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I do not know who the other four. I looked at many of your followers and the only one who stood out as someone special, because of his outstanding writing skills and ability to take complex ideas and simplify them while informing and entertaining the reader. He is, without doubt, a gifted writer.

Yep, you're right. As you could easily tell, I am a fan😊 It's unfortunate that you weren't able to guess the other four because they are amazing as well. Who knows, you might be one them😉

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
How far back would you like me to go? Because if you were to ask my five-year-old self what she wanted to be when she was all grown up, her first answer would have been "a dragon" and her second answer would be "a famous pop star". Bare in mind that I had no musical ability to speak of and zero interest in taking singing lessons, it probably goes without saying that little me wasn't one for setting "realistic" goals.
It wasn't until I was about twelve or so that I knew for sure that I wanted to become a writer, and it's only been in recent years that I've found the courage to start actively working towards that dream.
When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up

I want you and your friends to leave me alone!! Stay away from me please. I am a writer and if you or Lex hate what I write that is NOT my problem. This will be the last time I talk to you and your group of haters. Goodbye.

Hello? Can you read? For the fourth time, I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU. I think both Lex and I enjoyed your writing and many of your views. You’re the one that started sh!t and continue to do so. Shockingly I have absolutely no problem with you. You know that I liked you very much as a person before all of this.

1. If you were to write a blog, what would you write about/what would the main title be? ✍️🏻 2. Have you ever started a blog or have you ever wanted to? 😁📃

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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I am not so much of a blog writer.
I am rather a short or novel-story writer.
If I'd ever start a blog I would do one about media, like movies, series, music, games, books and so on. I actually tried to start a blog but I guess it is ages ago I don't even remember the title of my blog.

Why do poets talk to the moon?

Bcz they knew that moon 🌛 is also all alone in this world and still shine in the night
I'm also poetic writer I love to see moon , and talk to it....bcz I feel lovely all my inner sadness comes out in the form of poetry after looking at the moon peacefully I feel energetic

In which platform are you planning to move? I read somewhere you are planning to leave this.

PulkitSharma62’s Profile PhotoJustice
One of my ask friends has recommended Quora and Medium. So I plan to look into those two to see if I think my writing style will fit. One of the reasons I feel compelled to make this change is that I am not being allowed the freedom to write what I want to write without being punished and having my account suspended. There are terrible things going on in our world right now that we the people need to discuss but our high tech companies, media and governments have conspired to prevent the people from being informed enough to have the discussion. So that is a big reason that motivate me away from sites like this.
Another reason is I need a literary challenge. Writing with folks who are better writers than I am will hopefully motivate me to become a better writer. I am not sure if this makes sense but I've been here since 2015 and there once were some outstanding writers on this platform. Writers who I literally woke up each day and looked forward to reading whatever they penned. It was like magic. But now people write one or two word sentences comprised of monosyllable words and incoherent and irrational thought. And least I forget that I have my fair share of haters and those who believe whenever I post something it is about them. For example, I have posted over 400 shoutout questions and you would be surprised how many people get upset because they think I am writing about them and they take offense. And for some strange and unknown reason it never dawns on them that the writer does not know them, has never met them and therefore is not writing about them. In a goofy sort of way posting in askfm is like writing graffiti on the walls of an insane asylum where the patients hear voices that don't exist and think that everyone is talking about them when the truth us nobody gives a shit.
But these irrational bed fellows sure make for some interesting story lines, right?

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well, legally speaking it cannot be a dating app, as the age requirement to join this site is 13. so unless they raise the age limit to 18, like all dating apps are, it cannot be a dating app.

And how do they verify that an account was created by someone under age 18? If I recall, when you create an account they ask you your age and you enter any number you feel like, right? Besides, many of those accounts I am referring to are people over the age of 18, or so they claim. You've got 40 year old women chasing 23 year old men and in one case a 45 year old married woman with 2 children in college sexting and scheduling hookups with young men half her age.
I've been here since 2015 and in that time I have seen it all. So in my humble opinion, while askfm might not technically be a "dating app" many people over the age of 18 are using for that. And when you think of it it makes sense. askfm is perfect for developing relationships, especially if you are a good writer and have something useful and thought provoking to say. And what woman have you ever met who doesn't enjoy a good poem or well written love song, right?
So I completely understand why people over age 18 use askfm to develop serious long term relationships and I have no problem with it; except, that is not what I am looking for. I am a writer, pure and simple and do not want to complicate my life.

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Gaji suami 6jt, si istri mau bantu adeknya bayar kuliah dari uang bulanan yg dikasi, ada cicilan juga per bulan. Si suami nuntut buat nabung per bulan 3jt+++. Dengan kata lain, sebenernya si suami gak ngebolehin istrinya bantuin adeknya, sedangkan si istri ga diizinin kerja. Solusi?

Ada beberapa solusinya, seperti : 1. Diskusikan dengan pasangan/suami tentang hal tersebut, tapi jangan sampai memaksakan kehendak, pandai²lah merangkai kata & membujuk suami.
2. Kamu bisa cari penghasilan tambahan, misalnya jadi reseller/dropshipper, affiliate marketer, freelancer, content writer, content creator, dll., yang waktunya cenderung fleksibel.
3. Tanya si adek memungkinkan nggak untuknya untuk mendapatkan penghasilan yang seminimal mungkin nggak mengganggu waktunya belajar. Tapi jangan memaksa adeknya untuk mendapatkan penghasilan & kalaupun adeknya mau, berapapun penghasilannya hargai aja & kalau kurang kamu tinggal nambahin sedikit lagi (setidaknya nggak full lagi)
Semoga solusi yang terbaik yang terjadi & apapun solusinya semoga nggak mempengaruhi hubungan kekeluargaan 🐥

A witch approaches you and tells you that she can reveal the day and time that you will die, would you want to know?

Laugh at them like I am you right now. The word you wanted was psychic or perhaps Seer. A witch isn't necessarily ever going to be either. It's just another practitioner or another religion. Nothing special. Some witches don't even practice Magick. Just prayer and wishful thinking. Contrary to popular beliefs Wicca was created in mid 1900s England by an old white man. A self proclaimed professor of archeology/religion though he had no education in it. Really he was just a writer. His name was Gerald Gardner

Tell me about your writing. What's the dream?

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomxmm
Writing has been something I've been passionate about since I was a child, though it hasn't always been what I wanted to "do" in life. For the longest time, actually, I thought of writing as just a hobby. It was a hobby I cared deeply for, though, and that I poured a lot of my time into.
Growing up, I predominantly wrote fiction, and by that I mean I wrote a lot of really cringey fanfiction which I, fortunately, had the good sense *not* to post online. As questionable as some of those early works of mine were though, they proved to be a valuable step in my journey as a writer, and eventually, I began writing original stories.
A little further down the line, I fell in love with poetry and it soon became my preferred method of expression. It was also around this time that I started to realise that writing was more than just a hobby to me and that I didn't want this to be something I kept to myself or shared with just a handful of my closest friends. I wanted to see my work published someday.
My dream is to publish a poetry book.
Before I do so, however, I feel as though there is quite a bit of room for improvement in my writing, which is why I decided to go back to university and study a degree in creative writing and English literature.

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If you will be given a chance to invent something, what would it be and why? Just curious hahahha

A software application for writers. Like the app will transcribe whatever words a writer he/she has in mind. Hahahahaha, ang fucked up nang naisip ko. Minsan lang talaga nakakatamad mag-type. 😂
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Are the questions random because I can’t figure out if people are directly asking me or just throwing it out into the world?

I would say that 99% of the questions are random. One of the characteristics of a well written question is that the reader believes the question was written especially for them. This technique is used by poets, novelists and composers of music, artists, etc. For example, have you ever read a novel or listened to a song or looked at art that for whatever reason captures your imagination and makes you feel like you are part of that story? I have, and that is one of the elements of great writing. The writer makes the reader or the composer makes the listener or the artist makes the person viewing his artwork part of the experience.
"A character is never the author who created him. It is quite likely, however, that an author may be all his characters simultaneously." - Albert Camus

I somehow agree that history is LIKE chismis There are different versions of those involved. Yep may data na naka back up but how sure are we that all of those things were not manipulated? Sa Greek mythology (na myth nga lang ba?) mali mali na how much more to other histories na di natin naabutan

penpsyche’s Profile PhotoYin Yang Yong
History is Inaccurate is the word you're looking for and not "Like Chismis."
History has been studied and pieced together by historians from first-hand accounts, writings, artifacts and by word of mouth from people who've experienced such history. The reality is; It is inaccurate and is prone to biases/prespective of the writer and infact you can find biases everywhere! even you are biased! And it isn't a neccessarily a bad thing and that is why we cross-reference from multiple sources.
The bad thing is denying, covering, Rewriting/Spreading false information because of the bias which is currently happening enmasse in our Country.
Likening Chismis to History is equal to discrediting the years of work/studies of our historians and from people who've experienced it first hand.

Alam kong maraming mga writers dito. Can you help me? Paano kayo nagiging disciplined, like, do you have any writing schedule or any ritual before you write? And hindi ba nahi-hinder ng discipline ang imagination niyo?

Hi! As a writer myself, it depends on the work requirement. When I'm writing news articles online, what I do is I search for interesting topics for pitch but then, bago ko hintayin ang approval ng editor I make sure na 'yong source ng info na kinuhanan ko ay credible. Importante 'yon. Kapag approved na, what I do is I write a simple guide on my notes: title, introduction, middle, last part.
For fiction writing, I do research. Hindi p'wedeng pure imagination lang. After research, I also watch films. Ang technique ko sa fiction writing (novel), dapat may simula at wakas na 'kong naiisip. Dapat solid na para insert na lang ng connected scenes kada chapter. Important din ang outlining. Sobrang nakakatulong. I was able to finish my novel this year after almost a month and a half. Haha. Sa schedule naman ay keri ko anytime basta isang chap per day para hindi clouded utak ko at makapag-pahinga.

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‏بِالمُناسبة ، كُل الأوقات مُناسِبة لِقول شيء لطيف 🤍👑!اكتبو شيء لطيف !✨🧡

انا اسف لنفسي علي كل غلط ارتكتبوا بحقي ، لما معرفتش قيمتي وفضلت غيري عليا ، لما جلدت نفسي وحملتها اكتر ما تتحمل ، لما اتاذيت وما اتعلمتش ، علي الوقت اللي ضيعتوا وسط الناس الغلط ، على كل فرصه جاتلي عشان اخسرهم وانا مسكت فيهم انا اسف من نفسي نيابه عن نفسي
Writer Hussein Salim Haider

Why can’t I just be happy? Am I not content? Or is it that I don’t want to settle for less?

Normally I attempt to offer advice concerning questions like this because I have suffered with depression for years. Sometimes I even will write a poem, which is my favorite method of communication and conveying information. Recently I responded to a young lady from South America, who by the way is an excellent writer, who lives a life in a perpetual state of unhappiness. My poem essentially encourages you to focus on the good in life and to encourage those suffering with anxiety or depression that life is worth living. Essentially my words offer hope but also inform those who suffer that they and they alone are responsible for their state of mind, their thoughts, their behavior and their happiness.
Her response was not only rude, it was brutal. She effectively told me to go fuck myself and that if she wanted to feel sad or depressed or to even take her life that is her business. Of course she was absolutely correct. So I decided that from now on whenever someone posts anything on the internet dealing with mental illness, I will not respond. Here is my point, if someone is depressed, that ain't my problem. If someone is angry or filled with anxiety, that ain't my problem.
So please forgive me if I am not responding with advice... that ship has sailed. If people want to post messages on askfm shouting to the world that they feel badly and seeking sympathy, I will no longer get involved, respond or offer advice. Why? Cuz it ain't my problem.
Take Care.

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إحنا محتاجين ناس تستحملنا قبل ما تحبنا.🥺🖤

hanat9659’s Profile PhotoHanaa Ta
كذبٌ في كذب..
"تريدون من تستنفذوهم حتى تملوا منهم، فتطلقوا العنان لخيبتكم بالرحيل و حجتكم السائدة لوم أنفسكم للتبرير تبا لكم جميعا "
broken writer..💜✍️🏻

You're #17 on the leader board

Thanks, but the truth is that I am here primarily as a writer and whether I am #17 or #500 is of no interest. The highest I have climbed was #10 and to achieve that I had to post text messages 12 hours a day. I imagine that #1 would require posting messages 24 hours each day which I will never do. Yes I enjoy writing, but I also have a life away from social networks too.
But I appreciate you letting me know where my "standing" is. :)

Recommend film seru dong boleh genre apa aja horor,roman,komedi pokoknya apa aja bole

urfavjan’s Profile PhotoJaniJan
These are movies I've recently watched and re-watched:
- Penyalin Cahaya (2021)
https://youtu.be/jiAcriibQwUBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 jiAcriibQwUBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 jiAcriibQwU
- Fiksi. (2008)
https://youtu.be/Ws-v_ayz3kEBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 Ws-v_ayz3kEBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 Ws-v_ayz3kE
- Bebas (2019)
https://youtu.be/3eun-3lPFoMBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 3eun-3lPFoMBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 3eun-3lPFoM
- Call Me by Your Name (2017)
https://youtu.be/Z9AYPxH5NTMBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 Z9AYPxH5NTMBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 Z9AYPxH5NTM
- The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
https://youtu.be/W6Mm8Sbe__oBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 W6Mm8Sbe__oBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 W6Mm8Sbe__o
- Silenced (2011)
https://youtu.be/k3BUIreDAeYBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 k3BUIreDAeYBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 k3BUIreDAeY
- Modus Anomali (2012)
https://youtu.be/dvWiXLiCOzsBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 dvWiXLiCOzsBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 dvWiXLiCOzs
- Sweet 20 (2017)
https://youtu.be/JBeLpMHcpYYBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 JBeLpMHcpYYBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 JBeLpMHcpYY
- Ghost Writer (2019)
https://youtu.be/hFGOxCTcuiMBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 hFGOxCTcuiMBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 hFGOxCTcuiM
- JOKER (2019)
https://youtu.be/zAGVQLHvwOYBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 zAGVQLHvwOYBumistuffs’s Video 170722549955 zAGVQLHvwOY
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وبس دا كل اللى حصل 🚶

" نقول تاني "
انا مش اسف لحد !!
مش اسف لحد عاملته بالطريقة اللي يستاهلها بعد ما قعدت كتير بتعامل معاه بطبيعتي، الناس بتتغير ، الدنيا
نفسها بتدور " تراهنوا على ثباتي ليه "
مش اسف لاي حد وصلني لمرحلة اني استبعده تماماً و يخرج برة اطار حياتي بعد ما كنت قافل على وجوده و خايف على مكانه " عادي "
مش اسف لحد استفزني جدا لدرجة خرجني بيها عن شعوري و شاف اسوأ ما فيا " انت اللي كنت عايز كدا "
مش اسف تماماً عشان متمسكتش بحد مأظهرش ولو شعرة تمسك " انا بياع "
مش اسف خالص لو دايرة معارفي اتشقلبت و دايرة صحابي اتغربلت و دايرة قرايبي اتفلترت ، الشدة و المواقف قالت كلمتها " معلش "
متتأسفش على اي موقف من دول ، متتأسفش على حاجة مغلطتش فيها ، كل شئ مش صح و مش مريح و مش سالك يستاهل يتساب ، بدون اسف !!
Writer Hussein Salim Haider

S.. P.. A.. C.. E 🖤💫

zizo_anwer’s Profile Photo"ZIAD_ANwER"
مش كل زياده حلوه ..
الذوق الزياده بيوصل لضياع الحقوق
والمجامله الزياده بتخلّي الناس تفتكر انها عامله اللي عليها
والصبر الزياده بيخلي الي قدّامك يفتكر انك قابل الغلط وراضى بيه
الأدب الزياده في طلب حقك بيضيعه ويخليهم يفتكروا انك مش عايزيه أو إنك ضعيف مش قادر تطلب حقك
والمساحة الزيادة بتخلي الناس تتدخل في اللي ملهاش فيه في حياتك وتبوظ الحاجات الحلوه فيها
والثقة الزياده بتخليك عرضة للخداع والأذية
"مش كل حاجة زياده حلوه "
Writer Hussein Salim Haider

how do you become a porno writer? do you use all sexual interation as your next story or is your imagination more alive?

serebourthomasina940’s Profile Photoghost hunter
This app may be a fucked up place and all but it never fails to deliver with these ridiculous questions/statements 🤣
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Someone ever not believe the love you have for them? It's kinda depressing tbh it's like their messing with you

"Depressing Love" by Alex
Yes it is depressing when you love someone but they accuse you of not loving them, especially early in the relationship when the couple are still trying to understand one another. I admit that I get distracted with my music and writing and they become an obsession. Once I put my pen to paper or start playing my guitar, I do not like to be interrupted unless it is an emergency. Unfortunately, most people I have lived with whether brother, sister, parents, wife or children, do not understand or appreciate the mind of an artist and so they confuse my passion and concentration as disinterest.
It is one of the reasons that if I am ever single, I will remain single. Living by myself is the only way I will be able to create poems and music uninterrupted and without having to justify my behavior or being forced to deal with the constant complaints and accusations of disinterest. And as for me, I will never comprehend why people cannot understand that a writer cannot write nor a musician practice his music while simultaneously talking to family and friends or painting the house, washing the dishes or mowing the lawn. Music and writing require silence and concentration without comment or justification.
So to answer your original question, yes it is most depressing to love people while also being accused of not loving them. It is also depressing to write poems that nobody reads or to write songs that people do not hear (because they are too busy talking) or to strive for perfection in an imperfect and uncaring world. And might I propose that this is precisely the reason why so many talented artists decide to end their lives. I completely understand! To be a sensitive soul living in an insensitive and uncaring world is, in my opinion, a profound and painful reality that is impossible to reconcile. Luckily for me, I am able to co-exist in both worlds, but I would much prefer to be a full time artist who devotes all of his time and effort to creating music and poetry.
Thank you for your sincere and insightful question. /Alex

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Do you share your birthday with any famous people?

Upton Sinclair - American writer 9-20-1878
Red Auerbach - Coach of Boston Celtics 9-20-1917
Sophia Loren - Actress 9-20-1934
Guy Lafleur - NHL hockey player 9-20-1951
John Travares - NHL hockey player 9-20-1990
George R.R. Martin - Novelist 9-20-1948
Jon Bernthal - Actor 9-20-1976
Ainsley Earhardt - T.V. Personality and writer. 9-20-1976
Gary Cole - Actor 9-20-1956
Kimbal Musk - Venture Capitalist, Restaurateurs 9-20-1972
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What is a book that changed you, and how did it change you?

Zezowafa2000’s Profile PhotoⲞⲘⲚⲒⲀ
No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai!
This won't be about how it necessarily changed me or even about the book specifically, but I'd like to take this opportunity to rant about a certain fascination I discovered with this book. Usually, I like reading about the pain and try to see the subtle beauty in it, the way it shapes mentalities, the glimpses of hope, the ways of coping, etc. I also naturally like reading books that leave the story up to your interpretation, I think it gives the novel a personality and the experience changes from one reader to another. Furthermore, when such a book becomes popular and loved among a vast diversity of people with countless interpretations, it just raises its value even more. Anyways, I also have a weird fascination with mentalities in general, no matter how twisted they are.. well, maybe especially how twisted they are, and the process that carved them out this way. The kind of mentalities that shine in all its vivid real glory, with no whitewashing reality but still a reality that is nothing like the reality we see, it really just is fascinating. Take Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" for example, I'd expect a person who wakes up one day to the sudden realization he turned into a giant bug to at least try to know how it happened or how to turn back, y'know anything to acknowledge how weird the situation is? Well, his first and all the rest of his thoughts were about how he'd be fired and his mundane sad life responsibilities. Well, anyhow, the story was centered about all the negative feeling he had and how he made no effort to cope with them or make his life any better. He even projected them onto his perceptions of the people around him and lived a miserable life to the very end of it when he dies alone as a giant bug. There was no beauty is it, just horrible agony to the end, and the fact it was inspired from Franz Kafka's life adds even more silent horror about all the psychological implications of it.
Another book that feeds this weird fascination of mine is Post Office by Charles Bukowski. It doesn't have anything supernatural about it but it was horrible too. All and every aspect of it. The protagonist narrated his life, he didn't think he was a good person, he didn't twist his beliefs or sugarcoat his terribleness, alcoholic, womanizer, talentless, rude, desperate, you name it. He didn't make any of that sound good, he was terrible and he knew it. And there was no way to find beauty in his life even if you looked through all the cracks.
Now, No Longer Human, combined all that. The psychological manipulation and torture, the feeling of being betrayed by life and blaming others for his own shortcomings proving slowly how twisted he is, the feeling of being rejected by life, imposter, the realization of not being qualified to live in it, his twisted coping mechanisms. In short it was a guide on creating a monster, a miserable one at that who in the end inevitably faces the very same fate of its writer, suicide.

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How a writer would describe you if you were a character in a book?

muqaddasmasood345’s Profile PhotoPistachio
Kahani Mai hamay writer hi btaya Jaye Ga q k Hum khud hi aik writer hai likhna shok hai hamara .
Likhna Betha to likhta hi reh jao GA .
Sochna Betha to sochta hi reh jao GA
Bhul jae Gy usko esa Nahi ho GA .
JB tk hum hai Tu rahay Ga.
Tu hamesha mujh Mai zinda rahay Ga ...

Appreciation post! Write about someone or something which you appreciate 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
the softness of things. the gentle blossoms swirling. the sadness abiding the beauty of nature. the broken parts of my heart I covered with rich summer meadows swaying in the wind - elegantly. the love I longed for - hidden in the ruins of my heart, not in need of another soul. the autumn leaf-colored cat that walks my way when we lock eyes. the cat I gave a name because she had none. the sound a coffee cup makes when foam touches its rim; on the brink of overflowing. the people that brought light to my shadow. how nature works and observes. breaking benjamin. me. the writer and poet.

Who's your favorite philosopher?

An excellent question and while I cannot agree completely with any writer / philosopher, I seem to lean toward those who have posed challenging / frustrating queries or raised arguments which I may not have fully considered. There is an extensive list of formidable and influential thinkers that come to mind. Personal favorites include several intellectual giants such as Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Cicero, Seneca, Pliny the Elder, Aurelius, Locke, Bacon, Thoreau, Paine, Jefferson, Franklin, Nietzsche, Kant, Schopenhauer, Jung, Eliade, Pound, (Joseph) Campbell and many others...
Whos your favorite philosopher

What music genre do you consider as romantic? For me personally it’s 1950’s jazz 🥰

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Personally I enjoy music written by: Irving Berlin, Sammy Cahn, Hoagy Carmichael, Cy Coleman, Duke Ellington, Dorothy Fields, George Gershwin, Johnny Green, Jerome Kern, Lerner and Loewe, Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Rodgers and Hart, Billy Strayhorn and contemporary writer like James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, Willie Nelson, Steve Perry, Glenn Frey to name a few.

How a writer would describe you if you were a character in a book?

muqaddasmasood345’s Profile PhotoPistachio
Very quiet and shy, but knows what to say and when to say something confidently. Hides her insecurities and emotions, doesn't let anyone see the weaknesses. A great listener and understands people well, but also doesn't like them in general because they talk too much [a people pleaser who doesn't like people]. Has a few friends (2) who she rarely talks to (once a month), they understand her disappearing behavior. Loves animals but from a distance. Wants attention and love but refuses to communicate about it, even though she understands that nobody can telepathically know everything, this is real world and not a fantasy novel. Is empathetic and kind but can't really be of any help to people and that saddens her.
Loves trees, moon, Night Sky, sunrises and sunsets, could stare at them for forever. Loves curls and shoes, and tea and coffe and cookies and music and art, but doesn't like any of these things sometimes. Sometimes she wants to free fall from a tall building's rooftop. She makes art and writes journal just to ease her mind of intense thoughts. Basically a paradoxical soul who doesn't feel like belonging to earth or its people.

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How a writer would describe you if you were a character in a book?

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Voice As Deep As Ocean, His Eyes As Black As Coal, Nothing Else Reminds Me Of An Anxious Soul. Deep Deep Heart, Heartless Cold.. Brave And Bold Though Trembles Alone. Will Fall For Him If One Have Known.
(I Can Go On And Write A Whole Book But Phir Apne Muh Se Apni Tareef Achi B Nahi Lagti)..

How a writer would describe you if you were a character in a book?

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A young entrepreneur who founded initiatives of millions. Someone who just blessed with exceptional things in an early age due to his vision and perspective about life. He always get success in every phase of life. When he was a student, he was the gold medalist of his batch. When he came to public, he transformed from a shy person to an influential public speaker. When he joined social work, he emerged as a Leader and Mentor. When he started business, He changed the definition of it. When he joined government work, He broke all the stereotypes.
My character is a non conventional personality, who doesn’t work to be the best but work to be the different. He doesn’t know any rules, because he define the rules. 💯

You are an extraordinarily gifted writer and guitarist. What you write and what you say helps so many people who struggle and need up flirting and wisdom. I’ve said this countless of times, but I’m truly honored to call you a friend.

Thanks Steph. I appreciate your positive vibe and heartfelt words.
I think I told you some time ago that I perform at Unity church on Sunday mornings, right? Well last week the band at another church quit and I was asked to perform on either guitar or bass. This 6pm mass on Sunday night is a teen mass and they want us to play Christian rock music, which will be great fun. Last week it was just a pianist and me on bass. This week they have a drummer which I am excited about so we will see how that goes.
I've explained to the music director that I want to help the music ministry but I do not want to perform the same old uninteresting and lame Christian music that young people do not want to hear. Since this mass if supposed to be for teens, I am praying that God will intervene and allow us to play some genuine rock music. We shall see.
Here is an example of the music style I would like to perform:
Sidewalk Prophets - You Love Me Anyway
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I gotta ask you this since you're a writer and I am tryna become one like how to keep motivating yourself to keep writing on when you're receiving negative feedbacks related to your writing? Do they bother you too?

To quote Anais Nin, "We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are." Same is true for any form of creative writing. We don't read a section of prose or a piece of poetry as it is, we read it as we are. If you ask me, I write because the ideas in my head claw their way out whether I want them or not & not because I want readers to like what I write. Different people, different tastes. What you do? Push yourself harder and wish that someday the best in you comes out! I'd wrap up this answer in Martin Luther King Jr.'s words, "If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."

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