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millykhann’s Profile PhotoHeyitxmilly
we will always have men speak so much about how they are willing to fix the problem on their part and how well-informed they are & then losing their shit at giving any basic "reassurance or explaination or clearing any misinterpretation" with kindness or maybe more than one time labelling it as some sort of "ranmureedi" or a child's behavior. bro it's just the bare minimum or basic human decency you can do or should first start doing with people close to your circle without making it a big deal or glorifying it if you actually wanna see this world becoming a safe & liberating place for women on bigger levels honestly. men are same, one way or the other. sooner or later. benefiting freely from the system that was already constructed to benefit them. the privilege is insane actually.

@kandydevil is very pretty

She is but you have NO right threatening people to kill them or threaten to call the police on you for not dating you. Women have every right to say no to you. You can't force anyone in a relationship. That's bad. That's known as r*pe and abuse. Also cops won't do anything if someone refuses to date you.

Any thoughts lately? ☕

Bilalnadeem96’s Profile PhotoBilal Nadeem
Now a days especially for girls or women here unhy apny breast examination khud bh krni chahye
Breast cancer isn't a joke my late cousin died bcz of this and she was young 37 maximum age
If you feel any changes or lumps or swelling a little even it's due to hormonal changes go and consult a Dr ( just for your satisfaction )
Don't wait for a cancer to spread 😊

What do you think about Police? I grew up thinking they were good people who protected people/our society but now I read about how corrupt they are, how immoral many are and feel they should be abolished? Did you know police officers have higher rates of domestic violence than other professions?!

It’s not a straightforward question to answer. In general I think without police society would be way worse off overall.
Take one alternative like the Taliban for instance, that’s a major backward step with absolutely no lesser corruption nor safety for women. True there are a number of assholes in the police force but the benefits outweigh the alternatives.

I read somewhere that naturally, women are not emotionally strong. That's not in their nature to be emotionally independent. And those women who are emotionally independent, circumstances make them so. And ig it's true.

Circumstances makes everyone stronger not only women but trust me women are more emotionally stable and mature than males. Hurt a women once and you’ll never see her coming towards you in the same way ever again.

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

meemoosj’s Profile Photomary...
From my point of view, love marriage is much better than arrange marriage. Marriage is more important for women than for men Sometimes a girl is forced to marry a person chosen by her parents A girl should have the freedom to choose her life partner with whom she spends her leisure life In a love marriage a person can choose his life partner. They can get to know each other's personal life, secrets, personality, and character which can never happen in a arrange marriage. Love marriage can able remove the dowry system. Love marriage is the best weapon to destroy caste

What is the best age for a girl to get married?

Prophet Muhammad SAW married Ayesha R.A when she was six or seven years old and consummated the marriage with her when she was nine, and his actions are legislation for this ummah.
The Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them) also married women when they were minors and when they were adults, without specifying any particular age. So no one has the right to introduce laws other than those which were prescribed by Allah and His Messenger, or to change the laws that were prescribed by Allah and His Messenger, because those laws are sufficient.

You being pisces explains why you are cool tbh. Did you ever meet a pisces that you didn't get along with?

Aw I love this! First time I’ve seen some Pisces love on here haha. I think people just think we are sensitive and dreamy, which we are, but it’s not all we are ♓️
And yes, but strangely enough it it’s been February pisces men all three times. I love the women - a close friend of mine is actually my birthday twin, different years and I adore her. :)

Has anything ever happened to yu that yu cannot explain?

DenisaKoskova’s Profile Photodeniiss
Yeah, couple women apparently came to conclusion that my face was kissable and my company was tolerable. Still puzzled by that to this day. But not complaining. I thought I was definitely going to die a kissless virgin. So there is some hope for you my dudes.

Do you think... Chivalry is dead?! 😱😓🥀 If so, why do you think that and what could society change/do better? If not, what things/behaviors show that it isn't? 😊

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I’m not sure how to define chivalry, but let’s say you’re on public transportation and a pregnant woman or elderly person gets on looking for a seat, which are all filled. I have seen both men and women stand and offer their seats. Same with holding doors, both genders do it. It’s really just manners, isn’t it?
Now, the odd occasion when let’s say a woman gets a flat tire by the side of the road. Will a man stop to help her change it? This type of chivalry is in direct proportion to how she looks. If she’s young and attractive, she will have quick offers to help. If she is very elderly, she might also have a pretty good chance. If she’s middle aged, overweight, rough around the edges? Better have Triple A lol
I was trying to think of times I have helped strange men, and it’s always been at the grocery store when they can’t find something. It’s just good to be polite and helpful humans, no matter what gender you are. Within reason, and with personal safety in mind.

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Is it normal to go on ask to talk to strangers or are we all messed up

Why do men or women come on social media? To talk to the opposite gender. It's all l*st and desperation. Astagfirullah. This is a messed up situation for everyone. And this won't stop here. Soon, you will find it hard to find anyone loyal or pure enough to get married to. You will find people into affairs a lot but no one willing to get married and stay loyal to a single person. In Europe and other countries, people stay with each for days and then leave. They treat each other as objects. They have no values left. They are destroyed morally and ethically. This is where we are going as well. Soon, females will be inviting their boyfriends to their homes and parents will be involved in affairs in front of their children. Messed up is just a soft word for it.

She is with him when you’re asleep.

of course anonymous I know that such man…
like my fiery lion ….🕸❤️

he could have a
millions girls and women….in any country… in which he wishes
not just from where he 🕸❤️was born …. or where grow up….
and i’m not
i’m not Caligula
who brought his men, and ordered them to throw spears into the water….- because he wants to kill Poseidon
if you understand what i mean…
but love for me lies in the fact the existence of others disappears
i feel like this…. and only like this…
and you guys….who read and love me…not love like love
you understand…
i’ll tell one secret … how quickly to understand do you love your
if you are in relationship… or i don’t know just starting…
it’s only for man…
for all man…
just without telling anyone anything
check yourself…
if you wake up ( or go to sleep)
it’s most important moment …time…
because it’s start and over
of new day…
if you wake up in the morning and check
how another girl or others girls
woke up… some news from them…
it’s doesn’t mean that you love them…
it’s mean that you don’t love your girl …
because if you are really in love … you yourself will not notice that you will be interested in little or big , bad ,
or good things ( it depends on your girlfriend
what she is in ….
in that you are too
it’s your choice and your taste in women
)in the affairs of your beloved right off hook
it’s important moment…
even other
women are imposed a lot of ways of ignoring are exist….
and about you anonymous… and you guys….
it’s from general questions…
i used to answer general questions… because it was not visible that others were responding
and i was written by people why maybe didn’t really understand the ask and asked a general question
and think that it’s private question…
now i won’t answer on general questions
it’s somehow unpleasant
for me if someone writes i love you Inna and immediately other answers
who is Inna i’m not Inna and etc
ask a personal questions….
about you ….anonymous how do you live with heart like yours…(

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Should a girl ever confess first? I mean is it okay to do that?

In Islam the cases where women confessed first, remember the men were like Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
in modern world however it's near to impossible to find someone with a good enough character. They like to make fun, and judge.
So I'd suggest you to choose the right man and then do it.
Otherwise save yourself from the embarrassment and character assassination.

Why do men fall for anyone who shows them basic kindness?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMclovin
Any human falls for kindness in this day and age but….
I believe men have been deprived of it for a very long time. All the signs of genuine nurture,kindness,empathy etc, have not always been unconditional for men, from a very young age.
It’s very sad honestly. Men have been done wrong in many ways.. I’m talking to mothers, fathers, aunts,uncles, siblings, friends…
To train boys like robots with the least amount of empathy and then when they grow up to be emotionless monsters you call it toxic masculinity.
It is the most tragic thing to ever witness…
InshAllah won’t happen with my kids though, or the kids of my friends 🙆🏻‍♀️
(Ps. I speak for both women and men’s rights so don’t get it twisted here in the thread)

﹅⠀ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ⠀︰⠀♡﹒ ﹙ character ﹚jakiego znaku zodiaku jest Twój/Twoja bohater/ka - co to o nim/niej mówi?

REVERIE__ARCANE’s Profile Photo♡﹒lvcif

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀* .⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀ aries women can be direct and
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀harsh in their honesty⠀,⠀it can cause problems in
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀interacting with other people when they have a
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀hard time controlling their speech and reactions⠀,⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀although might seem boisterous or occasionally
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀even aggressive⠀,⠀they are good people
ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ  character jakiego znaku zodiaku jest TwójTwoja bohaterka  co to o nimniej

Girl's Consent (in marriage) should be sought from their Fathers. And silence, is their consent! Holy PROPHET صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم (Nahjul Fasaha)

Well, the correct hadith is
Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) that states: “The woman is not to be married until her consent has been sought.” They said: “O Messenger of Allah! What is her consent?” He replied: “Her silence means consent.” And in another wording: “And regarding the woman, her father seeks her consent and her consent is her silence.”
Now if you see, the constitution of Pakistan amd islamic shariah says that if a guardian gives the girl in marriage without her consent, if she has not appointed him "wakeel" to anyone, that nikah/ marriage is not permissible and she can leave the man and marry anyone of her choice without officially getting divorce and that won't be illegal and won't be considered as "nikah on nikah" which is haram. So, when you want to spread any information kindly have knowledge about it.
In 2004, the Criminal Law Act was enacted under which section 310(a) penalizes badal-e-sulh, under which girls/women cannot be given in marriage as compensation for someone else’s crime. It directly deals with all forms of “marriage as compensation” carried out under different names, such as swara, wani, sang chatt and irjaee. Recently, according to the Prevention of Anti-Women practices (criminal law amendment) act 2011, anyone imposing a forced marriage on a woman would face imprisonment which may extend to ten years but not less than three years and shall also be liable to fine of 500,000 rupees. For marriage with the holy quran, badla-e-sulh, wanni or swara the imprisonment ranges from three to seven years and the perpetrator may be fined 5000, details here.
Islam gives women the right to choose and reject or accept the marriage proposals even against their parents will. The Qur’an states “o you who have believed, it is not lawful for you to inherit women by compulsion…” (4:19).

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Do you think men should chase women

If some men insist on placing themselves at a disadvantage, they are free to do so. The hunter, the hunted and yours truly: the observer. 100 coins to the first person who can correctly identify the other two. 🔥
Do you think men should chase women

I don't understand everyone is getting married but not with their boyfriend.

S_fatik_F’s Profile Photosyed fatik
Not everyone in a relationship is looking to tie the knot. Girls use makeup to conceal flaws, while some men's insecurity about their physical appearance and negative personality traits leads them to seek women who can provide validation and boost their self-esteem bs itna enough hota phr dono apny apny khandan mai shadi krlete 🤣

Do you think that Madeline macckan will be found one day?

There is a young woman of 19 , who is convinced she is MM .
She is pleading for dna testing . . . .
READ about it , if you are interested:
The Madeleine McCann case is back in the news after a young Polish woman claimed to be the British girl who disappeared back in 2007 whilst on a family holiday in Portugal.
This girl is certain of her identity and is even asking for a DNA test to confirm it. And as a result of these statements, the whole case is being discussed again.
Madeleine was three years old when she disappeared from her holiday flat in Praia da Luz on 3 May 2007, while her parents were having dinner in a nearby restaurant.
German police said in June 2020 that she was presumed dead and that Christian Bruckner was probably responsible for her death.
However, British officials continue to treat it as a missing person's case and a lack of evidence prevented them from prosecuting the suspect.
In Portugal, the authorities described Bruckner as a "formal suspect" in the Madeleine case but he has not been arrested for any involvement in her disappearance.
The German has been serving time for raping a woman in 2005 in the Algarve area, just close to where the little girl disappeared. The offender has always denied any involvement in the child's case.
Christian Bruckner's other crimes
Recently, new crimes have come to the fore with regards to the German national.
The 45-year-old, the main suspect in Madeleine McCann's disappearance, has been charged by German prosecutors with several sex crimes he allegedly committed in Portugal between 28 December 2000 and 11 June 2017.
"The accused is charged with three counts of aggravated rape and two counts of child sexual abuse. The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is continuing," a police statement read.
The offences he was charged with were as follows: In April 2007 he allegedly cornered a 10-year-old German girl on Salema beach, very close to where Madeleine disappeared a month later, and forced her to perform a sexual act.
Between 2000 and 2006 he is accused of raping two women, one of them of consenting age, and one a 14-year-old girl.
*the vile beast, 'suspect'*

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Do you think that Madeline macckan will be found one day

😇😍 I will keep loving you from my heart until I found the right one . 😍😇

as you want anonymous…
whatever i don’t feel anything….
but i think i don’t need your love….
or you someone who want
here someone like to turn everything into riddles sometimes in order to be connected with we….
i feel only him 🕸❤️and his love….
our maddening love….❤️❤️
i don’t like to talk about a lot but it’s true….
about your message:
you couldn’t anonymous…
if your heart research someone else….
it’s meaning only one thing :
you don’t love
because when you love you don’t see anyone else ….
it’s another level
not you don’t see …. you see a lot of men or women…. every day ….everywhere
every second you are in surrounded by different women
or men…. and you love and liked….it ( or them…)
of course… or not if these women and men are unpleasant to you…
but you don’t have
any wishes ….because love lives in your heart….❤️
and if your ❤️love have power…. you have power to protect your love…
no girl will look at you as an abject of desire….
because you ‘belong’….❤️
and inside their heart …. or soul they are all understand that….
and stories about was in relationship but fall in love with ….
it’s mean only one thing:
that stories like your message
in the heart they are research
all men are different
but they calm down inside themselves when they find their own ….

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As women we know we have a desire to be wanted and appreciated by someone and that's not something a lot of women like to admit and because of this if we encounter the wrong kind of guy, it's very easy 4 him to take advantage of that but we have to protect ourselves from these non-halal situations.

yasmeensyd’s Profile PhotoZahra Shah
Will I be happy if I give up my greed?
A half-illusion that can never be fulfilled,
They say life’s a struggle between resistance and submission,
I say it’s a struggle against loneliness,
If you can’t hold it back, it’s okay to cry,
You’re already more than enough to be loved... 😭💜
As women we know we have a desire to be wanted and appreciated by someone and

Are you old-fashioned in any way? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
No, I don’t like how women were treated before, it’s not ideal now but at least I am my own person and don’t need a man to survive. So I prefer now-ways 🥲

Men aren’t stupid, don’t underestimate them. They choose to be stupid, because it makes their lives easier if they pretend to be stupid and not understand, so they can get others to do things for them, it’s laziness. I call it weaponised incompetence. “Being dumb” is a skill.

Yep, well said! Some men really are like you said. The same thing about the cheating. They aren't poor babies and women don't charm them. They make a choice, simple as that.

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