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Haha why are you so obsessed with fact that people are so much interested in your love life lololol. No one's bothered!! People here just ask you random questions, huh.

haha acha! the amount of questions i get and choose to ignore them related to my personal life doesn’t show what you are saying lol also why only today you decided to ask my interest in virgo , don’t act smart :)

As you think astrology is interesting rank the other zodiac signs from your favourite to least favourite and include a reason?

Interesting, I like this question!
Scorpio - I think they’re the most misunderstood cause people assume they’re toxic cause they can be ruthless when crossed but they will go to the end of the earth to protect the people they love. Most of the ones I’ve met (inc my best friend of over a decade) are smart, driven, brave and have a wicked sense of humour 🖤
Taurus - A very close second! I love their passion and intelligence so much. In my experience they are reliable and honest, ambitious as fuck and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. I admire their strength and although they can be stubborn little shits, I really enjoy spending time with them and would deffo want them on my team if shit went sideways 🥰
Capricorn - I’ve known them to be loyal and determined. A little bit more chill than the top two but amazing listeners and good at giving advice 🥺
Virgo - Kind, patient and understanding. Logical thinkers who are always prepared cause they’ve thought of all the outcomes so I find them just soothing to be around as an anxious pisces 😋
Cancer - Ride or die type friends, they’re protective and loyal over those who are important to them. Good listeners and sensitive souls so we tend to understand each other well. Can be a bit moody and petty if you cross them though 😅
Aries - I have a love/hate relationship with Aries haha. I get on well with them but have a tendency to clash over certain things. I find them quite irritating in disagreements cause they’re a bit hot headed and competitive but when we get on, we get on well 😆
Libra - I can have a good laugh with them, their sense of humour and wittiness is unmatched. They can be a bit too extroverted and draining for me in large doses 🙂
Leo - Another love/hate relationship. I like their confidence and passion but sometimes it comes across as arrogant or attention seeking. I’ve met a few toxic Leos (I tend to find the males more likeable) but I’ve met some that I’ve really liked too ✌️
Aquarius - I haven’t met many so hard to form an opinion based on my experience which is why I’ve put them in the only gap haha. I would say very intelligent but being an air sign, a lot of their traits are probably not compatible with my own. So a mutual respect rather than a dislike 👍🏻
Sagittarius - I’ve met a few and they tend to be either people pleasing and disorganised but hilarious and optimistic or they can come across as blunt, rude and impatient. I can fuck with the first but not the second. Think we’re just very different people so don’t understand each other well or get the others approaches to situations 🤔
Gemini - Don’t think I’ve ever met one that I liked. They say one thing to you and another about you in my experience. Don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, their superiority complex irritates me and they can be flaky, shady and judgemental. Just not a compatible sign with pisces at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Xion en el tik tok de airisu hay videos suyos hablando y mostrando su cara y es chica... No es por defender a nadie pero creo que airisu y hannah son personas distintas y airisu fue quien te atacó no?

Perfecto, pues puede ser perfectamente la loca de la hermana de Sebastián, que presume orgullosa de que se acuesta con su hermano desde hace años, que se alegra de lo que le pasó a la menor con la que se acostó su hermano cuando él ya era mayor de edad y que lo que le sucedió fue por prosti (palabra que usaron los dos) y que le hizo un favor a toda la familia de ella consiguiendo con amenazas y acoso que se quitase la vida, porque su hermano es de ella y no de una z0rra (así llamó a la chica que se llama Alba) que tuvo el descaro de quitárselo, "porque mi hermano es solo mío" y somos felices teniendo una relación, teniendo sex0 y con el hijo que tenemos los dos.
Tanto Airisu/Nekoroko como "Hannah Jenni" y sus multicuentas me han tenido durante años frita. Se expresan igual escribiendo como argentino, ambos son de Cartagena, su signo del zodiaco es virgo, cumplen años en septiembre, comparten los mismos gustos, conocen a las mismas personas y cuando quieres hablar con Airisu del tema por Instagram directamente te dice que nunca ha tenido Ask cuando claramente lo ha tenido, se pone a la defensiva y te bloquea.
Como que algo raro hay ahí, ¿no?
Sean o no la misma persona, ambos me han dado la misma turra.

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Which is the lamest, lousiest, as well as the cheapest and most horrible, most awful, despicable and dumbest zodiac sign that shouldn't even be alive?

I’m very cautious when it comes to Libras and Scorpios. They can easily stab you in the back. I find them a bit arrogant too. I know a lot of Scorpios and they hold a very special place in my heart but they can be the ruthless people you know when you cross them. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Rising. I always accepted people as they are. I’m the type of person that befriends outcasts. A lot of my friends hated me for that. I don’t care if they’re weird according to others or if they have a dark past. I can get along with someone who has a different view and morals as I do, but I'm not as open to myself as much as I want to be. I can be highly critical of myself. I crave adventure but I would feel conflicted doing it.
For example, a friend lets me try smoking weed. I'm a curious person and I don't want to eliminate something without trying it out first except for hardcore drugs or extreme sports (lol). So I did try it, but the feeling of contempt starts to sink in. My mind would tell me that I shouldn't be doing it and that, this is not real me. My family consists of Libras. I don’t like it when they act that they act but really they don’t. You would think that they’re an open book but those people don’t even know they’re being talk to behind their backs. Also, I never met a libra person who acknowledged their wrong doings. It’s always the other person’s fault. I get along with Aries and Cancers more. There’s good and bad for each.
I’m Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and rising. I’m very reserved and watch. Once I’m comfortable with people I’m very open, very dominant and blunt.
One of my bffs is Gemini. They’re great. Greatest heartbreak Gemini. Hottest romance Scorpio and Sagittarius. Greatest challenge tie between Aquarius and Pisces. Hard no on both. No zodiac sign is horrible or despicable. All zodiac signs are good. I am Capricorn. Do you like Capricorn?

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Más te vale que no me respondas o te denuncio xD

ChikaFressaStrawberryD’s Profile Photo꧁ঔৣ☬✞ֆȶʀǟաɮɛʀʀʏɢɨʀʟ✞☬ঔৣ꧂
JAJAJAJAJAJA xD denunciado debería quedar él por las morras que ha acosado a lo largo y ancho de ask disfrazándolo bajo el motivo de "libertad sexual", vaya 357up1d32 jamás había escuchado algo igual, nos reímos tanto de él en el grupo de la gata, no es más que un virgo calentón y berrinchudo con mucho tiempo libre, que cree tener el poder para decirle cosas horribles a @michellelebon cuando él no es NADIE para hacerlo, ya que él mismo padece lo que juzga de Michelle y peor aún porque a pesar de su edad actúa peor que un mocoso, le falta mucho colmillo como ya dije no sabe detectar cuando uno habla fanfarroneando a en serio, porque como ya se mencionó Michelle no recibió ninguna Dick pick de la parte del llorón ¿qué es lo que me iba a pasar?, su coraje es porque lo batearon y eso le hirió el orgullo.

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Why don't you think Cancer could be compatible with Capricorns?

elley1234567’s Profile Photoella lon
Astrologically it is a good pairing. Cancer and Capricorn are opposites so they generally have the same approach to life just differently, if that makes sense. It's a "meet me in the middle" type of pairing. There's obviously going to be some challenges as these signs are in opposition. Keep in mind though that we never look at just sun signs to determine compatibility in astrology. Moon, venus, mars and even mercury could all play a more important role, not to mention house overlays. Personally I am a Capricorn sun and stellium and my bf of 6 years is a cancer sun and stellium. Our relationship is generally really nice, fulfilling and peaceful. Our moon signs are also in opposition (though this generally isn't as good as opposing sun signs). Literally the best, most respected I'd ever felt in a relationship. I trusted him enough to LET. GO. and let him help me. Sagittarius is fun, exciting, and a good friend but they can be underhanded, unfeeling, and devious, even cruel. They’re a lot smarter than they get credit for. People forget that Jupiter is god of the big picture, as opposed to the small things that build the bigger picture, and that means the weaker & more vulnerable people around them sometimes get bulldozed. They can be extremely dogmatic and rigid in their views, particularly religious and philosophical ones. They are constantly searching for the capital-t Truth and don’t care as much about the little guy as they do about their ultimate Goal. As a Leo rising maybe I’m “into myself” but more accurately I can acknowledge and take pleasure in my strengths. Because I can do that, I’ll happily build you up - I instinctively want to make you feel good about yourself, and it’s genuine. I think the thing people sometimes don’t like is that I know I’m hot and I know I’m smart LOL. Underneath people’s instinctive horror at that is: 1) A woman shouldn’t feel good about herself, that’s not right, she can only feel good if it serves me in some way; and 2) Why don’t I get to feel good about myself? It’s entitlement and insecurity. He was Cancer Sun, Leo Ascendant, and Virgo moon also. This was the best relationship I've ever been in, and I'm not just saying that because he passed away. We got each other on another plane of existence somehow. Staying up all night giggling, knowing when it's time to go nuts and when it's time to stop, and mutually supportive. But all of my relationships at least start out strong. I dated a Cancer woman for a very long time, and it ended the way you are describing. Just drifted apart and left each other on read. The first six months were phenomenal though. It was a lot of people pleasing on both sides, with neither person really wanting to end or progress the relationship. I like Cancer women a lot and I am drawn to them as they exude feminine energy.

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Which zodiac signs have the highest level of sexual chemistry in bed with Capricorns? Which zodiac signs are the perfect sexual match with Capricorns?

Capricorns like to be the boss, so it would need to be a compliant partner. Pisces is perhaps the best mate followed by Gemini, as both are adaptable and can follow the leader. Virgo is another sign that works well under the orders of the master, but few other signs will accept that authority and the demands of the goat.

What did you learn from numerology

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
1 is Leo number ,leader ship qualities ,independent individual number
2 is cancer number diplomatic sweet polite person .
3is number of pisces creative artistic people known by their creative skills
4 is number of aquarius they are practical realistic they are goal oriented
5 is number of Virgo they are good in comunication skills
So bring your name on good number like I brought my name on 6 number .6 is number of peace harmony luxury life style 😃

Do you believe in astrology. Why/Why not?

Hindi, in psychology we called it "pseudoscience" pero I won't judge those who believe in it. Kasi baka at some point it helps them para ma guide sila in life. Sabi nga nila wala naman masama kung maniniwala, pero it has negative effects din kasi. Tulad ng stereotyping, pag Virgo ka daw toxic ka. Like what diba? Lahat ba ng Virgo pare pareho? Payag ka don? You're being judged just because of your date of birth? It can affect your everyday life din lalo na on your personality. Instead you believe in yourself mas naniniwala ka nalang sa prediction sayo, thats called barnum effect. Kasi kahit ano mang mangyari bumaliktad man ang mundo, ikaw at ikaw parin may hawak at gagawa ng kapalaran mo.

cowok virgo tuh gimana sih?

Menurutku sama google , bukan aku belain zodiacku sendiri : , 1. perfeksionis , bersedia bekerja keras untuk tujuanku , 2.sabar , jadi mereka tidak keberatan menghabiskan waktu bertahun-tahun untuk mencapai tujuan yang sama 3.Tidak pernah nyerah pada diri sendiri , 3.berpikir logis & mengikuti hatiku , selalu memikirkan konsekuensi dari tindakanku.
(-) Mungkin terlalu keras kepala , tapi itu bisa kurubah sih , tetep dengerin kata orang sih
(+) bertanggung jawab & nepati janji , tidak akan pernah meninggalkan orang yang dicintai
Percintaan : Ketika Virgo jatuh cinta, mereka perlu waktu untuk terbuka pada seseorang yang baru. Mereka bergerak lambat dalam hubungan karena ]tidak ingin berakhir dengan penyesalan. Seorang pria Virgo lebih suka meluangkan waktu dan memastikan mereka bersama orang yang tepat
Jika Anda akan berkencan dengan Virgo, Anda perlu memahami bahwa pekerjaan mereka adalah prioritas. Terkadang, mereka mungkin menempatkannya di atas hubungan

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Sabias que ya no eres de tu signo zodiacal, porque ahora son 13. El nuevo signo se llama Ofiuco y los demás se cambiaron de días ='c F

gevivian163’s Profile PhotoVivian GE
Pues Según He Visto, Sigo Siendo Virgo Ya Que Cumplo El Plazo de Nacimiento... Ahora Con Respecto A Lo Que Mencionas, No Tengo Ni Idea

you seem like a person who's very much into money and material things. I bet you're an earth sign (taurus, virgo or capricorn)

> you seem like a person who's very much into money and material things.
While I am currently able to enjoy some of the finer things in life, I am a man of simple tastes and far from pretentious or materialistic. My rise from abject poverty was not motivated by material gain, but by an intense desire to learn / master an arcane topic. Everything that I possess is a byproduct of my perseverance and if surrender everything today, I could gain it all back because I am driven by something which is infinitely more precious than any possession known to man.
> I bet you're an earth sign (taurus, virgo or capricorn)
That would be a wise wager but I wouldn't put much stock in astrology. Interpretations can vary and certain stocks are more profitable than others. ;-)
you seem like a person whos very much into money and material things I bet youre

Soy un friki, haceme arder y demostrame que sos mejor que yo uwu

StrongerThanYou3’s Profile PhotoFran.
Sos un virgo 30 ton que no trabaja ni estudia, que vive en casa de sus padres buscando minitas menores por ask y asi te consideras un ser humano respetable? vivis pajiandote con los animes e imaginando que sos un protahonista de un harem y quieres aplicarlo en la vida real, compras figuritas e imaginas en tu cabeza historias donde conoces a las monitas y lo que harias, ves una mujer en la calle y te da miedo no sabes como mantenerle conversacion, te haces el gracioso por internert el unico lugar donde puedes hablar con otras mujeres y tu humor de nene de 5 años es una mierder, que va a ser de ti a tus 40 un gordo que acosa señoritas en el transporte publico y se las imagina como una monita china mientras mira como desperdicio su vida en lugar de haber estudiado algo, siendo un cobarde y culpando a los demas de su miseria y sus fracasos, pero sabes que pienso ? que dross si es gerontofilico no tengo pruebas pero tampoco dudas

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No pida esas cosas culeras mijo pinche gente creppy hasta te amenazan de muerte si no les sigues el juego xdd Y eso que no tengo ni mi foto, me aterra pensar que pasaría si la tuviese...

Ace_B’s Profile PhotoDante
Si si obvio, era joda xd nadie quiere eso e.e tampoco es que me asuste mucho la amenaza de un virgo inútil que no puede levantar el culo de la silla pero hiciste bien en no poner tu foto, así sí que hubieras estado en peligro jajajaj
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Que harías si la chica con la que estáis ligando os pregunta vuestro signo ?

Bewtre’s Profile PhotoBewtre
En el hipotético caso de estar soltera y alguien que me está coqueteando, que yo lo estoy haciendo o que ambos/os lo estamos haciendo y de la nada me pregunta mi signo del zodiaco, pues se lo digo sin ningún problema.
¿Que ya es una de estas personas que creen de verdad en los horóscopos y basa sus relaciones en base a ello? Pues hasta luego Maricarmen, porque nadie aguanta a una virgo. 💁🏻‍♀️ (Okno, es joda JAJAJAJA).

Di 10 cosas sobre ti

1. Me gusta la naturaleza.
2. Odio la falsedad.
3. Soy virgo aunque no creo en los horóscopos.
4. Tengo dos nombres aunque el segundo lo odio.
5. Me gusta ver pelis y series.
6. Me gusta pintar mandalas.
7. Odio los malos tratos sea a personas como a animales.
8. Tengo muchas cicatrices.
9. Soy súper torpe.
10. Me han dicho que tengo enorme el corazón.

Si no es en esta vida será en otra...

Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis
Sancta Mater Dei, ora pro nobis
Sancta Virgo virginum, ora pro nobis
Mater Christi, ora pro nobis
Mater Ecclesiae, ora pro nobis
Mater Divinae Gratiae, ora pro nobis
Mater purissima, ora pro nobis
Mater castissima, ora pro nobis
Mater inviolata, ora pro nobis
Mater intemerata, ora pro nobis
Mater inmaculata, ora pro nobis
Mater amabilis, ora pro nobis

Mi signo zodiaco es virgo ♍ crees que haría buena pareja contigo?

No entiendo, ni tampoco creo en eso de las compatibilidades de los signos del zodiaco. Pienso que es superstición porque dudo que tenga que ver e influya en la personalidad de una persona cuando nació y la posición de las estrellas en ese momento.
Seguro que si realmente nos ponemos a comparar tres o cuatro personas del mismo signo, sean completamente distintas aunque por probabilidades puedan coincidir en alguna cosa aleatoriamente con alguno.

As a Capricorn, what ‘Capricorn traits’ do you not have?

I’m driven by success and status, but its not necessarily about money. I like classy, elegant things, and abhor people with poor taste and uncultured behaviour. I am also rational and cold. I like beauty and perfection.
I can fit every characteristic most of the time and split from the traits with some aspects. I'm career oriented, but not ambition obsessed. I'm money driven, but not at the cost of quality or people. I'm a lover of art, but not a fan of knick-knacks. I'm an organized, efficient, & thorough worker, but not exactly a "hard worker bee."
I'm emotional & sentimental, but can certainly be stern & terse. Sometimes I'm "cold" when sorting through my emotions, I like to be able to speak about them clearly so that they are taken seriously and respected. But I cry at Disney movies, too. I like things tidy, but overlook little messes as long as they are taken care of before getting out of hand. Resourceful, creative, family-oriented, compassionate, patient, intelligent, balanced - these are traits most "readings" neglect of Capricorns. I used to fit most (ambition, hard work, wise with money, emotionless) when I was younger, and haven’t explored much about life and myself. Now, I can’t believe I’m even a Cap to begin with. Work is a chore, ambition is smth I feel I’m forced to have to better my circumstances, I don’t save. I’ve cried and felt more emotions in the past three years than I’ve ever had my whole life. It’s confusing and pretty alienating.
I can be ruthlessly blunt. Very straightforward and often times can be mean, or so people feel that’s how I’m being. Emotionally I’m unstable, but very rarely show it. I’d rather be working than with friends and most people even bosses would call me a workaholic. I push people away often.
I don’t have a lot of Capricorn traits. My only other earth placements are my Virgo NN & Capricorn Neptune. Rest of chart is mostly Aquarius & then Sagittarius & Aries sprinkled in there. What I DO have is the overthinking & worrying... I take myself pretty seriously and my absolute least favorite thing in the world is being made to look bad. I care a lot about my status (to my dismay) and I crave power and success, mostly cause I like the respect and attention that comes with it. Not big on money. However, people always say I do not come off as an earth sign. When I’m not depressed, I’m very outgoing and playful, I’m scatterbrained, irresponsible, impulsive, I’ve been told I’m “airy” but that doesn’t sound like a good thing ha. I always felt like I was having an identity crisis because I never have presented as a traditional Capricorn and I actually even have a stellium so I relate heavily in other ways like work ethic, responsibility, and ambition.

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Type "I am a *your zodiac sign* and that's why..." and let the middle predictive texts finish it ✨

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
I am a virgo and that’s why I don’t think so I think so much to say I love ya sis lol lol
The lol lol is included 👀
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YOUR BIRTHDAY ➥ When and where were you born? What is your zodiac sign? Does it match your personality? + Do you believe in horoscopes?

megansworld932’s Profile Photomegan
I was born on 21 September 1996 in a small town called Edgmere, in Maryland. I am a Virgo and according to the Internet, I therefore am a perfectionist, intelligent, kind, supportive, gentle and have high standards for myself.
A part of it is true, but I still don't believe in horoscopes and all that stuff. What may apply to one does not necessarily apply to all. If you know one Virgo, you only know one and not all of them.

Why are Virgo men so stingy with their money? I definitely know some, and it's not that they couldn't afford certain things - they can, they just don't want to. They'd rather buy something that's $60 instead of buying something BETTER for $100. Life is about living handsomely. Money's just paper.

Being a Virgo male I would say that money does not grow on trees and that once the money has been spent, it is gone forever and can never be reclaimed. So Virgo's tend to see purchases as 'investments" and as such they do not like to make irrational investments. I suppose you might describe a Virgo man as being both frugal and cautiously optimistic. And quite frankly, most women I have met throughout the years find me to be both obnoxious and offensive, which is why I consider myself lucky to have been married to the same woman for 42 years and I am blessed that she is kind hearted, full of grace and is well educated and open minded enough to have given me the opportunity to prove my worth as a human, a husband, a father and a friend.
And as I like to say, the fact that some people do not like me, is NOT my problem and I refuse to make it my problem.
Live and let live!

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Why are Virgo men so stingy with their money? I definitely know some, and it's not that they couldn't afford certain things - they can, they just don't want to. They'd rather buy something that's $60 instead of buying something BETTER for $100. Life is about living handsomely. Money's just paper.

I’m a Scorpio and don’t give a fxck about Virgo men.
My husband and son are Libras so I don’t give a shxt about Virgo men
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Holaaa💙 Qué signo eres? Que te gusta y no te gusta de tu signo? 🤔

Holasoyazul12’s Profile Photo✘Azul✘

♡ Frío, tibio o caliente: te aburres fácilmente.

rcksgames’s Profile PhotoRcksgames.
Tibio, entrando a caliente.
Soy virgo, necesito renovarme o sino siento morir.
Soy una persona naturalmente bastante habladora, me desvivo por la diversidad de temas y estoy en constante aprendizaje.
No puedo lidiar con alguien que no sepa expanderse más allá de monosílabos, me gusta la gente que se atreve hablar sin tapujos pero con firmeza y sobre todo, conocimiento de lo hablado.
Así que sí, me aburro cuando no me aportan interés o no son capaces de entablar conversación no básicas, ni hablar de los pasatiempos, actividades o deberes. 🍃
Frío tibio o caliente te aburres fácilmente

What is your star ???

yesterday I saw this season related to astrology and couldn't help myself but grunt over the type I'm watching thes days, my brain cells surely cursed a million times but ig getting crush on someone and knowing about his star makes you do this shit so yea i made an extra effort by googling what qualities a virgo man has and how he handles a Leo woman.

Virgo bohat achy hoty hain Shaheer 😬

ToxicaTedCandy’s Profile PhotoAyfa Mir
Hahaha I have two brothers, both are virgos, I have 4 friends one if them is a virgo and I was once talking to a virgo and I noticed they like to come to their own conclusions, same with my friend and brother. Like you're literally saying one thing and they interpret it their own way 😭 and yeah I knew you were a virgo, for some reason I never was able to get close to a virgo probably because we are complete opposite, and I'm not gonna lie I actually avoid virgos because it's too much effort for me at times. Virgos are too logical, I'm more of a intuitive person with logic set for only specific tasks. I probably even have a bias towards virgos.

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