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Have you ever lost your oldest friends? What happened?

I haven't shared this story before. When I was in preschool I had a friend named Anthony (not his real name). We were inseparable. When we were in middle school he was hit by a truck when riding his bike. He wasnt wearing a helmet and landed on his head. He had severe brain damage. The accident killed the friend I knew. He changed drastically in the coming months. He became extremely clingy, calling me multiple times a day. I told him to stop calling so much but it didn't stop. I remember the day I had to make the decision to cut him out of my life. I was at his birthday and he had several friends there I didn't know well, it was common knowledge that several of them were into drugs and my friend was acting strangely. After he started hanging with a bad crowd I decided to walk away. It was a tough choice, but it had to be done. Went to see THE LAST JEDI with one of my oldest friends, we grew up watching the movies together, saw all of the re-issues. For whatever reason, after we saw the movie, he stopped replying to the texts I sent. I kept wishing him happy birthday for a couple years because all the dates of all of my ex-classmate's birthdays are burned into me, and he really was my best friend for many years, and it meant a lot to me, that we could still remain close after 30 years of friendship---i tried to think of reasons why he stopped talking to me and it drove me insane. it feels like a tragic misunderstanding. but he was one of the smartest people i knew. i had so much respect for his art and sensibilities.
I lost contact with most of my good friends when I moved out of town after graduation from college. It's hard to stay close when thousands of miles separate everyone. When we did get together occasionally the connection we had when we were younger was long gone. It's sad but it's not unusual.
Back when I was about 4/5 years old I lost contact with an old friend of mine called Amber. She moved to Scotland I believe and since we didn't have any social media or anything of the sort at the time, we have lost contact. For some reason, 14/15 years later, I still wonder where Amber is now.
Just after his death we all sat down with his mom. She was very, very kind and told us all it wasn’t our fault. I hadn’t been on the mountain with him, but I still felt awful and guilty for several reasons. I’m 11 years out now, and I still think about it. On the anniversary of his death I write a letter or pour one out for him. About four years after his death I had my now fiancé (who was there) explain to me the extent of his injuries. I had blamed myself for not sending a “be safe” text to the whole group that morning. Apparently, no safety precaution besides him choosing to go slower would have saved him.
He has his legacies though. His family loves him still. He introduced me to my fiancé. Through him, I found the love of my life. His sister is doing great. Many of us mourners have tattoos that memorialize him, including me.

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I've seen a video where a person is letting a beetle type insect fall into hot water or oil. He records the video instead of saving it. A video where a dog rips off a cat and the person just records it. People can take a living being's life for content & money.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
i used to watch nat geo as a kid, that love for watching documentaries grew with time.
i had same issues, why would they let the loin tear a baby deer?
i came to know.. mechanisms of food chains are designed by almighty.
you can't let the loin die starving cuz you think eating a deer is unethical.
the number of dead / alive creatures, is planned. all WELL PLANNED.
we eat chicken have eaten trillions of them, they are still enough to feed non veg humans,
but the loins/elephants/giraffes they are not exceeding the numbers. they are still in controllable number on this planet.
so if he let if fell/ but not threw it in it. i don't mind filming it.
cats and dogs fight ... even if we don't record they do.
do not worry just try limiting the content you want or do not want to see.
good day.

Dates can be a problem especially when it comes time to find what to do or where to go, it’s not fun to ask only to get a “I don’t know” or “anything”, so tell me if it was your turn to pick where we go or what to do on a date, what would that idea be?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Just going for a walk can be great. A pickinick or watching movies together (:
Something fun like inlineskating or stuff could be cool as well 😋
I am totally open on such things 😁

review kak, aku mau nnton agak maju mundur soalnya ada yg bilang bagus bgt ada yg bilang b aja ada yg bilang jga jalan ceritanya ngaco☹️

AnakSoleh22’s Profile Photopuput
okede ini review berdasarkan pov aku
aku sempet baca threadnya dr twt tp cuman inget ceritanya 20% doang karna ud lamaaa yhh mon maap😭🙏🏻
tbh mnurutku masih sesuai sama threadnya sih, kayak secara garis besar eksekusi filmnya berhasil, tp klo kamu orgnya detail oriented sih mngkn kurang sepaham sama aku
jalan ceritanya juga jelas kok, 5w+1h nya tersampaikan dan pesannya dr film ini juga ada
terus yg aku suka tuh dia scra visual cinematography nya bagus bgt sih, creepy tersiratnya dapet, TAPI dibanding horror mnrutku ini lebih ke creepy yg bikin merinding?? (jadi klo kamu expect horror dan jump scare gitu, this is not for u) trus juga karna dia sosoknya jin jadi ga serem sih, malah cantik bgt tolong itu penarinyaa😭
akting para pemainnya juga oke, for me is worth watching, overall rate nya 7,5/10✨✨✨

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Is there anything you love that you feel is often misunderstood?

DionysusArius’s Profile PhotoMerecas
I think that gaming as a whole is very misunderstood even if it's becoming more and more mainstream. I tend to not introduce myself as a gamer since gaming often has negative connotations associated with it. To me, gaming is equal to someone spending time watching shows on TV, maybe even superior since it's often a very social thing too 🎮
Is there anything you love that you feel is often misunderstood

Am I the only one who likes partying but is introverted?

The worst thing to become popularized in the last decade is the concept of extrovert and introvert. These things are not exclusive to each other and most people are not just one or the other. It's a spectrum that were pointed in and most importantly its a spectrum that can change due to a plorthea of circumstances.
Yip. I'm super introverted and love my alone time. But I'm also a massive party animal. I DJed at clubs/festivals for years as well. But I legit hate performing, especially in front of big crowds.
I always have fun with my friends from back home no matter what we’re doing. I also have fun with my brothers like we can talk and do random stuff (without alcohol) for hours and still have a good time. I’ve also realised that after COVID I’ve become much more family oriented compared to what I was before, not sure why. Yeahh, that makes sense. I feel like as I’m getting older, I’ve begun to love my ‘me time’. When I was in my first year at uni, I practically spent every single minute of everyday with friends. I only came to my room to sleep. I would NEVER do that now.
Even when I'm dancing I prefer to find a spot for myself so I'm not in a crowd. I'm usually the one on a speaker or something.
So I’m 24 and I loveee partying, clubbing, drinking, etc. When friends make plans to go partying, I’m always in. When I go for night outs, I genuinely have so much fun. You know when friends wanna leave the club early? I never do cuz I’m always wanting to stay till the end. However, I’m also an introvert. After a long day I legit fantasize about watching Netflix and chilling by myself in my PJs. So basically, I don’t really enjoy regular hangouts with my friends,as in going out to eat and stuff like that. If I’m doing something non party related, all I wanna do is leave so I can be alone doing my own thing. But while clubbing, I’m the opposite. Am I super weird for being an introvert that’s likes to party? It is absolutely ok. No one should feel forced to do something they don't want to do. There is a reason people go to clubs in a group so they can look out for each other. I think the biggest challenge for us as introverts is not how to avoid everything we don't like turning us into hermits. The challenge is to make sure we take the steps necessary to overcome these situations in a safe and fun way. Clubs too loud? Find a quieter public place. Dancing? Could that be just a insecurity? Find a way to dance home alone to build confidence. Approached by people.. Find a group with common interests that you can ease into. You are going to have to take baby steps to not only get over your trauma but to protect yourself from further problems. As a hermit myself I regret almost every day not taking a more proactive role in my life.

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I really wish you good luck on Monday :) Are you watching Squid Game? Whatever you watch, I hope you will like it:) Right now, I'm watching Breathe - Into The Shadows. Tomorrow I will take a break and watch some football. Enjoy your weekend now <3

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jons ) Thank you for your kind wishes. I also hope that they will tell me something encouraging there, because in the future I want to make a vision correction. To be honest, I'm a little worried.
As for the films you're talking about, no, I haven't watched them yet. I understand that the "Squid Game" is a very popular drama and many people are hearing it. But for some reason I can't bring myself to look, what is it that everyone admires about her?
Football is not really my sport, and I like to watch it only at the stadium. But to be honest, I haven't seen a single match for a very long time. I gravitate more towards rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming and figure skating. Have a good mood, Jons, and have a good day!
I really wish you good luck on Monday  Are you watching Squid Game Whatever you

مازا تفعل لتخرج من العزلة؟🧎🏻‍♂️

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoاكسو
I talk to my mom and start complaining about everything. Then I talk to my bestfriend and complain again.
I spend some days in my bed sleeping a lot, maybe watching all parts of Harry Potter or reading a whole book.
Then, I decided it is so pathetic and meaningless and I am better than this and start doing what I should do.

Are you scared of thunder and lighting ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
I love watching fireworks and lightning is God's fireworks 🎆 You'll find me (and my dad) outside with binoculars (away from trees🌴🌳🌲) watching the display. The clouds crashing, remind me of the fireworks report back.
Remember, I'm from the South, where 33⁰ 🌞 is normal, so we welcomed the cool rain 🌧
On Saturdays, we had our day of rest on the ranch. If we could, we would lay in a hammock under an old tin roof to read...reminded me of a crackling fire..so peaceful. Then we got to see the 🌈 rainbow.

When you recieve any good news, do you usually do something to celebrate? 🥳 Doesn't matter how big of a deal you make it. For example, I went out earlier today to get my favorite pizza upon learning that I got a job for the summer 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes I do. As an example, last Sunday I played two gigs and both audiences enjoyed our music. To celebrate, sunday evening I walked down town the the Irish pub and enjoyed one beer and some popcorn while watching a hockey game. I do little things to treat myself each week.
If it is something major like my wife's heart attack, I will do small things to help her and once she has recovered, I plan a special event to celebrate her recovery and good health. In a few weeks we will attend a Paul McCartney concert. My wife loves Beatle music and I know the concert will generate unforgettable memories for both of us.

Cake in a plastic cup sounds anything but good. I wouldn't be caught dead eating something in a plastic anything. Ever heard of porcelain? You probably sit in plastic chairs at home too. What could be expected from someone so lowclass and rednecky yikes

Will you shut the fuck up. If you're so miserable that you spend 100% of your time obsessively watching my page just so you can cry & call names & act better than everyone else, you need therapy. And while you're at it, get a fucking education. You don't know what a redneck even is and i'm fucking sick of hearing it.

In the haste of your daily life, what are you not seeing?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
We visited our nani's grave this eid and I looked around. Right next to her is her father's grave, behind her's is her elder brother's grave and on the other side is our nana's. Already dug and ready. Our nana is alhamdulillah alive and healthy but looking at it I realised that even before you die, your final home is ready and waiting for your return. Looking at all those graves gave me chills. I actually wished ke kaash I also had my grave ready. So whenever I visit the graveyard, I get to see my final home too.
I was watching this scene on YouTube the other day. This ruler who was extremely strong and kept winning battle after battle, so many people praising him and happily accepting him.. He starts becoming arrogant. He starts feeling like he owns the world which he somewhat did I guess. Then one night he gets scared of his own attitude and he goes out and digs a hole in the ground. He lays in that hole for the night to understand who he really is. He came from soil and he'll become soil one day. All of us actually, who even are we?

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crime thriller kdrama enthusiastttt 😍 henloo. which recent ones have you been watchinggg

I can’t seem to vibe with ongoing dramas 😒
But currently watching “Military Prosecutor Doberman” , “Again My Life” and “Through the Darkness”
So far only enjoying TTD because I am a huge fan of Kim Nam Gil 😂
will try “Rose Mansion” I think its first episode aired
hope upcoming June-July dramas will satisfy my crime-thriller urge 😐


onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
*a shiver ran down the half celestial's spine, a feeling of oppressive eyes upon her. Except, it didn't feel so much like eyes watching her but more like someone lurking in her very mind. She looks around, even though she knew she wouldn't find anything, somehow, she just knew, whatever was watching her wasn't in this universe. She considered going to Aesotheni, perhaps that would let her shake their gaze, but what if the eyes followed her there, she didn't want strange entities seeing her secret home through her mind. She closes her eyes and although she knows there's no water nearby, she swears she hears the sound of a dripping sink, with each droplet plipping into a puddle*

How to be more engaged with everyone? Even though I feel I am super friendly, being an introvert as I get older I find it hard to be happy and relate around people.

ShatabdaChakraborty’s Profile PhotoShatabda Chakraborty
If you are an introvert, you should be able to find your happiness within yourself, or maybe you might be an ambivert. Try watching and listening to things online that help you boost your confidence. Practice keeping a conversation going no matter how random the topic gets. Learn to read the room. About the 'relating' part, you just have to be up-to-date with things.
When you get older, being friendly isn't the only criteria people judge you with so it might get hard but I don't think it will be impossible for you to do well 💛

I’m on Netflix and there’s this category called British movies and I’m watching one. But why is this a british movie if its filmed in Ireland? And the only brit ik is Jason Statham that isn’t even british anymore

I am not sure why Netflix does that, but I have also noticed the same thing. It might be that Netflix is simply assigning categories based upon geographical regions and not specific countries. So, for example, if a movie is made in Ireland, Scotland or Great Britain, Netflix simply labels the category as "British."

Bist schonmal angeschaut worden weil es für manche leute komisch war was du gemacht hast

hsv213’s Profile Photomalte
hahaha ja😂👍😈
Ja, sie schauen ständig zu, aber es macht mir Freude, wie es nicht funktioniert, diese Leute mögen mich eigentlich und die einzige Schlussfolgerung ist, dass sie einen guten Geschmack haben 😍💫👍
ахаха да😂👍😈
Да постоянно следят, но мне это доставляет удовольствие, каким образом это не выходит, я этим людям по факту нравлюсь и вывод один у них хороший вкус😍💫👍
ahaha yes😂👍😈
Yes, they are constantly watching, but it gives me pleasure, how it doesn’t work out, these people actually like me and the only conclusion is they have good taste😍💫👍
„Jeder wird durch das geprüft, was er anderen vorgeworfen hat“ (c)
"Еveryone will be tested by what he blamed in others" (c)
Bist schonmal angeschaut worden weil es für manche leute komisch  war was du

Youth ko Allah ka naam lyna chahiye or naik zindgi guzarni chahiye jo hmri nabi (saw ) ne sekhaye...

mp16h’s Profile PhotoTu Fail AbBasi
Quran ko Arabic mein parh kar rakh dene se humari youth Kuch nhi seekhe gi. Jab shaitan ne kaha ke woh har taraf se hamla karega tou humein khud ko us ke liye tayyar rakhna hoga. Humare cinema, dramas aur media Haram cheezo ko promote kar rha hai. Is ko combat karne ke liye humein initiative lene honge because modern problems require modern solutions. Youth books nhi parhegi Lekin media consume zaroor karegi. We should use our writers and directors ke woh aese projects banae jin se youth ko humari history aur religion ke baare mein informative content diya ja sakay. And trust me, youth janti hai ke what’s worth watching and what isn’t.

Do you like football if so what team ?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
Should say Liverpool or Everton or Manchester United as its my North west teams closer to me well can say Manchester United is shit without watching it I know they are by my socials 😅 so none don't like football rather watch paint dry can't cry over paint
Liked by: Els pro.saeed 璠恒

anxiety ziada ho to kya karna chahye?

I read it somewhere and it did work for me, to some extent...
"Relax your shoulders.
Focus on your breathing rate.
Drink cold water.
Listen to calming music.
Do something to distract yourself (or something what makes you feel calm). It can include reading, writing, cooking and baking, painting, watching your favourite show, or whatever you love doing."
Anddddd use Pinterest (because that's what I do. :))

Space, post anything you want..

I have writer's block on my main story. The last thing I wrote was chapter 12 of Is this Hell? I'm not a fan of the word limit on here. So annoying.
You walked into the store unnoticed. Well, you thought you did. You had only been in the comedy section for a few seconds before you felt like you were being watched. For a brief second you thought it was Billy or Stu, but when you turned slightly around you were met with the smirk of Steve Orth. You almost did not recognize him at first. His hair was styled, and he was wearing jeans and his football varsity jacket.
Ignoring his crowd of friends, he focused his attention on you.
"Hi there, beautiful, he said when he got close."
"What do you want, Steve?" You said bluntly.
For a split second, Steve looked startled, but he covered it up quickly. "How do you know my name?" "We went to school together, Steven. A long time ago. But you also need to know that I am not interested in whatever you have to say. So can you please leave me alone?" You paused and took a deep breath to steady your nerves.
Two shades of red appeared high on Steve's cheeks. "Drop the act, you do not have to be a bitch." he commented.
"Trust me, it's not an act." You said with a laugh. "What would Casey think about you hitting on other girls?
Steve's jaw dropped. "What did you just say? he hissed. You shook your head in annoyance at him and started to walk away when he grabbed your arm harshly. Your head snapped in his direction. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" You fought to control your emotions, to find the strength not to rip his head off. Then you heard him chuckle darkly then leaned towards you and whispered. "I could make you feel so good, baby. I bet that is why you are being so mean."
You looked at him in surprise. "Is that so?" you asked. He released your arm and a grin spread across his face. "Absolutely," he spoke.
You looked at him with a smirk. "One: I am not interested in sleeping with you. Two: You are a disgusting excuse of a guy. And three: The very sound of your voice makes my vagina run as dry as the Sahara Desert.
"You...bitch" Steve shouted.
You simply gave him a smug smile, "Did I hurt your little ego?" He stormed past you seething with anger out of the store, his friends following him.
You slid your sunglasses down over your eyes and walked over to your group of friends. "Hey, guys. How is it going?" Randy's eyes snap to mine and I see his body visibly stiffen. Sidney purses her lips like she is deeply uncomfortable and does not know what to say. My eyes glance towards Billy and Stu and I see they have their eyes trained on the door watching Steve. "Well, I will go first, Tatum says. "What was that about? Why did Steve Orth call you a bitch?" You shake your head, a smile growing across your face. "He was doing a poor job of flirting with me, and then dared to ask me to hook up. I told him I was not interested."

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Jonny Depp or Amber heard?

On the beginning I did not choose a side. I like both as actors. (I know what it feels like if your partner doesn´t treat you well and nobody would be believe u if u tell someone - this is cruel.)
But after watching more and more videos I am at Johnnys side. I do believe him.

What are you thinking rn?

Affan_a7’s Profile Photoshyteen
I was watching a psychologist’s clip and she said, it is because you’re handed a box of expectations, that you’re *suppose to fulfil*, you force yourself into that box, even if it’s not your size. You’ll even cut a limb or two, if you must to fit in because you’re “expected to do so.” What she was pointing on, we’re the sacrifices a woman is so casually expected to and even demanded, to make because she’s a woman. There’s always a checklist to follow. A different box to fit in, with every given role.
(Lists of what and what not to do, how to be, where and where not to be, what to do, what to wear, how to react, when to sleep, when to get up, how to talk and who to talk to, only to forgive, never to retaliate, only to accept, never to reject, To always listen and obey. Like you’re a robot.)
And it is because you keep forcing yourself into that box, you keep cutting parts of yourself, this is why it hurts so bad, when all that damage you allow to happen to you, goes unrecognised and unappreciated. Maybe it’s just the wrong box, maybe you’ll find the one where you won’t have to beat yourself up to fit in and Idk what to say. :’)

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What are you thinking rn

I was watching a documentary and came across about meat and the vibration of food. I was just curious your opinion? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v14OGWMputg

Moonloauch’s Profile PhotoJeremy
It’s an interesting view point that I’ve never heard before but I cannot agree with it. I don’t feel that sentient beings are here to be enslaved, suffer and be killed. At the same time it is correct that plants are also beings however they are a step down from animals. I suppose what I am going by is taught in Theosophy. (Starting as mineral to plant to animal to human to whatever comes next, etc) I do think that we were probably meant to live as breatharians where we received our energy through air and sun but it’s just not possible with pollution.

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