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When ppl assume things about u , u tend to correct it or let them think whatever they think ? 🦦

bOsBos_bassant_15’s Profile Photoвαssαηт
let them think whatever they want, if we always listening how people think about us we taking a bad mood and think all the time, it's not healthy ever.

I have loved someone who never had any feelings about me and I never got much in return I was lied to and abused mentally I can’t shake this feeling n I’m the bad guy, im hated for nothing

If it is any consolation, I experienced the same thing when I was 18. The important thing is not what happens to us but how we react to it and whether or not we learn from these experiences.
I find it helpful to view these types of relationships as life lessons. In fact, I believe that everything that happens to us, whether good or bad, is a life lesson and an opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge, skill and success.
Good luck.
> "When a man is guided by the principles of reciprocity and consciousness, he is not far from the moral law. Whatever you don't wish for yourself don't do unto others."

Any advice for someone who's struggling with body confidence ?

I was/am too, not so much anymore that I'm doing something about it but I still have the occasional soft drink here and there but it hasn't affected my weight so far now I'm only drinking one every few days. But eat healthier/exercise and drink a lot of water, you don't have to cut everything out but do it slowly if you do. That is if you want to do something about it but I'm sure you are also beautiful the way you are now, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful no matter what the size. Your weight is not who you are and it's not all you are. If you want try to get motivated to exercise or drink water at least once a day however that may be, for me I just do it I don't think about it or I look in the mirror and see how well I'm doing and that kinda motivates me to get back to the weight I was when I was 18 which is slowly but surely working. It is difficult to get into the right mindset and I know there are days you just want to lay around and read a book or something after a stressful day, it's more what you put into your body then exercise but it is a part of it. Whatever you decide to do remember your body isn't all you are and you are beautiful exactly the way you are

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⠀∬⠀ᵀʰᵉ ᵈᵉᵃᵈ ᵃʳᵉᶰ'ᵗ ˢᶜᵃʳʸˑ ᵀʰᵉʸ ᵃʳᵉ ʲᵘˢᵗ ˢᵃᵈˑ⠀❰ ⚜ ❱

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀❰ ⚜ ❱
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ───────────────────────
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Whatever your life's work is, do it well.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A man should ⠀do his job so well that
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ the living, ⠀the dead,⠀and the unborn
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ could ⠀⠀⠀do ⠀⠀⠀it ⠀⠀⠀no⠀⠀⠀better.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ https://tiny.pl/wp6sh
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ───────────────────────
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀❰ ⚜ ❱
ᵀʰᵉ ᵈᵉᵃᵈ ᵃʳᵉᶰᵗ ˢᶜᵃʳʸˑ ᵀʰᵉʸ ᵃʳᵉ ʲᵘˢᵗ ˢᵃᵈˑ

They say that practicing gratitude can help lift your mood so, what are you grateful for today? Can be big or small 😁

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I'm grateful for the fact that I'm done with all stuff at uni and I can finally just have a weekend to take it chill and do whatever I feel like! It's been ages since I didn't have anything looming over me. Ever since I handed in my thesis and especially when it ended up passing I've felt so free! 😌🥳
They say that practicing gratitude can help lift your mood so what are you

Suggest some effective ways of losing fat and increasing stamina.

HashimJaved447’s Profile PhotoHASH
Engage yourself in some physical activity, which gives you a feeling of refreshment and makes you feel fresh and energized.
Swimming, running, jogging, walking, gym, aerobics,yoga whatever suits your body, just do it. the key is to give at least 45 mins everyday to your body if you actually want to lose weight and build strength and stamina.
Pick any activity you like that you can do. Do it for as long as you can comfortably do it for a few days. It should start to get easier. Then you increase the time and intensity. Gradually. There are no shortcuts. You have to do the work consistently.
Eat in calorie deficit.
Never skip your meals.Dieting is the worst thing you can do to your body. Focus on mindful eating
Drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Start and end your day with water everyday.
Try to balance your food with all essential Vitamins,minerals,carbs and fats in your body.
Avoid junk food but that doesn’t mean you keep yourself so deprived, you can have some cheat days.

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Write something deep from within you 💙

ahmedtarekayad845’s Profile PhotoAhmed ayad
Having full confidences isn't molded by ours looks it's grown from inside you but you can have confidences by your looks as in filters/getting dolled up /make- up whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable but to be truly confident is to know at end of the day who you are on the inside what makes you beautiful
I am human and im beautiful imperfect have pure good intentions I will not be slave of anyone idea of me that tells me differently ..self confidence is the key and self love be true to yourself and be real with no fucks given

Say whatever you want ✨ :

bassanthossam105’s Profile PhotoLaila T. Almeldin
‏يُصرّ المُحبّ الحقيقي على ضرورة أن تستمرّ العلاقة إلى الأبد، لأنَّ الحياة ألم والحبّ تخدِير، من سيرغَب أن يفيق في مُنتصف عمليّة جراحية؟🖤
Say whatever you want

When does the light start to shine through the darkness?

alumian11’s Profile PhotoJeff Hoover
This society's obsession with light, purity, and morality really doesn't mean what you may think. It's a sign of a society in decline. When societies are thriving people won't shy away from the dark aspects. The opposite can be said when it's all burning down. People begin to obsess over hope or imagined virtues. Whatever we have in abundance tends make us fixate upon the opposite

What do you like to do in the city and what do you like to do in the country?

I absolutely hate the city. The only nice thing about living in a "city" is the food options. Living close to shopping areas are dangerous for me because I have expensive taste whether that be decor or clothing.... 😬
I find the beaches very relaxing, too.
I grew up on a farm, so I love the freedom. I love the responsibility of caring for animals and keeping busy with chores or whatever needs to be done. I love being able to hop on my horses whenever I felt like it and ride for hours. I loved mudding and spending hours outside climbing trees. I miss swinging off the hay trolley and jumping into a pile of hay.

What was the craziest change in appearance you have ever made?

Hm for me I loved colourful stuff and quirky playful styles a lot. But I didn't have the confidence to wear it in public, as its very different to what people wear here. It also naturally makes you stand out a lot (albeit unintentionally). So I would wear colourful things and do cool makeup at home for photos but didn't wear it out in public. I wore more toned down alternative clothes.
But one day I just got tired of filtering myself because I was worried people would judge me. So I made a new insta account (new back then, not anymore haha. It's been years) where I wore whatever the hell I wanted finally. And i started pushing my to wear it out too. Dyed my hair fun colours and all that too. I made the new account at the time, because I didn't want my real life friends on my original acc, to see it yet till I was comfortable like that in public. So kept them seperate. Then eventually over the years started adding more and more of my friends from the old account on the new one.
I'm still casually dressed plenty times as I have multiple moods and styles. But I go out dressed how I want now. Even if it's as a human glowing popsicle for a casual walk in town.

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What's cool nowadays?

beads9870’s Profile PhotoNoor
How shallow do you need to be to take pride in what your forefathers left? What is your contribution in your generational wealth? Nothing, I suppose. Why must you brag about what your father owns? He built it from his time, effort and sweat. Are you the kind that likes to take credit for someone else’s work? Like are you 12?
Actually hate all these guys that roam around on the cars that their Abbah jee got them like bro shut up. It’s not yours. Whatever you’ll get from your own earned money will be yours and even then bragging about stuff is so fkin shallow. If you have more, help people MORE. It’s so fkn cold outside. People don’t have a place to sleep, don’t have warm clothes to wear, don’t have food to eat but nae bhai. Who cares? Can’t waste abbah jee’s ka paisa on them. It’s only to be wasted on their nikama beta. 🤡

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How to talk to girls?

Firstly, this question isn't specific as to what the girls mean to u, what's the end goal, etc. Secondly, I am no guru of anything. Not in terms of socializing, not in terms of making someone fall for u, etc.
With that disclaimer in mind, I think that whatever the end goal is, u just have to be a friend. A simple answer, I know. But I feel like people don't really do 'be a friend' like I meant it to be. To put it into a context, this answer of mine also applies to the question "How do I find new friends?". I think if u approach with a mindset that u are a friend (a friendly individual) and that u welcome people rather than look for people to be made into friends, it's a lot easier. And, just do u. Do things. To put it in a different way, u offer something first, before u expect people to offer u anything. It makes sense in order for people to accept u, u have to have something to offer. U have to have value.
Whatever the end goal to your question is, be it in pursuit of a potential romantic partner or whatever, it should start with friendship. I feel like it's a facade, almost pretentious, for u to approach someone and 'introduce' yourself as someone who has a certain interest in a girl. I say it seems pretentious because it's almost like telling her "U don't have to know how I am as a person to everyone or anyone else; what matters is who I am to u". To a certain degree that's kinda nice but not always the case.
Besides, when u are yourself, just socializing with people, doing things, it can be THAT that makes certain people gravitate to u. See that as a medium, or a conversation starter. This also means that it's not just u trying to talk to people (i.e. girls), they may also want to talk to u because of who u are and what u do. That halves the effort. And, like-minded people tend to gravitate towards one another. Easier to find people who u would click with, rather than just trying your luck.
Again, just my non-professional two cent, but I hope it helps.

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Ai primit bullying in scoala?

Ooo da!
Bullying-ul clasic pe care majoritatea îl primește în legătură cu greutatea. Eram foarte slab pentru înălțimea mea și în clasa a 9-a și a 10-a nu exista zi în care să nu se facă mișto de mine. Fiind copil atunci, mă afecta, dar acum realizez ce prostesc este și cât de mizerabili sunt cei ce își bat joc. Sunt foarte multi care sunt luați la mișto pentru felul în care arată, de parcă cei care fac asta sunt niste frumuseți. Whatever, fiecare om trebuie să se simtă bine in pielea lui pentru că părerile celorlalți nu contează. Trăim pentru noi, nu pentru a fii pe placul cuiva.😁

🎶So, you better be good, whatever you do, 'Cause if you're bad I'm warning you,You'll get nuttin' for Christmas🎶

I Love Christmas
Dear Santa,
I've been a bad, bad boy this year. Please do not bring me any gifts. Instead, I will reward myself with a new Gibson SG Custom guitar. Thanks Santa! :)
So you better be good whatever you do
Cause if youre bad Im warning youYoull get

- " ... I'm sorry. It's a New thing to me. Usually people born as babys" - * bowed to him* - " My name is... Ludwick... yeah, I used to be a performer but, not anymore " - * It was pretty obvious that the name part was fake, the Pause was so long. Clealry he doesn't want to be recognized *

*Vio picked up on the pause being a beat normal than expected and figured that for whatever reason the man is lying about his name, he'll keep that in mind*
"To be fair, I think the Four of us @MrImportantHero @PyromaniaRed @AngryBlueLink and myself are a rather unique case, the magic that allowed one person to become four has long since been lost to time. Now what exactly does a former performer want with me anyways? Also how did you even find me?"
*They're in the woods south of castle town, somewhere normal citizens wouldn't tread due to the threat of monsters, though it also begs the question of what the hero is doing out here himself*
Im sorry Its a New thing to me Usually people born as babys 
  bowed to him

What is the spookiest ghost story that you have ever heard? 💀

Mustafa_Rajput’s Profile PhotoM U S T A F A
Well someone from my duuur ke rishtedar shared his story with me that he was watching match pakvsindia and it was about 12 am . He decided to go to his room which was on the roof of his house as he lives in village so he sometimes slept on roof on his "charpai" or "manji". When he went to his charpai he saw a very tall women lying on his charpai with very long hair.He came downstairs and asked his mum who is upstairs blah blah. Everyone was shocked because wo bht lmbi thi.
Wo wapis gaya onke pas guns hain wo gun leke wapis gaya tb dekha to koi ni tha chat pe or light fans on thay.They all got scared and started reciting Quran.In the mean time he saw someone coming down from stairs covered with full black hairs. As per him koi body ni dekhi ose just hands and hairs. He was about to shout whatever it was osne hath lmba kia or thapar mara ose.And then he fainted. When he regained consciousness,he had a very high fever. Oske bad ose wo dobara ni nazar ayi in the end mein yehi kehna chahrai ke ose ek churail nazar ayi thi and its a real story believe it

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Do you get to choose your food, or do you just eat whatever your parents bring to your room (like Genie Wiley)?

I make whatever I feel like eating at the time and if my mum or someone wants to make dinner for everyone then okay
Liked by: Gilbert Thomas Smile

Let’s say you’re at dinner with the kids, is it okay to give them weed brownies for dessert? If it’s legal and you can eat it, why can’t they?

Well that depends on how old the kids are. If they’re old enough to smoke weed or whatever, sure but if they’re underage, then hell no.

What's a habit others have that you can't bear? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Hallo lieber Tommy. Da komme ich mal wieder zu deinen Fragen. 😉 Wenn man beim Essen schmatzt, das kennt glaub ich jeder. Ich kann vieles ertragen, nur bin ich froh dass es nicht meine Angewohnheit ist. 😅👍 Kennst du Leute die mit Kaugummi schmatzen, oder Nägel kauen, oder in der Nase bohren und dann, was weiß ich was machen.... 😵
Mein Sohn hat die Angewohnheit seine Füße überall hinzulegen 😅 Da möchte man zum Tisch, liegen die Füße schon auf deinem Stuhl. Möchtest du auf die Couch, möchte er die Beine am liebsten auf deinem Kopf ablegen 🤣
Hello dear Tommy. So I come back to your questions. 😉 If you smack your lips while eating, I think everyone knows that. I can endure a lot, but I'm glad it's not my habit. 😅👍 Do you know people who chew gum or bite their nails or pick their nose and then do whatever.... 😵
My son has the habit of putting his feet everywhere 😅 When you want to go to the table, your feet are already on your chair. If you want to go to the couch, he would like to put his legs on your head 🤣

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Ever felt like you deserved moreee??much much moree

I recalled a dialogue usually said by rich people in series that they make their destiny by themselves.
They can do almost whatever they want to.
Don't know if you are talking about happiness or luxuries or the power to influence your life.

Can beautiful art truly be separated from a degenerative artist?

Sacredslaughterer’s Profile PhotoSacredslaughterer
Beauty is subjective...as is anyone's idea of "degenerative", in whatever context it's being used.
Separation of art & artist is simple, if one is a free-thinking, open minded individual that doesn't allow outside influences to sway their opinions.
It's highly unlikely that any opinion shared...good or bad...is informed by direct contact with the creator.
We don't know their true nature or what motivates them.
Their work is valid as a creation if it resonates in some way, regardless of their perceived morality or character flaws.

A 50 year old dating a 20 year old? How do you feel about that?

My opinion is dependent upon the motives of both the 50 year old and the 20 year old. If it were my 20 year old son wanting to marry 50 year old woman who has been divorced multiple times, I would want to understand his reasoning and would encourage him to meet with the 50 year old womans ex husbands to understand why his female partners relationships always fail. I would also remind my son that every coin has two sides. Other than that, it is none of my business!
The good news is that our universe has a self cleaning mechanism that addresses these type of situations for better or for worse. And whatever the outcome will become a life lesson for the 20 year old

Ap maf krne or insaf krne (haq bat ka sath dene m) kitnay achy hn?

AroojA2020’s Profile Photo
We don’t forgive. Can’t deal with BS especially when I don’t BS anyone. However, I don’t lie and it ALWAYS backfires on me. ALWAYS! It’s sad to see how people want the truth (all of them) but they don’t have it in them, to accept it and respect the fact that the other person isn’t lying although it costs them! In one way or another. Truths are hard. It changes situations, perspectives and even people cause they can’t deal with the reality but whatever can’t flourish on honesty, is not worth it. Not for me, not for you. Never was and never will be.

If you could create a new holiday that doesn’t currently exist, what would you call it? What date would said holiday be on? What traditional food, music, activities, etc, do you think would be associated with it? 🎉🥂🎈🎂

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Aina’s day. Just do whatever makes you happy, eat whatever you want, scream and chill.

Anyone here to talk? Don't want to drown in Stromy sea of depression with I am seeing from distance. Overthinking sucks. Feeling panic attack or anxiety don't know

Take deep breaths. Think about a certain memory you love or pull out the pictures from your last friends hangout, that'll help put a nice thought in your head. Otherwise you can share whatever is on your mind.

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