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Kurze (sehr doofe) Frage für eine "minimal" Unwissende: Welche Positionen gibt es/sind überhaupt in einer K-Pop Gruppe möglich?

Basically gibt es drei "Grundpositionen/-talente"
Vocalist, Rapper und Dancer (pretty much selbsterklärend denke ich, ansonsten gerne nachfragen :D)
Diese werden weiter unterteilt in Main, Lead und Sub Positionen. Ein Main Vocalist wäre demnach die Person in der Gruppe, die am besten singt und ein Sub Vocalist jemand, der zwar auch gut singt, aber unter den Sängern der Gruppe der/die Schwächste ist. Dementsprechend sind dann normalerweise auch die Lines verteilt - ein Main Vocal wird in den allermeisten Fällen mehr Lines bekommen, als ein Sub Vocal.
Je nach Größe und Talentverteilung einer Gruppe kommen die Positionen auch mehrfach vor bzw haben Member auch mehrere Positionen
Zusätzlich zu den Basic Positionen gibt es die Special Positionen:
Leader, Visual, Center und Face of the Group.
Da sind die Definitionen etwas schwammig, ich erkläre einfach Mal, wie ich sie auffasse.
Leader ist vermutlich wieder recht klar.
Visual ist die Person, die den Koreanischen Beautystandards am meisten entspricht. Sie sind meistens die Personen, die in Werbespots zuerst gezeigt werden und generell immer Mal Deals bekommen.
Das Face ist (in meinen Augen) die Person, die in gewisser Weise am bekanntesten ist, die Person, an die man denkt, wenn man den Namen der Gruppe hört (z.B. Nayeon von Twice, Taeyeon von NCT, Kai von Exo etc)
Das Center ist der Part, der die Gruppe "zusammenhält". Oft ein All Rounder, der besonders in Performances ein bisschen im Mittelpunkt steht - z.b. im Chorus in der Mitte steht etc. Ein Beispiel wäre Yiren von Everglow oder Jungkook von BTS.
Ich hoffe das hat geholfen, ansonsten gibt es ganz viele gute Beiträge dazu im Internet, die das ganze sicherlich besser erklären c:

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Sorry, ich weiß gerade nicht mehr ob das irgendwo steht o. mal erwähnt wurde. Beide Gruppen sind mir 5 m relativ klein: wird jede Position nur 1 mal vergeben oder kann/wird es auch mehrere mains, leads & subs dancer, vocalist & rapper geben?

Die Main und Special Positionen wird es mit sehr großer Wahrscheinlichkeit nur ein Mal geben, aber ich es wird sicherlich mehrere Leads und Subs geben :)

Any Soundgarden fans? What’s your favorite song?

Typical response but “Black Hole Sun” is my favorite. But I remember it very clearly from my childhood watching the music video from it. Everything about it I loved except for the fish scene. As I grew older Chris Cornell’s first solo album became one of my all time favorites. Still consider him possibly the greatest rock vocalist of all time. Also wow what a gorgeous man he was. Definitely had a huge crush on him in my teens.

band musicale che più odiate

Non odio nessuna band, parto da questo assunto. Posso non gradire determinate band per il sound o per il vocalist, giusto per citarne due elementi a caso, ma riconoscerne comunque la bravura e l'influenza. Un esempio sono i Led Zeppelin, di cui non riesco a tollerare la voce di Robert Plant, ma questo non esclude che li ritenga comunque ottimi.
Detto ciò, non ho una vera e propria classifica per decretare una band che non tollero, ce ne sono varie (per citarne alcune, gli Zeppelin, i Simphony X e i Nirvana) che non amo, ma non saprei citarne quella più detestata.

If you like someone what do you do

That depends on the circumstance and the nature of the relationship. If I am performing with a band and I think the vocalist has a great voice, I will compliment them by expressing that I like their voice. However, if I am with my best friend and I happen to also like his girlfriend or his wife, I will likely keep my opinions concerning her beauty to myself. Why risk offending someone when it can be avoided. Yes, some women would appreciate the compliment where others might take offense. Sometimes, silence is the best policy.

I know someone who made a fanpage account for themselves. Not saying who cause that ain't relevant, it's not the person, it's the idea of doing that. So the idea of doing that - on a scale from 1 to 10 how sad and pathetic is that?

I think the answer depends upon how the fan page is utilized. If, for example, you are a vocalist and you post recording of yourself singing and charge a fee to listen, I do not see any problem.
However, if you are a married woman with children, and you create a fan page to post porn and use it for sexting without the explicit consent of your husband and the social network, then I believe it is grounds for divorce and suspension of the account.
Now with that said, I believe this type of behavior is rampant on most social networks. In fact, several years ago I worked with tumblr to identify and remove all porn from their network. What was interesting was that one user was upset when we challenged her about the porn she posted every morning between 4am and 6am. I even warned her that I was working with tumblr to clean up their network and she needed to remove the porn. She mocked me and laughed at me and told to stick it where the sun don't shine. The day we deleted the contents of her account, she wasn't laughing anymore.
Ultimately, each social network is responsible for the content they allow to be uploaded to their network servers. And each company and user should be held accountable based upon user agreement and local law enforcement.

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Tell me your favorite musical artist and favorite song of theirs?

For me, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer because I enjoy so many artists and composers, and at various times in my life I was attracted to different songs and bands. The other aspect of my musical taste centers around instrumentation, harmony, song writing, poetic integrity, improvisation, counterpoint, creativity and the actual performance. It is complicated. So let's simplify the process and focus on the Classic Rock Ballad. For me, the band would be Journey and the vocalist and composer Steve Perry.
Example#1 - Rock Ballad
Journey - Open Arms
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ByIYof4mqoalexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqoalexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqo
I have many other examples for various styles of music.
Remember, these are not trivial questions and my answers are not arbitrary, but thoughtful responses based upon years as a performing musician. -Enjoy-

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqoalexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqo

How unlucky are you?

Ticklestar’s Profile Photoaqsayyy
Everytime me and bois in the studio.
Me to drummer: dude why your snare is sounding like a bath tub
Drummer to vocalist: why tf are you singing like a dying whale.
Vocalist to guitarist: can you stop delivering your godzilla riffs on my clean parts assholee.
Meanwhile bassist: *scratching his balls*
I dont even know why im here. Im just tired.
How unlucky are you

Che storia ce dietro il vostro nome? E vi piace o lo cambiereste?

Intendi il mio nome di battesimo o quello di ask?
Per il mio vero nome semplicemente è lo stesso di mia nonna paterna; mentre Miuvia-san è l'insieme del mio vero nome + Juvia (personaggio di Fairy Tail a cui molti mi associavano/associano) + onorifico giapponese.
hemmo96_is_a_penguin è a causa dei 5 Seconds of Summer, poiché il lead vocalist si chiamava hemmoisapenguin su instagram. Il 96 è per il mio anno di nascita.

wenn du das nächste mal 2 frau bist, gib einfach eine ab, das wird auf beiden seiten eine menge probleme lösen. zum beispiel wohin mit den ganzen oliven????????

Drehpimmel30000’s Profile PhotoPhønix aus dem Aschenbecher
"hä wann hatte ich denn mal mitleid mit dir? ich hab doch nur allumfassendes mitgefühl für alles was wächst und stirbt :0"
"was wäre denn wenn ich mehrheitlich deutschen rap mache? kann ich hier hier irgendwo diese emojis machen wo sich zwei finger so verlegen berühren?"
"aber chris will dass ich wieder death metal vocalist werde, ich schwanke noch - sag ma meinung?"
1. ich bin ab morgen 4frau. Wenn du mich vierteilst freust du
dich Weihnachten, Ostern, Pfingsten und an deinem
Geburtstag. Ich löse übrigens nur deine großen Probleme.
2. ich wachse nicht mehr und bin immortal
3. wenn du genau gelesen hast, habe ich das
musikalische Richtungsproblem gerade auch noch gelöst.
Die Sache mit den Emojis wird komplizierter, das erledigt
dann No.5. Nenn mich Lou-Ise Bega. Grüße an Chris, er
kann nichts für dieses Chaos. Ich aber auch nicht.

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I released my new single 'Yakeen' a month ago. Please give it a listen and share your honest reviews! Your support will be highly appreciated and will surely help me grow. https://youtu.be/uBLQdTon9Hg

BilalMohsin231’s Profile PhotoBilaaal.
Done you blessed vocalist!!! Loved it & hey everyone please give his work views, attention & all the appreciation that he truly deserves! 🦄💮

? As meninas do "Dreamnote" fizeram seu comeback em Janeiro com a música "Wish". Te desafio a usar qualquer uma das integrantes do grupo e comentar algo sobre elas se quiser.

❥━ Miso (Jeon Jimin), October 25, 2000, scorpio. Dreamnote's main vocalist and rapper; https://bit.ly/2xe3pFFhttps://bit.ly/3aI5I27 x
A dificuldade entre escolher entre Miso e Lara foi muito torturante pra mim, poderia facilmente representar as duas, e talvez eu ainda me renda a colocar a lindinha da Lara por aqui, poxa, ela é uma orbit e tem a mesma bias que eu! Mas enfim, os olhinhos da Miso me encantaram mais dessa vez.
Dreamnote é um grupo relativamente novo pra mim, eu o conheci com esse comeback e especialmente por conta de um vídeo que as meninas fizeram com covers de danças e a Youi se destacou! Outra fadinha muito da linda. E acho o conceito do grupo uma coisinha muito fofa. Eu gosto dos vocais, espero que os próximos cbs consigam me prender ainda mais.
Obrigada pela desafio, anon, você sempre me dá oportunidade de usar shapes diferentes e que eu tenho vontade de usar, então eu só tenho a agradecer. Não some mais!

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As meninas do Dreamnote fizeram seu comeback em Janeiro com a música Wish Te

CIAO GNOCCHI. Che ne pensate di dire 10 curiosità su di voi? Suvvia, spero non abbiate lo spessore di un tavolino!

《 "Spessore di un tavolino" lo dici alle tette di quella trøia di tua madre, non a me.
1) Il mio "colore" preferito è il nero;
2) Le mie band preferite sono gli Slipknot e i Three Days Grace. Ce ne sarebbero molte altre, di stampo metal chiaramente, ma mi fermo qui o non la finirei più;
3) Non è la frase di uno di quei føttuti bimbi di mėrda/edgy che c'erano nei primi anni duemila, ma sono serio se dico che un tempo prendevo gli psicofarmaci ed avevo frequenti allucinazioni. Inoltre praticavo autolesionismo, ma ne sono uscito grazie al sostegno di mia sorella Oshun ai tempi, oltre che di Maëlys;
4) So andare sullo skateboard in modo impeccabile. Conosco un sacco di tricks;
5) Ho una Harley-Davidson nero pece che amo come fosse la mia fidanzata;
6) Ho una fidanzata rossa che amo come fosse la mia Harley-Davidson;
7) Mio padre è morto prima che io nascessi e mia madre, beh, era una grandissima strønza che mi ha abbandonato senza farsi troppi scrupoli. Alla fine l'ho ritrovata e l'ho fatta fuori, comunque;
8) Avevo una band in cui ero il lead vocalist quando avevo tipo sedici o diciassette anni;
9) Odio quel porcø di Dio e simpatizzo per qualsiasi cosa rimandi al Satanismo, ma penso che questo l'aveste già capito;
10) Sono nato a Kemberley, in Sudafrica.
È tutto qui in studio.》

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CIAO GNOCCHI Che ne pensate di dire 10 curiosità su di voi Suvvia spero non

• Day 13 • Buondì bimbi 🍁 Oggi tema facile facile o estremamente complicato: parlarvi di VOI. Chi siete, che fate nella vita, passioni ecc. Conosciamoci un pochino meglio 👩🏻‍🦰

ChiaShawol’s Profile PhotoAndromeda ∞
Che dire ☆ ho 29 anni Ma non li dimostrò . Pensa che domenica la vocalist della radio durante l intervista alla sfilata me ne ha dati 15 😂
Sono calabrese e sono fiera delle mie radici .
Sono estroversa forse troppo. Dolce con chi lo merita . E tanto testarda e gelosa ☆
Amo la fotografia gli animali il calcio la danza e la lettura ☆
Amo le canzoni di ultimo ma non è il mio unico cantante preferito . Di lui amo i suoi testi .
Con il tempo e le esperienze mi son fatta le ossa e mi sono persa tante rivincite . Sto passando un periodo ni! Non so nemmeno io come sto ma per fortuna il mio carattere mi. Permettere di affrontare tutto per il meglio anche quando a volte mi sento sola e trovo 400 lati negativi ...
Sono molto positiva anche se a volte non dovrei ☆
Tifo Juve e sono opinionista in una trasmissione di calcio del mio paese . Faccio volontariato al canile ♡
Lavoro in un azienda sportiva . Sono fidanzata . Figlia unica purtroppo ma non sono viziata . Tutto ciò che ho lo devo ai miei Sacrifici e all'educazione che mi hanno dato i miei ....
Eccomi ♡ per altro basta chiedere

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oh hi Dr.Fatima ,how are you:)) I'm so glad that i got to take a glimpse of ur music taste:D andi thought u might like these https://youtu.be/mr7t3jEDcrw https://youtu.be/QBK6xymmKHM https://youtu.be/zj4iQItsJSY

Gotta admit i didnt know any of the artists u shared, i see ur into deep meaningful lyrics :'D my favorite vocalist was the 2nd guy esp that it's live and not a recording, best music was the band (3rd) link, the big loud instruments with tbe big voice were more to my taste, strongest msg was the 1st but too gothic and rocky for my taste.
I belive ur gonna like some of these vocal athletes :'D
Reflection by jessie j (from mulan)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nMF0oX9SSNwFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 nMF0oX9SSNwFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 nMF0oX9SSNw
Never enough (from the greatest showman)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rQWZK5U233sFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 rQWZK5U233sFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 rQWZK5U233s
Florence + the machine ❤
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iC-_lVzdiFEFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 iC-_lVzdiFEFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 iC-_lVzdiFE
Sam smith (his range is unbelievable)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nCkpzqqog4kFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 nCkpzqqog4kFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 nCkpzqqog4k
When we were young by Adele
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DDWKuo3gXMQFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 DDWKuo3gXMQFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 DDWKuo3gXMQ
Hozier ❤
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j2YgDua2gpkFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 j2YgDua2gpkFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 j2YgDua2gpk

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FatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 nMF0oX9SSNwFatimaMohamed757’s Video 155959450924 nMF0oX9SSNw +15 answers in: “بتسمعي عربي لمين؟”

Mah maan. But i will take both of them. Both are amazing in their own way. Do you listen to hip hop?

Dude when the joints are lit and the demons are called upon and i am the only one left with myself, i listen to whatever it is cuz it makes sense... A perfect sense... We like things out of our aesthetic levels and similarly we disapprove things, but when one is kinda high, he is kinda open for everything and when you are open, believe me everything starts making a sense even the chicken attack... You know what i have heard Queen more that Coldplay but its not about the lyrics or the symphony all the time... Its about the feel that vocalist passes through his or her vocal cords...
+15 answers in: “https://youtu.be/E_Lnm8VO_Es”

Nicht sicher, ob du es schon gefunden hast oder nicht. Just in case — here you are: https://youtu.be/gTMIPnWx__0

dundunduuuuuuuuuun’s Profile Photoe u p h o r i a
Ich habs tatsächlich auch schon selber gefunden aber vielen Dank! Ich nutze das jetzt einfach gleich mal als Gelegenheit um ein bisschen zu ramblen. Oh mein Gott, ich weiß gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll, ich bin irgendwie total sprachlos und gleichzeitig kann ich nie wieder über irgendwas anderes reden.
Es ist so unglaulich gut! Ich meine ich hatte ja auch nichts anderes erwartet, aber ich bin trotzdem bei jedem Album jedes Mal total geflashed, wenn ich das Mixtape höre. Ich hatte ja schon erwähnt, dass Broken Compass eh schon immer einer meiner Lieblings Songs von 3Racha war und oh mein Gott, diese Version wird dem echt gerecht!
Ich liebe die Änderungen. Das Lied wurde angepasst um auf die ganze Gruppe zu passen und trotzdem hört man das Original noch richtig raus und die Lyric changes erst. Ich glaube ich habe mehrmals (fast) ein bisschen geheult. Bei Felix englischem Rap Part ("Stray Kids nine or none we're gonna cross the finish line") und Chan's part ("It's been a year and it's true now, call me captain I do it for my crew now") ganz besonders. Ugh, das ganze Ding macht mich einfach unglaublich emotional. Irgendwie krass, dass es jetzt echt schon ein Jahr seit dem Debüt ist, irgendwie kommt es mir gar nciht so vor. Und gleichzeitig hab ich auch irgendwie das Gefühl, es wäre schon länger gewesen, wenn man mal daran denkt, was sie in der Zeit bereits alles erreicht haben. Ich bin stolz auf meine Kinder :')
Ich hoffe mit diesem Comeback gewinnen sie eine Menge neue Fans, they deserve the world.
(also did I just get rapper AND vocalist Minho in one song? y'all really want me dead this comeback)

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Assalam alaikum 🙂.. hope everyone is doing well . Anyone student of English literature or has completed it . Or anyone writer or poet? Kindly let me know. I will be very much grateful to you ♥️

nimraarshad2’s Profile PhotoNimra
Vocalist ni chale ga?
Liked by: مومنہ

Ako pravá ARMY by mi nemal byť nikto bližší a všetci chalani rovnako ale nemôžem si pomôcť... podľa mňa hlas Taehyunga nemá v skupine konkurenciu ❤️🙈 Kto má podľa Teba v skupine najlepší hlas?

— Vyjádřím se jen k naší vocal line.💁🏻
Na začátek bych chtěla říct, že i když BTS vocal line není nejlepší ze všech k-pop skupin, protože jsou tady skupiny s "kvalitnější" vocal line, tak všichni čtyři mají krásný hlas a každý vyniká v něčem jiném. Nejsilnější část naší vocal line je prostě Jungkook a není main vocalist bezdůvodně. Jeho hlas je nádherný a má silný a hlavně nejstabilnější hlas z celé vocal line, když kluci vystupují. Já nevím, ten kluk se prostě narodil s andělským hlasem a kdyby byl třeba nějákou dobu nemocný, tak by BTS měli velký problém, protože jak řekl Namjoon, tak Jungkook je na pódiu nejdůležitější. Jimin má opravdu krásný hlas a cítíte v něm strašně moc emocí a jeho barva hlasu je taky skvělá, ale je nejméně stabilní člen vocal line co se týče živých vystoupení a jeho hlas není tak silný když zpívá a zároveň tancuje. Taehyung má podle mě druhý nejsilnější hlas ve skupině. Je stabilnější než Jiminův, je hluboký, má fakt zajímavou barvu a ty emoce z toho prostě cítíte. Jin má nejlepší techniku a to bude asi tím, že byl s hlasovým koučem mnohem delší dobu než ostatní. Neměl žádné zkušenosti a teď? Poslechněte si Epiphany a máte výsledek. Jeho high notes v Crystal Snow, bože, to je něco krásného. Ještě pořád nemá něják extra stabilní hlas na koncertech, protože někdy nekontroluje svůj dech, ale většinou je stabilní.
╰🐰 Ze všech faktorů má nejsilnější hlas Jungkook a Taehyung, ale všichni kluci z naší vocal line mají svou vlastní techniku a i když jsou v něčem slabší nebo naopak silnější, tak dohromady jsou nejsilnější a tvoří kvalitní vocal line.🖤

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Ako pravá ARMY by mi nemal byť nikto bližší a všetci chalani rovnako ale nemôžem

Omg who are you. Ten facts about you, would be nice if you can give me a general idea of you as a person.

well i’m ay-day
- my real name is song hangyeom
- i’m the leader , the vocalist , the main dancer , the visual and the main rapper in my group
- i’m a talkative and positive person
- i’m 1.76 cm
- my hobbies are : watching movies and documentaries ❤️ rapping, dancing and writing lyrics
- i’m 22 years old
- i love food more than myself but i love puppies more than anything
- i love making new friends
-i ranked 6 in mixnine - reality show-
-lee taeyong is my idol
you can say i’m a fun person in general~

✨Who're your favorite vocalists in K-Pop? (and I wanna read a god damn essay about why you think their voice deserve the title of your fave, so stretch dem fingers)✨

You should know what's coming for you tbh.
My favourite vocalist is Kim fucking Jongdae. Why, you may ask. Well, first of all, he is incredibly skilled as a singer. I'd go as far as saying that in terms of technique and skill he is the best singer in EXO. And don't even try to debate me on this one, it's a fact. He has debuted with the highest skill in the group and you know what's even more amazing than that? Despite already being at quite a high skill level to begin with he has always worked hard to further improve himself, build his voice and work on his technique. He already had that amazing voice to begin with but this boy has never used that as an excuse to be lazy because he is already good enough and that is admirable.
Jongdae is goddamn skilled as a vocalist and of course he knows. Which is amazing. I think he is very aware of what he can and can't do with his voice and he seems very confident in his singing. But I also don't think that he's really showing off. Like when he does covers or stuff like that he usually stays true to the original rather than adding in some extra runs or whatever to make it sound fancy. Like he'd rather give a good performance than taking a risk and maybe doing something that he can't do quite right. And I think that also proves not only confidence in his own skills but also a certain level of dedication to always delivering the best possible performance.
But I don't just love Jongdae's voice for his vocal skill. I also think his voice is really powerful and versatile. He always delivers the music with so much emotion and he always perfectly matches the mood of a song. And there is just so much he can do. Like I've heard him sing so many different genres and he always delivers. He is wonderful at singing softer ballads, at songs that are slow and make you feel melancholic, when his voice is filled with longing and sounds so perfectly heartbreaking. But he's also amazing at more uppeat songs, sounding warm and happy and energetic and powerful and just listening to him cheers me up so much omg. And then there is Up Rising which is like a damn rock solo. And also years which is a whole edm bop. Is there anything this man can't do?
Jongdae's voice is honestly amazing and it's also what drew me to him. Like even when I couldn't remember his face his voice stuck out to me and it's one of the main reasons why I usually prefer the Chinese version of older EXO songs. Like have y'all ever heard his high note in playboy? Or eldorado? Brilliant.
And honestly, y'all probably expect me to fangirl about his high notes some more, but do you wanna know where I think his biggest strength actually lies. His lower register. Have y'all ever even really listened to him? Boi.
Once Jongdae gets the solo album he deserves it's all over for you bitches and that's a fact.

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Whore your favorite vocalists in KPop and I wanna read a god damn essay about
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Qui aimerais-tu être dans un groupe ou qui imagines-tu être quand tu écoutes ton groupe préféré (le batteur, le bassiste, le guitariste solo ou rythmique, le chanteur) ?

Jaimerais etre stechauner dans rings of saturn (meme si il ny est plus...) mais jaimerais beaucoup est vocalist (scream et cleans pas trop haut pcq watch your ears). Jai jamais performé en letant nonplus mais jadorerais... un grand reve de fou quoi?

If you were part of a k-pop group, what position would you wanna be in and why? This is not based on your skills/talents/... but on what you would want to so even if maybe irl you suck at it

I was tempted to answer with vocalist right away, because that is something I can at least low key do. But when I got to the not based on skill part I actually changed my mind.
I always wanted to be good at dancing. As a child I wanted to try ballet, but I was always afraid that I would be too chubby to be a pretty ballerina. I did some Hip Hop style dancing later and I did ballroom dancing for two or three years (standard and Latin). But I'm somehow really not confident in my dancing at all. I've always been somewhat clumsy and I feel like I'll always look somewhat ridiculous.
I admire dancers for their body control. The way they can move in a way that is both beautiful and sensual. The way they carry themselves with that kind of elegance.
So yeah, if I could be anything I'd definitely want to be a dancer.

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If you were part of a kpop group what position would you wanna be in and why
Liked by: chrissi AJ

Who do you personally think is the best singer/best rapper in BTS? (can be based on skill or just your own preference)

Y'all probably know by now that I actually know a bit of vocal theory and all that shit. Not as much as my boyfriend (who probably has an entire rant about breathing techniques up his sleeve, ready to slap me all across the face with it any time) but I know some basic shit about singing. And honestly, in terms of just pure vocal technique, no one in BTS is really an outstanding singer. But you don't necessarily need good vocal technique to be a good singer. Because you don't evaluate pop singers with the same standards you would use for people who sing musicals or opera.
BTS are good commercial singers. They have nice voices, they are stable enough to perform live and they know how to make their voices sound good even if they may not be singing in a "proper" style. It doesn't matter much that they maybe breathe too much and that the intonation isn't perfect as long as they sound good. And they do sound really damn good.
Please also always keep in mind that I am no expert. I had a couple of singing lessons and I know the basics of vocal technique, but I'm no expert.
I think in terms of just technique, Taehyung is probably the best. Like he seems to have the best grasp of breath control and how to use his voice. (if anyone actually cares about this shit I could maybe ask my boyfriend for help and go a bit more into detail about all of their voices and everything). I think Jimin might be the least skilled (#nohate), it's gotten a lot better. But they tend to give him the highest high notes and he tends to scream them which may sound all powerful and amazing but is actually terrible for his voice. (listening to Lie is painful y'all) Like he's not a bad singer but the way he uses his voice (or used to use, because as I said there have been major improvements) is just not good for him.
That was not what the question was about, wtf am I even doing xD Let's forget about technique again, as I said, I'm not an expert either. And I'm also not necessarily a skilled or better vocalist just because I know some basic technique shit and stuff.
I think my favourite singer in BTS is probably Jungkook. (yeah it's not Jin, I know, shocking). I think Jungkook has a very versatile voice. Like he can adapt pretty well to the style of different songs. Generally (as most of them) he favours style over technique but that works out very well for him. It gives him a very nice sound. He has a very smooth voice, his singing sounds really relaxed, not that much audible strain. He's doing good y'all.
(again: all of them are good singers, I do not hate any of them, I love all their voices but I think they could be using them in a more productive and healthy way but it's also important to understand that within pop music it's normal to favour style over technique and that does not make them unskilled or anything)
(I'm already close to the word limit lol, but I think I already made a post about why I think Yoongi has the best rapping skills, so yeah, go look for that)

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Em rất mong vocalist của bangtan có thể ra solo để phô chất giọng của mỗi người , đa phần hát chia line không đều nên em rất tiếc , có những bài hợp với chất giọng người này nhưng lại cho line quá ít , chẳng hạn như V , mở đầu Fake Love tỉ lệ sát thương cực đỉnh , đó mới là đoạn killed của bài !!!

Vấn đề này mình nghĩ 1 nhóm như Bangtan thì chắc việc chia line sẽ có sự thống nhất , bàn bạc giữa nhóm với công ti sao cho phù hợp với từng thành viên , mình thấy lượng line của V trước giờ cũng ổn , quan trọng là việc thể hiện đoạn của mình được phân trên sân khấu sao cho tốt thôi là được rồi , mình đề cao tinh thần teamwork của nhóm trong chuyện này , và việc người đảm nhận phần line nhiều đâu dễ chịu gì , nỗ lực hơn , áp lực hơn và kèm theo đó bạn biết vũ đạo của BTS quá khó :))) về vấn đề vocalist ra solo thì bạn yên tâm JungKook chuẩn bị ra mixtape rồi nên mình nghĩ là các thành viên còn lại có trong tương lai là chuyện sớm muộn ^^
Em rất mong vocalist của bangtan có thể ra solo để phô chất giọng của mỗi người

dU denkt aber auch du wärst so ein special ❄ nur weil das bekannteste grunge trio schlechthin kennst 👏 kurt cocain war bei aller liebe nicht der begabteste vocalist und nirvana bei Längen nicht die innovativste band der epoche.

kurt cocain oder 😂 & na i denk nid dass i special bin, wenn i nirvana kenn 😂 aber i kenns nid nur, i lieb die Band 😄🌈 & ausserdem ishs mir sheissegal obs die "innovativste Band der Epoche" ish odernid, i feier die Musik weil i de schu von klein auf losn :D
was i damit sagn wollt ish dass Nirvana für mi an groasn teil in mein lebn hat & i mi über kurt cobain u generell nirvana besser auskenn' als über mei eigenes lebn :D

ecco perfetto, aggiungo anche quello AHAHAH Lee Minho è la mia gioia insieme a Park Shin Hye e Lee Sung Kyung

LaleBelli’s Profile Phototulipe
Goblin lo elogiano tutti perché merita veramente tantissimo, al di là dei pensieri soggettivi, è oggettivamente fatto bene, la trama scorre, gli attori sono di una bravura impressionante, ed è bello a dir poco
l’unica pecca è che piangi praticamente ad ogni puntata, ed io che non sono abituato a piangere così tanto mi è preso veramente tanto male
poi c’è anche Sungjae che sarebbe il vocalist dei BtoB
io mi innamorai già dalla sigla iniziale
emilianobalzani’s Video 145638831700

#Day8 - Chi è il tuo bias k-pop? Con questo termine si intende il membro che ti piace di più all’interno di un gruppo k-pop.

Ho saltato le domande di 2 giorni, ma sono dettagli altamente trascurabili. Il mio ultimate bias è V, vocalist dei BTS. E niente, è bellissimo, ha una voce stupenda, ed un carattere meraviglioso, esattamente come tutti gli altri membri del gruppo. E niente, lo amo. <3
Day8  Chi è il tuo bias kpop Con questo termine si intende il membro che ti
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raccontami la tua prima volta. non ho specificato nulla, non dev’essere per forza la classica ‘prima volta che hai fatto l’amore’, scegli tu quale prima volta descrivere.

d'accordo allora racconterò la prima volta che ho fatto rap.
dovevo debuttare come una vocalist all'interno delle mamamoo ma poi l'agenzia mi ha chiesto " perché non provi a fare rap? "
ho iniziato e niente, è stata una cosa indescrivibile..
quando faccio rap le emozioni e i movimenti corporei mi travolgono, mi sento davvero me stessa.
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A kakvo je tvoje lično mišljenje o Seleni Gomez mislim i po ponašanju i talentu ? Ne može niko biti Selena naravno ali koje je tvoje mišljenje o Seleni Gomez ako me razumeš pošto sam sve spetljala ?

Ma nisi se spetljala chill hahah. Ja nju uopšte ne pratim tako da i ne znam kako se ponaša i to haha, jedino kada i vidim nešto vezano za nju bude zbog Justina Biebera jer ono mire se pa se svađaju bla bla. Ona je meni preslatka iskreno, doduše bila mi je ljepša dok je glumila u WOWP. Što se tiče talenta za glumu okej priznajem, gledala sam nekoliko njenih filmova i dobro je, mislim po mom mišljenju. Njene pjesme znam jer se često vrte po TV i po kafićima uopšteno, ali je ne slušam. Znači meni se njen glas ne sviđa iskreno, mislim da svi možemo pjevati note kao i ona jer je sva ravna, ima soft boju glasa pa uz to i ne idu neke zahtjevne pjesme ali ono da kažete da je A - list vocalist to nikako, ona se prosto ne može porediti sa mlađim pjevačicama tipa Ariana ili Demi po glasu. Ne, to nije samo moje mišljenje nego činjenica koje je i ona svjesna jer je više puta izjavila da nije baš dobar vokalist, so yeaaah.

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A kakvo je tvoje  lično mišljenje o  Seleni Gomez mislim  i po ponašanju i

∞ Dᴀʏ 10: Your favorite rapper, dancer and vocalist? You can answer with pic, gif or video ☾https://ask.fm/asdsafsar/answers/144396542273☽∞

asdsafsar’s Profile PhotoKyungsoo is my love┣o(・ิω・ิ○)♡
Dᴀʏ 10 Your favorite rapper dancer and vocalist You can answer with pic gif or

I'm a Palestinian Jordanian, 30 years, i work as an aircraft maintenance engineer for the royal jordanian airlines, used to be a vocalist ( clean vocals ), play guitar occasionally, video games of course since i'm a guy :p much stereotype x)

Oh god, uh I expected you to be like 16 or sth 😂😂😂
That’s weird like most guys in your age listen to calm old music hahaha
And your job is so cool ❤️🙏🏻

Może to wydawać się samolubne Ale jest mi trochę smutno bo jisoo to lead vocalist A ma przeważnie najmniej tekstu i ma mniej od jennie 💕

To wcale nie jest samolubne :) Wiele Blinks było złych, że np. w AIIYL ma tylko 2 kwestie, mimo, że właśnie jest lead vocalist. Jennie również jest na tej pozycji, ale moim zdaniem powinni dać jej rap part, a Jisoo więcej singing lines, bo ma naprawdę bardzo ładny głos. Zresztą oprócz Boombayah we wszystkich innych piosenkach jest na końcu jeśli chodzi o długość jej kwestii :(
Może to wydawać się samolubne Ale jest mi trochę smutno bo jisoo to lead

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