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Do guys mind if girl have belly fat?

I have a boyfriend, his name is Paulo, he is Portuguese himself, and before that I had a relationship when the guy had digestive problems, and he called me fat, because because of this he was like a skeleton, and I, with my height, are 156 cm, and for some reason 53 kg was fat for him, so he wrote all sorts of nasty things to me from all over the pages.
I also had a little belly, but it did not appear from food, but because I started taking fish oil at home. All sorts of vitamins to stay thin. I generally can’t gain weight like that, because if the weight is too much, I might faint.
When I met Paulo,let's start with the fact that he knows English,I think that's really great.And do you know what he told me?You may be fat for that moron,but for me you are a very beautiful,small,and slender girl.
You know,if a guy is normal and everything is fine with him,then he loves not for his weight,but for the presence of brains in his head. So develop yourself more often.I have read more than 500 books in my life, and now I am studying a little mathematics.
Of course,I read them in Ukrainian, because I am Ukrainian.And you know,this doesn’t affect if you go to clubs.It’s just easier for me,I like to meet smarter people.

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Czy przyjmujesz suplementy diety? Jeżeli tak to z jakiej grupy?

Fruubus’s Profile Photoa̷nett
To ja może je wszystkie wystawie i zrobie zdjecie, nie chce mi się tego opisywać. I w "Vitaminall. Vitamins & minerals" jest ok 22 tych roznych witamin itd (Kupilam w Decatlonie jakby co.)
I od razu mowię to nie jest coś co muszę brać, ale jest to coś co po prostu chce mieć pod ręką i coś czym moge swoje zdrowie wspomagać.
Czy przyjmujesz suplementy diety Jeżeli tak to z jakiej grupy

Is happiness a choice, or is depression real?

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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I think the "positive vibes only"-community loves to believe in this and to a certain point it is.
But depression occurs from low dopamine levels in your body and also from other lack of other vitamins such as iron deficiency leads to a higher urge to sleep and constant tiredness although you slept regularly. Sleeping more than is good can lead to worsening depression as well as increase the risk of heart attack and circulatory diseases.
So yes, depression is not only mental but starts with deficiencies in our body and brain - and then it affects people physically as well.

انا بعمل دايت وبدأت تمارين من يومين بس حرفيا جسمي منكسر لدرجه مش قادره اقعد أو اتحرك ممكن اعرف دا ليه وايه الحل

نامى كويس و كلى اكل كويس مناسب لنظام التمرين و خودى multi vitamins كل ده هيسرع من عملية استشفاء العضلات 👍🏻

What are some things you do for the betterment of your hair? Personally, I started using a natural shampoo, and I massage my scalp with a homemade scrub 1 time per week.

I take hair vitamins, use natural shampoo/conditioner, no chemicals, don’t use any additional products, don’t use heat or styling tools, minimal brushing… finger combing.
What are some things you do for the betterment of your hair Personally I started

مضايقه اوي عشان الروچ ال ب 15جنيه فيه رصاص 🥹🙂

Alaaabdalkader5’s Profile Photoالاء
الرصاص بنضيفه عشان يزود ال spreading بتاع المنتج عشان ميعملش كتل ويتفرد بسهوله وميكلكعش، بس دا للأسف صحة المستهلك، فبطلنا نشتغل بيه ولكن الانواع الرخيصة مش بتكلف وبتشتغل بيه
فعمتا الروچ مش مفضل بالنسبالي، في lip gloss نسبة ال pigment فيها معقولة، ومضاف ليها vitamins ونسبة moisturizers محترمة فوائدها worthy إنك تبطلي تستخدمي ال lipstick وتستبدليه بيها

Pt (2) Kindly suggest me supplements to help regulate my micronutrients intake. For instance, I recently discovered my repeated joint injuries is a result of not consuming V-D13, cal C and so on. I don't eat many veggies. Tou if you could suggest micros I could follow to regulate,it'd be huge help.

If you eat a well balanced and varied diet, you should get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Eat fruit and vegetables of many different colours. You can eat small amounts of oily fish, such as salmon, sardines etc. You can include small amounts of dairy and meat products. Nuts and seeds are full of good vitamins and minerals, but as in all food, eat in moderation.
I already posted something about vitamin d and calcium, you can check on my wall.

Well. You're right. Nutrition has a vital role to play with thr human biology. I started looking into it amid my fitness journey and was most surprised to see that one could almost regulate their entire body system via diet. I also learnt the importanfe of each macro in our diet. (1)

Part 2 of vitamins and minerals importance:
Minerals are vital substances for every living being to live a healthy life. They are like little warriors which help the body in regeneration and repair of cells, energy transmission, nerve signaling, strengthening muscle and bone, healing wounds, boosting immunity, and much more. Thousands of mechanisms in our body like performing day-to-day activities smoothly need the necessary amount of different minerals. But are we aware of which minerals are essential and how they play a crucial role in our body? And how can one take minerals via food instead of medicine?
Vitamins are continually consumed within the body and must be repleneished continually.
Vitamins are Organic Nutrient- Most of which are not made in the body and mainly obtained through food. Each of the vitamins have specific functions in the body, for example
Vitamin A: Essential for Healthy Eyes, Healthy Teeth, Skin and General Growth and Development. Natural source: Carrots and other Citrus Fruits– all of which get their hue from the carotene pigment.
Vitamins B: For Immune Function and Iron Absorption. Natural source: Whole grains, Potatoes, Bananas, Lentils etc
Folic acid – Vitamin B9: Helps in Preventing Birth Defects in Pregnancy. Natural source: Dark Leafy Greens, Asparagus, Broccoli, Citrus Fruits, Beans, Peas, Lentils, Seeds, Nuts, Cauliflower etc
Vitamin C: Give Skin its Elasticity, act as an Anti-Oxidant and helps in Iron Absorption. Source: Oranges, Guava, Red and Green Peppers, Kiwi, Grapefruits, Strawberries, Sprouts etc
Vitamin D: For Strong Healthy Bones. Natural Source: Spending out few Minutes in Sun, Eggs, Fish and Mushrooms.
Vitamin E: For Blood Circulation, and Protection from Free Radicals. Natural source: Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes etc
Vitamin K: Helps in Blood Coagulation Natural source: Leafy Greens Vegetables, Sprouts, Broccoli, etc

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For instance, the importance of consumption of fats for brain activity. The fog that comes over otherwise. How you can ACTUALLY regulate your hormones and emotions via food. For instance, consumption of chocolate giving way to oxytocin. What about micros tho? What's their importance in your opinion

There are many food that can help in regulating hormones , for example:
Broccoli: Apart from all the health benefits and nutrients, broccoli can also help in maintaining estrogen balance. Due to it's high possession of calcium, it also relieves women from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which can trigger symptoms such as mood swings, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, irritability and depression
Pomegranate: Rich in antioxidant components, pomegranates help in controlling excessive production of estrogen in the body. In addition to that, it also prevents forms of breast cancers associated with estrogen
Quinoa: Packed with vitamins, fiber and protein, it helps keep uncertain blood sugar levels at bay, which in turn keeps a check on insulin and androgen levels. It's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory components help reduce risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Assuming your diet has no deficiencies to start with, your body is constantly making hormones. If it needs to wait for some nutrient to show up, there's no guarantee that it will show up when needed.
The various organs that are making hormones are running 24/7. They may slow down at times, but they work to ensure that there's a steady supply and a small reserve if needed. Not all hormones are always free floating in your body. Some, like adrenaline, are produced on demand; others like oxytocin are produced following specific things your brain or body does.
Coming to micronutrient (vitamins and minerals)
Metabolic pathways could not run without vitamins and minerals that are co-enzymes to the enzymes in reactions. Your metabolism cease to function and you would die. Some control your fluid levels and blood pressure, heart rhythm, skeletal mass, and some keep your immune system functional. Your red blood cells would not be produced or they’d be deformed and non-functional.
You'd be a mess a lifeless blob without vitamins and minerals.

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Hello dear 👋wanna ask you that is there any relation of thinning and greying of hair with the location changes??

anaaali46’s Profile Photo@nu
There’s a range of pollutants that can contribute to hair loss, including air and waterborne toxins. If you live in a highly polluted environment, you may develop sensitive scalp syndrome, whose symptoms include an oily scalp, itching, pain in the hair roots, and dandruff....You can reduce exposure by covering your hair while in such environments. Another solution is washing the hair to remove any toxins.
Luckily these environmental factors rarely cause permanent hair loss. You’ll notice positive results a few months after implementing some changes.
They include quitting smoking, adopting a healthy diet(Protein is an essential nutrient for hair growth,,,, Sugar-rich junk food, as well as a strictly vegan diet, might deny your follicles the nourishment they need.
There are several healthy diet options you can adopt for thicker, darker, and healthier hair. They include water, salmon, vegetables, freshly squeezed juice, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt. They ensure your body receives crucial nutrients such as Vitamins, Omega-3, iron, proteins, and calcium. The trick is to eat a varied, healthy, and balanced diet) and taking better care of your hair.
Regular workouts will also help you manage stressful situations.

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You can go to the gym, drink your water, take your vitamins, you can eat healthy, wore makeup to make your skin glow, you can dress well but if you don't deal with the stuff going on in your heart and head, you're still going to be unhealthy and look sick.

amanarshaddk’s Profile PhotoAman Arshad ( امان ارشد )
yeah well we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the pursuit of happiness but with the happiness of pursuit

You can go to the gym, drink your water, take your vitamins, you can eat healthy, wore makeup to make your skin glow, you can dress well but if you don't deal with the stuff going on in your heart and head, you're still going to be unhealthy and look sick.

amanarshaddk’s Profile PhotoAman Arshad ( امان ارشد )
i'm still figuring out tht exactly for wht purpose u send me this :/
either u are just trying to state a fact (which is actually not a reality for me) or asking something!!!! :|

You can go to the gym, drink your water, take your vitamins, you can eat healthy, wore makeup to make your skin glow, you can dress well but if you don't deal with the stuff going on in your heart and head, you're still going to be unhealthy and look sick.

amanarshaddk’s Profile PhotoAman Arshad ( امان ارشد )
Umm agree in some way. But you gotta be strong. Don’t let that lil hope go away from your heart. Everything will get better Eventually.

How often do you eat apples?

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Probably once a month. Or one in two months even.
Tbh they are not my fave fruit. I eat other fruits more regularly such as bananas because I lack some Vitamins. Such as Vitamin B or D. Furthermore, I buy melon and strawberries or kiwis more often.

a tip? what to do to have your hair always well cared for and that you do not fall so much? I have tried everything and nothing works for me

Maybe falling is caused by something else in your body (like vitamins or something else). Maybe check that with a doctor first.
For the hair, I do recommend Kerastase, heat protection if you use it, a good trim every 3 months, a good hairdresser that won’t agree to kill your hair for money and homemade masks that you can find recipes for on internet.
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Were you infected with COVID-19?

Yes, t'was October 2020, and it was a blessing. That was my first long vacation after yeeears of investing my body to studies and work. For 3 weeks my routine sa facility ay, tulog, exercise, kain, take vitamins, alaga sa self, VC sa loved ones, read books and recollect my hobbies and passion that I left behind. Pagkalabas ko, para akong bulak na lumulutang sa sobrang gaan ng pakiramdam ko. Hahaha. Pero totoo yon.
T'was a reminder to me to really really take good care of our body. :)
So grateful it happened. 🌼

انا منتقبه و يعتبر مش بطلع نهائي فى البلكونات و جالى نقص فيتامين د بسبب عدم التعرض للشمس بتحصل مواقف زباله ان بطلع البلكونه اقل من ثانيه اعمل حاجه و امشى و فى أوقات صعبه ان حد من الجيران يكون بره ساعتها و يشوفنى حد للحظه المواقف دى خليتى اكره نفسى فعلياً و انى بكسل البس النقاب لغرض بسيط مش هياخد وقت

الدنيا أسهل من كدا بكتير، أنت نفسك قلت إنك بتكسلي تلبسي النقاب، فببساطة شديدة متكسليش..
وممكن تبقوا تعملوا ستارة على البلكونة؛ بحيث تبقى مقفولة لو طالعة دقيقة تعملي حاجة وداخلة.
وممكن تكشفي وفي Vitamins بتتاخد يعني والدنيا بسيطة إن شاء الله.
" إنسان "

دكتور لو باخد kirkland daily multi vitamins عشان عندي نقص vit D وشوية سوء تغذية وكدا المفروض اخده ب dose اد ايه؟

انهو نوع من Kirkland ؟
The recommended daily dose 400 _800 I.U for adult otherwise osteoporotic patients or that has hyperparathyroidism

I have been feeling low for the past 3 days I keep crying at nights in front of Allah things are not getting better In terms of practicality of life everything is fine Life is smooth it's just my mental condition which is getting worse and worse for no fucking reason

Check up on 3 things
1) Your Sleep Cycle,
2) Your Eating habbits (how many times u eat and what u eat as well, get checked for vitamin D and B12 or other B vitamins as they can affect mood)
3) Also check overall routine, are you doing anything productive? Or just laying in bed all day? Do you get enough physical activty?
Do you spend time with friends and fam? Social life is also very important for mental health, also how is ur environment, dirty or clean?
Try making a checklist at night before bed of small achievements you can do the next day to keep feeling accomplished, here are some ideas
1) daily 10 minute tidies
2) painting a picture
3) ironing a desired amount of clothing (you can save time in future by doing this)
4) cooking
5) reading a book, or learning one chapter a day from syllabus of any subject
6) writing a journal
7) learning a new skill
8) learning a new language
9) other arts and crafts besides painting
10) playing sports

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بتستخدموا إيه لشعركوا بيجيب نتيجة كويسة ومش بخشروميت ألف جنيه 🤔

بصي انا شعري كان بيقع جداا وم كنتش عارفة حل
بس مؤخرا جبت vitamins اصلا كنت جايباه لبشرتي بس بجد التساقط قل وضربت عصفورين بحجر 👍😂

any tips para tumaba? 😪

1. Kain ng madami tas Tulog. Pag gising mo, Kumain ka ulit ng madami. Araw arawin mo yan.
2. Wag masyadong magpapawis.
3. Kumain ka rin ng mga sweets.
4. Take ka ng vitamins, Bumili at sabihan mo yung pharmacist (vitamins nga yung pang palakas ng kain)
Tignan natin kung di ka pa tataba niyan 😂
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ايه اسباب الدوخة المفاجئة المستمرة طول اليوم؟

غالباً نقص6& vitamin B12 و اللي ممكن تسبب انيميا و الدوخه بتزيد اكتر لو بتعمل مجهود أو طالع سلم و برضو لو الضغط واطي و فيه نقص في ال mineral ف ممكن تحس بدوخه وعدم اتزان لما تكون قاعد و تيجي تقف ، اعمل /ي تحليل CBC صورة دم و خد حاجه multi vitamins مع Vitamin B12 ممكن تاخد حقن يوم ويوم بالتبادل (Biovit 12 )
و لو الضغط واطي ممكن تاخد محلول saline و فيه حقن Vitamin B12 زي B_com

What “old person” things do you do?

I write checks in cursive and thank-you notes when I receive unexpected gifts. I’ve just recently started waking up at 5am and going to bed early (when I can). I take vitamins occasionally and sometimes use retinol cream. I like doing puzzles and complaining about kids these days. For the most part though, I feel like I behave my age.

حد يعرف حل لتعب اول ايام في الجيم حرفيا جسمي كله مدغدغ 🙃

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.
كخبرة في هذا المجال والله المستعان ، يجب عدم الإجهاد في التمارين وعدم التحمس الشديد لفعل التمارين في أول الأمر ، فهذا يؤثر على العضلات ومن ثم الإجهاد والتعب وعدم التحمل .
⭐في الأول محتاجين نلعب General بحيث نشغل كل العضلات لمدة أسبوع.
⭐بعد كده ٤مجاميع بس في الأسبوع كل مجموعة45m و المجموعة بها 5 أو 6 تمرينات كل تمرينة 10×4 ومع كل مجموعة نجيب تمارين جديدة بحيث يكون فيه تنويع في التمارين.
⭐الراحة واتباع نظام غذائي كويس حتى لا يؤثر على الجسم مع استهلاكه للكثير من الطاقة وال Vitamins &minerals .
وفقكم الله وسدد خطاكم.

اخر Copy يلزمني، وهتعبره رساله لياا وانا وحظي بقا.. ♥

our body is water. It’s an essential element to keep the body healthy because it cleans the body and eliminates toxins. It is also an effective vehicle for transporting the vitamins and mineral salts that our cells need.
Water is used by the body to remove toxins and waste products. When there is less water in the body, the heart has to work harder to pump the oxygenated blood to all the cells and other major organs, and that can cause fatigue.
In most cases, the main reason for headaches and migraines is dehydration.
When we drink enough water, the metabolism rate increases, that is, the food we eat breaks down properly. This helps the digestive system to function properly and to prevent constipation.
Water helps replenish skin tissues, as well as hydrate it and increase its elasticity. When the body receives enough water, the skin will be hydrated.
The thermal properties of water and its ability to release body heat when sweat evaporates from the skin’s surface are of great help in maintaining body temperature throughout the day. A well-regulated body temperature will make us feel more energetic and keep our muscles and joints lubricated, preventing us from having cramps and sprains.

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The best thing that has happened to you this week 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Got snowed in with my wife today. We did a puzzle and cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. It was nice because we couldn't go anywhere even if we needed/wanted to so we had a stress free guilt free day together.
I got some really frustrating computer algorithm to work (flawlessly) at work today. Did a simple task, but the satisfaction of seeing something you slaved over finally start working is very rewarding.
My crush offered to let me vent to her with all the shit I've been through this year. Going back to the office and socializing with my team in person.
Got surgery that I've been needing for around a year. Took months to get to the point where I finally decided to get help. Had to go through the whole X-Ray/CT/MRI thing a few times, visit with my doctor a few times, and get medications to try and help, all to get referred to a neurosurgeon and have to wait 2 months to get my surgery.
Spent quality time with my partner before he flies off for work for 2-3 weeks. Bitter sweet knowing that I won't be seeing him for weeks, but those were the best moments and feeling I had in weeks.
I did a colleague a favor, expecting maybe lunch in return. I had a good time, got a free lunch, and was paid $100.
I’ve been a nurse for eight years. This past year broke me and I thought about leaving nursing for good. I decided to give it one last chance. I started a new job on Monday and I absolutely love it. I am excited to go back next week!
A couple years ago I saved a woman’s life by forcing her to go to the ER after she passed out. She was mad at me because she didn’t think it was anything serious but she went and she ended up in complete heart block and coded in the ER and have to have a pacemaker put in. I saw her yesterday and she remembered me and thanked me for saving her life. It’s a good feeling.
Saw my mum for the first time in two and a half years. I flew from US to see her in UK. It was a complete unexpected surprise for her too.
Keeping continued contact with someone I’m very fond of.
That I became friends with my male best friend. He is so sweet and supportive and I really love him!
I watched my cousins get married on the beach in Florida. They’ve been together 16 years and only recently were allowed to wed.
My dad and I went to lunch. Seems quite lame, but it’s really huge for me.
I started taking vitamins, getting motivation to work out again, and I'm learning to love myself and not be so obsessed with my depression. I read a cool fanfiction and a big update came to my favorite game.

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is it okay to have egg sandwich with mozarella and tomatoes salad on the side for dinner? will that make me fat?

eat it. stop worrying about what will make you fat. Eggs, tomatoes, and mozzarella isn't an unhealthy combo. You've got protein and vitamins and fiber. If you want to worry about foods, worry about things that are obviously unhealthy

Are you worry about this Delta Variant ?

Honestly, right now I'm exposed to the corona virus. However, my friends told me not to panic and be afraid because it can make my immune system decrease. just follow the health protocol by washing hands, sunbathing in the morning, eating fruits and vegetables, vitamins, exercise and regular rest. Remember, corona exists, we can be afraid but don't panic and be careless

دكتور لو سمحت انا حاسه دايما ان مجهودى قليل وبتعب بسرعه انا ف تالته طب وبمتحن دلوقتى ومحتاجه اركز اكتر ممكن حضرتك تقول على حاجه اجيبها من الصيدليه تكون مقويات بشكل عام او multi vitamins مع العلم عملت cbc وطلع الهيموجلوبين 12

حضرتك نفس الشخص ال طلبت منه تحاليل غدد ولا مين ..لو حاجه مؤقته فقط وقت الامتحانات تقدري تستخدمي vitamount or vitayami ولو ضغطك مظبوط ممكن كمان ginkobiloba بالشفا والتوفيق يا دكتوره 🥀

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