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Tbh~ you're one of my best friends and I don't know what I would do without you in my life! You're so funny and cute and sweet and you has such an amazing personality😊 you're one of my best friends! You always know how to make me smile and just about anyone! And you're also a great volleyballplayer

devon_conrad’s Profile PhotoDevon Conrad
this is soooo fucking cute!!😊😊😊 thank you so much devon! dont know what id do without you either💛

Tbh hello Lily's sister! Another elegance woman hahaha I like your smiley face! You're tanned! Volleyballplayer hahaha! Chubby and cute! Don't be like your sister so linc! Haha XD stay cute and chubby ! Because your sister not really cute! And she's too skinny! Help me to tell her I hate her :)

joey_lyj’s Profile PhotoJoey LimYJ
Hello joey ;) haha thanksss, yesss I'm tanned, so black oh :( you are cute too haha lily asked you to text her soon ✨:)
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