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When you were younger, did you find it easier to talk to those who were younger than you or older than you by a few years?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Yes younger actually. I was always the youngest in school because I started kindergarten at age four because of when my birthday falls. My parents had the choice to start me early or a year later since I’m a November baby. I was super shy in school but I had my few friends all through elementary. Middle school people changed and friendships were chaotic and always ending. After I began homeschooling I started hanging out with a younger girl that was like a sister to me because my mother baby sat her and we always had her long hours. She looked much older than she was so we looked about the same age even though there was about a six year difference. Also very mature for her age. I was always very careful and protective of her when we hung out. She turned out to be an admirable woman with a taste for metal. I like to think I had some influence. We have not spoken in years but we are social media friends. And then the other girl I was briefly friends with. She was like a step sister had her mom and my father been married and not just partners. We only hung out briefly. Once on a vacation with our parents in my early 20s. She was still in her teens. Bad news. The parents sent us out together on vacation and I barely knew the chick so I really couldn’t try to control her. She would go off with dudes and have s*x. Within that week she had been with more guys than I had been with in my life. She’s the girl in those YouTube videos with me. We hung out that week that those videos were taken also and then that was about it. Our parents are still together but we are not in touch.

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Vous vous sentez bien en ce moment ?

farah74000’s Profile Photofafa
Mon ex est sorti de prison, il fait son come-back pour se faire passer pour un modèle photo / artiste / comédien
Chaque fois que je vois une image, j'ai envie d'écrire en gros en commentaire : ARRÊTE DE FAIRE LE BG ALORS QUE TU CHANGES MÊME PAS DE CALEÇON TOUTES LES SEMAINES. Mais vas y procédure judiciaire fait que c'est pas possible.
J'ouvre donc mes anciens dossiers sur lui et ses amis qui ont pris sa défense à l'époque où il m'a explosé une chaise sur la tronche.
Ça me paraît très loin, ne me blesse plus de relire ce genre de messages que je recevais bien-sûr en masse de leur part.
Après y a aussi le fait que je constate qu'ils ont créé un genre d'entreprise de son /vidéos créations, et que les collaborateurs sont des personnes qui défendent aussi un autre agresseur.
Finalement les thons vont avec les thons.
Et rien ne change vraiment parce que personne ne parle de tout ça.
Un mélange de "je vais bien" et d'envie de niquer des mères me prend.

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Vous vous sentez bien en ce moment

Chicas una pregunta está mal que me guste que mi novio le escriba a otras intercambien fotos videos y tengan sex o soy la única??

Natalia030504’s Profile PhotoNatalia Alejandra
No soy chica, pero opino que no sé si el calificativo correcto sea: "mal", mas "raro" sí está eso; una persona cuando ama a su pareja no le satisfące compartir a la misma; habrá que decir que no lo amąs; digo yo, no sé. Saludos.

¿Cuantas horas al día escuchas música?

Las que me hablan en ask o algunas followers salen en videos de cantantes famosos a nivel mundial ✨ ya he mostrére antes 👌,lo de abajo me refiero a los misiles de esos países que lanzarán desde 🇺🇦

¿ves bien que se estén metiendo con una creadora de contenido pequeña? ¡malnacidos todos los que se metan con gente así!

Esta madrugada le pasase Jesús a Xion un link de un vídeo de tu canal mediocre de Twitch donde hablabas mal de la comunidad askiana y sobre todo de Xion inventándote cosas de ella de las que aún seguimos esperando pruebas y entrases más rápida que un caballo de carreras a tu canal de Twitch para eliminar el vídeo, que como dijiste, da igual que elimines porque se queda todo grabado en Twitch y la policía puede acceder fácilmente a tus vídeos eliminados. Vtuber de los c*jones y de pacotilla con aires de influencer, que necesita polémica con otras personas para crear contenido.
Y qué casualidad de que ocurrido todo esto llega esta pregunta en general. Qué casualidad más grande esta.
Das mucha lástima. Tú y tu amiguita artista ardida porque un hombre no os dio bola.

Si una relación en la que estáis, se termina, ¿Borrais todo el contenido (fotos, vídeos) juntos de las redes sociales?

xinif35’s Profile Photoyomismo_mdrd
No suelo subir muchas fotos con mis parejas, pero si hay alguna.
Siguen ahí porque basicamente no soy de mirar profundamente mis redes para eliminar nada, sería un trabajo arduo en mi caso.
Ahora, si me sale algún recuerdo, lo elimino, porque realmente me provoca rechazo verme con personas o situaciones indeseables.

Si una relación en la que estáis, se termina, ¿Borrais todo el contenido (fotos, vídeos) juntos de las redes sociales?

xinif35’s Profile Photoyomismo_mdrd
Yo sí, lo hago. No como otras que se llenan la boca con el ''contacto cero'' y siguen conservando fotos de los que le rompieron el corazón. Por lo menos pude ver de cerca que generación Z va de teoría nunca llevada a la práctica. Viven desconectados de la realidad, como si mirasen todo desde una pantalla, un holograma de preceptos digitales cuya indolencia vital intrínseca les impide el comprometerse para con ellos, agarrarlos físicamente y tomar las riendas de su vida.

Desde cuando tienes ASK.fm ?

I have had Ask.fm for years🍃I started using it more in 2021 and showing my followers as featured ✨ more than 150 posts from my beautiful Instagram followers from all countries and more Slavic 👼 I also showed it before on my first profile (me I have 2 Instagram) Now if I show it to someone they get jealous and delete it 👌 and my Instagram followers are happy when I show it to them on this social network 😚. Also someone from Latin America gets jealous 🔥 they don't let me publish other things like violence 🔥 like the Ukrainians destroying the Russians, the Jews destroying the Muslims or the CJNG in many countries 😚 but photos not videos as I always show 🔥 my first profile on This social network was deleted almost a year ago, my posts are sometimes hurtful or I make fun of other horrible people or countries, apart from some who get jealous of my posts that I show off to my followers or lovers who pose for me 💙

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¿Cuál es el primer recuerdo que tienes de Internet?

Solía buscar todas las cosas de mis tareas en Google :'3 y era emocionante entrar por primera vez a Youtube y ver tu música favorita ahí, los vídeos, etc

https://ask.fm/LauraLightbody/answers/174648417941 - I still feel bad for thinking it was an alley cat having a fight with another cat when I heard you singing 🥴 I'm so sorry Laura, even though I'm just being honest 🤣

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
That seems like a compliment compared to the actual sound of me attempting to sing! 🤣 Haha you've seen the videos to know how bad 🤭✌️

Qué pensarías de alguien que rápidamente comienza a ganar mucho dinero?

La mayoría piensa prostitución, narco o como los del norte que sus juegos o estafas ya parecen a los influencer de Sudamérica y otros no es indirecta a nadie ✨por eso no me gustas los influencer de latam más los hombres aparte solo entre ellos pelean y tiran hate o como los hombres de Sinaloa que se andan quemando que venden clon y estafan como ese marquitos toys que se la pasa quemando a la personas pero si lo queman a el ,los hace videos gore🔥 se hizo famoso el vídeo donde les quitan las orejas y la lengua a varios por estar hablando que el es socio de la 🍕el vídeo se llama arriba marquitos toys el vídeo gore lo más normal .
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Is there a point in teaching/learning history? What is the point if social media can easily brainwash facts into lies by spreading misinformation with short videos?

Well you are already naming an important reason to why teaching history is so important: to know the truth from the lies.
It’s very important that schools teach facts. I think it’s also very important that schools teach how to detect lies from facts and to create critical thinkers.

If you make art of any kind: What would you say your creative/art style is? Do you have a favorite medium you regularly use? Feel free to show something you made! ✍🏻🎨🖼️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I don't draw, illustrate, paint... really anything that is outside the digital realm. I love to make things such as logos come alive, I've amimated a few for the student organization I'm a part of. Then I primarily like to shoot videos and take pictures! There I often use a lense which lets in a lot of light. Which creates a lot of shallow depth of field, and makes it so I can be very purposeful with what the camera focuses on! It also makes clean looking videos even in darker conditions 📸🎥
If you make art of any kind What would you say your creativeart style is Do you

Si esta tan mal la p0rnografia como dicen las mujeres por que ella hace contenido así en onlyf*ns para que lo consuman? Si esta mal no lo hagan y así no existirá eso

A ver, quieran o no verlo, el onlyfans es otra manera de pr0stituirse. Pero la diferencia está en que en onlyfans eliges qué contenido quieres subir, en el p0rno te obligan a hacer el contenido que ellos quieren y a veces hay vi0laciones reales y menores de edad de verdad (aunque imagino que en el only igual, cuando no deberían).
En el p0rno ponen situaciones surrealistas, haciéndonos ver a las mujeres como un objeto hipersexualizado, como si nos muriésemos por tener una p0lla en la boca las 24/7. Además de situaciones incestu0sas, viejos con niñas, niños con señoras y no sé qué más fetiches extraños.
El p0rno pudre el cerebro de muchos que se creen todo lo que ven en él. Y no sé qué se sube en only. Pero si son vídeos de una pareja f0llando, fotos picantes y cosas así pues al menos es algo real, no ficción.

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Tobbe, you ask such wonderful questions and contribute so much to our little online world - how do you think of so many questions?! Would you ever consider working in a field that involves your ability to bring out the best in people?

origamibirds’s Profile Phototea.
Aww, thank you!!!! Reading that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😊🤗 I mainly get inspiration from what happens in my own life. One can definitely get a feel for what I've been dealing with just by looking at the questions I send! Then others are inspired my movies / youtube videos I've watched, video games I've played etc., especially the more hypothetical questions! Well, as an urban planning student I sort of strive for that! In my future work I hope to create spaces which brings out the best in people 🏙️
Tobbe you ask such wonderful questions and contribute so much to our little

Do you have any home videos from your childhood? If so, have you ever watched them back? Any memorable moments you can recall? 🎥📼

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I have quite a few home videos but haven't watched them in a long while honestly! I remember videos of me at the zoo and many from when I was a competitive swimmer! I have a few from when I was on stage as a kid. Actually used to have a decent singing voice, did solo parts of "Hallelujah" and "We are the world" in front of the whole school. The hardest to watch though are ones when I'm speaking, since I talked very differently back then 🙉😂
Do you have any home videos from your childhood If so have you ever watched them

Já ouviu falar sobre "essa tal influencer Belle Belinha,conhecida como a Chernobyl da Internet"?

guiferreira1994’s Profile PhotoGui..
só ouvi falar no meio de alguns videos de meme,pelo que falam é mais uma guria empoderada com pouca roupa e cabeça oca,ta na moda
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Una persona aparentemente "CRISTIĄNA" le escribe a un "ĄTEO" en esos videos "REELS" tipo "TikTok": "Ojalá te cąstigue Dįos con un CĄNCER y muerąs para que no lo odięs así". Él le respondió: "Qué irónico... y cómo odiąr algo que no existe". Explico mejor en mi respuesta; leeme y luego opinas. *DNSB.

JocLuisHernandz’s Profile PhotoјǿÇ ļยĺ$´Ħz ⚙️
Pasa que esta persona que dice ser "ĄTEA" tiene como una página en esa cuestión "REELS" donde expresa sus cuestiones (¡educadamente!, sabiendo que hay ąteos que creen que ser eso es sinónimo de ser malvądos y/o así), pues esa personita supuestamente "CRISTIĄNA" le comentó esa vaina; él le dijo que era muy irónico que en nombre de su "Dios todo amor puro" desearán ese tipo de cosas a él... que él no odią a nadie y menos podría odiąr a algo que no existe. ¡Una cosa de loços cómo suele ser el humano ¿no?! 🤨🤔

Kuch bata he do yarr

Malaika_1010’s Profile Photoسنو!
how lonely nights are for those peoples who don't have any chat partners or friends to talk, to share unsaid feelings or pain..you just scroll facebook or watch random videos or listen deep music and enters to your own imaginary world and think about life,heartbreaks,career and family problems

When you are alone, do you find peace, or unrest?

I’m usually restless when I’m alone and I’m alone almost all the time. It’s sometimes peaceful when I have something to do like text my friends, watch a movie or YouTube videos but afterwards I just think, “What’s next and when will I ever have company in person again?” I’m sometimes worried that I’ll finish watching every movie I like, finish reading every “good” book I find and do everything there is to do when one is all alone and won’t have anything to do after a certain point, which would be a nightmare for an introverted person like me. I’m looking for friends but only online these days and currently can’t visit the friends I could’ve easily visited back when I used to live closer to them. I have yet to introduce myself to those who are Turkish like me and are around my age group where I currently live but for the most part, I haven’t been able to get along with those who I already happen to know from the past who currently live where I live and it seems like nothing much has changed, considering I sent an old friend of mine (who also lives in the same state as me) a DM on Instagram and she didn’t even bother reading the message. I hope that I’ll find someone in person who makes me feel at peace while I’m around them no matter how much of an introvert I am because at the end of the day, I still get bored like everyone else does after a certain point and the thought of not being able to have anyone to vent and open up to hurts to come to terms with.

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Quien es tu animal espiritual

Que he visto en persona 🐆🐊🦅 ( En mi city en su habita natural 💚) Comen a las animales plagas ,El jaguar también come cocodrilos , después muestro a mi city las limpias ❤️‍🔥 por mostrar eso se ha borrado mi ask pero será más explicaciones lo que pasa y no videos gore ,todo mejora 💚
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🤔 ¿Cómo te cae Lali (Espósito, una intérprete argentina de pop prefabricado), sabiendo que cobra jugoso con la plata (tu plata y la de todos) del Estado? 🤔

Veggipunk’s Profile Photo710 Styl'O
Ni me cae, ni me deja de caer porque no la conozco como persona. Como cantante, meeeh, no la consumo, aunque he visto algunos de sus videos. Desde mi punto de vista, estoy de acuerdo a que entre tanta provocación y efecto comercial para contentar a las masas, veo poca música. De hecho, de la plata de los uruguayos también jajaja, porque acá por ejemplo la contrató el Gobierno Municipal de Montevideo para un show.
Cómo te cae Lali Espósito una intérprete argentina de pop prefabricado sabiendo
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Achtest du bei Produkten oder Filialen auf öffentliche Bewertungen? Und falls ja, beeinflusst dich das dementsprechend?

irgendjemand29’s Profile PhotoDragon Warrior
Hallo lieber Dennis. Kennst du den Spruch: Probieren geht über Studieren. 😅 So ist es bei mir oft der Fall. Na gut so langsam geriet man ins Schwanken, weil hier eine pubertierende Tochter zur Frau wächst und da kommen neue, bessere Produkte der Schönheit 😂 sowas hatte ich nie bei meiner Mutter oder Schwester 🤣🤯 Dann ist hier der Mann, der natürlich alles durchliest und besser weiß und siehe da, da kommt ein 📦 und du weißt nicht was drin ist. Und beim nächsten Mal, bloß nichts erwähnen, sonst wird es für dich heimlich ausgesucht. 😆🤔 Ich muss muss sagen, ich verhalte mich irgendwie dazwischen und glaube nicht immer was da steht. Hab letztens in diesen 4 Monaten, 4 Kakteen weggeschmissen 😭 und nun hab ich mir sämtliche Videos angeschaut und hoffe, ich hab das Richtige getan und fahre jetzt trotzdem zum Baumarkt um Mittel gegen Ungeziefer zu holen 😐 Bin eigentlich positiv und glaube an das Gute, hab ja noch 60 davon....aber bin immer traurig wenn es passiert. Schenke mir Ungezieferzeug zum Valentinstag 😅🤣 Passt doch, oder?! 😁👍🌵❤🍀 Einen schönen Abend. 😊

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Do you post videos and/or pictures of you and your significant other on social media while being out and about with them (if you have a s/o)?

once every few months my husband will permit a picture to be taken of us lol. He is not a picture person
Do you post videos andor pictures of you and your significant other on social

Почему многих бесит, что аск распределяет общие вопросы в «личные»?

EkaterinaRyabinina96’s Profile PhotoRadistkaKat
..lustful videos without delay.After that we can make it look like there was nothing happening beforehand.Additionally, I can confirm that all the Trojan software is going to be disabled and erased from all devices that you use. You have nothing to worry about,because I keep my word at all times.That is indeed a beneficial bargain that comes with a relatively reduced price,taking into consideration that your profile and traffic were under close monitoring during a long time frame.If you are still unclear regarding how to buy and perform transactions with BTC - everything is available online.Below is my BTC wallet for your further reference: 1Pg24ty78etsG23AqqbwkJUxANNNxhc96WAll you have is 48 hours and the countdown begins once this email is opened (in other words 2 days).The following list includes things you should remember and avoid doing:> There's no point to try replying my email (since this email and return address were created inside your inbox).> There's no point in calling police or any other types of security services either. Furthermore, don't you dare sharing this info with any of your friends.If I discover that (taking into consideration my skills, it will be really simple, because I control all your systems and continuously monitor them)your nasty clip will be shared with public straight away.> There's no point in looking for me too - it won't result in any success. Transactions with cryptocurrency are completely anonymous and untraceable.> There's no point in reinstalling your OS on devices or trying to throw them away. That won't solve the issue,since all clips with you as main character are already uploaded on remote servers.Things that may be concerning you:> That funds transfer won't be delivered to me.Breathe out, I can track down everything right away, so once funds transfer is finished,I will know for sure, since I interminably track down all activities done by you (my Trojan virus controls all processes remotely, just as TeamViewer).> That your videos will be distributed, even though you have completed money transfer to my wallet.Trust me, it is worthless for me to still bother you after money transfer is successful. Moreover, if that was ever part of my plan, I would do make it happen way earlier!We are going to approach and deal with it in a clear manner!In conclusion, I'd like to recommend one more thing... after this you need to make certain you don't get involved in similar kind of unpleasant events anymore!My recommendation - ensure all your passwords are replaced with new ones on a regular basis.

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What do you find is the most boring part of your life at the moment?

Truth be told, there is nothing boring in that life of mine. Every day, there is always something interesting to do, something fun to watch. My options for excitement are rarely limited.
However, when they are at their lowest, the most boring part is probably the time when I waste hours watching videos, instead of playing interesting games, reading books or simply watching something educational with my family. It is something that I have been aiming to correct during those past few years, and I feel that I am doing well when it comes to that.

Sudamerica, Muslim ,black ,indian , Africa cities etc promedio ❓

I was checking posts from my city or state 💚 and they always speak well 😚 always European, the videos with millions tens of millions of views from my city 🌙 (the majority think like me: Muslims, blacks, Indians from India, Africans and the most latinos are pests) those from western europe take away their house or their wife and do nothing, they are assholes like the spaniards, beautiful and rich people think like me ( hasta se burlan de 🇺🇸= 🦍🦊 igual que latam y otros lados ,de latam hablan que está lleno de prostitutas y hombres de la vrg ) de mi estado siempre hablan bien hasta viven muchos de países buenos ,el norte de México o sudamérica la mayoría es plaga y hasta decenas de millones de inmigrantes.
Sudamerica Muslim black indian  Africa cities etc promedio

Man kann sich neuerdings (wenn man den Videos auf Instagram glaubt) die Augenfarbe operativ ändern lassen. Würdest du sowas in Betracht ziehen?

Dafür gibt es doch Kontaktlinsen. Ausserdem wofür soll das gut sein? Wenn ich meine Augenfarbe zur aktuellen Mode ändern möchte, dann muss ich das jedes Jahr machen. Dass das nicht gut ist für einen underer wichtigsten Sinne und dass jede Operation immer auch Risiken hat kann sich doch wohl jeder selbst ausrechnen.

Man kann sich neuerdings (wenn man den Videos auf Instagram glaubt) die Augenfarbe operativ ändern lassen. Würdest du sowas in Betracht ziehen?

Diese Prozedur ist nicht nur absolut hirnrissig und gefährlich, sie widerspricht zudem noch jedweder ärztlichen Moral. Kein ethisch praktizierender Arzt, dem das Wohlergehen der Patienten am Herzen liegt, würde einen solchen Eingriff übernehmen. Man könnte im schlimmsten Fall davon erblinden. Von anderen Begleitsymptomen einmal abgesehen. Ich finde es zudem beunruhigend, in welche Richtung sich ästhetische Unzufriedenheit en/Vergleiche langsam entwickeln, ohne jetzt konkret Menschen kritisieren zu wollen, die sich einer plastischen Chirurgie unterziehen (dafür gibt es mannigfache Gründe, die mich nicht tangieren und die ich nicht zu beurteilen habe). Bei Augenfarben empfinde ich das jedoch als ausgesprochen besorgniserregend, allen voran, wenn es medizinisch kaum erforscht/abgesichert ist. Dafür sind mir meine Augen dann doch zu wertvoll. Schließlich sehe ich mit diesen, was auch nicht selbstverständlich ist. Die Farbe ist dabei völlig zweitrangig.

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Man kann sich neuerdings (wenn man den Videos auf Instagram glaubt) die Augenfarbe operativ ändern lassen. Würdest du sowas in Betracht ziehen?

Kann man. Das ist aber absolut nicht empfehlenswert, wenn du mich fragst.. die Nebenwirkungen sind enorm und es kommt nicht gerade selten zu Erblindungen etc... ich bin nicht gegen Schönheit OPs und jeder soll tun was er will, aber bitte BITTE informiert euch vorher zureichend und bedenkt, was es für negative Folgen haben kann...
Es gibt auch noch keine Langzeitstudien zum Verfahren, was da noch alles rauskommt will ich glaube ich gar nicht wissen (doch will ich, bin Nosy)

Wenn du freie Wahl hättest, wo würdest du am allerliebsten leben?

Schules’s Profile PhotoJ.
Mich begleitet seit jeher ein inniges (und zugegeben viel zu idealistisch und für meine Verhältnisse gefährlich romantisch konnotiiertes) Fernweh, welches mich irgendwo in der freien Natur sieht, aber paradoxerweise eine funktionierende, antikapitalistische Gemeinschaft inkludiert. Am Ehesten trifft dies wohl auf Hobbiton zu. Ich weiß auch nicht, mich deprimiert wieder alles an Deutschland. Die Bürokratie, die Politik, die Lebenserhaltungskosten, die Tatsache, dass wir nicht in einem Kollektiv agieren, sondern hauptsächlich individuell und abgeschieden unseren Kram erledigen und die Zukunftsaussichten, wenn man nicht enorm privilegiert ist, viele lange Stunden deines Tages einnehmen, bis du heimkehrst und nur noch Brotkrumen der verbliebenen Stunden aufkehrst, bis dieser Trott von Neuem beginnt.
Vielleicht sollte ich wirklich aufhören, Videos anzusehen, wo Leute in der freien Natur herumwerkeln, weil das auch nur ein stark romantisiertes Bild darstellt, wo die entsprechenden Hürden und Schwierigkeiten nicht sichtbar sind. Trotzdem beneide ich manchmal diese Menschen, die irgendwo im Wald eine Hütte errichten und verschiedene Lokationen nutzen. Ich bin mir dessen bewusst, dass hinter den Kulissen genauso viele existenzielle Sorgen und Ängste schlummern, aber manchmal will ich das gar nicht näher beurteilen und die Atmosphäre in meine vier Wände bringen.

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When you do chores, do you do anything to make it more entertaining? 🎧📺

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I almost always listen to Youtube videos, Twitch streams, or podcasts. Rarely, I’ll listen to music, but I don’t prefer that necessarily. I’ll be honest, my most popular things to do chores to, are Ear Biscuits, Sims content on Youtube, and D*ad by Daylight streams. Those, for some reason make me the most productive. 🤔😆
When you do chores do you do anything to make it more entertaining

¿Qué es lo que sueles hacer cuando estás aburrido? —Stiles.

Efepreguntas’s Profile PhotoF y G. ✿
Yo tengo muchos hobbies, es difícil que me aburra pero sí, a veces me aburro. Bueno lo mas común el leer un libro, el ver una película del genero que mas me guste, el escribir así sea poco en mi diario, el pintar (estoy dejando mis miedos y en confiar más en el proceso), buscando de nueva música (me he topado con buenas bandas t con unos cuantos solistas y me tienen maravillada). Veo videos sobre temas que me apasionan ya sea: historia, el espacio y viajes espaciales y ovnis. Documentales. El meditar un poco. (Esta vez si voy enserio, y veo que es necesario). Darme un baño especial con burbujas. (Ocupo para poderme relajar). Verme una maratón de mi serie favorita, aka Friends. Bailar y poner música cuando me apetezca. Llamar a Sarah, hace mucho no me pongo al día con ella, la extraño. Cantar. Salir a pasear, aprovechar para tomar unas fotos a ciertos paisajes. Componer nueva música. Volver hacer yoga. Si tengo tiempo, viajo o simplemente dormir.

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Apni computer skill kesy achi karen? Any tips?

Sab sa pehly computer ma MS Office download kren...us pa word documents/PDF , power point slides ,Assignments banaen...youtube sa dekhen k powerpoint or office kasy use krty han, yh basic ha or yh lazmiii ana chahiye, us k bad agr ap kisi software ko seekhna chahti jesy k Adobe, Blender ya koi bhi software...youtube sa uske tutorial dekhen orr sath practice kren...orr sab sa important, Windows download krna seekhen..youtube pa bht c videos hain jin ma window download krna sikhaty...Best of luck👍🏻

Do you have any home videos from your childhood? If so, have you ever watched them back? Any memorable moments you can recall? 🎥📼

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Ooooh yeeeeah.... 😳😂 Some are QUITE THEATRICAL, lol.
I haven't watched any recently, but one of my favorites is one where I do a whole skit acting like a old grandma (grey hair, all hunched back with an old lady cane, lots of makeup and wrinkles, slightly gassy - had an electronic "fart machine" that would go off when I was walking, lol) for a birthday video that I made for my great grandmother when I was around 10, lol. At the end of the video I was talking to her about my new glasses, and telling her what they were (like she wouldn't even know already, lolol 😂)... Was humorous, to say the least!
Then, there was this other one, I was about 6 years old, and my grandparents and I would visit their house while it was being built! (My grandpa wanted to inspect the process - make sure it was all being done correctly)... In that video, it was evident that my grandpa was my best friend. I would always tug on his hand/shirt and ask him questions - random life questions, lol. And randomly in the video I would start singing old Christian hymns I learned from church!

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Do you have any home videos from your childhood? If so, have you ever watched them back? Any memorable moments you can recall? 🎥📼

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Yes, quite a lot. My dad preferred filming to taking photos, so there are very few still photos of my childhood but quite a lot of movies. Mostly they are from family holidays. When I was young we used to view them quite often, as a family, so a lot of my earliest memories are actually memories of watching the films rather than of the actual events they depicted. A few years ago I copied them all to DVD and sent copies to my siblings and parents so they could carry on enjoying them. I've not watched them for ages, but one memory that sticks out is of a boating holiday that we had on the River Thames and Grand Union canal, where we stopped somewhere for lunch and a load of horses in the field came to say hello. I was probably about 5. One reason that I don't watch them anymore is possibly because my older sister features quite a lot, so they're a bit sad to watch because she died a few years ago.

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Do you have any home videos from your childhood? If so, have you ever watched them back? Any memorable moments you can recall? 🎥📼

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
📽️ We had big reel cine films, which my dad would take on an old 1960s cine film camera and show at home on the cine projector.
📽️ I haven’t seen them for years, they’re probably stacked somewhere in their circular metal cine reel cases in the depths of my dad’s loft.

Que es desagradable ?

Inmigrantes o personas feas de cualquier lado .The videos are what the ones I don't like look like 🔥 bye, the photos say what I also say ✨ the majority are 🦍🦊 in any country also because of those many immigrants, the majority are like plagues but more Muslims, blacks, Indians of India. , from South Asia, South America and others. Almost all 👌 Palestinians, instead of asking for help from other Muslim countries 🤔, ask for help from the West and leave as immigrants even though they hate Christians and 🇺🇸 that's why the United States is already full of ugly people (Women from various countries who go 🦊 to other cities or countries, for example, Russian women, while hundreds of thousands of Russian men die, it seems that in Latin America or South Asia and other places, in Sinaloa, men die and Sinaloan women go 🦊 they criticize that Russian woman just because she is Russian, they think that most Russians are🦊 also the same as those from other countries, in my state, millions of immigrants from Muslims, blacks, Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the vrg and

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Que es desagradable

Fue tan mágico como todo paso

Me gusta lo que quiero pasa 😍pediré terremotos para varios pasises como Turquía que más de 100,000 eliminados el año pasado🔥 también medio oriente debe arder, como yo pienso otros también 🤍 da risa 🇻🇪🇨🇴🇵🇪 que van o graban videos y dicen que puros drogadictos y prostitutas en varios idiomas lo juro ✨hasta dicen que no vieron a ninguna sola mujer bonita ,antes esos países decían que eran las mas bellas 🤡las mas 🦊 si , cualquiera lo dice es como las mexicanas en promedio que son feas ,gordas ,enanas , payasas etc
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If you work out, how do you prefer to do so? 🏋️‍♂️🏊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don’t work out much currently, but I will tell you what I used to do in previous years! ☺️
I’m not exactly the most comfortable going to a gym, so what I did is follow workout videos on Youtube. Most of them, I actually still have on a playlist. They are typically low impact (high impact cause immense pain and inflammation in my feet and legs), HIIT workouts. Often, I would also do videos focusing on one thing (core, back, legs, etc). So usually I’d do like a 45 minute workout with one or both types of video.
Honestly, I saw some good results from that! And I was quite consistent with it, only taking one or two rest days. So in like 2020, into early 2021, I was at my strongest, physically. 💪🏼
Here’s a photo from around that time period!
If you work out how do you prefer to do so

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