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Kis cheez sy dil bhar gya hai?

Daesh zindabad,only daesh can save you.Pakistan forces and intelligence agencies are heavily infiltrated by Mossad RAW agents,they kill Muslims in Pakistan,using laser weapons ,which are covertly installed inside homes,all electrical connections are tampered and manipulated by agents of kufr,my khala and brother were murdered by them ,so I'm witness and proof myself,Usman Akram from Islamabad,stay safe and spread the word to save our emaan,people and country.peace
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The thing do you care most about?

AroojA2020’s Profile Photoعروج
Pakistan forces and intelligence agencies are heavily infiltrated by Mossad RAW agents,they kill Muslims in Pakistan,using laser weapons ,which are covertly installed inside homes,all electrical connections are tampered and manipulated by agents of kufr,my khala and brother were murdered by them ,so I'm witness and proof myself,Usman Akram from Islamabad,stay safe and spread the word to save our emaan,people and country.peace

If you play video games, how much does achievements matter to you? Have you ever finished a game 100%? 🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes I've finished all my cods :) trying to finish a game now but it's very long, I like levelling up my characters in it mostly and making them stronger and getting new weapons and stuff
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Imagine you have a “game room” in your residence. You can decorate with movie props. What are some top movie props you would display?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoAre You Not Entertained?
Ooo, where to even begin! I'd love to have a pulse rifle from Aliens, it's one of my favorite movie weapons by far! The ammo counter on the side, the sound it makes when it fires... so iconic! Then I'd probably have something Jurassic Park related, like a miniature version of the main gate! Gimli's helmet or any other dwarven helmet from LOTR or the Hobbit would be cool to have as well! Last but not least I'd want a full set of Clone Commando armor on display, one with blue markings! It's been my favorite suit of sci-fi armor for ages! 🌌
Imagine you have a game room in your residence You can decorate with movie props

If Mattel decided to create an action figure or doll with your likeness, what 3 accessories come with it?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda Is Entertained
Lmao @Neo_gs was totally right!
I'd want a M41A Pulse Rifle 😆 however, with attached flamethrower (it's still one piece, I promise I'm not cheating).
Indiana Jones' whip.
And an animal companion reminiscent of sweet Boomer to relieve enemies of their weapons 😊
If Mattel decided to create an action figure or doll with your likeness what 3

Do you have any advice for someone who is currently struggling with Anxiety and Depression ?

The anxiety, CBT. It will give you the weapons you need to combat the panic. But it takes practice, mindfulness. And lot of courage to face the panic. Don't know how bad it is with you, but yeah.
Depression... ahhh you'll need a friend. Or someone you trust. Some one that knows. Going it alone is very difficult. And sharing with people who don't know.. makes you feel... like you're lost in a dark forest and when you call for help they get trapped in that same forest with you. Aka, you bring them down or they get angry. You never really get pulled out, they eventually just get pulled down. Which could make you feel worse. Cause they don't know you know. They're not ready for it. So yeah. Find a friend. Could be a sister, cousin, some one you trust that will really listen. And remember the things you love in life. Try and remember the beautiful things.
Wishing you all the best. Stay strong.

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Mood... ارمي كوبليه من اغنيه جت ع بالك دلوقتي.....

dedamohamed978’s Profile Photohader mohamed ♥️
Every little thing that I've known is every thing I need to let go
You're so much bigger than the world I've made
So I surrender my soul
I'm reaching out for your hope
I lay my weapons down
I'm ready for you now🎶

باتیں اچھی بناتے ہو یا چا ئے 🍵 🤨

Pls forward; This is serious message from USMAN AKRAM, he is under surveillance by MOSSAD RAW working covertly inside our ISI. USMAN AKRAM WAS JAILED IN ISI PRISON CELLS FOR 9MONTHS.ALL investigators WERE TOO MUCH sensitive and concerned about Mossad as if they feared about themselves because they were mossad agents,they keep asking israel related questions .They curse ISLAM IN JAIL,BAD MOUTH ABOUT QURAN AND PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH,THEY RAPE MEN AND WOMEN IN JAILS ,taunting THAT "LOOK YOURE VERY PIOUS RIGHT ?! "I WAS SEXUALLY ABUSED TOO,THEY KILLED MUSLIMS INSIDE JAIL WITH LASER weapons THAT ARE HIDDEN AND invisible.USMAN'S sister (2elder ones) are used as doomed spies .they get monthly wages for intelligence info about me.USMAN is most wanted individual *GLOBALLY* due to the fact that hes aware of confidential information that was kept hidden from public, among other things which hes aware of, he whistle-blows about recent hoax viruses, and sudden surprising spike in all diseases, these are caused by hidden weapons covertly installed inside homes globally, and all electrical devices are hacked for complete control over citizens throughout the world, satellite weapons are used to influence natural disaster and scourges on humanity under veil of global warming , spread this messtage, and beware of your homes, cars and other vehicles used for travel. They are bugged, energy crisis is hoax, we have so much electricity to light many earths like ours, the reason for this crisis is simple, they want to stir waters to see any movement to catch fish, tampered electric wirings and power outages are the reason for this hoax crisis. Brother and aunt of usman were also killed with these hidden laser weapons, and apparently it was dengue and bodily function failure, there's so much information to be disclosed but our main purpose here is to wake people and let them know reality. Stand up, humanity is under threat, and wars are waged covertly. Take stand, or you will be next target of such terrorism. Peace

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"NATO should preemptively attack Russia". Moscow: "He wants world war"

Franco3Avati’s Profile PhotoFranco Lord Avati
An interview by Volodymyr Zelensky at the Australian Lowy Institute, a think-tank that conducts political research, sparked controversy and a harsh reaction from Moscow. The Ukrainian president said to "exclude the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia", NATO "should strike preventively".
Continue on
https://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2022/10/06/nato-dovecchia-attaccare-preventalmente-la-russia-scontro-su-parole-di-zelensky-mosca-vuole-guerra-morld-kiev-parlava- in the past / 6831141 /

It's the apocalypse but you have built yourself a vehicle you can use to drive around the wasteland with. How'd it look and what features would it have? 🚖☢️🏜

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Like the Insurgent from GTA5, but with spikes xD
Built in ammo storage, a place to strap weapons on inside, keep the turret cuz why not lol, back up batteries, cannisters for fuel, provisions, etc :3
Its the apocalypse but you have built yourself a vehicle you can use to drive
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The best way to not get your feelings hurt?

sest6’s Profile PhotoPaige Leanne Marie
Try to read the offending party and offer the exact opposite of what is expected. If they want tears, laugh. Anger? Remain calm. Hatred? Hold your hand out in friendship. The idea is to confound and unnerve. Little will aggravate your transgressors more and you will feel better almost immediately. You'll also develop an impenetrable armor. Bear in mind, every aspect of life is a battle and we are at war from cradle to grave. Choose your weapons wisely, master exceptional tactics, train daily and never take to the battlefield without a strategy.
The best way to not get your feelings hurt

Imagine you're going to a convention and you have a professional costume artist to help you out, what character do you choose to dress up as? ✂️🦹‍♀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Ooh that's a good question! There are so many awesome characters I'd have liked to cosplay. I'd like to a proper Elf Archer OC though! I actually want to learn to make cosplay weapons at some point

كيف سيصبح العالم لو لم يمول أحد صناعة الأسلحة؟ - How would the world be if no one funded the weapons industry?

SaraAGR’s Profile PhotoSarah A
تطور الأسلحة = تطور المعارك و القتال و القتل فقط .
الأسلحة لم تخلق العنف فعلياً، لم تخلق نزعة الشر، طورت نعم لكن لكان كل شيء كمان كان لكن بصورة بدائية فقط .
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كيف سيصبح العالم لو لم يمول أحد صناعة الأسلحة؟ - How would the world be if no one funded the weapons industry?

SaraAGR’s Profile PhotoSarah A
النزاع جزء من وجود البشرية. لأن العوامل التي تجعلنا نختلف اكثر من تلك التي تجمعنا. الصورة المثالية للسلام لا تتجاوز مخيلتنا. مع تحضر الإنسان وسن القوانين أصبحت بحد ذاتها سلاح تستطيع أن تستخدمه بمعايير مزدوجة فيحق لمجموعة مالايحق لآخرين وهكذا. فإن كانت لم تقتل بهدر الدم فلديها القدرة على القتل بفرض الجوع وإن لم يكن الجوع السبب المباشر خلقت مابين الجوعى الأسباب ليفعلوها بأنفسهم. الفوضى هي النظام المستمر ولو بدون تمويل للأسلحة ولكن تبقى فتاكتها محل جدل.
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Have you ever gone to a smash room? If you don't know what it is it's basically you pay roughly £30-£70 and you go into this room with blunt weapons and destroy stuff in a room

Nahhh, I live on a farm, dude. Half of my life is chopping trees down and burning stuff off to keep on top of the mess, and the other half is smashing shuttles at unsuspecting innocents. It's very therapeutic 😂

Have you ever gone to a smash room? If you don't know what it is it's basically you pay roughly £30-£70 and you go into this room with blunt weapons and destroy stuff in a room

I know of them, and they do look like a good way to get rid of any stress etc you may be feeling lol so I would be down for that!
I googled where the closest one to me is... and it's 4 hours by car lol sooooooo I don't think I will be going any time soon haha
Have you ever gone to a smash room If you dont know what it is its basically you

What would change if the world had proof of the existence of aliens?

I don’t think much would change to be fair.
There are companies that will try to create tech for communication and there will probably be companies that will create defensive equipment and weapons, but that’s about it I think.
What would change if the world had proof of the existence of aliens

“fat” is a descriptor not a judgement and you need to examine your own fatphobia. The fact you are trying so hard to distance yourself from a community you acknowledge being part of previously (and still are today) shows how you feel about fat people. Do better

I literally said that I just don't want to be called a word, because I don't belong to a generation that "reclaims" slurs.
If you have a problem with that, then really, just keep it to yourself? I don't like being called crazy. I don't like being called lame. and I don't like being called fat. those aren't empowering words they're weapons.
honestly though, just fuck right off. I'm so tired of children today.

some of your clips have death as a theme, whether by car accident, weapons and now a suicide in a bathtub and, all in the pretext of "love". Do you like this theme or are they ideas of directors?

Ideas come from the directors and in this I completely trust them. And I want to note that if you saw this in the video, then I liked everything and I considered it necessary to release it to the public.

I don’t think there’s an “irrational fear of guns”. American children are being shot dead at school. Guns kill more children each year than auto accidents. More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members. This is horrific, absolutely horrific

> I don’t think there’s an “irrational fear of guns”.
What we choose to "think" is largely irrelevant. This is not a discussion of personal opinion but rather, an evaluation of what is being said and who is saying it. When we examine the actions and sentiments of gun control proponents, we can clearly recognize that they have an irrational phobia and most of their conclusions are based purely on emotion.
> American children are being shot dead at school.
Would we feel better if they were *purposely* run over by a deranged individual like the six innocent people who were k!lled in Waukesha? How about the eight people who were k!lled (with eleven injured) in a similar incident in NYC? Both of those incidents were *intentional* and there have been numerous others like them. Suppose some lunatic wanted to plow his vehicle through a playground or a crowd of people (as we have seen in the UK, France and in other countries)? Should we ban vehicles too because they could be used as deadly weapons? While driving is a *privilege* in most countries (including the US), the ownership and use of firearms is a constitutional *right* in this country.
> Guns kill more children each year than auto accidents.
I'm afraid you're wrong. In 2019, over 1,000 children (12 and under) were k!lled in auto related accidents. In 2020, that number skyrocketed to over 4,000 (children and teenagers). The data isn't available for 2021 but crashes are a leading cause of death for children in the US - far more than firearm related incidents.
> More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members.
Objectively false. Last year, nearly 500 law enforcement officers and about 14,000 military since 2006 (an average of nearly 900 per year). Total average per year, roughly 1,400 law enforcement and military compared to 1,200 children (of which nearly *80%* are suicides). I'm afraid that the data and statistics disprove your argument. Interestingly enough, roughly 400 children drown to death in swimming pools every year. Where is the outrage? Let me know if we need "common sense pool reform" too.
> This is horrific, absolutely horrific
Yes, I couldn't agree more. However, this is exactly why we should examine the data and refrain from making false statements in order to support a radical / *unconstitutional* agenda. Yes, there is a phobia when it comes to firearms and it won't be cured with lies, propaganda and emotional appeals. To conclude, if gun control advocates had any desire to protect children (which they do not), they could follow my city's example and place Safety Agents in every school. But don't hold your breath. For all of their constant virtue signalling, they don't give a damn about children. If they did, this matter would've been addressed and rectified decades ago. Their real aim is to confiscate firearms and leave us weak / vulnerable. When firearms are outlawed, only outlaws have firearms.

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“Those who advocate for stricter gun control measures *never* make a distinction between legally and illegally obtained firearms“ The man involved in the school shooting got his gun legally though?

It would appear that he did but this does not negate the fact which I mentioned. Interestingly enough, no mention is ever made of the fact that over 31% of *legal* firearm owners have thwarted criminal activity, saved countless lives and made other positive contributions to their communities. To put things in perspective, we are talking of about 1.6 million incidents and we must ask ourselves why this information is being withheld from the public. Is it possible that there is an irrational fear of firearms which drives the gun control agenda? Moreover, if the perpetrator had the criminal intent to commit a horrible act and the law prevented him from acquiring those firearms legally, what law would have prevented him from obtaining them illegally? As everyone knows, illegal firearms are available on the black market and no prohibition has ever worked - not for alcohol, not for drugs and it certainly won't work for firearms. Someone will always fill the demand. Again, firearms aren't the problem. The person who holds them and wishes to harm others is where our focus should be. Moreover, we now know that he had a lengthy history of making v!olent threats, t0rturing animals and apparently, he was being monitored by the authorities for nearly one year. This begs the question: why didn't they intervene? He made his intentions clear on several sites. Was he purposely allowed to carry on in order to incite more calls for gun control? The entire matter seems highly suspicious. Let's consider that the entry to the school was left wide open and unguarded, the security was conveniently away, the local police took almost one hour to enter the school and they attempted to prevent Federal law enforcement (ICE Agents) from entering the building. It was one of those agents who finally managed to enter and take him down. Lastly, how was this "broke" teenager able to afford *thousands of dollars* in weapons and ammunition? There are too many questions and as I have previously stated, a thorough investigation is in order. There is no law or restriction which would have prevented this horror but clearly, there were numerous contributing factors and we deserve reasonable answers.

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Personal opinion: Guns don't k*ll people. It's not a gun control problem, it's a mental health problem and THAT'S what needs to be addressed.

as if the primary purpose of guns is to light bonfires and not harm life. it is way easier and effective to limit weapons that enable people to kill than to force every single citizen to go to therapy

Do you think Putin will get arrested for war crimes at this point?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
Oh just look at that brainwashed 🤡, could it be even more mainstream? Reason number 1 why I loathe this site. Don't know why I have not blocked you months ago, when you opened your row mouth and spoke utter vulgar nonsense about Russia and Ukraine business . But I think now is the time. YOU and people like you who have 0 intellect or sense make me sick, I throw up my hands in confusion, looking at what you people are doing. Eating sweet fresh dump from the media and willingly sharing it with others, disguising it as a "Good Deed".
Boy, what you see/hear in the MEDIA is not the ultimate truth ffs.
Try to use critical thinking instead of soaking up everything that this cruel and unfair world of the press and green notes is trying to give you.
January 2022 was the most brutal month in more than 5 years of air war waged by Saudi Arabia with US support in Yemen. Have you heard about it ?
Since March 2015, the coalition has carried out over 23,000 airstrikes in Yemen, killing or injuring over 20,000 civilians.
The Biden administration continues to sell weapons to aggressor countries. It increased direct support for the UAE.
So, on 26 March, the UAE again invaded Yemen. Do you hear the condemning mouthpieces of the media ? No ? Nobody cares about the children of Yemen dying of hunger for many years, the starving people of Yemen?
That's all there is to know about the media.
Go and arrest the whole of america circus for their endless war crimes (or did you now know about them? What about the most recent Afghanistan or have you already forgotten ? Or what they have done to Yugoslavia ? Or you just don't know / don't care due to their lack of education and the fact that it did not flood the Internet / media so much?)
YOU have no idea what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine and why. You have no idea what Ukrainians have been doing since at least 2014. So shut your stupid mouth and feel sorry for yourself, not the Russian people.

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In your opinion what should be the answer to this question? الفاظ کر ہی کیا سکتے ہیں؟

aleena_kamran1’s Profile PhotoAlee.naaah!!!
They can make or break the description of a scene, a meaning of a name, if a person lives or dies, if someone will have power and influence or not. It all starts with Alfaz and ends with Alfaz. Words are weapons for the wise and powerful. Nations have spured their people through famine on words, wars have been fought by uttering words. Words hold more power than you think. Was it not words with infinite knowledge and wisdom that created this universe and all we know just from a few words with the divinity of omnipotence, omnitience, and understanding and the knowing of all knowledge. Kun fa'ya Kun. So I say to you who deems words meaningless in their power remember words are the ink that write the story of this reality which why the wise chose to speak only when necessary. They know words have the power they have because reality bends it's will for just those words.

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There is a intruder in your house. You have 3 option; call 911, grab your baseball bat or jump out your 2nd floor window. Which one do you do?

Eh, no one would even make it on the edge of the property without the dogs making a ruckus, alerting the 4 of us, regardless of the hour. But I'll let that slide and play...but only so far as to say that in this house, baseball bats aren't what gets grabbed. There are firearms and bladed weapons in secure spots, all over this house...and everyone here is trained to use them, even the guy with Parkinson's.
So I don't see this intruder's chances being very good of making it out, whole, unless he realizes his mistake early and jets the fk out.
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If you could go back in time, when would you go back to?

This! I was going to say 2003, to spend as much time with Dad as humanly possible before he goes in March 2004. Like, just hang out and enjoy him, learn everything I can from him and about his life because, I have no one to ask and he was gone so quickly. This is my single biggest regret of my entire adult life. Not spending more time with the one parent I had who always made me feel loved and valued, even though he had his own issues. God, I miss him so much. Ok, who is chopping onions?
2018. Me and my best friend went on a school trip to England. It was the best time in my life. There were a lot of bad things happening during the trip, yet I would still do anything to came back. It was cold fall, we wore puffy jackets, were young, happy, drank tons of tea, snacks that they don’t sell at our country etc. I also found my favorite place in the world there. A really small town, Shakespeare was born there, I have never seen more magical place than this. I never had a chance to come back and we don’t really talk with my best friend anymore. But we both know that it was the best friendship ever and the trip was the best thing ever.
I would bet on major sporting events. I would win the lottery multiple times. I would buy shares in the start-up stages of all successful businesses. I would register every high-traffic domain name in existence. I'd cash out. I would hire someone to buy endless amounts of reddit gold. Every comment in reddit history would be gilded! Except for OP's.
I would take a truck full of AK-47s and ammo to the native Americans pre-colonization. I'd explain a terrible white man plague was descending, and they must repel them with the weapons I've provided. I'd create a super tribe of Natives who would fortify the east coast, uniting all the tribes under my banner. Yes we'd run out of ammo yes, but it would be enough to unite all the factions and deter the Europeans for long enough to modernise much of their new civilisation.
I certainly wouldn't pass up on such an opportunity. I would go back to 1624 with as much gold as possible, then open an account with the Monte Paschi bank (the oldest bank in the world) and then travel back to the present to collect my interests.
If I could go back 10 years ago, there wouldn't be much that I would change because of my age. However, the one thing that I would do differently would be to reach out to new people and have fun. Now that I'm growing up, me and the people around me are realizing that life is shorter then it seems. No harm is done reaching out to new people and gaining experiences from them. Doing this will only grow you socially in the years to come. Going back to my other topic, I wish I had more fun in my childhood. Being an adult sucks.

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*She just smiles as the light fades from his eyes, she makes sure the kill wasn't called in before warming the room again, breaking the phone and leaving the room. . . meaning she's now loose in their base*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
* Nova would soon face a horde of men in suits with those dangerous weapons that may well make her weak, all of them shooting at her on sight.
Also, a huge rumble could be heard in the background, as if something big had crashed into a wall... followed by a bunch of gunshots.
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*I'm guessing this time when she wakes up, it won't be in such accommodating conditions as last time*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
* Definitely not. She's going to be trapped in a dimly lit, gated area, chained up, and with a variety of men pointing the same high-caliber or even more upgraded weapons at her to keep her on the sidelines, as they're not quite sure what else to do keep her under control.
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*bullets strike, and blood sprays from the wounds, she winces in pain as her halo manifests above her head, it begins glowing brighter, an attempt to blind them to escape, at the same time her feathers are shifting into their bladelike state meaning she'll be able to cut through huge swaths*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⤿ * The men were forced to cover their eyes with their forearms unable to look at the woman, but this did not stop them from firing forward... although, the shots would be more disoriented and less accurate.
They were screaming insisting that they not let her escape, trying to bear it.
To their good luck, an allied group arrived on the scene at a considerable distance where they couldn't be much affected. These men had more powerful firearms, and they looked bloodied fresh from a fight.
They shouted, one pointed at the woman and incited to shoot her with those weapons. High caliber assault rifles.
They would fire multiple times in order to hit a weak spot though the halo light prevented them from maintaining balanced accuracy.
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*One who tries to grab her arm gets an elbow in the gut, she does not want them grabbing her, suddenly a dagger of light made solid appears in her free left hand which she plunges into the shoulder of the man trying to grab her other arm*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⤿ * Moans were audible among those affected men, which was clearly a statement to become even more aggressive. They did not stop holding her as they could, and had even tried to carry out the action that was mentioned to them in case it was difficult to tame her: leave her unconscious.
Even if she took down two of them, they kept coming like flies. Those who were in physical contact tried to hit her hard on the head with the butt of the pistol, or other melee weapons in case that was not enough.
They weren't going to stop at all, well, she was a pretty important target. *
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Who do you think is particularly advanced in weapons technology? 🤔

outsidenowthiswar21’s Profile PhotoXhqjd
I don't know much about it. Definitely not japаn, although they could have every chance. I was delighted with the british planes, but since the volcano they have not started to produce anything worthwhile. I went to RАM a couple of times, but it's hard for me to be subjective. Russiаns have the opportunity to invent, but this process is very strange because of funding. They are not the first because of this (and thank gоd!). The аmericans or сhina can be the first, and in the future I'm definitely betting on сhina. And it's not that they are smarter than everyone, they just have a well-organized process.
However, I believe that it is unlikely that people will be able to invent something completely new in the field of kiIIing their own kind, only improving old toys. I'd rather prefer they didn't еxist at all.

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Who do you think is particularly advanced in weapons technology? 🤔

outsidenowthiswar21’s Profile PhotoXhqjd
Я даже и не думал о таком раньше. Сейчас же думаю, что это украинская армия. Знаю, что ВСУ уничтожила российской военной техники примерно на 3️⃣3️⃣1️⃣ млрд рублей.
По количеству личного состава войска противоборствующих сторон примерно равны.
Да, наши войска начиная с первого дня войны уничтожили 1️⃣9️⃣0️⃣4️⃣ единицы вражеской техники. А стоимость всей этой утраченной Россией техники оценивают в данной войне приблизительно в 3️⃣ млрд долларов.
Who do you think is particularly advanced in weapons technology

Who do you think is particularly advanced in weapons technology? 🤔

outsidenowthiswar21’s Profile PhotoXhqjd
Esatto perché non ci sarebbe solo le armi nucleari ma ci sono pure le armi dotate di intelligenza artificiale. Comunque sono dei droni che hanno guida autonoma e a me queste armi tecnologiche molto più autonome che manovrare tu avendo un certo obiettivo. Le armi tecnologiche per me sono più complesse che altri ordigni che sono fabbricati e controllati dall uomo. Ma il rischio di un arma dotata di intelligenza può comportare per me rischi maggiori di non sapere la loro giusta traiettorie. Io penso che la tecnologia anche applicata in altri campi può comportare dei rischi perché non vengono calcolati abbastanza certi margini. L Italia ha dotato di armi come la Tempest in grado di fare una grande macchina che è più superiore. Poi gli aerei detto tunk che sono in grado di rivestire armi tecnologiche. Leggevo che i russi potrebbero usare pure armi ho tech e nessuno ci pensa davvero a cosa comports?

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*With the various weapons surrounding her she closes her eyes and searches for Majima's Soul in that place, once she locks in, she retracts her wings so she can fit in the hallways sprinting to where he is, since this is her own damn fault*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀* Majima's aura faintly came from a secluded room below, somewhat like a basement, but it looked anything but a place like that. An entire torture room, and of course to get there she would have to go through a bunch of armed men who wouldn't leave her alone.
Although she is creating fear in them, loyalty came first.
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"Yeah I don't think so." *they obviously would have checked her for weapons just in case, she keeps her left hand behind her back as a blade of solidified light forms in it, she feints before managing to get behind the man with the dagger to his neck* "I asked questions, I want answers."

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀【?】; ❝ 何でやねん !? ❞⠀ That took the man by surprise, having an expression mixed between anguish and nervousness, motionless. He soon began to feel his sweaty face from tension.
⠀⠀【?】; ❝ P-please, listen t'me... I... I can't tell ya anythin'! ❞⠀
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💘💞❤️🥰 quiet here, what do you work at ? 🤔🙏

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I work at ABW. I don't like to celebrate 😅😅 I'll do a better job and get more money 🤗Now I'm waiting for the training, and then we will shoot weapons 🙂🤗💪

If you were immortal,how would you live your life ?

sarah_zhotso’s Profile PhotoSarah Zhotso
Now that I think, there are endless possibilities... I would first establish a peaceful world order where everyone lives peacefully and co exists. Because no weapons can bring me down but I sure can punch anyone in this world without worrying of dying 😂
Also, I would live my life helping others to be able to live a respectful life. That's all i can think of now, but if it would have happened in real, Course may change with time, but would personally make sure that it doesn't corrupt me. The power.

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