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Do you self-sabotage?

I do, especially when I’ve been doing so good in a certain area or class and then let my OCD get the best of me as my intrusive thoughts take over and I can’t seem to think about anything school related when that tends to happen. I’ve failed statistics freshman year of college because I forgot to take my final exam due to being sleep deprived that day (so I took a nap) and thinking about the possibility of being contaminated as I was walking by and into the grocery store when I had a final to take that day. The whole day, I thought about whether or not a part of me was contaminated while trying to move on from the thought (which hardly ever works) so I let the time pass by without a care in the world when it came to my classes. I later realized that I missed it but I was naive and didn’t really know what college was like so I thought I could make up for the exam I missed and somehow still have a chance at passing the class when I didn’t. I took the class again during summer break but couldn’t remember what I learned in statistics from the start of last semester and I had to complete a lot of labs in such a short amount of time so I dropped out of that class and didn’t take it again. I then couldn’t continue with the field of health sciences as a result of being irresponsible and self sabotaging.

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wut do u think abt the uk goverment trying to stop ppl smoking ciggies ? like i think personally they shudnt control us its kinda up to ppl if they smoke or not lol

sxdnessneverends_’s Profile Photo♡ ~ m a x ~ ♡
Everyone will have their own opinion on the matter I personally hate cigarettes I hate the smell and how it stains everything and stinks up a room including your clothes what you do in your own house that’s up to you but out in public I don’t agree with it as passive smoking is just as dangerous as smoking nobody wants to be casually walking minding their own business either by themselves or with their kids and having cigarette smoke blown directly in your face,I lived with chain smoking parents till I was 17 my health deteriorated because of it I still have medical issues/complications still to this day because of it especially if you’re a parent just think about your kids you choose to smoke but your kids didn’t,
(i don’t want to hear well mine were just fine so i don’t see the problem) that’s part of the problem just because someone else had to put up with it and ended up thankfully without any complications doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t end up with complications it doesn’t make it any right

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How you people cope with exam stress

• Switch off all the lights, walk and talk to yourself for 10 minutes. I read it somewhere that talking to yourself boosts your confidence.
• Use that study technique where you study for like 25 minutes and take a 5-7 minutes break in between. Dance, exercise, make coffee (preferably iced coffee), listen to music while walking or as I mentioned earlier, talk to yourself [note: spend your breaks in darkness to give your eyes a bit rest]
• Sometimes, when I get too sleepy, I open Snapchat and start explaining my syllabus to myself with that big mouth filter on. As weird as that sounds, it helps.
• Also, get a bit ready (put some jewellery on, put some lipstick)(if you're a guy, then I don't know)(this boosts your confidence too).
Good luck!

The night after you discovered Richard's liaison with Shakira, did you have a nightmare that featured Richard in a dark room, sitting down, then Shakira walking in and him saying "Daanch por mi Chakeera" and her smiling and then dancing for him very seductively?

Nah I just find it very weird that he doesn’t even listen to her music but he likes her stuff and follows her🤨

Wolisz spacerować 🚶‍czy jazdę na rowerze 🚲 Zauważ, że jadąc na rowerze 🚴 możesz szybciej przebierać nogami i butów nie zdzierasz od chodzenia? Miłego dnia i smacznej porannej kawusi ☕ 😁

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Do you prefer walking 🚶 or cycling 🚲 Notice that when you ride a bike 🚴 you can move your legs faster and you don't tear off your shoes while walking? Have a nice day and tasty morning coffee ☕ 😁
I prefer cycling. A basic condition must be met - the bicycle must be precisely adjusted to the height of the cyclist. If the seat height on a bicycle is too low or too high, the rider's thighs, legs and spine will hurt. When the bike is properly adjusted, you can ride it for dozens of kilometers and feel relaxed and happy while riding
Wolę jazdę rowerem. Musi być spełniony podstawowy warunek - rower musi być dokładnie wyregulowany do wysokości rowerzysty. Jeżeli wysokość siodełka na rowerze będzie zbyt mała lub zbyt wysoka kierującego rowerem będą bolały uda nóg oraz kręgosłup. Gdy rower jest prawidłowo wyregulowany można na nim jeździć dziesiątki kilometrów i czuć relaks oraz przyjemność z jazdy

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Whats your favourite thing to do ?🥱

TalhaJawad’s Profile Photoطلحہ جواد
1) bowling with friends.
2) walking around with friends laughing when it's raining.
3) iftars with my family.
4) horse riding days with my family.
5) finding a novel/kdrama that unexpectedly turns out to be so good that i have to spend all night finishing it.
6) movie nights with siblings.

You should go out more and LIVE more. Even if it's just going to the grocery store. Be the most stylish while walking through the aisles at Walmart, the cashiers will all compliment your dresses! and yes, go to concerts, reconnect with old friends. It would make you a lot happier ^^

I’m already very happy. I’m also probably going to the grocery store this week. Times are a changing. 🤣

Just hypothetically speaking imagine you are in a relationship and another couple asks you and your partner if you are interested in a four way, would you?

I was walking with a man on New Year’s Eve and two women asked if we wanted to join them. We didn’t acknowledge them. 🤣 I may have joined them if I was alone. 👀
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Как вы относитесь к такому городу как Москва? Нравится?

«Пятилетняя мимолётная влюблённость».
Это двор ВГИКа.
Это Яуза и лавка у Ботанички.
Это качели напротив КЗ им. Чайковского.
Это двор на Спиридоновке и стихи на скамейке в октябре.
Это качать ногами на фонтане на ВДНХ.
Это весенний Винзавод и букет тюльпанов.
Это Крымский мост на Октябрьской, груда статуй в Музеоне.
Это памятник Сахарову и шутка про: «ребята, это будет боmба, отвечаю!».
Это Римская в конце ноября с мокрым снегом.
Это ночной поезд с Киевского.
Это Северный Речной жарким июлем...
Это ступеньки театра Советской армии и утки в Екатерининском.
Это 27й трамвай...
Это Менделеевская с Достаевской и студенчество.
Ночное дождливое Садовое...
Это Depeche Mode: «In your room», «Try walking in my shoes», «You should be highter» и «Вroken».
Отдельная полка в сердце. Навсегда ❤️
Как вы относитесь к такому городу как Москва Нравится

What is a skill you think more people should have? 🤹 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I feel like more people should be aware of their surroundings.
The amount of times people just randomly stop walking or change direction without looking is beyond crazy to me. And also quite frustrating.
What is a skill you think more people should have

Czy bardziej lubisz bohaterów czy złoczyńców?

Logika nakazuje mówić że bohaterów... Z tym że jak złoczyńca jest dobrze napisany to i on jest świetny 😁 Przykładowo Azula z Avatara Anga, albo Negan z The Walking Dead (chociaż tutaj aktor też robi robotę ) albo Widma w Gwiezdnych Wrotach Atlantydzie 😁 zwłaszcza Steve chociaż nie pamiętam czy nie miał na imię Bob 😅

Did you ever watch a movie as a kid that created a fear you have?

Morgan_Muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgan_Muffel
I don’t recall the name of the movie but I do remember watching a movie (for kids) that had suspense in it and the fictional characters in the movie were walking outside in the middle of the night. It just made me realize why it’s not good to be outside in the middle of the night but it didn’t scare me to the point where I’m afraid of going outside before midnight. I just wouldn’t and also can’t see myself being outside past midnight tho.

Se il/la tuo/a ragazzo/a ti avesse tradito cosa avresti fatto?

martalombardo20’s Profile PhotoDiablaDevil27❤
Non avendo un partner, entro in ipotesi. È probabile che lui faccia la fine di Tara in The Walking Dead, lo infilzo su un palo e lo lascio lì.
Ma sono una ragazza con principi morali, quindi lo lascio e vado a piangere a casa mia. Conoscendomi, mi metterò anche a preparare marmellate per gli altri. Non vedo alternative, non penso che farò macumbe o preghiere; quelle sono mosse che mi servivano al liceo.


“None of us will get out of here alive.”
So, stop treating yourself like a souvenir
Eat some delicious food
Walking in the sunlight
Jump into the sea
Tell the truth and ease your heart
Be silly.. be kind.. be weird
"There's no time for anything else."

Maryam nawaz need a whole new team of screenwriters and directors because ground to earth ain't a dialogue and planting trees by walking on a carpet is really a bad direction

ایک عورت جس نے بھاگ کے ایک فوجی کے ساتھ شادی کی ہو کیسے ایک جمہوری ملک کے سب سے زیادہ آبادی والے صوبے کی سربراہ بن سکتی ہی ایسا صرف پاکستان میں ہی ہو سکتا ہے۔۔۔

Why do people call u lazy

sagetoriola53’s Profile Photosagetoriola53
My dad thinks I’m being lazy and he’s right about that sometimes but I think it’s most my depression that’s making me “lazy” since when I do feel motivated and have energy, I tend to make my own meals and finish the work I have to do. I was anything but lazy when I was in Turkey while walking from place to place so I think it depends on external factors and my mood overall.

Maryam nawaz need a whole new team of screenwriters and directors because ground to earth ain't a dialogue and planting trees by walking on a carpet is really a bad direction

Mery khayal se dono baaton ki hi zaroorat nahi hai, puray mulk ko party ki zaroorat hai, youth ko be laptop nahi lap dance ki zaroorat hai.
side note: planting trees is a great initiative

Share an embarassing moment of your life😂

Boy, do I have a treat for you. One time, I was at a waterpark and there was like a water body that got deeper the further you went, ok? So, my dumbass kept walking, and stopped when I saw the 6ft sign. But I was like hmmmm let's take just one more step. BIG mistake. My foot couldn't touch the ground anymore so i was trying to save my goddamn ass while ALSO trying to look normal because the lifeguard looked so sus and I didn't want him to save me 😭

— Hello, Wanda. — The boy approached the witch after having seen her from a short distance.

Hawks_MHA’s Profile Photo⠀⁄ ʜᴀᴡᴋꜱ ``
The witch gifted with magical abilities walked leisurely through New York in yet another of her attempts to have what she called the "illusion of a normal life", although, deep down, she knew it was useless. She would never forget what she had done in Westview, she would never forget the horrors she could do when strong emotions like anger and grief overcame her.
Still, Wanda was willing to turn that page once and for all. While she studied her powers in depth in a deserted and silent place, at the same time, she tried to get acquainted with people who did not alter or manipulate realities. Instead of the red Scarlet Witch costume, she began to wear short black dresses and ankle boots more frequently, in a style very close to gothic.
Wanda was leaving a coffee shop when she heard a nearby voice greet her and say her name. The witch looked over her shoulder, raising her eyebrows, and stopped walking when she noticed the owner of the male voice.
— Hello...(?) — Wanda couldn't avoid the questioning tone in her voice; This boy knew her, it was obvious, Wanda was famous in almost everyone for being a member of the Avengers, but she was certain that she had never met this boy before. Her gaze became more attentive to the pair of red wings he had.

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Hello Wanda  The boy approached the witch after having seen her from a short


WonderWomann_’s Profile PhotoDiαnα Prince '
Harley, as always, went to jail, which explains why she didn't upset any heroes. With her release from jail, the blonde was walking through the streets when she came across a chase that was taking place on the other side of the street where she was. Curious, the clown ran there to find out who was being followed by who. Arriving there, Harley realized that the scene was a man running from a female silhouette that revealed itself to be Wonder Woman. Harley smiled and decided to follow the heroine to try to help her capture the thief. Soon, her surprise was so great when the Amazon took flight and her gaze followed the boy's body being thrown by her into the distance. Harley laughed and jumped a few times along with clapping as she celebrated the thief's defeat and stopped towards the woman, smiling.
— Hey! Hello, Wonder Woman "Hottie"!

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If you found an injured and cold fairy when walking through the woods, what'd you do? 🧚🤕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, first, I think I’d ask if I could come close to them, and introduce myself. That way, hopefully they’d trust me a little more. Then, I’d tell them I wanna help them, and see if I could get them to sit in my hand, or in a pocket, or somewhere safe where they won’t be tossed around. I figure holding them is nice if they are cold as the warmth from my body/hands would really be beneficial. 😯
Maybe I’d totally encompass them in my hands, where only a little bit of air could get in, but not enough where they’d be freezing. And then, I’d go get materials to try and fix them up, depending on their injuries. Or maybe ask if they want to stay with me while they recover. I’d wanna look after them as best as I could. ☺️
If you found an injured and cold fairy when walking through the woods whatd you

Würdest du eher bei The Walking Dead oder im Jurassic Park überleben?

SarahBlvck0’s Profile Photoᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇssx
Ich kenne mich mit Jurassic Park nicht zwingend aus, re-watche dafür jedoch seit geraumer Zeit The Walking Dead, allerdings vermute ich, dass ich in beiden Dystopien völlig hilflos wäre. In The Walking Dead sind zudem nicht allein die Walker das größte Problem, sondern vorzugsweise menschliche Konflikte (seit Anbeginn der Zeit eigentlich), mangelnde Ressourcen und Naturgéwalten wie Stürme, harsche Winter und fehlende Sicherheit. Ich würde höchstwahrscheinlich sogar bei einer leichten Erkältung umkommen. Außerdem wäre ich alleine definitiv noch stärker aufgeschmissen und müsste mich (zu Beginn) permanent auf andere verlassen, bis mich meine Umwelt soweit verändert hat, dass ich mich anpassen könnte. Allerdings weiß ich weder, ob ich diesen Moment je zu Gesicht bekommen oder zuvor meinen horrenden Zucker- und Koffeinmangel beweinen würde. xd Ich würde save jedem auf den Sack gehen, der bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt überlebt hat. Ich wüsste in einer Gemeinschaft auch nicht, welche Aufgaben mir zuteil werden würden. Ich bin weder besonders stark noch mutig, klug oder anderweitig begabt fürs Überleben. Ich würde mich einfach an Daryls Ferse heften und hoffen, dass er mich beschützt, aber vermutlich würde ich ihm auch ziemlich auf die Nerven gehen. Vielleicht bringt er mir ja bei, wie man eine Armbrust benutzt, hehe. ('-' ) ❤️

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How'd you describe your habits in general? Are they good or bad? 🚿🚰🏃‍♂️💤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
They're terrible haha, I need to get back into eating healthy and cutting out everything but water again, never gonna fix my sleeping habits but I hate that I can't fixate on eating or drinking healthy/sleep but saving I can it's stupid, thought about cutting everything out and just not eating but that wouldn't be helpful. Think I'm gonna start walking at the oval again for a few days too

What was the most heartwarming thing you’ve seen? 🥰

I recently saw a video of a cat carrying her kittens that needed to be taken care of to the pedestrians who were walking on the street who then took the kittens to a vet where they were fed and thankfully still alive. As heartwarming as that was, I found it very heartbreaking to see some pedestrians ignoring the mother cat and leaving her behind with her kittens. I was just happy to see that there are still individuals who care about animals in this world that the mother cat knew she could trust with her babies.

Are you an over thinker?

eyehavebadgas9’s Profile PhotoGO KNIGHTS GO!
Yes and it has a lot to do with having OCD as I find myself thinking ahead all the time in case I regret doing something such as not thinking twice before opening the door in case someone walks by (since I get irritated when people walk by as I leave my room or when leaving the bathroom) as I worry about coming in contact with germs when I’m around people and then I tell myself that I need to shower or wash my hands for a long time afterwards. I only leave the bathroom once I think the coast is clear and no one is walking by but sometimes things don’t go as planned and that gives me anxiety that lasts for hours to days in some cases. I also think about why people don’t talk to me, why they talk behind my back or why they give me certain looks and I tend to get stuck on the negatives so whenever something negative happens, I find myself thinking about that event for years on end. I also am very attached to my belongings so when I lose something, I start thinking of all the possibilities as to where I last left my belonging(s) and can’t seem to stop thinking about it and relax until I find it or get a new one for myself.

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Доброго времени суток. Скидывай трек, который ты слушаешь последнее время чаще всего.

onedayyoumay_827’s Profile PhotoКогда то был для поцелуев
Приветствую 👋
Willy William — Ego
Feuerschwanz — Memento Mori
АрктидА — Настал твой черёд
Nickelback — Must Be Nice
Sunrise Avenue — I Dont Dance
Lit — The Broken
Jay Hardway, Robert Falcon — Running To You
Jan-Marten Block — Never Not Try
The Score — Livin Right
MRLN, Robbie Hutton — Losing You
Imagine Dragons — Walking The Wire
Theory Of A Deadman — All or Nothing
Marshmello, Jonas Brothers — Leave Before You Love Me
Daniel Powter — Crazy All My Life
Rayn Star — Start A Fire
Mushmellow — Without You
Nicki Minaj — Starships
Доброго времени суток Скидывай трек который ты слушаешь последнее время чаще

Mit welcher Laune bist du heute aufgewacht?

Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen okay, ich setze mich an die Thesis und schaue nebenbei The Walking Dead, aber Ich will mich nicht an diese Thesis setzen

Запрыгиваю в последний вагон. Спасибо, Никита! 💫

Суеверно? Нет, я точно знаю, что ангел-хранитель - не выдумка с целью облегчения страха. Страха я не чувствовала, как и самого призрачного присутствия до сих пор. Теперь я обрела его. Теперь ты всюду, куда бы я ни шла.
Слезы - боль. Пластик - свинец. Пакет - саркофаг. Я накрыла её, не видела другого выхода. Может, он есть? Может, на другой стороне?
Волосы отросли, в них сила каждой ведьмы. Но если ты не ведьма, они рано или поздно станут лишним грузом. До нашей встречи я пряталась в лесу ото всех. Кружилась в танце с листьями. Сейчас шумный город - моё надёжное укрытие. Все цикличино, как ты понимаешь.
Музыка - это отравленная еда. Почему бы нам не быть приятелями? В этой жизни или в иной. Кем угодно, но вот она я... одна.
Наверное, впереди ещё много непознанного, интересного, моего. Я обязательно открою кому-нибудь сердце. Нет, правда. По-настоящему. Но пока давай просто прогуляемся, ты и я...

Когда я перестану отрицать...?
🎶Kadebostany - Walking With a Ghost

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Запрыгиваю в последний вагон Спасибо Никита
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Shout-out: who else is tired of winter? I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer.

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
I definitely need summer to come here soon because these four classes that can be hard to keep up with is exhausting and idk what I would do without receiving help from anyone as I’m not the most independent person there is out there. Hopefully I’ll get to go to Turkey again this summer but if my grandparents decide to come here instead, I wouldn’t be able to go. As exhausting as it was, I miss being active and walking from place to place in Turkey as well as speaking Turkish more often so I don’t completely end up forgetting my native language.

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