place: 04.06.1996 in Spain, Córdoba
❥ profession: I am a passionate veterinarian and have my own practice in beautiful Spain.
Everything about me: I am an angel of death, means I bring people to death, or accompany them into the hereafter, or also judge them myself. I have been around for 50,000 years, but only for 24 years on earth, because that is where the body in which I live was born. My father is the Archangel Gabriel, the messenger of God, the visionary in the whole Universe.
{El rostro de una mujer, el personaje de un ángel} // I make passion my job by trying to help every animal being, but as an angel of death I am also condemned to accompany every being in the world in its death. I can't enumerate my personalities, the list would be too long, but I can say that I can get pretty cheeky, and will tell my opinion straight out of your face.

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I just applied for a job that I really want. Praying that I get it. It's a paid full time student job working with a veterinarian for 8 to 12 weeks.

TheDirtQueen’s Profile PhotoTPO
Good luck, hope you get it and save some cute animals.
I could never work at a vets, even though I love animals, that would just depress the fuck outta me seeing animals in pain and not being able to help

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How do an convince a job ( my case a veterinarian) to hire me off my resume when I don't have any experience yet, because I need a vet to take a chance with me so I gain experience.

TheDirtQueen’s Profile PhotoTPO
Explain that you’re looking to gain experience because becoming a veterinarian is your career ambition. Tell them all about what you already know about the job & the industry(whether that’s from studying it at college or just doing a lot of your own research) and what you can bring to the table. Talk about your customer service & team working experience and make it blend into the role.

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how important do you think doing well in education is to you? (just based on your own life and goals, not in general)

whoamiwhoru’s Profile PhotoCheryl :D
Well my goal is to become a veterinarian and vet school is actually no joke. You are REQUIRED to perform well academically. Otherwise, you literally get kicked out of the program, and that is a nightmare I don’t want to live in after all my sacrifice to get where I’m at.

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https://youtu.be/xZbcwi7SfZE This video explains it perfectly. But the use of antibiotics on animals is much more of a problem than humans. The amount of antibiotics used on animals is 3 ~ 5 times that used on humans. And they are used in low doses unlike on humans.

The human problem in Egypt is way more serious than the international average, unlike many counties, we have antibiotics as an OTC!
Meaning it's an (over the counter drug) meaning u can get them with out a prescription! Any person can walk into a pharmacy and take a cocktail of antibiotics home, they take incomplete doses and they don't even need it!
Many of the animals killed in Egypt don't have a proper veterinarian follow up, many rural families raise their own livestock.
I am no vet, so my knowledge on animal care is inferior to human medical care of course, I imagine if I become a pediatrician and get a kid with a cold and tell the mom "no medication is needed" she will think I am stupid and I will fail to convince her like I failed to convince my own mother :'D so doctors will prescribe antibiotics to avoid a headache I suppose, and even if they don't as I said, u can buy it like aspirin as an OTC.

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+2 answers in: “https://www.facebook.com/Tgrba.News/posts/2298643396828553 ايه رأيك؟”

when you were little did you have ideas abt genders/ages of your future children? (like for some reason i always said i was gonna have three kids. two older daughters, and one much younger son. no idea why i fixated on that! lol.)

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
According to my mom when I was little I said I wanted to have twin girls and she would babysit them while I went to work as a veterinarian lmao I think I was probably about 5

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Heheh iam vet ya Ok i have studied surgery & poultry diseases & infectious dieseas & meat inspection. & internal medicine . this is some subjects.

so you are not veterinarian , hehehehe ,omg this is from the net
so what is the drug which can't be used as it's toxic for cats only ?
And Is there a femoral lymphnode on horse or not ?😂😂

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Do you personally know anyone with the rare condition called "haemolacria" that makes people cry blood? Are there any other rare medical conditions that fascinate or perplex you? If so, what are they?

I do not know anyone with haemolacria. And I'm not sure I'm fascinated with any medical condition. I am curious how doctors and veterinarians remember so much about what could be wrong with a person or animal. In fact, vets need to know about all sorts of animals, whereas, doctors just need to know about humans. I think becoming a veterinarian sounds harder.

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Zoe needs more condition, her whole topline needs bulking up and her stomach needs to drop some more, also needs more rib coverage

det any juan ask u also r u a certified veterinarian scusa me imma need 2 c ur ICP certification & ur DVM certification b4 u r allowed 2 sai such "fact based things" if you'd like to see an individual who fits your description please google a quarter horse or something else, she is an off the track thoroughbred with a high metabolism who is in regular work, she's going to be fit. She gets a ton of food and it is literally none of your business and your opinion is so invalid/irrelevant it's not even funny😂😂 so leaf, leaf ur opinions at le door or in da tresh where dey belowng

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1. What is ur height? 2. One wish? 3. List ur bestfriend. 4. Miss anyone? 5. Jealous of? 6. Whats ur last text message say? 7. Who is the last person you text? 8. Nickname? 9. Fav person? 10. What is your ambition?

1. 5' 3"
2. To live happily ever after
3. Irnadia Izureen
4. nope
5. Educated women
6. "Kebabian apakah ini?"
7. Personal Assistant
8. Dont have one
9. I love animals more than i love people so none (excluding my family)
10. Veterinarian

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unibäe 💗 chÄsing drËamS wÖn't be eÄsy but wÖrth it ✔️ lëts usË oÜr unicÖrn rainbÖw & pÖÖf us to oÜr dreÄms yÄy HAHAHA soz i weirdo 👽✨💖 anyw how's yÖur day ? still slÄcking or dÖing hwk ? HAHAHA ayee 🌚🌚 oh ya i'm curiÖus : whÄts yÖur drËam jÖb ❓❓rmb me unilöve u HEHE 🎀🌹

unicornxvibes’s Profile Photo: *.⋆unibäe⋆.*•✧
HEHEHE aww thanks 😍😍😍 hmm in slacking LOL and no not planning hw yet LOL also hmm maybe dream job Navy or veterinarian (i dunno the spelling)

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Ohh...thats bad then.... Recently he has been 6 times to the veterinarian because of problens with his spine,and also,he lost more than 5 teeth

mariopauletic’s Profile Photoくらさ
Listen to me. Don't do the same mistake I did. Try to spend as much as you can with him. One day he's not going to be with you anymore. He's gonna go to...only God knows where. He's going to die.
If he's suffering,he's gonna need your help.
If medicines aren't working,your love for him will.
If you are there for him,just like he was,is and is going to be there for you...than you're the luckiest man alive.
Trust me. You were,are and will be the luckiest man alive.
At least,you have a chance with him.
I didn't even give him the last hug and the kiss in his forehead.

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Pleaseeee any tips on crate training, potty training and what type of flea medication is best. Thank you!!!

1) Crate training - Very important in potty training your puppy! A lot of people make this mistake of putting the crate in the kitchen or living room. And they wonder.. "Why is my puppy crying throughout the night?!" Okay. I have raised 3 puppies and this is MY SECRET.. You put the crate beside you when you are sleeping. Problem solved. I always crate train in my room where my puppy can see me sleep. Remember that dogs are pack oriented. Them being alone at night is UNNATURAL! But remember not to take them out of the crate if they are wanting to get out. Make them go potty before going to bed too. The objective is to make them learn that the crate is their den - dogs do not urinate in their dens. Make sure that you have the correct size of crate as well. Not too big and not too small. Just for them to wiggle around, stand up fully and circle without bumping into the crate. If your puppy starts crying 4 hours into sleeping.. They might want to go relive themselves. This is normal because their bladder is not strong enough during 8-16 weeks. You should carry your puppy out and take them outside to urinate. And when they do pee.. REWARD them right away with lots of praise! No treats - no food during nighttime. After, take them back into the crate.
Potty training is all about being consistent and making sure that you take your puppy to the same spot you want them to relive themselves.
*No food or water should be placed in their crate during bedtime. They should get their last drink 2 hours before bedtime. Food about 4-5 hours before bedtime. Also no excitable toys - balls, squeaky toys. You can put a comforting plush doll and of course blankets and etc. The reason - your are making the crate a quiet, safe and comfortable place for them to call a den.
2) Flea medication - I use a combination of Nexgard and Heartgard. Nexgard covers fleas and ticks. Heartgard is a heartworm preventative and also protects against roundworms and hookworms. My dogs go out everyday where there are a lot of trees, grass and other foliage, so there are a lot of fleas, ticks and mosquitos. It is a monthly oral medication. Heartgard requires an annual heartworm test before your veterinarian prescribes it. Also Nexgard requires an exam as well being that it is a prescription medication.

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Hi Iro! Since you've raised 9 kittens I'd like to ask you something about mine. My cat is very agressive and I don't know why... It's not like he doesn't like me or my mum but he bites us all the time. He's aprox. 4 or 5 months old and was raised by us since he was about 1 week old or less...+

RainbowWhxre’s Profile PhotoAzul Jardin
+ ... and I've read that when cats don't grow with their mum and brothers/sisters they don't know how to behave in terms of biting and such. I've tried to teach him using a water spray but it didn't work. What should we do? Thanks for reading <3
—— I actually think he's just being a kitten...! When I got Mimmi she used to jump me and bite and scratch me, same with the kittens, they were all over me. I think it's just how they play, so spraying with water will probably just be confusing to him. Cats will do what they want so it's hard to teach them not to do things, especially things that are part of their instincts and natural behavior. Like when they catch a bird you can't yell at them because they don't understand why we wouldn't appreciate it. Annnd. Male cats are also naturally more "wild" and aggressive before they're neutered, I've heard, so that might be something you want to look into too.
I don't know HOW aggressive he is, but with our kitties we just kept them active and stocked up on band-aids for us and dental toy things for them when they were teething (they ignored them and kept chewing on my arms but hey I tried). I think it will go away with age, really. But if it's really a problem when he's older too you should talk to a veterinarian and ask if they have some more advice!

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i wanna be a vet tech or vet or something to do with animals, and im a 10th grader in high school, what classes should i do good in?

If you want to eventually be a full veterinarian I would suggest taking all three sciences, which I didn't do. If you want to just go for the tech, then they definitely take a look at your chem and biology marks the most. You should also keep up with math, but a majority of places accept foundations so you don't have to be the best at it, but you should be above 70%. English is another important one that they require and that's about it. Goodluck! :)

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