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l_ll_l_ll_l’s Profile Photoʍσσηrΐse
♫ Zico & Rain - Summer Hate – та самая песня, которая целиком и полностью отражает меня летом :D
Прим.: вероятно, некоторые названные песни не выпущены летом, но на мой слух они имеют летний вайб.
♫ Monsta X - Newton
♫ Astro - Breathless
♫ Kard - Hola Hola
♫ Winner - Millions
♫ TXT - Blue Hour
♫ Ateez - Thanxx
♫ Twice - Dance the Night Away
♫ Pentagon - Naughty Boy
♫ NCT Dream - Hello Future
♫ Kyuhyun - Dreaming
♫ Treasure - My Treasure
♫ Seventeen - Home
♫ The Boyz - Thrill Ride
♫ Taeyeon - I
♫ SHINee - View
ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ᴄʜᴀʟʟᴀɴɢᴇ     Любимые летние Kpop песни

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salma54348’s Profile Photosαℓмα мσsταfα
The one who does not fear for your heartache does not deserve to be in it, the one who underestimates you or your feelings or does not respect your presence will not have a place in your life, the one who hears you words in words without action proves the truth of what he says is a hero you listen to him, the place where you do not find your comfort will leave,, the person who keeps you
You lose your value or take advantage of your love. Stay away from him and you are the winner, minus any need or someone who wants to take from you the best of you without bothering himself and giving you your simplest rights over him, which is that he values you____🖤✨

Powiedzmy, że są do rozdania 3 nagrody na asku nazwijmy je... złote mASKi. W kategoriach: 1. Najlepszy wizualnie profil 2. Najlepszy profil pod względem treści. 3. Najlepszy profil z memami. Możesz nominować po jednej osobie do danej kategorii, mogą się powtarzać. So the winner is...?

rezerWR’s Profile PhotoLightman
Nie dam rady ocenić, na asku nie można wszystkiego pisać, ani wstawiać co się chce.
Na ten moment moge na oko ocenić :
1. @Michasia_Wiktoria96
2. @KubaGR571
3. @KubaGR571
Nie siedze jakos u wszystkich 😃

Powiedzmy, że są do rozdania 3 nagrody na asku nazwijmy je... złote mASKi. W kategoriach: 1. Najlepszy wizualnie profil 2. Najlepszy profil pod względem treści. 3. Najlepszy profil z memami. Możesz nominować po jednej osobie do danej kategorii, mogą się powtarzać. So the winner is...?

rezerWR’s Profile PhotoLightman
Nie jestem w stanie nikogo wskazać. Wróciłam niedawno, a na razie nikt mi się jakoś nie spodobał, nie wyróżnił się. Te profile, które obserwowałam są dawno martwe.. Słaba sytuacja.

Powiedzmy, że są do rozdania 3 nagrody na asku nazwijmy je... złote mASKi. W kategoriach: 1. Najlepszy wizualnie profil 2. Najlepszy profil pod względem treści. 3. Najlepszy profil z memami. Możesz nominować po jednej osobie do danej kategorii, mogą się powtarzać. So the winner is...?

rezerWR’s Profile PhotoLightman
Nikogo :P.
Nie lubie wywyższać kogokolwiek. Zawsze tak jest jak się kogoś nominuje do czegoś pominie się jakąś osobe i potem rip :P Ja ogólnie obserwuje tylko 6 osób i mogę polecieć te osóbki i tyle :P.
Powiedzmy że są do rozdania 3 nagrody na asku nazwijmy je złote mASKi W

" .. مساحة ♥️☁️ .. "

When you have a fight with someone you love, do not let it go on for so long, don’t let it grow unnecessary distance between the two of you, don’t test it or wait to see if the other person apologizes or comes to make up first. Because a healthy loving relationship isn’t a contest; there’s no winner or loser here; it’s either you resolve your issues fast and you both win, or let it get out of hand and you both lose. If both sides learned this value; to make sure to show each other how much they deeply care for the other person not to be upset, thousands of relationships would have survived and much love would have been persevered. There’s a thin line between being dignified and stubborn, and it takes so much skills and emotional intelligence to balance it.

Aj kal yahan kuch zada hi جھگڑے chal rae hain 😂

zawaraminkhan’s Profile PhotoZawar Amin Khan
But mera yahan kisi say koi fighting scene nahi hai sirf haq or khari baat karti hun or kuch logon ko digest nahi hoti or mere khilaf ho jaty hain jiske mujhe zara bhe care nahi hai sach bolun gee or hamesha bolti rahun gee mai akele hotay huay bhe hamesha say winner rehi hun

Ukraine won Eurovision!

ALINA is the actually Ukrainian winner they later had to replace with the group who won the Eurovision. This song is so amazing. They would have won it either way.

ALINA PASH - Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz6aQLKyBHcMrjensa’s Video 170184932451 rz6aQLKyBHcMrjensa’s Video 170184932451 rz6aQLKyBHc

Jadi, aku harus apa? Bersiap diri menerima kehilangan atau bertahan dengan sejuta kehancuran?

meriiajaa’s Profile Photoharuoneday
Coba perhitungkan apa + dan - dari kamu bertahan atau kehilangan
Dari semua itu, mana yg kamu lebih siap? Kalo kamu lebih siap kehilangan, bisa kamu ambil pilihan kehilangan... Tapi kalo kamu lebih siap bertahan, silahkan kamu pilih bertahan
Yg pasti apapun keputusan yg kamu ambil pasti ada + dan - buat dirimu sendiri,,
Saranku, doa dulu, tenangin diri dulu sebelum akhirnya kamu memilih dan menentukan pilihanmu
Aku tau ini ga mudah, tapi dari sini aku yakin you will be the winner
Semangat ya 💜

Eine Rap Line die dir einfällt?

Ey ich hab viel zu erzählen, hab' viele Verträge mit Riesenbeträgen einfach abgelehnt, denn ich keep' meine Ehre.
Ich worke viermal so hart für ein Viertel der Knete.
Aber glaub mir, Bro, der Devil, er kriegt nie meine Seele.
Ich bumpe „We are the Champions“ und „Push It To The Limit“, gucke in den Himmel, nehm' nen Zug von meinem Jibbit.
Und ich frag' mich, warum ich so undankbar bin.
Scheiß mal auf die Struggles, ist doch alles nicht dramatisch.
Mir egal, was deine Crew so von mir hält.
"Loser, Loser, Loser!"
Immer wenn ich Loser sag denkst du an dich selbst.
Mann, ich zeig' deiner Crew Mittelfinger.
Ich bin der Coolste seit immer.
Ich war der Coolste, schon vor vierzehn Milliarden Jahren
Und das ist kurz vor'm Urknall, du Pisser.
Oh damn, no cap, zeig mal bisschen Respekt.
Ich könnt' auch so rappen wie ihr, aber leider bin ich nicht wack.
Ich bin leider nur ein nice eingekleideter, leidenschaftlicher Mensch.
Und du nichts weiter als noch eine weitere gescheiterte Existenz.
Okay, klingt vielleicht hart.
Bottom Line, ich geb' Gas
Und connecte mit meinen Shootern wie bei Counter Strike auf 'ner LAN.
Hustle mich durch die Nächte, hustle für meinen Neffen,
hustle mit ganzem Herzen, um die Laster kurz zu vergessen
Und hör' „Leb deinen Traum“ und „Push It To The Limit“
Gucke in den Himmel, nehm' nen Zug von meinem Jibbit
Und ich frag' mich, warum all die Panik?
Scheiß mal auf den Trouble, für nen Hustler ist das gar nichts.
Ich schrei: „F!ckt euch alle“, denn ich bin auf meinem High.
Nur Winner in meinem Kreis, ich hab' für Missets keine Zeit.
Bitte kill nicht meinen Vibe mit deiner Mittelmäßigkeit
Okay, das klingt bisschen gemein und ist auch so gemeint, tut mir noch nicht mal leid.

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Do we live in the matrix?

"The Matrix" by Alex
Yes I believe the Matrix is alive and well and is controlled by the members of the World Economic Forum. Those who have taken the "red pill" are able to see how the Information System (Media and Western Governments) manipulate citizens to advance their Globalist New World Order through the use of Mass Formation Psychosis, False Narratives (pandemics, climate crisis, Russian hoax, impeachments, Election fraud, Border crisis, inflation, censorship, BLM, Antifo, CRT, The 1619 Project, racial division, Cancel Culture, Woke Activists, violent protests, fuel shortages, food shortages, mandates, lockdowns, reverse racism, WEF, WHO, U.N., Dark campaign contributions, bribery, fear and murder).
And those citizens who accept the blue pill believe everything they see and hear and attack those people who have taken the Red Pill, understand the truth and who oppose the globalist New World Order and Centralized World Government run by brutal tyrants, corporate interests and western governments whose goal is to control every aspect of human life from birth until death and everything we think, say and do, all in the name of global sustainability, population control and the accumulation of power and wealth for the ruling class, their corporate donors and their family and friends.
The epicenter of this battle of civilizations is currently be waged in the Ukraine where the winner will ultimately control the world's reserve currency, wealth, power and humanities future. The question is this: who will win, the red pill or the blue pill?

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Kuch interesting sa batao joh currently Hyderabad mai hora !! Q ki meku bore hora

tahatucy’s Profile Photolimmraa
The Hyderabad police early on Sunday, April 3, raided a pub in Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills for operating beyond its permitted hours and detained around 150 people, including actor Niharika Konidela niece of actor Chiranjeevi garu , and Bigg Boss Season 3 winner and Tollywood singer Rahul Sipligunj. The Hyderabad police raided the pub at Radisson Blu hotel in the upscale Banjara Hills area in the wee hours of Sunday, April 3. The pub, Pudding and Mink, was raided by Task Force personnel of Hyderabad City Police as it was open beyond the permitted hours.

How do you determine which battles are worth fighting for?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
IDK. Really if you ask a person or body that is involved in a battle currently, they will tell 'n' number of reasons, why did it all began, nd there's no problem in defending in your rights or anything, but in any war, there's one truth that always stands "Only peaceful coexistence can nurture growth" , battles bring devastation, nothing else. What we are seeing in Ukraine, there's no winner at any point. We all lost as humanity.

Don't these humans make your blood boil?

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Nobody cares if you tried hard for years but still failed. For them, you are a failure if you don't get successful after your attempts. They will appreciate and notice you only if you become a winner, else you will be treated miserably like a loser forever. Just a gentle reminder to all that not everyone becomes successful all the time. Fate matters a lot. If someone is not successful today then it doesn't mean that they never worked hard in life. Allah decides success and failure even if you give it your best. No one can become successful without His will. So, try to be patient and find peace in life. May Allah Almighty help all the struggling Muslims.
Dont these humans make your blood boil

Может ли пародия быть лучше оригинала? Приведи пример!

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴍʏ ʙʟᴏɢ
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀━━━ • ✙ • ━━━
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Dᴀᴛᴇ: 2022 Mᴀʀᴄʜ 10
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Не знаю, конечно, можно ли назвать это пародией, но в жанрах она указана.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Пародия WINNER на дораму «Наследники». Оригинальную версию я, конечно, не смотрел[ бросил после двух-трех серий], но знаю, что и где происходит. Пародия вообще отменная, смеялся так, что мама смотрела на меня как на душевнобольного.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Пародии BigBang. Это отдельная тема для разговора. Если я не ошибаюсь, это была моя первая пародия, после которой я вообще долго не мог прийти в себя. Я смотрел всего одну пародию на дораму «Первое кафе принц», но и этого мне хватило, что валятся под столом и ловить на себе взгляды других.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Если мне не изменяет память, то у группы SHINee тоже есть пародия на «Гарри Поттера». И, к слову, я её смотрел уже давно, поэтому не помню что и как там. Но было интересно.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Не могу говорить, что пародия лучше оригинала или хуже, но лично мне было интересно посмотреть эти пародии после самих дорам. Надо будет на выходных глянуть, когда время будет, освежить память.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀━━━ • ✙ • ━━━
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Iᴛ ᴡᴀs ɢᴏᴏᴅ sᴇᴇɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜ

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Может ли пародия быть лучше оригинала Приведи пример

Which actress needs to improve her self-esteem?

Anya Taylor-Joy confesses that she doesn't like to look in the mirror because her face is "weird" .If others see me beautiful, so much the better," said the 25-year-old actress, who still doesn't understand the career move to achieve such fame.
Born in 1996, now 25 years old, American actress Anya Taylor-Joy has been winning the hearts of fans since her debut in 2015 with the movie “The Witch”.
Since that role, which she considers the watershed in her career, the young woman has not stopped for even a minute and, sometimes, still needs time to understand how her face appears on large billboards.According to an interview with MujerHoy, the actress doesn't really fit into conventional characters, and perhaps a lot is owed to her appearance. With big eyes and extremely striking features, the young woman has an ability to show emotions almost effortlessly, reminiscent of great names of silent film divas.Anya reveals that she doesn't like looking at herself in the mirror, mainly because she finds her face "too weird". Even so, she explains that, some time ago, she realized that worrying too much about her appearance was not good for her mental health or even her career. If people see her as beautiful, even better, she explains.The actress still doesn't quite understand what has happened over the last year and a half, and feels that she should be feeling extremely happy with her accomplishments, considering the chaos the world has been facing in recent months. With a tendency to forget her own accomplishments after she achieves them, Anya explains that she needs to work hard to keep her self-esteem high.Becoming a prominent face for Hollywood, brands such as “Miu Miu” and “Viktor & Rolf”, as well as a winner of the “Golden Globe”, Taylor-Joy now returns to acting in “Last night in Soho”, where she makes a aspiring singer in London (England) in the 1960s, watching her dreams fall apart as she was swallowed up by the city and the sordid competition of showbusiness.

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Which actress needs to improve her selfesteem

What does music mean to you?

I love music! So much so that I went to college to learn to direct music videos (even though I did well in my media classes, I eventually changed my course of study). I mostly listen to hip hop and rock. People often say smell is the sense greatest linked to memory but for me it's definitely sound and music. When I hear an older song it definitely brings me back to when I first heard it and where I was in that point in life. It often reminds me of who I was dating then and how much easier life was before growing up. Back in the Napster days, I took pride in finding new artists before anyone else. I was really into the southern hip hop (Huston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis) scene around the beginning of the 00's. I once had a girl ask me how I always seemed to find the good artists no one had heard of yet, and I told her, "I usually would find a song or artist that I liked and would search out their music and that if they had and features or guest artists on their songs I would then search out that artist and their library". Not every artist is a winner. Plenty of them can have a good song or two but an overall subpar catalogue but the search was most the fun. Music is the reason I get up in the morning. I play the violin, am learning the ukulele, and sing. Sing all the time, even making random funny songs from well known tunes like Weird Al. I am happiest when I am making music.
Music is my connection to the world, I am a socially anxious person so I stay home all day, and I listen to music to get my emotions out, and if I'm listening to music in certain situations, I'll remember what happened better. I use music to connect my thoughts to other people and cope with the ever changing world around me. Music is literally all my life.
Music is going to be a bit different for everyone. It’s important to explore music and engage yourself in the medium. Music is the easiest way to connect with people and the more you know about music and the more you enjoy it the more you will be able to interact and know people on a deeper level.
For me it helps my focus, in a white noise kinda way. But as for an emotional type of meaning not much. I've always been awful at understanding what singers say in songs, so I mainly listen to the actual instruments.
Music is one of the few things keeping me alive. Music isn't always self expression but it can also be the strongest form of it. Some songs have someone's soul put into it, and others you pour your emotions in while listening. But you can't convince me that every song reflects a person's sense of self.
If feelings are like visitors, they come and go, then music is like a large train. Inside it, are many little passengers, popping their heads through the windows and waving as they pass through the jungle of your mind. In front is the locomotive, the drummer, fatherly weaving the magic into your soul with passionately brute gasps of determined love. Inside the train, the people breathe their instruments.

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What would you do if the person you were dating struggled w/ depression and just ghosted you for multiple days… would you end it or try to save the relationship??

-To be very honest, there are two certain situations regarding that...IF the person against you knows/believes that stressful things aka depression/anxiety/ not feeling great etc are actually true and understands you or really loves you then its obvious he will come to help you and one can only help by just being there. Nothing extra demanded. BUT in second situation, if the person against you DOESN'T really believe in depression and stuff cause he never experienced that will sure take it as annoyance and ll be insensitive towards it. But in both cases, I believe that love should be the winner. Yk.

ติ่งด้อมไหนกันบ้าง เมนใคร

primrose26’s Profile PhotoPrimrose26
- A.C.E > Chan , Byeongkwan
- Aespa > Giselle
- Ateez > Jongho , Wooyoung
- B1A4 > Baro , Jinyoung
- B.A.P > Jongup
- Bigbang > T.O.P
- Blackpink > Jisoo
- Theboyz > Sunwoo , Eric , Hyunjae
- BtoB > Changsub
- BTS > J-hope
- Day6 > Dowoon , Young.k
- Enhypen > Jay , Heeseung
- EXO > Suho
- F.T.Island > Hongki
- Gfriend > Yerin 😭
- (G)I-dle > yuqi
- Ikon > Chanwoo
- Infinite > Hoya , Woohyun
- Itzy > Yoona
- Loona > Chuu , Gowon
- Monsta X > Hyungwon
- NCT > Xiaojun , Haechan , Doyoung
- Red Velvet > Yeri
- Seventeen > Wonwoo
- Straykids > Han
- Treasure > Jihoon
- TXT > Taehyun
- Victon > Seungsik
- Winner > Hoon

Yeah isn’t it! We’re also not quite sure what it is yet so a chill will do, plus he’s cooking me dinner so I’m happy 😅 what have you got planned gal? x

Ahh lovely, and hey it sounds like you’re onto a winner already! 🤗 No plans here, just enjoying my freedom, aha! x

Der Hinweis darauf, was du tun kannst, impliziert ja nicht notwendigerweise, dass der Hinweisgeber das auch wünscht [hier passenden Smiley einfügen] aber ist ja hoffentlich ein goes without saying. Retourkutsche kommt!

Schlagtot’s Profile PhotoDer Prinz von Bad Air™
Hier gibt es nie Hinweise, nur Tatsachen. Auf meinem Profil sind 2 Smiley zu finden, mehr geht einfach nicht.. Ich hege doch eine ausgeprägte Abneigung dagegen. Nun lass mir mal was Zeit, hab noch 2 aktuelle rotgrüne Lichter von dir im Fach.
Friedenspfeife vs Retourkutsche. The winner is....

What are the most common road blocks that stop people from achieving their dreams?

MuhammadaAli2001’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Aliyan Ali Khan
The most important is the fear of faliure, the thought of being incapable of achieving something.
This is the only one factor that can make you a winner or loser. The negative thoughts are so overwhelming that people think even if they try they would fail, so they don't even bother to try. When you actually try chasing your dreams, you get at least one golden chance, for sure, to fulfil them. But to keeping trying & not settling on something less, keeping the hope alive is the condition for winning, that not everybody fulfills.
Second important factor is the lack of opportunity. This factor totally depends on luck. But ofcourse if you try desperately for something, then fate also becomes fortune.

Кого ещё кроме бтс слушаешь, если не секрет?

Podolyak737’s Profile Photo★Daria★
я в целом слушаю очень много групп и также сольных исполнителей, а вот чисто стэню (являюсь ярым фанатом): bts, the boyz, sf9, bigbang, ateez, stray kids, ikon, winner, enhypen, day6, exo, seventeen, monsta x, n.flying... мультифандом.
нравятся песни многих групп и также есть такие, где знаю многих мемберов группы, но не стэню, а просто слушаю и слежу. таких думаю много. поддерживаю всех.
из сольных очень много...

If theres no more question in your box then you are the winner

Well this is my last question. So I guess I'm a winner now. 🤷🏻‍♀️
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Twitch: norakitties
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If theres no more question in your box then you are the winner

what’s your favourite comfort food this time of year? 😋🍽🎄

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Oo, that’s a toughie! Chocolate is always a winner, as is cake.
For real though, I’m on the train and a group of city workers have been having a sincere discussion about how many bags of Maltesers a human can eat in one sitting, potentially in half an hour. The consensus is possibly about 20 tiny packets before the stomach has had enough, but who knows! Apparently there’s a fair amount of variables to take into account… It’s been an entertaining conversation to overhear! 😆
whats your favourite comfort food this time of year

يا صديقتي ليڤا كان يستحقها، حرفياً ميسي سرقها

AbdoAbdElkhalek’s Profile PhotoDemmy
بص يا اسطا كان ممكن أقولك صياحك أم كلثوم وأزيط بس مش هعمل كده مع أني منزلة شوية صور جامدة نفسي أرد بيهم😫 وكويس أنك بافاري علشان تستوعبني كويس نركن أم العاطفة في جمب ونقول الكلام اللي محتاج ريكورد ده:
ليفا يستحقها ؟ يستاهل واحده ؟ اه. ميسي يستحقها ؟ اه بالعقل الطبيعي جدا. مين بقى يستحقها اكتر ؟ المشكلة أننا كلنا باصين لليفا على مجهود سنتين ونص تقريبا لكن مين يستحقها 2021 ؟ ليفا غاب أربع شهور إصابة غالبا حقق بطولتين مع النادي ومحققش حاجة مع المنتخب متفوق على ميسي في أيه ؟ ( عدد الأهداف ودي خد عليها الجائزة المخصصة ليها وهي الحذاء الذهبي وأفضل هداف) على الجانب الآخر ميسي متفوق في جميع الارقام حرفيا ( الاسيستات ، رجل المباراة، الفاولات، أقل فرص ضائعة، تقييم في الماتشات ) كله حرفيا وممكن تدخل تعمل سيرش وتتأكد أيه اللي خلى ميسي ياخدها ؟ صعب مثلا على الصحفيين يا عيني أصله معاه 6 بس؟ لأ .علشان ((((الكوبا))))) اللي كله ناقشني فيها هنا وقولتلهم هتعمل الفرق ومحدش صدقني. مشكلتنا اننا أي لاعب يتألق فترة بنمجده وهو مفيش غيره زي فترة فان دايك كده و مودريتش برضو لو حسبتها هتقول خدها على أيه ؟ على أنهم شايفين أعظم أداء فردي أو مجتمعين أنه الأكثر تأثيرا السنة دي . بس ناسيين أن فيه عتاولة العظمة منهم شيئ طبيعي وشايفينه عادي زي ميسي وزي رونالدو برضو بس طول ما ميسي على قيد الحياة يستاهل دايما وده واقع مش مجرد حب مني لأنه مش لاعب واحد ده عشرة في بعض واخيرا دي ارقام ميسي السنة دي:
👕 56 games
🌟 58 G/A
⚽️ 41 goals
🅰️ 17 assists
🎯 5 freekick goals
🏅 28x MOTM
🥇 La Liga topscorer
🥇 Copa América topscorer
🥇 Copa América most assists
🏆 Copa América winner
🏆 Copa del Rey winner
🇦🇷 South America all time topscorer
اتمنى متكلمش في الموضوع ده تاني😫

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DROP IT - A Picture of Goofy-YOU - A.

King_of_Bristol’s Profile PhotoArian Henry Winston
Arian fing Annie mit seinen Armen von hinten ein, ein schiefes, schelmisches Grinsen auf den Lippen da sie seine unkluge Wortwahl kritisierte und spontan entschied, dass er so unromantisch doch lieber auf der Couch bei dem Paarungsverhalten seiner Eisbären bleiben sollte.
"Moment! Moooment, gib mir ne Chance...!"
Der Brite räusperte sich grinsend und kündigte an: "Achtung, superromantic. Hör genau zu!"
Er lehnte sich zu ihrem Ohr.
"Hörst du genau zu, Annie?"
Dabei kamen seine Lippen näher an ihr Ohr. So nahe, dass er sie fast mit jenen berührte und sie die leisen Atemzüge von ihm auf ihrer Haut fühlen konnte.
Atemzüge und Stille.
Seine Arme fest um sie mit die er sie längst eingefangen hatte.
".....BUH!" kam es völlig unerwartet von ihm.
Sie hörte wie der 38 Jährige hinter ihr anfing zu lachen, sie losließ und an ihr vorbeilief in Richtung Treppen.
"Wer zuletzt oben ist muss Vinnie die Windeln wechseln!" rief er noch on top während er lachend zwei Treppen auf einmal nahm und genau wusste dass sie preggo alleine durch den überraschungseffekt gehandicapt war.
Oben angekommen warf er sich mit einer kleinen Stunt-hechtrolle für sein nichtvorhandenes Puplikum ins Bett und streckte die Hände wortlos aber ehrvoll als Champion in die Luft und beobachtete schelmisch grinsend wie Annie durch die Tür kam.
Wesentlichen später.
Nur langsam ließ er seine Hände sinken ohne dass das grinsen auf seinen lippen wich.
"Weißt du was du an mir liebst? Dass ich vielleicht somehow ein Loser bin, wichtige Unterlagen verliere und ein talent dafür die falschen Worte zu sagen.....but somehow bin ich auf ominöseweise doch immer wieder ein Winner, Winner - Chickendinner." sein schmunzeln wurde langsam zu einem lächeln.
"....and now, steig mit mir ins Bett." winkte er sie zu sich und als sie neben ihm Platz nahm, nahm er sie in den Arm, platzierte einen Kuss auf ihre Schläfe und schloss die Augen.
Mit einem seeligen lächeln atmete er tief ein und konservierte für immer in seiner Seele.

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DROP IT  A Picture of GoofyYOU  A

Have u ever played rock,paper & scissors with anyone to get something...(like the winner will get to eat the last left piece of chocolate😂)

bldramaslover’s Profile Photobldramaslover
🤣😂, I always asked the other person to play a match, just for a nice match probably, and I tried to convince them by saying that you have a chance to prove yourself that you're good at this game😝🤣
Liked by: Essha Enigmatic Nitu.

Absolutely! This place should be a fun place to interact with each other. You know what I think about the recent events on here, I'll always think you're great! 🥰 I think he'll be good. He's a proven winner and would have been at Arsenal too if they had given him more time. Good appointment. 🥰 X

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
cool as always and ty so much
LOL even Emery has turned us down it seems
talks of Eddie Howe ....
hardly the marquee, world famous name the Toon were expecting,
as i said trust us to get even this opportunity wrong,
we have that inbuilt pessimism in most Toon fans ...
but hey who knows?
at least the enormity of the task is apparent
Liked by: Darren

Happy Halloween! 🎃🧛🏻‍♀️🧟‍♀️👻🕯✨❤️‍🔥

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Who is this here? The lucky one who was chosen by random. 🤔 What is left for us? Just congratulate and add 100,000 coins to your wallet!👏🏻👏🏻
Keep it up, @aseelasool1997
In the chat under this post, you can congratulate the winner ... or ask him for a few coins to borrow 👇🏻😅
askfm’s Video 168609593354

What was your life like growing up?

H2o_o2H’s Profile PhotoArchie
completely wild: i was a honor student and also a pickpocket, a fine danser and also a mediocre artist, winner of school science fairs and also member of a gаng, my parents were overly demanding, but in everything that did not concern grades they did not pay attention to me at all, so i had my first depressiоn in 13.
well, that times was everything except boring)

Why everything is fair in love and war

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
Because in wars there are alot of battles that you have to win in order to come out as winner of whole war.
So, battles cant be won without strategic planning or faking a strategy, sacrifing some some soldiers to save many & sometimes loosing a battle is part of strategy that wins you the whole war. That is why everything is fair in wars.
That is the logic i just made up. 😂 and as far as love is concerned i think everything is fair with your love* not in love.

Часто ли рецепты из интернета оказываются удачными?

Kuhaku9’s Profile PhotoI.C.Winner
Привет, Winner 🏄‍♀
На самом деле не так часто, как хотелось бы 😒
Но мне сложно судить, потому что я из тех отбитых кулинаров 👩🏻‍🍳, которые норовят всё сделать не совсем по рецепту, типа "хммм сахара на мой взгляд многовато, убавим, это тут зачем, заменим, а чо так долго готовится, давайте быстрее", а потом тестируешь итоговый результат 🍰 и не можешь толком понять, стоило ли исходный рецепт модифицировать, или всё-таки нет... 🤷🏻‍♀

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