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Yahan pe koi women rights or feminism ki baat karay to female handbag, misguided, jesay alfaaz kehna shuru kardete hain. Niyaton ko pata apko kese chal jata hai har ek ki. Vibes different cheez hai lekin ye entirely judge Karna. How? Kitna mushkil hai samajhna k zulm hua hai or ye backlash araha hai

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Like every man isn't a rapist, like that every woman isn't characterless who exploit other women in the name of feminism.
We cannot judge every man and woman.
Five fingers are not equal.
And these people literally need to grow up.
And if a woman has a bad character still no one has the right to judge her except Allah SWT.
A person (male/female/3rd gender) is not a bad person when they drink or don't pray or are having sex without marriage, a person is bad when they hurt other people, exploit them. Apne banda gunnah jo bhi kr rha hta we never know k kis bat ki wajah se wo bhatka ha or ye bhi we don't know k when Allah will provide Hidayat to them so just stop judging people and grow up. Judge krna Allah ka kam ha.
Jo kam hume dia ha wo to hum kr nhi skte, chale hain dusro ko judge krne.

Do you ever feel like you are not meant to connect with people?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Based upon body language, vibrations (vibes), eye contact, behavior, word selection and sentence structure, my intuition will tell me whether or not a connection is possible, and my intuition and state of mind will ultimately predict the likely outcome of any potential relationship.
"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."
> Peter Drucker

What is the difference between loving someone and being in love with them?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ali
Being in love means ....loving them for their looks vibes the idea of them you have created in your head the things you imagine doing with them but ni kar skte bcz they never approved you or anything of that sort and loving someone is two sided not much about looks but how they make you feel and their qualities and satisfaction

Is happiness a choice, or is depression real?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I think the "positive vibes only"-community loves to believe in this and to a certain point it is.
But depression occurs from low dopamine levels in your body and also from other lack of other vitamins such as iron deficiency leads to a higher urge to sleep and constant tiredness although you slept regularly. Sleeping more than is good can lead to worsening depression as well as increase the risk of heart attack and circulatory diseases.
So yes, depression is not only mental but starts with deficiencies in our body and brain - and then it affects people physically as well.

What’s the worst Christmas movie you’ve ever watched?

They are saying that they are seeing me😑 but they ain't seeing shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii t
Do you even wanna know what copyrights means? Don't even pull up those Christmas 🎄 vibes on me because when you gonna try Ima burn all your bridges and Ima say I own all your bixtch a$$ rights copies💁🏻✨
Whats the worst Christmas movie youve ever watched

Ok ti rigraziamox la tua gentilezza Cupido. Hai un canale youtube per poter vedere altri bellissimi trucchi come questo on link?

Mi sento sempre una specie di Madonna quando ricevo questo tipo di domande, rido. Nessun disturbo cari/e, e nessun canale purtroppo [o per fortuna]. Mi trucco per me stessa e non per esibire; di base non saprei neppure dirti se son brava o meno, ma in qualche modo mi arrangio. Seguo le vibes e poi scelgo un colore 🎨

https://ask.fm/j_jagoda/answers/171572901338 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl3i3FmLXSU 🎶 My favourite Polish song 🤩

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ͳҽղąçìօմʂ Ͳօʍʍąվ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
And then I didn't know this song, different vibes than mine
In Polish, I like rock, metal, indie or pop the most
for me, these genres are the most suitable for this language
https://youtu.be/n5vmk7FBbiIj_jagoda’s Video 171572951514 n5vmk7FBbiIj_jagoda’s Video 171572951514 n5vmk7FBbiI

Elyssa don’t talk to me if you’re not older than 21 Also Elyssa, the mother of 5 kids and in her mid 20 sleeps with an 18 guy who has never been in a relationship” big yikes, pedo vibes

1. My name is Trin, not Elyssa.
2. Not wanting to talk to children isn't a bad thing, especially with the ones that we've had.
3. There's nothing wrong with having 5 children.
4. Reported. You need to get a life instead of non directly harassing people.

Neked mi a véleményed arról a munkahelyröl ahol pofára megy minden magyaràn ha még új vagy és a csoport vezető beleköt mindenbe ott keresi a hibát ahol csak tudja,és ha nem vagy neki szimpi,repit.

Jó ostoba amúgy. Sokkal nehezebb egy új embert a nulláról betanítani, mint egy olyat továbbfejleszteni, aki már 3-4 hónapja benne van a cég dolgaiban, de sajnos vannak ilyenek. :c Jó öreg Tescós diákmunka vibes, haha.

Wärst du lieber im alltäglichen Handeln einfach strukturiert aber im inneren Denken kompliziert oder im inneren Denken einfacher und in deinem Tun gehandicapt? Wie ist es bei dir tatsächlich? Hält sich dein äußerer (überwiegend öffentlich wahrnehmbarer) Mensch die Waage mit deinem inneren Ich?

Heldenland’s Profile Photoᴴᴬᵀxoxo Hɑllo | ollɒH oxoxᵀᴬᴴ
Ich bin im alltäglichen Handeln unstrukturiert und im inneren Denken kompliziert. Die Frage hat auch irgendwie vibes dieser ask.fm-Tagesfrage "Would you rather be a lonely genius or a sociable idiot?" - BUT WHY NOT COMBINE THE WORST OF BOTH WORLDS
Aber um die Frage zu beantworten: Ich glaube nicht, dass ich eins davon "lieber" wäre, am Ende gilt es ja einfach mit dem umzugehen lernen, was man als seine eigene Stärke oder Schwäche erachtet. Im alltäglichen Handeln strukturiert, aber im Inneren kompliziert zu denken - da kenne ich einige Menschen, die so ticken und auch wenn ich ihre Routine, ihre Pläne, ihre Akribie erstaunlich finde und als positiv betrachte: Die Nachteile, die das mit sich bringen kann, sind ja auch nicht ohne. Je nach Naturell ist das nämlich auch verbunden mit großer Frustration, wenn die Pläne nicht aufgehen und die Routine durchbrochen wird und das komplizierte Denken, das hilft, komplizierte Routinen zu erdenken und durchzuplanen, hilft auch, auf sehr elaborierte Weise missglückte Pläne auf jedes missglückte Detail hin zu analysieren - nicht unbedingt dabei, das in positive Energie für Planänderung umzusetzen, manchmal nur dabei, auf besonders ausgiebige Art darüber lamentieren zu können.
Im inneren Denken einfacher und im Tun gehandicapt zu sein - an dieser Stelle werde ich wieder einmal ungefragt Flowers for Algernon empfehlen.
Zur letzten Frage: Ich glaube, an einigen Stellen wirke ich strukturierter, resoluter oder "mehr im Leben stehend" als ich mich wirklich fühle - am Ende kochen eh alle mit Wasser.

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Idk but I never really liked the long skirt. I know n I understand our culture here n religious values but i think the skirt is meant to be the (short) way. I would prefer leggings to the skirt cuz it's just does not give the fiting vibes

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Sai baat hai. Nai leggings bhi skirt k sath suit nai krti. Reshmi taangein are the code of wearing skirt 💁‍♂️

Idk but I never really liked the long skirt. I know n I understand our culture here n religious values but i think the skirt is meant to be the (short) way. I would prefer leggings to the skirt cuz it's just does not give the fiting vibes

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Well it all matters how do you carry yourself whatever you wear. You must wear up to your will and liking.

Ciao! Cosa è in grado di rigenerarti?

fallinthedark’s Profile Photorillirilli
Risposta banale ma non fino in fondo: il tempo. A me serve tempo per guarire, per comprendere come [mi] vanno le cose. Un poco come quando devi comporre un puzzle, o risolvere un rubik, o quando tocca togliere nodi a dieci catenine diverse, che puntualmente ritrovo in disordine per la sola fretta di chiuderle dentro al cofanetto; periodicamente spetta tornarci sopra, prendersi minuti, ore e magari anche giorni per capire da che parte inizia l'una e da che parte inizia poi l'altra. E' una bella immagine, uno sforzo che mi obbliga alla calma e che mi spinge ad osservare ogni singolo intreccio. Serve tempo per rigenerarsi, come le piantine che tornano giovani dopo una vita, anche se francamente spero - confido - di raggiungere la meta ancor prima. Per il resto, le lunghe chiacchierate, il tepore di una felpa, la musica in loop, l'effetto terapeutico della natura - l'autunno regala tante vibes in questo periodo - i pianti liberatori, la tisana prima di dormire e gli abbracci. Tanti, tanti abbracci, da parte di grandi e piccini. Son questi gli ingredienti, e non hanno ordine d'importanza. Semplicemente, questione di tempi.
Giusto in proposito.
La mia persona fa parte di quel tutto - quanto vedi nell'immagine - di quel lento appassire in attesa di nuova linfa, di luce da poter assorbire. Aspetto che sia primavera.

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Cosa è in grado di rigenerarti

Are mushrooms safe to take? What does a micro dose do?

I can’t really say if they’re safe for everyone but they are generally known to be. Microdose can help with depression and other medical issues I have read but I don’t know for sure. I think maybe they’re legalizing in some places for medical use. I’ve only used mushrooms once many years ago and it was a “bad trip” but I value the experience to this day. (Heavy Alice in Wonderland vibes that are very much still with me.)
Are mushrooms safe to take What does a micro dose do

the new sag moon has brought alot of optimism!! i'm actually feeling happy, i had almost no sleep last night but im still happy lol

Yes, it has. I’m glad you are feeling happy. 💗
There’s been so much love shown to me today that I can’t help but have happy tears in my eyes to close out my birthday.
Good Sagittarius vibes to all. 💗💗💗
the new sag moon has brought alot of optimism im actually feeling happy i had

Being humble and nice attract disrespect from people. How do I avoid this?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
well, i consider myself a humble and nice person and i must say that it actually gets u the same vibes from people, those who show u disrespect are actually rude people and u should be proud that they don't like u or stick to u cuz all u gonna get from them is negativity ^^🤍

How often do you remember your dreams? What kinds of things do you usually dream of? Do dreams influence your day? Like, do you ever wake up feeling happy/sad/confused? What's the craziest dream you've ever had, if you remember it?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
rarely do. the last dream i remember was 1 i had over the weekend. my dream was about what my life could’ve looked like if i made different choices in life. tbh if felt like a spiritual walk. when i wake it doesn’t affect my mood or day. the weirdest dream i had was when i was 18, i had a dream i was in the Marines. we were in a big battle w/another country. everyone of their soldiers i would kill, i’d bend down & place my left hand over their head as they’re dead or dying, i would say a prayer for their soul. i’d move on to the next 1 & do the same. this dream cycled to another, i was with a bunch of fellow christians in group. we went to a house, this house gave off some creepy vibes. so they began to pray, and the shadows along the wall begin to move & grow, those shadows began to come right towards me. i automatically put my hands up & close my eyes, but i remember to pray as i did that, so i open my eyes. i prayed my a** off, raising my voice. i see these entities start trying to scatter, as i get right in front of 1, i command it to go back to hell, off it goes as it spirals down beneath the house. both of these dreams were back when i was heavy going to church. i stopped going for awhile, tbh i don’t have dreams like this, thank god. those use to make my hair stand up.

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Sorry mate how’s your new girl? are you enjoying the dating days?

Oh hey I thought I already answered this, my bad! Things are interesting with new girl, things got steamy and we entered the sexting phase, we're definitely doing the sinful acrobatics next time. I'm sadly out of town this week on business, but I'm guessing next weekend might be it. Dating in general had been really weird in this city, few days ago I matched with this new girl whose vibes were just immaculate, you know what I mean? Really good energy. We talked for hours at night but I was tired and took my meds early so I was knocked out by 9:30 pm, when I came to her last text was at 9:45 but her account got banned?? She didn't unmatch, I've had that happen before. It just says "deleted member" on her name now, and I'm just dumbfounded. It's very hit and miss and honestly I'm kinda frustrated with online dating, wish it was easier to like organically meet people here without going to parties.

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Hi. How are you?? you're already disappearance from here, I hope you're fine 😅

monna_1999_’s Profile Photo❥ Mona:مُنى
Hi, in these last days I have been dealing with anxiety and considering leaving this network permanently or at least for a while...
I mean, I don't feel like answering, not to mention your question are basically the only interesting ones I get.
That's all, thanks for caring 💗
Anyway, I hope u are well too, sending u good vibes 💗💗💗

So, meine Mitmenschen (von denen ich hoffentlich diesmal niemanden vergessen habe), Phase 1 ist beendet, lasst mich also sofort DIE Frage aller Fragen stellen: wenn ihr einen angegeben habt, was ist denn der Charaktersong eures kbtd-Babies?

nichtlichtsicht’s Profile Photonyaheum
es fällt mir immer so unfassbar schwer, den einen passenden song für meine charaktere zu finden - vor allem, weil ich beim erstellen meiner playlists mehr nach dem vibe der musik gehe, als nach den lyrics. aber im endeffekt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit jesses character song: primadonna von marina and the diamonds.
https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4lQDVjik8RqQCFyeCNfTEY?si=195311e015624a57 das ist noch der link zu seiner playlist - eine mischung aus vibes und songs, bei denen ich ausnahmsweise echt mal auf lyrics geachtet hab :'D

Magst du uns auch verraten, welchen Song du deinem kbtd-"Baby" gegeben hast?😂💗

pipermcleanaphroditedemigod’s Profile PhotoPiper McLean
Klar! Ich bin bereit! (ihr alle habt kbtd-babies...ich hab' kbtd-großväterchen. so läuft's manchmal.)
Ich habe einen Song im Steckbrief angegeben, but if you know me...ich hab' eine ganze Playlist, Malkhaz hat sich da ausnahmsweile mal wieder angeboten. :D
Anyway, im Steckbrief stehen hab' ich "So Beautiful - Creative Differences" [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLpOgL5hWC8nichtlichtsicht’s Video 172171099271 sLpOgL5hWC8nichtlichtsicht’s Video 172171099271 sLpOgL5hWC8]...ein Song mit dem Text "I'm complacent, never patient, I'm looking like a free man with a face lift"...go figure.
Joah, und die Playlist gibbet auch noch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6weSw6e1O2axjPDtc8hjBnz6CttAaYh-
Dabei diesmal relativ wenig ✨ symbolism ✨ und einfach nur...lyrics und vibes die irgendwie passen. (ob sie jetzt wirklich passen oder malkhaz nur gerne hätte dass sie passen...naja.)
(und, ähm, wo mich nur die sprache und die angst im auge der allgemeinheit cringe zu wirken von abhält es in die playlist zu hauen, was aber eigentlich zu sehr sein vibe ist um es euch vorzuenthalten..."gaslighting" von onlyoneof (my beloveds))

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nichtlichtsicht’s Video 172171099271 sLpOgL5hWC8nichtlichtsicht’s Video 172171099271 sLpOgL5hWC8

At the end of the day .... ???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
Vibes are very real. We all have an aura and it does affect the people around us. I only know one person that is so genuinely nice (and to everybody) that my headache legit goes away, as soon as this person walk in the room. At the end of the day, these are the kind of people, I want to talk to and be around with. Idk about you but I live for the very existence of warm people. 🏻

Me das vibes de que tenés inseguridades apesar de que te digan roba novios

Es que la verdad si tengo inseguridades a pesar de que juegue el papel de la minita superada de todo lo que pasó.,
Tengo 14 años y pase por muchas cosas., Mis "amigas" me falsearon en todos los sentidos y termine siendo yo la mala., Mí supuesto "suegro" con los hijos abusaron de mí y quién en ese momento fue mí supuesto novio me dio vuelta la cara y la mala era yo., Conocí a quien me devolvió la felicidad y por gente que quiso separarnos lo que dos veces lo lograron y la mala termine siendo yo., Quiero ser feliz con la persona que amo., Quiero hacer las cosas bien por la única persona que siempre estuvo para verme sonreír., Con la persona que puedo ser yo., Tengo muchas inseguridades a pesar de todo., A pesar de que me crea re pro lloro todas las noches por miedo a perder al amor de mí vida., A volver a perder personas., A que me vuelvan a dejar de lado., A pesar de todo sigo siendo Samantha o "Sami" como amo que esa persona me diga., Quiero hacer las cosas bien ahora y lo voy a hacer

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Me das vibes de que tenés inseguridades apesar de que te digan roba novios

Ein letzte Mal geht liebe raus. Dann seht ihr mich nie wieder...habt euer Ziel erreicht. Das wolltet ihr doch immer. Mich hier fertig machen...mich vertreiben...mich ruinieren. Seid ihr nun zufrieden?

Es ist traurig zu lesen was Menschen mit einem anderen anstellen können. Was aus Boshaftigkeit, Neid und Wut alles entstehen kann.
Statt dass man Liebe und positive Vibes in die Welt trägt ist es nur noch Missgungst und Negativität.

- there’s more negative then postive in the world we need more postive in this world with no hate and etc postive vibes only #facts

If it were that easy, he sends me very horrible things, everything is done in Spanish, I don't know if anyone here hates me, I didn't do anything to deserve this. But I will try to think positive. but it is already very frustrating that they are insulting me.

Cupido siamo noi le annonimiste, vogliamo dirti noi siamo 6 amiche. Betty,charlotte,sally,Sara,Chiara,Diana. 4 italoinglesi, 2 italiane. Ci piace il tuo account ti scriviamo sempre ,perché ci piace il tuo modo di scrivere,sei una persona tanto gentile. A presto Cupido. Good vibes per te 🎀🌷🌸💗

Faccio capolino per rispondere a questa delizia di messaggio, che mi fa sorridere e mi fa venir voglia di tornare a scrivere. No, ad essere onesti quella non manca, quanto piuttosto il tempo e le forze necessarie, a fine giornata, per rovesciar su tela tutti i miei pensieri. Preferisco lasciare carta bianca quando non so bene che esprimere, eppure sapeste, la mia testa corre lestra come un felino! Come forse annunciato, la mia vita sta subendo trasformazioni repentine, e la sua forma mi appare tuttora talmente fragile da non permettermi di afferrarla a piene mani. Scotta ancora, questa mistura di accadimenti, e nel suo essere pretenziosa merita che la si tocchi con i guanti, prestando attenzione a non eccedere con la presa. Spero solo di adattarmi presto al suo esistere, a questa routine che si colora di una generosa tavolozza ricca di sfumature, le quali vanno sapute prendere e comprendere.
Un bacino a voi, fedeli personcine. A presto. Di qui non mi muovo, raccolgo nuove energie soltanto 💘

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Cosa è per te sopravvalutato?

Il caffè
L'aspetto esteriore, che non vuol dire non sia importante, semplicemente credo sia sopravvalutato nel momento in cui molte persone badano esclusivamente a quello
Messaggiare di continuo
Sottolineare i propri gusti musicali che si discostano da quelli della maggior parte delle persone, come se poi questo rendesse qualcuno migliore. Voglio dire, la musica è fatta per far stare bene, va bene avere cultura musicale, ascoltare di tutto, chapeau, ma non credo debba essere un vanto perché per me l'importante è che una musica soddisfi in qualche modo un desiderio-> desiderio di essere capiti, di ricevere semplicemente good vibes, di tappare i pensieri, assordare tutto, qualsiasi cosa insomma.
Ora sono un po' stanchina, ma sicuro ci sono una marea di cose che trovo sopravvalutate oltre queste citate

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Anyone who sees this that votes on my art polls...thank you, and sorry if this comes up twice. If you have a favorite, what is it?

vexiled’s Profile Photo↭vex↭
They're all so good, and at times, gives off such a dream quality! 😊🤩 Currently saved this one as my phone's wallpaper...
Gives me afterlife vibes... But also the individual looks like an alien from another planet trying to find meaning in his life... And the sun's reflection displays a cross, which hits close to home... There are many times where I feel completely lost and hopeless... But God is and has always been... there for me ✝️🌄☺️ Just gotta trust Him and His plan!
Anyone who sees this that votes on my art pollsthank you and sorry if this comes

What’s the best thing about your bestie?

Maanobilli2001’s Profile PhotoMWD
In all these decades I don’t think we have ever fought
It is quite rare blessing to find people who get you without having to explain yourself,you don’t have to pretend anything you are not
No toxicity,jealousy,selfishness etc
Just good vibes and all 💗💗💗
Whats the best thing about your bestie

Ci dovrebbe essere una legge sul bullismo sulle scuole, se a te è capitato di essere preso in giro,puoi raccontare la tua esperienza qui sotto grazie.

Temo che questa sia una richiesta fin troppo delicata, e che scelgo consapevolmente di declinare; non tanto per privacy, quanto piuttosto per fatica. Rivangare su spicchi di passato tanto fragili non porta mai beneficio allo spirito, seppure ci ricordino senz'altro cosa nella vita ha saputo forgiarci maggiormente. Da questo ne si evince che ho avuto esperiente in merito, non ho alcuna esitazione ad ammetterlo, tuttavia le vicende accadute sono e restano un baglio strettamente personale.
La mia precedente bio decantava uno spassionato “good vibes only” e voglio - vorrei - che tali restino, quantomeno in un perido in cui sento di voler evitare di calpestare fango. La mia mente ora tiene il focus ben ancorato al presente; il passato non mi serve se non per destinargli un bel dito medio.
Peace ☮

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