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what's the funniest thing you find funny about yourself?

1. I wheeze like a train when laughter kicks in
2. I have a villainous laugh that tends to just snap my sister and mom and even stepfather get scared of my laugh they say i sound like im about to kill someone in the house lol
psychotic laughter x'D
3. i randomly snore
4. i always look shocked whenever i burp
5. i make incoherent sounds to annoy my sis i hate doing it but i do it to be an arse
6. i can type while im half asleep >~> and not remember wtf i wrote the next day owo
7. i misspell sht and tend to make what was meant to be said into something messed up
like yesterday talking to a friend and instead of saying KK i said ''KKK'' if u dont know whats wrong with that...well look it up x'D
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Questa è una domanda che rivolgo alle persone che seguo. Mi piace molto leggere le liste Amazon altrui, perciò oggi ti chiedo: se ne avessi una, quali prodotti ci inseriresti? Elencane almeno una decina. ❤️

Ellis91’s Profile PhotoPoison
Sulla mia wishlist di Amazon puoi trovare:
-La collezione parziale del manga The Girl from the other side.
-Il vinile Disintegration dei The Cure.
-Il libro "The complate costume history" che mi aiuterebbe tantissimo con character design.
-Il gioco da tavolo Villainous dedicato ai cattivi Disney.
-Il libro "Il viaggio di Halla" di Naomi Mitchison.
- Alcune delle espansioni di Dixit.
-Il cd Revelation dei Coldrain.
-Il libro "I will judge you by your bookshelf" di Grant Snider.
-Il numero 26 della rivista Spectrum.
-Il libro illustrato "The Resurrectionist".

Hero or Villain? You have have been chosen to be casted in a new movie or tv series and have been given the option of who want to play as. Which do you chose and why?

crickex’s Profile PhotoWolf Time
villain for sure.. the background and personality is just so much more complex for villains and i adore that! they're also super hot ? i would love to play a villainous character in any sort of fantasy-ish show.. that's the dream!
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عطيني ايش تتابعين بعد ؟ كل الي قلتيه تابعته

عذرًا للتأخر +
-The abandoned Empress
- charlotte has Five Disciples
- Daughter of the emperor
- Inso's law
- kondo wa zettai ni jamashimasen ( اقسم باني لن ازعجك مجددًا)
- koushaku Reijou no tashinami
- seijo no maryoku wa bannou desu
- I became duke's maid
- the justice of villainous woman
- Watashi - tache no himitsu jijou
- one day I became a princess
+2 answers in: “إذا كنت/ي من قارئين "المانجا" ، ماهي أفضل مانجا قرئتها الىٰ الآن؟”

Oye en serio cuando van a cerrar sus Ask? ya dejen de finguir que son ofisiales no les basto con que les tumbara sus perfiles en twitter a ti y Hector?

Wow otra vez tu? no te basta con acosarnos en persona cuando vamos al trabajo? En verdad Diana deja de molestar eres una fan muy obsesiva y toxica!! No hacemos daño a nadie contestando las preguntas de los fans! las cuales contestamos sin importar la hora o cuantas preguntas sean! a diario nos llegan mas de 200 preguntas y las contestamos porque les tenemos un enorme cariño a los fans de Villainous y a la serie!!! De verdad estas tan llena de odio hacia lo que hacemos? Eres una lastima...

Based on your personality, you'd say you're a villain (bad person) or a hero (good person) when it comes to your relation with others? What makes you think that?

Cameliee’s Profile PhotoCamelié.
Probably an Anti-something? More on the neutral side.
I mean the general idea is that I want to remain constantly neutral in spite of everything and If I stand between the happiness of someone else, will generally carry my own away for their sake if that's what needs to be done even if that's not necessarily what they want... however I guess now I think differently having met someone that I literally want to fight the world for and with... I can't just sit still and let it be fine, nature does not seem to will it this time around and rightfully so.
So I guess, in general, I don't want to be either, seems like a pretty self judging idea either way to me to decide if my own actions are heroic or villainous but by being in that spot I guess I'm both and neither indeed. Kind of like this guy. Minus the whole desire to kill endless demons in eternal battle to create a strong bond with his swor.... actually they may simply be used as a metaphor to fight adversity and create a stronger bond with my ''sword'' ...hmm never mind, yes, like him all the way.

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Based on your personality youd say youre a villain bad person or a hero good

In the spirit of the 13th, in an alternate reality, what villainous monster would you resonate with and become?!? ...*cackles diabolically* --> https://www.buzzfeed.com/pablovaldivia/which-horror-movie-villain-are-you?utm_term=.qfgY3w4G4#.jm86Q1NDN

I got: Chucky
Result: You are both terrifying and oddly humorous. The people in your life often see your unique interests as child's play, but you just consider yourself a young soul at heart. "can be true" 😂
In the spirit of the 13th in an alternate reality what villainous monster would

In the spirit of the 13th, in an alternate reality, what villainous monster would you resonate with and become?!? ...*cackles diabolically* --> https://www.buzzfeed.com/pablovaldivia/which-horror-movie-villain-are-you?utm_term=.qfgY3w4G4#.jm86Q1NDN

I got Pennywise:
"You are colorful individual who's known for having quite the funny bone. You know exactly what it takes to make a person laugh to death."
He's really creepy, so I won't share the gif of him that was included in my results.

♕ ━ king ben took evie’s proposition one step further, inviting all the villainous children of the isle to auradon. but, not everyone is ready to leave behind their rotten pasts, and the heroic kids aren’t all welcoming. are you rotten enough to join us?

☸┊Katherine Pierce; the angel who turned into the queen of ᵐᵃᶰᶦᵖᵘᶫᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ is now following you back. Don't let her get into your head, she would turn your worst nightmare into reality.
[Good luck with your account dear ^-^]
king ben took evies proposition one step further inviting all the villainous

♕ ━ king ben took evie’s proposition one step further, inviting all the villainous children of the isle to auradon. but, not everyone is ready to leave behind their rotten pasts, and the heroic kids aren’t all welcoming. are you rotten enough to join us?

█ ♛ ❛ no rules, remember? ❜ ◟ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡᴇᴅ.◝
【♛ * note ❜】
good luck you guys!
king ben took evies proposition one step further inviting all the villainous

♕ ━ king ben took evie’s proposition one step further, inviting all the villainous children of the isle to auradon. but, not everyone is ready to leave behind their rotten pasts, and the heroic kids aren’t all welcoming. are you rotten enough to join us?

“Du er ikke alene.” ┊ “You are not alone.” — &. followed.
king ben took evies proposition one step further inviting all the villainous

♕ ━ king ben took evie’s proposition one step further, inviting all the villainous children of the isle to auradon. but, not everyone is ready to leave behind their rotten pasts, and the heroic kids aren’t all welcoming. are you rotten enough to join us?

“ It felt so real, so utterly real—” « follow »
« I will think about it. I wish I could say yes but idon't know yet and I hate breaking a promise. I am a person that loves to keep her word. »

Every other Nathan has made Noah come off as a villainous person, but you've built Nathan's humanity, by showing the way he views Noah. You've built his touching care by showing the way he looks at everyone else's. Where other's see darkness, he see's light. Where other's see a warning not to -

/ I love you even more.
Every other Nathan has made Noah come off as a villainous person but youve built

If you could add characters from other lawls as rivals from the ones in your roster, which would be the rivalries? (Example: Frisk vs Sans & Papyrus)

Reason why there was a drought in answers was to pick the perfect rivals for this;
-Strong Bad vs Heavy Weapons Guy (ARL): Both were poker buddies in Poker Night at the Inventory, with Strong Bad being called "Tiny Heavy". Perhaps the two battle as the Heavy wishes to spar with the tiny wrestleman.
-John Egbert vs Nicolas Cage (Lawl): John's favorite actor, specifically in Con Air with his fake southern accent. Lawl Cage embraces his craziness with shouting and bear suits- something that'd throw John off guard. Jade Harley (Nova) is also an obvious pick.
-Edd vs Toon Reitanna (LLC): Both are exaggerated animated personas of YouTube artists.
-Markiplier vs Game Grumps (X): The two channels are already friendly with each other yes, but a battle to decide who is superior can be had.
-Mama Umbridge vs Leonidas (Lawl): While he's not a rowdy kid, he's one of the manliest Lawl characters, and the Spartans were very brutal and orderly. Umbridge would definitely take the challenge of showing the power of a WOMAN.
-Stephen Quire vs Angry German Kid (X): Two classic viral anger-induced videos clashing- quite the popular rivalry as well.
-Watts & Rosalene vs Madotsuki (Lawl): Watts and Rosalene specialize in traversing through the memories of people. Madotsuki's past is a mystery, but it is theorized to have been traumatic when judging her bizarre dreams. Mado would definitely be hyper defensive against those with the power to traverse through memories.
-Homestar vs Toon Sonic (ARL) Two of the fastest characters, a friendly rivalry where the two would try to race around each other.
-Karkat Vantas vs Peridot (LOTD/X): Both are angry screaming aliens who are fan favorites- at one point both of them have made a shipping chart of some kind. Plus, these personalities clashing would be amusing. Against Terezi (LLC) also works.
-Tom vs asdfguy (Nova): The voice of Tomska vs his creation. Plus two random dudes.
-Matt vs Toon Guybrush (Nova) Skap mentioned it in his ask, Matt and Guybrush both sound somewhat similar, two bumbling gingers with bad ideas.
-Frisk vs Flowey (Liquid Crystal): Frisk already thwarted Flowey's devious plans in different universes and resets, this time there's one more battle they must have.
-Dan Backslide vs Robbie Rotten (X): A hammy villain meets a hammy villain. Robbie is lazy while Dan is proactive (screaming in public that he'll steal a car), the two can definitely clash between villainous ideals.
-Viola vs Aya Drevis (Lawl): Viola only lives with her father while Aya's father was... well, Mad. Both had to traverse a familiar mansion while avoiding death at every turn. And both aren't entirely innocent...
-Psycho Dad vs Hank Hill (Lawl): Both are stern dads who like yard work... but Psycho Dad is a reflection to Hank on what would happen if his anger consumed him.

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░░☼ ¡Holiwis queridos usuari@s! ☼░░ 🌸 ¡Recomendarme cuentas de rol! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) es para un trabajo. . .🌸 🌸Y, segundita pregunta. . .☼¿Qué personaje podrías tener un futuro en tu mente para rolear y porqué?☼ 🌸

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@PeterParkerMarvel @PromiseRoseUtena @LarnexUnivers
@team5d @Kawaiilovers42
@Slender_womanKiller @DamaraMegidoQueen
@TheShooterHero @BowserBoxer
[Si conociera a más, te los recomendaría y son muy amables, todos muy buenos y tienen muchos distintos estilos para hacer RolePlay ^^]
[Con respecto a tu pregunta, estaba pensando en tener a todo el grupo empresarial de Villainous aparte de Demencia (BlackHat, 5.0.5 y Dr. Flug) pero la verdad, todavía no estoy convencida del todo, es porque como cree la cuenta únicamente porque Pudieran conocer a la loca más problemática y tierna de todas, es cierto que a veces Roleo con ellos pero es más o menos para tratar de dar a entender la relación de Demencia en su vida cotidiana, por eso es que los demás, no tienen una ficha y no quisiera que Demencia pasara todavía a segundo plano. Independientemente de la serie, si he pensado en tener otro personaje pero no por ahora, además, Demencia se las arregla muy bien para ayudarme con mis roles]

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Holiwis queridos usuaris   
 Recomendarme cuentas de rol   ʖ  es para un trabajo

What is your biggest passion? And if you had to choose between being a super hero, or villan... what would you choose?

AndenMG’s Profile PhotoAndenMG
My biggest passion is writing. I write stories, fan fiction and sometimes poems.
i've always liked the idea that villains are good and doing things for a good cause but they alway take action the wrong way.
You can try to make a hero that wants to do good but they address it in a villainous way.
*Perdonate il mio inglese.
*Sorry, my english is very poor.

Hai kak! banyak orang bicara tentang harga diri. In my opinion, harga diri hanyalah ego manusia karena mereka tidak berkenan akan suatu hal. Menurut kakak, apa itu harga diri? apakah ketika seseorang bergelar S3 dan bekerja menjadi tukang sapu berarti harga dirinya telah turun? trims sebelumnya :)

My mom always tell his sons that no matter what we do to always keep our "stolz" in check. That's "dignity" or "pride" in German (it's one of the only 2 German words she frequently uses other than "teuer" which means "expensive". It's a magic word she throws around when we used to ask for toys when we were kids). Yes, sure, pride is synonimous with ego but really, how bad can a bit of an ego be? Unless of course you're a villainous dictator. I think having personal pride as long as you stay grounded is fine, just don't let that be a reason for you to treat people badly. And about that tukang sapu subject, really how awesome could it be if by tukang sapu he actually invented flying broom like that one in Harry Potter? I'd marry the duck out of him
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Everyone focuses on heros but what is your favorite villian in pop culture? whether it be comics, movies, books, mythology, etc.

i've always loved the character of draco malfoy from the harry potter series. he was always cast in a villainous light, but as the books progressed, you saw more and more into the evolution of his character. he turned from a typical villain into a victimized character who was caught in a catastrophic situation that he couldn't control; he adapted to his surroundings, was brainwashed by his parents, and when he saw one stroke of light in the darkness, he had no choice but to quell it himself despite everything in him screaming to escape.
i've always loved the analysis of draco's character, he's one of the more complex characters in the HP series.
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A frined of mine claims that the Frollo Show is a youtube poop due to not having "anything original". What would you say to him?

The "anything original" bit is highly questionable. The plot is original, character traits like Heroic Frollo and Villainous Wilford are original proposals. An example of an unoriginal scene: Frollo and Gaston reenacting the Over Nine Thousand meme. An example of an original scene: one of the most powerful villains in the series, under command of the future Big Bad, crushing the skull of a young girl hero's best friend... right in front of her. The young girl attacks in a roaring act of revenge, throwing the villain off a window. Despite all that, the villain brutally murders the girl. While another girl who has friends with her watches, something the future Big Bad wanted to fuel his plans!
About the "is a youtube poop" bit... Youtubepoop can be defined by:
1. The techniques and procedures that make up its definition. Remixes of pre-existing media to create something new.
2. Impression of the audience.
Number 1 is an argument to call TFS a YTP, as those techniques are used.
Number 2 can be an argument not to call it as such. Youtubepoop projects give a collective impression that they use a certain collection of sources, with quick jokes and straightforward trolling being main things. The Frollo Show YTP Era (episodes 1-5) just uses Yume Nikki as a defying source, solves major things with jokes (EGG Blaster), and explains a major plot element in one hard to pause frame (Hitler survived the fall).
Later on the show further defies the certain collection of sources, jokes aren't the main thing to communicate, and the plot is not harder to understand because trolling.

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Do you think vegans who claim that meat is 'murder' but lose their sh*t when pro-lifers make the same argument about abortion are guilty of massive hypocrisy??

It seems they have animal fetishes combined with selective amnesia (probably due to not getting enough protein and omega 3 in their diets to help maintain brain function) forgetting that humans are animals too who can feel pain. Not that I support pro lifers but these villainous vegans and vegetarians are a joke mate.

You seem to RP a lot of neutral-evil characters, how do you make sure they're not just boring and trollish to the other players? Most NE characters I've seen have been either boring or problem players who fuck things up for everyone else because "lol-evil" even when it doesn't benefit them.

After our first campaign, in which everyone was a bastard to each other, we resolved to ensure that every character has reasons not to fuck anybody else over. We often do that by agreeing beforehand that we will run a good or bad party together, so we've got a team of heroic or villainous characters all striving together.
At other times, as someone who trends toward villainous characters, I just don't fuck with the party much. I'll usually run lawful evil if the others are good characters, giving myself some codes and honorable ideals to keep me in line. In any case, it doesn't help me to screw over the people watching my back. Evil is often self-interested, and it's in my interests to protect the people I rely on, no matter their alignment.
Playing evil of any stripe isn't about being a stereotype or simply being evil for evil's sake, which I think is the obvious and tempting path. I try and think about *why* my characters are evil, and how that evil manifests beyond the easy "let's just randomly kill people" mold.
My current character, Visser the Warlock, is a former slave of a highly racist theocratic nation. He escaped and fell into the service of a great old one in the hopes he'll get to destablize the established world. His ultimate goal is to throw the world into war and discord, and so he's latched onto our hobgoblin characters in the hopes they'll become the terrifying warlords they're trying to be.
Visser has his own motivations that are not in line with the party, but he needs the party to get anything done and he spends most of his time massaging the ego of our leader. It's a fun character to play as I get to be the Wormtongue-like character, more interested in manipulation than mindless murder.
The problem with evil alignments is they're often taken to extremes, when really there are so many forms it could take.

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祭品和鲜血大约都不是您所在意的,我以为他们没有摸到门道呀。Isn't your goal, dear sir, stirring up chaos? (低低笑了声) Villainous just as you are.

ErrorNameAlreadyTaken’s Profile Photo杜松子酒

Random midnight question.. ha-ha assuming you're marvel artist, you can create new unique superhero of your own, what kind of superhero it would be? what's the ability? and why you made him/her, what's the thing that you want him/her protect or fight against? thank you.

djiniel’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Fauzi
The Iron Nurse
She'd be an anti-hero, I think, and plays devil's advocate a lot. She's basically a super nurse. Can't really think of a specific ability. Maybe healing. Oh, and well, yes, she's invulnerable because she's the Iron Nurse. When she is faced with a persistent villain I think she'd just criticise the villain. Probably very manipulative like me. She'd fight against stupidity, whether it's heroic stupidity or villainous stupidity. She is a strong proponent of NTLC (Not-So-Tender Loving Care).
Random midnight question haha

assuming youre marvel artist you can create new

The q about philosophy/critical theory must've been in your inbox for a long time, I'd forgotten asking it! The social worker you had back then sounded pretty savvy. Did you get on well?

Yeah, it'd been there for 4 months. Uh, sorry about the delay, I didn't really know how to answer it until suddenly I did.
She was extremely cool, & yes we got on extremely well. I was a lot younger then, early 20s, & was in a bad relationship. Unemployed & no HSC or qualifications to speak of, basically convinced I was going to be dead soon & the sooner the better.
Centrelink got tired of my shit & so sent me to a rehabilitation service for ex-cons & the mentally ill. It really tells you everything you need to know about how Centrelink operates that they were willing to send me to a rehab service due to mental illness, but knocked-back my application for disability support. Anyway, they sent me there & assigned me to a young white woman named Rani.
Rani didn't really know what to do with me, like everyone else at the time, but she recognised the skills. She told me to basically write down what I was thinking about stuff, so in an effort to deter her I actually did so. It's was 20 A4 pages long of stream-of-consciousness. No idea what I wrote about, but she took it & next time I saw her she'd written a bunch of sarcastic shit in the margins. tbh being made fun of was a refreshing change from being treated like some kind of half-mad invalid drop-kick, so I took her more seriously after that.
She decided on account of being smart I should go to university, to which I distinctly remember laughing directly in her face. I was so convinced of my own general ineptitude & also the administrative impossibility of going to a university without completing high school I'd never seriously considered the option. My Dad has a PhD, but I'd never given particularly serious thought to that life, & if my parents had ever been interested in pressuring me to pursue it my years of fucking up had long ago silenced them. Rani just shrugged & said she'd get me in anyway.
& to my absolute bewilderment, she did. I had to write a sad letter explaining my brief history of screw-ups & personal problems, which was no problem as I'd spent more than enough time thinking about that particular subject. She tossed in a few letters of recommendation, a testimonial of my improved mental stability from a psychologist I'd seen a few times, & that was that. Even my principal's letter of recommendation was in there, a form letter he'd given me saying not-much, which he gave me along with a smug assurance that I'd "never amount to shit in this world," which was such a cartoonishly villainous thing to say I smashed his trophy cabinet. No takesies-backsies, mfer. Still not sure how I got away with that.
To my further shock, I was actually accepted. Unfortunately I discovered my acceptance letter in the mailbox on the way to confront my partner at work for cheating on me, which is the kind of dick move I probably wouldn't do now, but what a day that was. I left the rehab service, after leaving feedback saying Rani was "the best social worker in the entire country, probably the world."

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If the ts(whatever one you are a part of) was transformed into a movie and you were one of the main characters, what would the plot of the movie be? Can you describe what some of the main moments would be? Anything else you want to mention about the movie?

Brycepoke’s Profile PhotoBrycepoke
I imagine some cross between "Mary Poppins" and "The Pacifier" where I have to get a young @thedevito44 and @HurricaneSurge to the surfing lessons and @MrPuffer to recital, all while dodging the villainous machinations of @NotMeNever and @VERYSHORTNAME

What most people forget is Darth Vadar is pretty one note character. If we get a more complex character then yay for us.

While Vader has his complexities, he's definitely pretty stock in a lot of ways. That's why I liked Kylo Ren so much. There's much more going on with him. He's not "badass" like Vader, but he's infinitely more interesting to me, as a fan of villainous character writing in general.

Though i dun actually know you but i still wanna say sth. Just dun care about what others said if those aren't real. Be yourself and dun get influenced by those villainous ppl:) Remember, haters gonna hate. You just can't stop rumours, so ignore them🙃 PS: Im a girl:)

Thankq😭you're so sweet😚💓
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If your character was taken to extremes, how would you describe yourself then? Feel free to add supernatural abilities to that description.

My entire career as a writer is based on the fact that I see unique patterns and connections in topics that interest me, but this comes with a downside: I'm paranoid, irrationally drawn to conspiracy theories, and extremely judgmental (though I mostly keep it to myself). I also admire structure. A villainous manifestation of all of that would probably be a mind-reading fascist, something on the order of the Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files mixed with Alfred Bester from Babylon 5.
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Ну что, дорогой пациент, о какой музыке и каких Ваших мыслях мы поговорим сегодня? Чем желаете поделиться?

delta_machine’s Profile Photodr. M u s i c
Miracle Of Sound – Blood Of The Creed
Out into the wild
Indigenous child
Surviving formidable trials
I stand in the rain
Scanning the plains
In pursuit of the villainous bile
Who sent everything that I love into flame
Dissent is my name lamenting my claim
The whip of a bow I’m perfecting my aim
Revolution the game
Ну что дорогой пациент о какой музыке и каких Ваших мыслях мы поговорим сегодня

We can't be the only ones excited for the release of this movie in 2016, so we figured this would be fun for you all! http://www.playbuzz.com/christopherwallace10/which-suicide-squad-member-are-you POST YOUR RESULTS!

michalkaanon’s Profile Photo☾Aly|AJ Anon☽
Enchantress: You are Enchantress! A magical sorceress with a sinister alter ego, struggling to maintain the balance between your darkness and light side. Your lack of self control labels you as a liability, but that's only because you're misunderstood by your squad members. You're actually a humble artist with a soft heart until you transform into your villainous twin, then your enemies can really see how merciless and dangerous you are
(seems about right?)

♫♪♫♪ I am the number one nemisis, the quintessential villainous chemist and never stopping until my enemy is finished or until your hopes are dimished but you intrigue me I'll end you or put you up in strings yes, I'll vertically suspend you. ♫♪♫♪

xPainWarriorx’s Profile PhotoLow Key Lyesmith
Professor of Psychology
I'll offer my Apology
I've seen inside your mind and all I find is more hypocrisy
The quintessential villainous chemist?
Well, 'Clown' is more fitting.
Playing nice with your host?
Well my birds are more chilling
positively terrifying when I fight
Fear enhancing toxins will scare you back to yout former life
In the Shadows I'll arrive
Tell me whats your worst fear?
Joker will regret he ever came here.
I am the number one nemisis the quintessential  villainous chemist and never

Could it be that people blame not because they think the world is a just place but because of their belief that they're better than others? That people can overcome misfortune by their strong will & personality alone & belittle people who don't manage to do it by blaming&judging them for being weak?

I'm not sure what this is in response to, but you've pretty much just described libertarianism, along with the general right-wing attitude towards economic policy and social programs. See the rhetoric surrounding "handouts" and whatnot. It's partially based in this whole "there are no poor, only temporary embarrassed millionaires" ideology the right wing promotes - it's based in a politically convenient but false idea of class mobility that convinces people the government contributing to programs like welfare or whatnot is stealing hard-earned tax money from them to donate to some villainous "other." That particular idea of individuality and personal destiny pretty much inherently requires denying the overwhelming power of larger social and economic forces, which informs right-wing attitudes on not just economic policy, but also issues of race, gender, and much else.

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You've probably been asked this already but.....your thoughts on the Senshi/Shitennou romances, either as they "played out" in Crystal or in general? As well as on the Zoisite/Kunzite and Nephrite/Naru ones in the anime?

Ooh, lots of little components to this question! We'll tackle them one at a time.
NEPHRITE/NARU: It speaks to how bizarre Sailor Moon can be that it attempts to transition this relationship from "one-sided crush being exploited by the other side for villainous gain" into "something you're meant to legitimately care about" over the course of just an episode-and-a-half. What's even weirder, however, is that it *works*. Its economical use of that small time frame to make the interactions between Nephrite and Naru into something thematically and emotionally resonant is impressive as hell. I remember it being one of the first major telling signs to me on my first watch that this show was something uniquely special.
ZOISITE/KUNZITE: As with the above, their's is a dynamic that adds detail and richness to characters who were indistinguishable blank slates in the source material. It isn't a terribly complex relationship by any means, but it's entertaining to behold and achieves its goals well-enough. Not to mention, for a show produced in Japan in 1992, it's laudable for there to have been such an openly homosexual male pairing that was treated this honestly and without derision.
SENSHI/SHITENNOU: Ick. No. Not a fan. Two big reasons why.
One is that it has seemingly no basis in the actual chemistry of the characters as presented in the text; it's rather telling that the "fan-accepted" pairings are based entirely on who killed who in the manga. The other is that it actively undercuts the central concept of said manga, the "miracle romance". Think about it: a pair of lovers whose bond is so strong it manages to endure over eons could be said to be "miraculous". But *five* pairings, all originating from the same time and place? What, then, is so special about love? It puts a bullet in the heart of the story Takeuchi was trying to tell.
Unsurprisingly, Crystal not only manages to replicate these problems on-screen in its attempted "canonization" of the relationships, but makes them worse. Both the Senshi and the Shittenou have flatter personalities than ever, and no deviations are made from the manga's baseline story to accommodate them, so there's still no reason to care for their "romance". And yet, upon realizing that they were once lovers in the past, the Senshi are immediately *unable* to carry on their duties of protecting the Earth from the Shittenou, compelling Usagi to do their homework for them (a running theme in Crystal). Then in the next episode, the Senshi don't even *comment* on the Shittenou, and in the episode after that, the Shittenou die. The Senshi cry for a bit, move on, and never speak of the Shittenou again. Subplot over. The overall effect of the storytelling manages to feel simultaneously like a vestigial afterthought and an utter betrayal to series principles.
If there's a less compelling "romantic" throughline in a story, anime or otherwise, I have yet to see it. It makes Attack of the Clones look like Casablanca.

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QOTD: Choose one fictional couple you like. Tell me their best season (if they had more than just one), their virtues & flaws and why do you love them! :)

hmmm let it be Emma and Hook :)
Best season :
S2-3 when they wasn't together and Hook was more badass. (I personally find him kinda boring since he fixed his villainous side to make him a love interest for Emma.) Now it bothers me little that he won't accept Emma as dark one and trying to fix her too hard , while she still has feelings for him , he said that he LOVED her so what now just stopped?idk what to think about it ...
their virtues & flaws :
They made each other better person , Killian was only vengeful man but he found peace with Emma and forget about his revenge , at the other side Emma is more open with him . The first time that Emma took off one of her layers was when she admitted to him that she was indeed in love once. The last layer we saw her taking off was admitting that she loves him.
why do you love them :
I basically started this show bc of them , I love their chemistry so much and how they care for each other .
I'm curious how Emma's choice will affect at them but I hope that Killian will not give up on her and they'll work somehow :)

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QOTD Choose one fictional couple you like Tell me their best season if they had
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hi elisa, i recently watched gone girl and need (want) second opinions on it. i think i've read from your old answers that you like it, so if it's okay, could you please leave out your thoughts?

i thought the movie was a cinematic masterpiece. fincher is a genius obviously and his recreation of gillian's eerie writing was so perfect, i felt like she'd directed the movie herself.
if you want some of my in depth thoughts on fincher's creative decisions (amy's expression during the first and final scene of the movie), i have this thing i wrote on tumblr a while ago when someone said that ""nick had created villainous amy"":
"i disagree. amy dunne has always been psychotic. i mean she got a truck driver, who was a complete stranger, might i add, fired because she was a little ticked off for five minutes. she ruined her ex-best friend’s image at the drop of a coin. she had her ex-boyfriend framed for RAPE. she’s admitted that she’s never felt normal around her friends and family and that she tries on personalities like dresses. amy has always been psychotic. she just never lets it on.
nick dunne did not change amy. amy was always psycho. nick dunne triggered amy’s extreme personality, her real one. in the beginning of the film, we see COOL AMY. FAKE AMY. FACADE AMY. amy whose every move and every visceral reaction is planned, has always been planned.
at the end of gone girl, we finally get to see amy unleashed. because now everyone’s cards are on the table. now nick knows real amy. now she doesn’t have to pretend. she can give him that smile and know her reputation as COOL AMY will never be tarnished because nick and only nick will ever know who she really is.
and i don’t think nick was ever in control, even in the beginning of their relationship. amy has always had the upper-hand. she sculpted herself into something irresistible to nick, pretended be COOL AMY for him their entire relationship. she has always been in control.
we get that when she gives him her 'I’m it, baby' speech. amy has had nick wrapped around her finger from day one. she has been psychotic from day one. the difference between the first and last scene in the movie is nick’s perception of amy.
first scene he sees COOL AMY.
last scene he sees PSYCHOTIC AMY.
nick did not create villainous amy. AMY created villainous amy."

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Kak, udah nonton Scorch Trials kah? (Petyr Baelish + Missandei + Jojen Reed) x Walking Dead = epic!

aauliaputri’s Profile PhotoAmbarianti A P
you forgot to mention the guy from breaking bad! and yep i've seen the scorch trials and boy was it amazing. i love YA novels but i never really tried to sink my teeth into the second book of tmr series because well… the first book got me all ehhh but yup, the movie deserves a thumbs-up! also, can we talk about how attractively villainous aidan gillen was in his turtleneck?!

If u r able to seize time for one hour, what will u do in that particular one hour, when everything is freezed at its place? 😊✌ (STAIF)

KahkashanJawaid’s Profile PhotoKahkashan Jawaid
I'd do something cool, or healthy, or villainous or useless.. but really if the whole world could just freeze for an hour a day I'd sleep, rest or meditate, anything to feel less stressed during the day that is usually packed to the extremes.

Q4.💫That Asshole From Frozen: "...unexpected villainous transformation has been criticized for being too upsetting & confusing for the film's younger viewers." Agree/Disagree? Should young children be sheltered from situations like this? Why/why not? Is it preparing them for the real world?

jenniferrr16’s Profile Photojennifer.✌
There has always been people like hanz or whatever his name was in Disney movies so I have no idea why people are making a big fuss over a made up villain in a made up Disney movie
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Q4.💫That Asshole From Frozen: "...unexpected villainous transformation has been criticized for being too upsetting & confusing for the film's younger viewers." Agree/Disagree? Should young children be sheltered from situations like this? Why/why not? Is it preparing them for the real world?

Disagree times two. And no, if they're preventing the kids from seeing it. They need to learn.

Q4.💫That Asshole From Frozen: "...unexpected villainous transformation has been criticized for being too upsetting & confusing for the film's younger viewers." Agree/Disagree? Should young children be sheltered from situations like this? Why/why not? Is it preparing them for the real world?

I like the way this happened in the film! It was more real and less typical of Disney films! I think it's a good thing for children to see :)

Q4.💫That Asshole From Frozen: "...unexpected villainous transformation has been criticized for being too upsetting & confusing for the film's younger viewers." Agree/Disagree? Should young children be sheltered from situations like this? Why/why not? Is it preparing them for the real world?

People should stop sheltering their children so much
These things exist and they need to be talked about
Guys take advantage of girls a LOT
And if your child doesn't even know that
happens how well do you think they'll be able to handle such situations (which reminder are extremely common)
By all means protect your children
But stop sheltering them
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Q4.?That Asshole From Frozen: "...unexpected villainous transformation has been criticized for being too upsetting & confusing for the film's younger viewers." Agree/Disagree? Should young children be sheltered from situations like this? Why/why not? Is it preparing them for the real world?

I mean younger children around me understood it when they watched it so I guess it wasn't too difficult to follow and I think that they should see things like this bc like in reality stuff like this (backstabbing etc. ) happens and they rlly shouldn't grow up thinking everyone will always be their "friend" in a sense so yeh it is preparing them for the real world kind of
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