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If I get a female cat I think I'll name her Serena. If I get a male cat I think I'll name him Neo! Does this sound like a good idea?

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photoachilles
Call either of these places:
Indy Animal Care Services
Indy Humane Society
Here is what you say:
“I’m interested in looking at your cats and dogs for possible adoption. I haven’t had a pet before, so I’d like to stop by and talk to someone about what it would entail and to see if there is an animal that would be a good fit for me. What is a good time for me to come over?”
Also fyi they both offer volunteer opportunities to care for the animals. You could also apply to be a temporary foster home if you’re not ready for a full on commitment just yet.
You can do it! It would be fun and you can post lots of pictures here.

How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without your phone? Would it make your day better or worse?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
I've done that for a whole WEEK when I went to do volunteer work at a Christian camp! :P
At first... it's difficult/tricky, cuz you don't really realize how dependent you are on your phone to check for the time, or avoid/distract yourself from social interaction, lol... But, as it becomes a more normal part of your daily routine, you get used to it... and you actually "live" life... ya' know? I wouldn't mind doing that again... Like, go on vacation and not bring my phone, or have it, but don't touch it unless for an emergency... Then I can focus on more creative stuffs :P and spend time with those around me!
I think being away from technology sometimes, is good for your mental well being :P
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Zou je vrijwilligerswerk doen? /Would you do volunteer work?

Annvica’s Profile PhotoAnnette
I already do! I don't get paid for microchip checking.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Zou je vrijwilligerswerk doen Would you do volunteer work

If someone you know in real real life impersonated you on the internet and made fake accounts of you to try to ruin your reputation what would you do? Would you press charges on them?

Do you have evidence?
Can you prove what you are saying is the truth?
Do you have:
- accurate account information and reliable user account identification?
- digital foot print i.e. source ip address or source mac address?
- photographs and text messages that can be used in a court of law?
- what international law has been violated?
Remember, various countries have implemented legal measures to address these types of issues within the confines of their sovereign nations, but the international community has not codified into law impersonation involving fake askfm accounts unless a serious crime that involves death or extortion has been committed. Also consider that the burden of proof is the responsibility of the plaintiff and their lawyers and all associated legal fees are the responsibility of the plaintiff. These fee's can easily reach in excess of $100k.
I recall reading a similar story a few years ago that took place in Madrid, Spain. The plaintiff went to the police in Madrid and attempted to file a criminal complaint against an askfm user located in Canada. The case was dismissed because the source ip address of the accused was located in Germany and did not match the digital footprint that the alleged victim had provided to the police.
Keep in mind that proving cases like this is extremely difficult because local police lack the resources required to conduct a proper forensic investigation and international laws are either vague or do not currently exist to cover cases involving fraudulent accounts, name calling, insults, racism, etc. on social networks such as askfm, tumblr, twitter, etc.
But hey, if you have $20,000+ dollars to waste on legal fees, why not proceed so you can learn how the legal system operates and perhaps you can become an advocate to champion the necessary changes to affect international law to prosecute askfm users who roleplay, create fake accounts and utilize your photographs without explicit permission.
Perhaps you might avoid these situations if you stop posting personal information on social networks or maybe even consider disabling your askfm, instagram, twitter and facebook accounts and do something more productive with your life like: graduating from college, obtain a job, volunteer are a homeless kitchen, adopt a child or (heaven forbid) help a neighbor or friend or family member who is suffering and needs help.
Good Luck!

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(1) Have you ever planted a tree . . . . . ? ~ (2) Have you ever done tree planting as a volunteer in part of a 're-wilding' project - or similar ?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
Amazingly, not quite yet ! But we're about to ...
And I've visited "CARRIFRAN WILDWOOD" & prayed to the trees with my Nobleman, several times.
It is amazing the diversity of species . Most are still very small
1 Have you ever planted a tree        2 Have you ever done tree planting as a

(1) Have you ever planted a tree . . . . . ? ~ (2) Have you ever done tree planting as a volunteer in part of a 're-wilding' project - or similar ?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
🌳 🌲 I’ve planted them vicariously, e.g. 100 for the Woodland Trust, and I’ve been part of supporting a student rewilding/reforesting project in the Scottish Borders (I forget the name of the organisation) and I made a site visit, though didn’t physically plant a tree.
🐏🐑 (Actually while I was there they were clearing the land of sheep, and there was one dead one I stumbled across in a real mess with its guts ripped out. There was also a hideous echoing baying screeching noise that tore out from a copse of trees on top of a hill.
🐆🐆 The Scottish Borders equivalent of the Beast of Bodmin Moor, I reckon. )

(1) Have you ever planted a tree . . . . . ? ~ (2) Have you ever done tree planting as a volunteer in part of a 're-wilding' project - or similar ?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
Three or four years ago I planted around 50 trees in a nearby woodland as part of a large forest generation scheme which now has something like 180,000 new trees in it. I went back to see them in November and they're doing well. I recorded the GPS location of a group of them so that I can follow their progress.
1 Have you ever planted a tree        2 Have you ever done tree planting as a

If you were in a zombie apocalypse and you got bitten, would you want someone to X_X you before you turned, or not?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I don't think I'd be satisfied with only doing that to be honest. I'd want to take as many zombies down with me as possible, I'd gladly volunteer for a one way mission if that meant I'd make things easier for those I survived with! If I was in too rough shape though I'd definitely want someone to X me before I got turned though, last thing I'd want is to be responsible for endangering the lives of those I care about 😬🧟‍♂️
If you were in a zombie apocalypse and you got bitten would you want someone to

What pets do you have and how did you get them?

Meanwhile, fish...I'm getting better but oh man the fish are the hardest I think aside from the one that jumped out of the tank a couple months ago I think at least one of mine is close to 1-2 years old I'm not a good fish mom but I'm getting better.
Last year, I went to volunteer at an animal shelter because I was still feeling suicidal, this poor sad dog had been brought there twice because of health issues, I can afford to give him the life he deserves, he needs me...a few months after bringing him home I began to need less medication and now we take care of each other, and we both love my boyfriend too. New dove...ok now a tragedy, I was adjusting a perch in the cage, both doves got out, the first dove knows I've got her so she just waits on top of the cage and lets me put her back. The other one was less tame, she fled from me in the panic and got behind the dining table and she was tired and fell down and the dog got her before I could. He's a terrier it wasn't his fault. My boyfriend told me it was an accident don't blame myself. She died in my hand. The surviving dove was cooing all night for a week, my dog was upset because I was upset, but when my boyfriend saw for himself my bird was grieving we went and picked out a new mate for her. And they are very happy together. The new one is not tame but the first one still loves pets from me when I reach in with my arm, they do not get out ever when the dog is loose, and I always put them in their carrier when I work on the cage and I will never let that happen again. Two cats, a pair of sisters just over a year old. I got them not quite three weeks ago when I went to one of the local rescues to “look” because I had just lost my 12 year old ginger kitty and my apartment was as dismal as a tomb. I had already sorted of rejected this pair based on their online pictures and profiles, but when they reached out through their cage as I walked past I couldn’t resist them. Found out later they had never had a home, they grew up in foster and spent their entire lives in rescues and foster homes except for one week when someone adopted then returned them because she “couldn’t cope” with them. They are super sweet and well behaved (for cats) and playful which is just what I needed after losing my previous cat so unexpectedly.
I had a Shi-tsu (dunno how to spell that.) that we got from a local in our town when I was roughly 11 years old. Loved him dearly for almost 14-15 years before he died from something we couldn't figure out. (there's no vets in my area, and we were VERY tight on money, so sadly, we couldn't get him the help he needed; he had a bad leg so we assume he passed from infection.)
Cat 2 - Friend asked if I wanted a kitten, I said maybe. Ended up seeing her, she has two hearts on her fur and ended up taking her because the people were going to drown her and the rest of the litter, after they decided kittens were just too much. She was a week and a half at the time.

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Is there a particular cause or charity that you are passionate about, and if so what is it?

SteveJones313’s Profile PhotoSteven Caulfield
Mental health advocacy and autism awareness are the two big ones, for me. But I'm also passionate about helping those who are struggling with isolation and loneliness. I used to volunteer for a local charity that provided art therapy and group activities for elderly and disabled people who lived alone and struggled to meet people and make friends in their local community.
It was, by far, the most rewarding thing I have ever done.
Is there a particular cause or charity that you are passionate about and if so

If sacrificing your own life would save the lives of a specific number of strangers, how many strangers would need to be saved for you to sacrifice your own life? What if the people were friends? How about family?

H2o_o2H’s Profile PhotoArchie
That’s a tough call, as a SES volunteer I am trained to look for Danger before assisting, that being said I probably would still give my life to save another if they were younger than me and I knew it would actually work or for a bunch of people but it’s a tough call without it being real 🤷🏻‍♂️

Do you find most people here are single or married?

Mostly single, dating and of course, the "it's complicated" crowd is ever-present. I've encountered very few married users but in all fairness, I never ask anyone's relationship status. I'm going by the info which some users volunteer...

Hi tita. I'm at a job that doesn't make me feel alive. It's easy and boring and there's no growth, but I'm good at it. It pays me well too. I want to try a different job but what if I end up not liking it either? Is it wise to leave my current one?

Is it possible for you to do unpaid internships or volunteer work in a field you find interesting during your free time? That way you'll have an idea if that new line of work is so something that suits you before you quit your current job. An alternative is to see your job as a means to finance your passions that actually make you feel alive so you don't try to find inspiration in work that will never be inspiring. You can also talk to your manager to get a more challenging position. Lots of options here but the most important thing to remember is to not quit your current job without a new one, and to not start a new job without an emergency fund. That's actually an objective that might inspire you. Use your good pay to accumulate savings enough for an emergency fund (1-2 years' expenses) and even basic investments. I have an easy job that pays well. I don't see work as a source of inspiration or feeling alive. Instead I use the easy work to make space for my creative passions and the pay to finance my hobbies, my comfortable life, and to secure my savings and retirement. It's not for everyone, especially if you need to be inspired by your job. But it's a good spot to be in and you'll appreciate this when you find an inspiring job that is hard and pays little.

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يا دكتور أنا امتياز والمفروض هستلم شغلي قريب كام شهر كدا كنت بحب النسا جدا كدراسة لكن كشغل شايفة انها استرس جدا، فخامة اسأل حضرتك هل النسا استرس جامد مش أي حد ممكن يتحمله ولا مع الوقت الاسترس هيقل ؟

من ناحية استرس فهى استرس يمكن احنا الدنيا مريحة معانا شوية عشان المستشفى بتاعتنا بقت عزل من ساعة كورونا فامافيش نباطشيات ممكن تنزلى كام نباطشيه فى مستشفى شغلها كويس ك volunteer وشوفى ظروفك ايه

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
It wouldn't be a rule per se, but volunteerism would be my suggestion. It's a valuable and rewarding experience which doesn't cost any money and nearly anyone can be useful. Two to four hours per week on the part of every participant would make a positive impact which could exponentially eclipse all government programs combined and the best part, every volunteer would be free to choose where and in what capacity he / she would like to serve. Imagine how much could be accomplished of every virtue signalling twit on social media would stfu and actually do something instead of feigning concern...

Mennyi youtube-ot szoktatok nézni? Milyen témájú videókat kedveltek? Magyar vagy külföldi videósokat néztek inkább?

Most megnéztem, milyen csatornákra vagyok feliratkozva.
Ezt valahogy 2012 óta hoztam össze:
Krzysztof Utbult - Kevésbé ismert darkwave bandák népszerűsítése
thesalukie - csávó, aki háborús övezetekben mászkál hátizsákos turistaként.
Corey Gil-Shuster - Ez ilyen kérdezős projekt, néha érdekes témák is vannak (de csak néha)
Jreg - politikai trash
Bailey Sarian - tömeggyilkosos sztorik és smink
Ideológiák tárháza - az szerintem elég egyértelmű, hogy miről szól
varlamov - Ilyen városjárós trash.
Lazy Square - animációs trash
apetor - na, ő mondjuk már meghalt, mert beszakadt a jég alatta. Rip :( Nekem szimpatikus volt
laczfy87 - Nem éppen magas színvonalt képviselő amatőr "zenészek" összeszedése az internetről, és a szövegeik elemzése :D
Ezen kívül:
- Gitáros oktató csatorna (3 éve nem volt gitár a kezemben)
- Zongorás oktatás csatorna (10 éve nem ültem zongorához, de el akarom kezdeni újra, úgyhogy ide legalább nem fölöslegesen iratkoztam fel)
- Néhány profil, akiknek valahol belefutottam valami videójába, amin jót röhögtem, aztán bekövettem őket, hogy hátha lesz még ilyen kontent
- Néhány volunteer battalion a Donyec- medencéből. Évek óta nincs kontent egyiken sem btw xd
- Néhány jobbféle amatőr zenész, akiknek szeretnék értesülni a próbálkozásaikról, úgyhogy bekövettem őket
- Néhány ismerős, akik bekövettek, én meg visszakövettem őket
És még egy rakás ember, akikről tényleg halványlila fingom nincs, hogy kik
Ezekre csak úgy fel vagyok iratkozva, mert valamikor érdekelhettek (?), de amúgy nem vagyok otthon ebben a Youtuber témában, mert inkább csak zenehallgatásra használom a platformot.
Magyar youtubereket kb nem is ismerek. Max akkor lesek rá, hogy mégis ki a fenéről van szó, ha valami botrány van :D
Egyébként az ilyen olcsó turistáskodás meg a félnomád életmód érdekel, úgyhogy ha videókat akarok nézni, többnyire ilyesmikre keresek rá :D

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How would you describe yourself?

I am a clever, no-nonsense prince with a heart of gold and nerves of steel. Gorgeous, brilliant, and with a heart of gold. I'm the lonely cafeteria guy who mows lawns and has a heart of gold.
Anyway, beneath that too-smooth exterior beats a heart of gold... I think. I have a rough exterior but a heart of gold. I may look rough but I have a heart of gold. I have a heart of gold and an infectious personality.
With a heart of gold and the soul of a child, I have an innate sense of beauty and an immoderate appetite for life. He may be the most muddleheaded man, and people may laugh at him, but he has a heart of gold. I am shy, and soft-spoken. She's so self-assured she might come across as tough, but she has a heart of gold. A long-time volunteer, she's participated in a variety of charitable causes, particularly those devoted to children. I am a man of action. She was also a sentimental woman. "We know she had a heart of gold; she was generous," says Gregory Munro. Wherever she went, she never hesitated to take care of poor people and sick children.
He had a heart of gold, a cheerful character, always glad to be of service and to make others happy. He was an excellent confrere and earned the esteem and affection of everybody, but especially of the young people. I've got a heart of gold and a body to match.
I'm a problem solver and I have a heart of gold.
I don't enjoy small talk, gossip/drama, etc.
Introverted who gets attached too soon and also self sympathetic all the time. I was a pessimist, but I transformed into an optimist in my prime.
Superman, King of All, Best Looking, somewhat delusional.
Dramatic, reckless, sensitive, misunderstood, wild, desperate for love, insecure yet confident, and the list goes on.
Blind to how many women were into him because he believed the many people at his high school that treated him like he was childish, inept, incompetent and stupid. Played football, had a steady girlfriend by the end of his year, and only here began to learn that everyone is stupid, he is the smartest person at the school (quite literally), and that the guys who bullied him only did so because they felt threatened, jealous, and envious of his ease with understanding tough material, his athleticism, and his unfiltered ability to engage with women in public and have them enjoy the conversation. Very popular. I was class clown and biggest rebel at the small private school. I convinced a bunch of people to bring water balloons for field day and we went nuts. Principal came up to me later and said “do you know what nonchalant means? That’s who you are and walked away. “ I got suspended for 3 days. He knew I had more power over the students. Skipped a lot of school so didn’t have good grades. Drove at age 14 and clubbing at 16 using fake ID. Just all around bad.

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How did you make friends in university? I usually attend clubs and talk to people at events, but it doesn't really develop further

Lydia_Smiths4’s Profile PhotoI'll Ask
I attended a few clubs... Did some volunteer work... and when I first transferred over to university, I was one of the few from my university, selected to get an "early start" program on campus and was able to get know other foster kids (some I still hold as close friends/family, to this day) and we would explore the campus together and see what it had to offer! And well, having a roommate from Hell, was sorta' a blessing in disguise, lol. Cuz' I befriended another dorm-er that was experiencing the same thing from her roommate... and there were two girls next door, that were really welcoming to me and would invite me to eat lunch/dinner with them, from time to time :)
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Why does life hurts too much?

Couldn't have said it better, life is just too painful to bear. It's been 5 years since I last went out with someone and of course I hear the usual platitudes of "It's your personality that matters" and that kind of stuff, which has proven to be ineffectual even in the college years. Most people cannot comprehend what being FA entails, so they cannot understand the deep-seeded issues that effect our personalities, health, and other factors. It just hurts too much that the platitudes you hear being contradicted throughout moments of your life and knowing that lowlifes who never put any effort to life get to reap the benefits of life's joys & wonders.
I fell asleep staring at the DNP pills I was going to take. I'll be 48 in a few months, and there are sixth graders with more relationship experience than I have. All I ever wanted was one chance. One fucking chance. Oh, sure, I'd botch it up and I'd be alone after that, but I could cling to the fact that I was given one chance and that someone actually claimed to love me. It probably wouldn't be enough, but I'm desperate enough to dream that it would be enough acceptance to start being able to lie to myself about being a good person and worthy and deserving of love. But I'm not human enough to even qualify for that kind of success before rejection.
All I have is music, and I'm evidently not good enough at it to pay the bills. Online, people will say to "get up and do this, go here, play here, write this, get his famous musician to record your work, perform there, just go and do it" like it's some magical thing that you can just walk up while in a funk and play in some famous hall perfectly or have some famous person give you clout with your music. I don't have the desire to practice or write anymore. Life is too much work, and when you're alone and have no one to share the joys and troubles with, it's just not worth it. I am weary and ready for it to be over. I think I'm going to sell or dispose of everything I own so that I'll die in an empty room. It's not much: a barely-running minivan, two electronic pianos, music textbooks, cables and microphones, printers and cheap computers. A few pots and pans from years when I was able to afford a place with a kitchen. A microwave. Clothes and bedsheets and towels. I don't think there is any happiness or success that would be able to negate all the bad that has happened. No one is guaranteed happiness; we are all guaranteed pain and suffering. It's like telling someone who has gambled away $20,000,000 to keep pulling the slot machine handle because there's a chance they might get a $300,000 jackpot a few years away.
I deserve all the bad things that have happened to me. They are all my responsibility. And because of that, no one is going to volunteer to help me undo them or make things right. That's too much energy for someone else, and I'm not valuable enough for someone to spend that time, money, and energy. Besides, some things can't be made right.

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How far in advance do you plan/research your trips?

March - May 2017 I plan on traveling to a few countries in Asia (I haven't decided which ones yet), and August/September 2017 I will do South America for a year, or until I run out of money (giving myself a $10,000 - $15,000 budget). I'm starting to do research now, figuring out what there is to see and do in each country, what path I want to take, transportation, volunteer and couch surfing opportunities, etc. The last two trips I took were to Thailand and Japan, and I started planning 1 month and 3 months in advanced, respectively. Once I'm in country, I tend to be more relaxed and have a go with the flow attitude, but I do like to have a general idea of where I'm going, staying, and how I'm getting around. I'm just curious, for those that like to plan ahead, how far in advance do you do it? And what kinds of things do you usually plan/research as your trip approaches. Since my trip is so far away, what do you suggest I get started on? Researching and planning always tends to be a bit overwhelming, especially if it's to a place I've never been before. In addition, the moment I book tickets somewhere, I will be on the lookout, and add to that doc. If anything needs arranging meeting up with people, I will do that about a month in advance, then a follow-up 2 weeks in advance. Anything else is flexible and can be done a week before departure.
For this trip I knew which area I wanted to go to, so I made a very rough itinerary of how many days I wanted in each place before I booked the flights to make sure I would have enough time. That plan has been altered slightly. Otherwise I start looking at accomodation and start checking out wikivoyage and other resources. I bought the Lonely Planet guides on sale and got a hard copy and a pdf copy, so will take the pdf copy with me. For example, I have made the decision that I am going to travel to Guatemala this fall. I don't have flights or anything booked but I have begun doing some research and am in the very early planning stages.
Even though I do detailed and extensive research and planning, I am like you in that I am more relaxed once I get to my destination and I don't follow my itinerary to a tee. I leave room for spontaneity and exploration and relaxation.
I bought a ticket to NZ 8 days ahead of time and booked a rental car and the first night hotel. After that I just drove around goin wherever I wanted for 16 days. The only time it bit me in the ass was I didn't realize Easter weekend meant everyone in NZ goes and buys all the hotel rooms and I ended up having to pay like $200 for a room one night.
I tend to research flights, accommodation, any large transport expenses (intercity trains, etc) and visa requirements well in advance, since I like to get all that stuff locked down early. I might do some brief research on fun things to do there, but I usually don't bother much with that until I'm actually there.

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يا اخ إسلام بقالي كتير مسالتكش المهم تعرف ازاي أبقي volunteer في جمعيه او كده وهل ده بياثر علي cv بتاعي ايا كانت كليتي ايه وشكرا جدا

طيب هل هيؤثر انك تتطوع في مكان ما، اه هيؤثر لكن طبعا التطوع ده لازم يبقا اولوية بعد الحاجات المهمة زي الدراسة والبيت وهكذا، لانه ببساطة هو عبارة عن استثمار لطاقتك ووقتك في مكان معين بدون مقابل نقدي.
طيب ايه اللي هيعود عليك من التطوع اكيد هتتعلم حاجات وهتاخد خبرة في الحياة عامة زي ممكن تشتغل مع تيم فتتعلم العمل الجماعي وهكذا.
وازاي ده هيفيدك ، هيفيدك انه وانت في الانترفيو تحكي عن تجربتك انك كنت متطوع واشتغلت مع تيم وبالتالي انت اثبت نقطة انك شاطر في العمل الجماعي وهكذا.
طيب ازاي تتطوع في مكان معين، ممكن تشوف، اي مؤسسة غير هادفة للربح او مؤسسة من المؤسسات المشهورة، يعني ممكن يكون نشاط طلابي عندك في الكلية او جمعية رسالة او مستشفى 57357 او ابو الريش وهكذا.
والموضوع هيتم انك تدخل على صفحتهم عالفيس او الموقع الرسني بتاعهم، في الغالب معظم المؤسسات دي هتلاقيهم في الموقع بتاعهم فيه حزء مم الموقع عشان تملا بياناتك للتطوع، وده انا شفته في رسالة، ولو ملقتش فافتح صفحتهم عالفيس واسألهم ممكن تتطوع مهاهم ازاي وافهم منهم التفاصيل وهياخدوا اد ايه من وقتك.
واما عن الانشطة الطلابية فالمعظم بيفتح باب الدخول للنشاط الطلابي في اول الدراسة زي دلوقتي او في اول الترم الثاني وممكن يفتحوا في اي وقت لو اضطروا عادي، ممكن برده تبعت لاي نشاط طلابي في الكلية بتاعتك بيشتغلوا، فس حاجة انت مهتم بيهاو تقولهن انك عايز تدخل معاهم، في حال لو قالولك انهم قافلين باب الدخول، دلوفتي وانت متمسك تكون معاهم فقول للي بتكلمه يحطك في اولوياته لما يفتحوا باب الدخول، عشان انت مهتم تنضم للجنة.
يارب اكون افدتك وبالتوفيق ان شاء الله ✨

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How would you describe your own personality? What do you like most about yourself?

First and foremost, I am an optimist. I feel I have to be. There are plenty of people dragging eachother down with negativity, I do not feel the need or the right to add to it. This is something I would imagine that some people find as my refusal to see how things really are. On the contrary to this opinion, I see things with a suprising amount of clarity and it is for that reason that I HAVE to be optimistic about the future. If I lose my optimism, than I will lose my drive to work for the benefit of myself and others. I will no longer work for the greater good and will lose motivation to better myself. I find this notion really quite distasteful. I think I have a decent grasp. I'm introverted, dominant, funny, analytical. This is in layman terms. To scientifically understand personality a trait theory like the big 5 is useful. I don't recommend taking the MBTI very seriously, if you talk to a good psychologist they can explain why.
I am smart. Not a genius or anything like that, but enough brains to offset my flaws and have a good quality life and career with a reasonable effort. I guess I am actually really pretty smart. I am a huge volunteer. I give way too much of my time to volunteer activities, especially in and about the sport of figure skating. Keeping myself busy keeps me from angsting about my flaws. I am an outdoorsman. I spend every weekend somewhere invariably getting soaking wet. Being close to hyperthermic most weekends has a way of deflecting my thoughts from my flaws.
I'm particularly honest, unselfish, trustworthy and often have quiet dispositions. I'm known to keep a low profile. I'm also loyal, honest and intelligent. I'm easygoing and make natural friendships. Sometimes I'm easily cheated or decieved and I am prone to sloth and laziness. I'm often quite artistic, poetic or both! What I really like most about myself is how much I deeply care about others. Believe it or not, I have a very good heart. Even though some people are never there for me, I've always been there for other people because that's what a (good) human being does. As a little girl, I would feel guilty when I felt a negative feeling toward another person. It would make me feel so uncomfortable and confused. I wanted so much to stop and control bad feelings. In my little mind those kind of feelings were bad so of course I must be bad. As I got older, I realized the “what” about feelings but I just couldn’t explain “why”. And that’s the reason I fell in love with words. Words afforded me a mode of expression. So, I would search for clarity by writing about my feelings to embrace them and try to understand… and right up to this moment I’m still doing just that. I love to learn and create, but I’m very introverted, preferring my cats company to others. I love nature, music and beautiful things. People have told me all my life I am physically beautiful, but I feel as if it’s more important to be a beautiful person inside.

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I'm struggling to get my first job, I've gone over my resume but I keep getting rejected. I'm trying to apply to something like sales assistant/fast food worker, what am I missing? I've got only three months of retail experience because the place was bad and volunteer work

It could probably do with your resume? Or maybe some shops etc have too many workers? Just keep handing in resumes everywhere, anywhere until someone responds
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I'm struggling to get my first job, I've gone over my resume but I keep getting rejected. I'm trying to apply to something like sales assistant/fast food worker, what am I missing? I've got only three months of retail experience because the place was bad and volunteer work

Mind if I can have a look at your resume? I'm sure you've gotten it perfect but a second eye can help sometimes.
In terms of applying though, I haven't had any luck getting a job just through submitting a resume.
Try getting help from friends in form of networking and reference.
Apply through networking groups such as fb, WhatsApp etc. I thinking anyone who posts a job usually is happy to refer you as well if they aren't the HR manager/owner themselves.
Other than that, just keep trying and don't give up. It does become easier :)

First items you brought today?

danniimoaw’s Profile PhotoDanniyal
I'm not expecting to spend any money today, but I did just "buy" a free ticket to a guided walk around a local woodland.
It's the same woodland where I planted 50 trees on a volunteer day a couple of years ago, so it will be interesting to see how they're growing.
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What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
In my free time, I do volunteer activities, go to a theater studio, attend scientific sections, read, do creative work, languages, now I am still actively engaged in my social networks, study, and communicate with people.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time

How would you describe yourself?

With my nimble mind, sound judgement, farsighted vision, superb negotiating skills and willingness to take calculated risks, I am an outstanding negotiator, and I am unflaggingly devoted to leading the way and making people feel inspired. I made my mark as a very skillful negotiator and an outstanding visionary. I am a wonderful volunteer who is making a lasting impact on my community through a lifetime of dedicated involvement. I am the consummate team player, always encouraging my colleagues to move further along in life and cheering them on and trying my hardest to push them towards achieving their full potential while helping them achieve their wildest dreams.

How do you make a Scorpio obsessed with you?

What are some useful tactics/ways to get a Scorpio man to open up emotionally?
I've been seeing this Scorpio (Gemini rising, Libra moon, Virgo Venus) for 6 months now. We are seeing each other exclusively but aren't calling it a relationship. He's said that he's happy with keeping it casual (How is it casual if we're not seeing other people?). He's admitted that he's not exactly the most expressive person and that it isn't easy for him to talk about feelings etc. and to top it all, he's never been in a relationship through no fault of his own. I understand that. However, I'm slowly running out of patience. I've been doing my best to be accepting, to be there for him, and to not judge but I just need some reassurance now that he's not going to wake up one day and decide to leave. I can feel that he likes me and has said that he cares about me a lot but I can also feel that he's not letting me see it all. So I've been thinking of talking to him about it directly (in a nice and gentle way) but what are some ways in which I can make him feel that is safe to talk to me? I'm hopelessly stuck on a Scorpio guy. We aren't a couple but we talk frequently. I feel like I've shared a lot about myself to him, but he's not very talkative about himself. There are a couple things he'll share about readily (work, food, movies, music) but there's still so much I don't know about him. But he keeps texting me, and he says he likes talking to me, and he's said he doesn't mind if I talk more than him, so I guess I haven't scared him away? I know Scorpios are reputed to be private, so I'm afraid if I ask him too many personal questions he's going to feel interrogated and just stay closed up. But I also feel afraid that I talk so much about myself that I seem self-centered. I'm used to being around people who jump in and volunteer information about themselves much more readily, and I really don't know how to interact with someone who seems content to just let me chatter away. I just feel like I'm laying my soul out for him and getting not a whole lot of vulnerability in return. Is it just a matter of waiting until he feels more comfortable? Should I ask more questions? What do I do? How can you make a Scorpio guy fall in love with you? What are some things you should and shouldn’t do to get and keep a Scorpio guys attention? How do Scorpios behave when they like someone?
I can't help with the astrology part but it seems like the issues are that you are more emotionally expressive than he is, and that while you are both on the same page about not seeing other people, you're wanting a commitment that he hasn't given you yet. Is that more or less right? Looking at it from his perspective, things are probably great as they are. By "casual" he doesn't mean "non-monogamous" but he does mean taking it slow and easy. You're affectionate to him and he enjoys this connection with you.

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موقف حصل قدامك و اتأثرت؟🌚

karem_mohmad’s Profile PhotoKAREM ALHANFY
هو مش موقف هو app عندي نزلته من فترة واسمه "Be My Eyes" ودا ابلكيشن للمكفوفين بتسجل فيه ع انك volunteer يعني "متطوع" وبتسيبه بقي ، هتلاقي مكالمة جيالك منه في أي وقت ان في blind محتاج مساعدة منك بتفتح بتلاقيه مشغل الكاميرا وبيطلب منك مثلاً تدور معاه ع حاجه او تقرأله اسم الدوا او أي حاجه هو مش قادر يشوفها ، وبجد يمكن جاتلي ٤ او ٥ مكالمات من ساعة ما نزلت الapp بس اثروا فيا جدا جدا بجد وبقفل وبقعد أحمد ربنا ع النعم اللي الواحد مش حاسس بقيمتها 🤍..

Paling nggak enak ngerasa menjadi beban keluarga, kuliah masih di biayai, ngerasa diri sendiri belum jadi apa2 belum bisa bayar semua yang mereka kasih.. kadang itu jadi sesuatu yang bikin down dan bikin semangat lagi :))

Kurangi overhinking.
Kita bisa membalas kebaikan orangtua dengan belajar yang rajin, mengumpulkan tugas kuliah dengan tepat waktu, mengajar di bimbel buat nambah pengalaman dan uang jajan, nyoba ikut volunteer/magang secarap WFH yang benefitnya dapat gaji, banyak banget info volunteer seperti ini di akun ig : @idnvolunteering,dll.

How do you envision a good vacation? What do you usually try to achieve during the days you have off? 🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Wooooah, that depends entirely on the nature of each specific vacation. If we go to a beach, then there's just relaxing, snorkeling, swimming, etc. If it's a volunteer thing, then we're doing whatever is needed of us (capture, tagging, clean up, etc.). If we're visiting family, it depends on whose family we're visiting (mine - beach stuff, my bf's - ranch/ farm stuff, camping and hiking, my bro's gf- hiking and eating lol). If it's an educational trip (like DC or Krakow), then we're hitting museums. If they're extended trips (a month or longer), then we just pretty much take our time exploring the area, seeing what it's like for residents. Mostly it's about getting away and experiencing something new.
And sometimes it's about dragging your poor boyfriend to the temple of Poseidon to pray he turn you into a mermaid 🧜‍♀️

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Tips for depression and bipolar disorder?

Depression tips:
Challenge your negative thoughts, shift your attention which means if you can't challenge your thoughts, try shifting them to something else. Set smalls goals that you know you can do. Focus on the basics aka sleep, food and physical activities. Keep doing things that bring you joy. It's important to reach out to your friends and familyor even talk to a therapist. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Give yourself credit, you are doing the best you can.
Face your fears, get creative, volunteer, try a new hobby and learn your triggers. Go for a walk, let yourself cry, unplug when you're overwhelmed and try yoga.
Bipolar tips: TAKE YOUR MEDS, get enough sleep, find a good support team, keep up with therapy, and keep a mood log.

Are there any things you want to achieve this year? What are they? ☺️

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
aw, just try and be as good as i can at my job, try to do more for the homeless in my area volunteer more try to be the best person i can, think what i am saying that might offend like i offended you totally by mistake but you were right to call me on it

Pernah ikut kegiatan apa aja?

RT_Wijaya’s Profile PhotoRizky
Lumayan banyakk kalo pas offline, kegiatan organisasi juga ikut.
Kalo online,dulu 2020 paling kek jdi Volunteer Mengajar Batch 1 /program dri miangasrote X kemendikbud, lomba nulis artikel tentang covid sama beberapa lomba puisi, ikut seminar SEAMEO 2 kali tapi lupa judulnya dulu apa yaa:"v Inti materinya tuh tentang inovasi pembelajaran dan pendidikan di masa pandemi, sama seminar² lain /kek seminar kewirausahaan, self-love, dll. Tahun 2021 seingetku baru ikut seminar tips trik skripsi. Sama ini baru aja selese dari program Pertukaran Mahasiswa (Permata Merdeka). 😁

Volunteer for the right cause!

emergingummah’s Profile PhotoEmerging Ummah
Let's volunteer to be a blood donor! 🥰
Be a hero and save lives by donating your blood to those in need. If we want our society to progress and become better, humanity is the only way forward. We have to do the best that we can as human beings to secure harmony.
Register yourself by filling the form via the link below or text your name, city, phone number and blood group at the provided WhatsApp number. Jazakalah Khair. Spread this forward.
#BloodDonor #BloodDonation #SaveLives #EmergingUmmah #HumanityOverEverything
Volunteer for the right cause

If you could start a charity, what would it be for?

PrettyFaceCakee’s Profile Photoprettyfacecakee
I don't know about starting a charity but I enjoy helping to spread positivity and joy when and where I can 🙂 every week I visit seniors and spend time listening to them talk or do things together, and every year I volunteer during the Fall and Winter holidays serving food to homeless

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

Nothing, you’re supposed to be who you were supposed to be when you were born. I’m weird, I’m quirky and I’m so caring. And I find things to bring home when I really shouldn’t, things that need help, or love. Yes I have three biological children (Lizzie, Logan and Lexi), but I have six other children that I fostered. I also in my twenties took in a ton of animals over the years that needed love and a home. Then when Lizzie was transferred to a level 1 school, I went there to volunteer so I could protect Lizzie and found kids that needed some help so I took them home with me. And that’s how my husband and I have raised (or are raising) nine kids. And now we’re raising a baby duck that we think it’s mommy got eaten. And one top of the duck, we have two hermit crabs. So we’ve got our hands full.

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I am trying hard to get over someone that broke my heart. What should I do? I know I am to 'Get over it' but what am I supposed to do to start that process. I feel like i have tried everything. 😓

xounicornfarts’s Profile Photoxounicornfarts
If they broke your heart, you must distance yourself from them.
I am a believer in fighting for love. But if that comes with the other person intentionally hurting you, you must move on with your life. You cannot allow others to intentionally hurt you. It will become a trend that will follow you for the rest of your life.
Find a new passion in your life. Reacquaint yourself with your positive friends. Volunteer for a local charity. Surround yourself with positive people.
Your first step should always be, “I am a better person than how I was treated by this person. I did not deserve to be hurt. This is now my time, and I am moving on with my life.”
Good luck to you. Most everyone has experienced the same heartbreak that you are going through right now. Do not be afraid to reach out to people for advice. People are generally good in nature. Unfortunately you got one that was not. We are here for you.

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