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اسلام علیکم Kesi ho Sana? Kahan thi etna time? Not active on Sc. Was missing your writing. Hope you will be fine, doing good?

University life is so hectic. Waqt hi nahi milta social media kai liye. Ab tou writings ka bhi waqt nahi milta. I've my insta for writings still, but I literally post there after ages. Bas yahi sab hai ab. Yahi shayad zindagi hoti hai.

I somehow agree that history is LIKE chismis There are different versions of those involved. Yep may data na naka back up but how sure are we that all of those things were not manipulated? Sa Greek mythology (na myth nga lang ba?) mali mali na how much more to other histories na di natin naabutan

penpsyche’s Profile PhotoYin Yang Yong
History is Inaccurate is the word you're looking for and not "Like Chismis."
History has been studied and pieced together by historians from first-hand accounts, writings, artifacts and by word of mouth from people who've experienced such history. The reality is; It is inaccurate and is prone to biases/prespective of the writer and infact you can find biases everywhere! even you are biased! And it isn't a neccessarily a bad thing and that is why we cross-reference from multiple sources.
The bad thing is denying, covering, Rewriting/Spreading false information because of the bias which is currently happening enmasse in our Country.
Likening Chismis to History is equal to discrediting the years of work/studies of our historians and from people who've experienced it first hand.

What is this ‘war’ I’ve been hearing about in your shadowfall among us video?

A massive ass war tied in with us and the assholes (although we’re far from the only ones involved), which is set to span many years. It has already begun, and will soon get much worse. Thankfully for now, much of the war has stayed outside of this realm. When all the biggest factors, players, elements etc of the war do finally cross over realms and hit here, everything will know it. It will be far worse than most anticipate. Think world war 3, but on an apocalyptic scale that no humans anywhere can do anything to stop. It’s by definition a war, but technically it’s “Armageddon” LOL.
The only thing the uninvolved can possibly do to survive, is stay out of the way as much as possible. Don’t believe in man made writings either, no god will save you from this. Whatever happens to humanity will be considered natural order, whatever must be will be. Your beliefs are also irrelevant despite what you might’ve been taught. Tenacity, smarts and due respect to higher beings will get you much further than who/what you pray to (so don’t pray to “god” to make the shadow thing with teeth go away, LOLOL. Just run, maybe trip an annoying in-law to get it off your tail XD).

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Do you have your own library? And what kind of books collection prevail it?

zeldalink1’s Profile PhotoNitu.
Yes I have a personal library that I continue to add to it. It contains historical books, psychology, spiritual, poems and political. Below is a random list:
* The Dying Citizen - Victor Davis Hanson
* The Devils Chessboard - David Talbot
* The Naked Communist - W. Cleon Skousen
* Fatal Conceit - F.A. Hayek
* The Abolition of Man - C.S. Lewis
* The Apostle of Common Sense - G.K. Chesterton
* Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
* Tragedy and Hope - Quigley
* White Guilt - Shelby Steele
* The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm
* An assortment of writings from America's founding fathers i.e. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Grant, Franklin, Hamilton, Debate on Constitution, American Revolution,
* American writers: Longfellow, Cooper, Twain, Steinbeck, Douglass
* Mao A Life - Holt
* Hilter - Norton
* NAZI Terror - Johnson
* Team of Rivals - Goodwin
* Grant & Sherman - Flood
* Intellectuals and Society - Sowell
* The Gulag Archipelago - Harvill
Books on Poetry: Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou.
I also have books on philosophy, psychology and music books on theory, scales, classical, jazz, blues, rock and of course the Beatles which is my all time favorite band.

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You write great stuff man post your new writings 🙌

Main kya btaoo k meri khud se ajeeb wehshat ka haal kya hai
Yahi jo hai kuch vo chandd saansein, nisaab kya hai? Hisaab kya hai?
Ajeeb zid hai main usko bhulu ye lazmi hai bus oski khatir
Wagarna vo bhi ye janti thi sawaal kya hai! Jawab kya hai!
Main kar chuka tha shumar jiska musaafton mein Tum he btao
Ye baydili to mizaaj tha ab ye ishq jesa azaab kya hai?
Asaa'n nahi hai k chalty chalty main thakk k khud mein he mar gya hun
Na de tu mujh ko tasalliyan ab main janta hun khuwaab kya hai
Thi chah jiski usi ko pa k main os sy nazrein bacha raha hun
Smjh na paya hun baat hamza haqeeqaton ka ye raaz kya hai.

What are you good at?

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's putting people in their place.
I have the amazing ability to recall even the most trivial movie lines. My dad's the same way, my mom and sister refuse to watch movies with us because we're always saying the lines before the characters. I could go on jeopardy and make literally hundreds of dollars.
I like to think I'm good at writing. This year so far, I've written over 30,000 words in music review, adding to my sum of the past few years of 345,000+. I've been told by others that I'm good and I've even had my username noticed on sites separate from my writings because of it.
I've had a fairly multicultural life and love to observe my environment/listen to people, so I found myself quite good at understanding new cultures and adapting to them. I'm also no slouch at understanding people's mental structures. "Beating suitors away with a golden stick" level though... Nah, that's really hard to achieve. So don't feel inadequate, I guess.
Remembering seamingly stupid details of situations, being able to recalll large amounts of data when attached to an event, seeing trends in problems, spotting gaps in knowledge between teams in a work enviroment. Remembering small parts of larger events even if I dont recall the event as a whole. I am also good and finding flaws in others logical progressions. This allows me to reviews the notes of a problem somone is working on and spotting the flaw in logic\decision making that is preventing them from resolving an issue.
I've always been completely at ease initiating and maintaining conversations with complete strangers. I've had a lot of friends ask me for advice, but I have trouble coming up with a set of rules for them. I just have things to talk about, even with members of the opposite sex.
I am excellent at navigating crowds. I will get you to the front row at the biggest concert. I will get you to the exit faster than anyone else. I will get you to the front of the line, through the jam-packed lobby, I will find your friend in the crowd before anybody else. I will do it without pissing people off and without spilling my drink. It's not a big deal or anything, but it does make me damn handy at a big event. And above all other things, I'm a good cook who has developed the world's best BLT sandwich. Sourdough bread, fresh lettuce, Cherokee purple tomatoes, garlic pepper thick-cut bacon, and a pepper-curry aioli. My cooking is the only talent that has actually brought suitors to my doorstep in hot pursuit.

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Do you ever admire yourself in the mirror?

m_mannan’s Profile PhotoMian Mannan
I hate people who think they are really beautiful specially Larkay. I have seen my cousins destroying their life in this conflict that they are really beautiful. Even after they got married they were behind girls and didn’t even studies bachpan se ab taak I’ve seen them unhe yehi hum pyare han aur apne biwiyo ko bhi divorce ke dhamki aur apne ghar se paise mangwa kar tu zaaya karte han ayashiyo main. Sab se ghatya conflict Jo zindagi barbad kar sakta ha yehi hai. Muje hamesha se dar raha hai ke yeh conflict kabhi muj main naah ay. They were toppers in their school. One of my cousin who was their batchmate and is now a doctor said they had the best hand writings in school. Bus Kharab ho gae aur ab Kabhi kuch kabhi kuch. Pehla rent a car Gujranwala main Shuja motors agar kese naah naam suna ho enke partnership per thay leikin ayashiyo main sab zaya kar diya larkiyo ke peche ke hum handsome han

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2) and how Bidern's infrastructure deal is being watered down due to certain Democrats who serve big corporations and not their constituants. Consequently the working class is being left behind again. I mentioned that you were a great believer in the writings of Karl Marx, Poppa turned to me and

BiCarrie’s Profile PhotoSam (BFBO)
I am following Biden's infrastructure efforts closely especially Manchin's objections to the social spending aspects of the bill and Sinema's objections.
We would both be very much on the 'Progressives' wing of the Dems so I can feel your frustration.
What you write is certainly true of Manchin , he seems to be quite open about his corporate ties .
The Dems are sleepwalking into trouble allowing the Republicans/MAGA Morons to set up a corrupt environment in order to overthrow any election result that doesn't suit them.
It is a massively dangerous time for America imo
Liked by: Darren Sam (BFBO)

Punctuation and spelling mistakes in texting. We all know someone who goes crazy when they see the slightest mistake in the text message. They may get pretty annoying, that’s true. But does it really matter? Or should we take it easy on spelling mistakes in the text messages?

I honestly think it doesn’t matter. Texts/messages are not professional writings.
& a lot of times people who make those sort of mistakes may be just typing really fast. I think people should chill when it comes to those things unless they are an editor for a publishing company.

Would you call yourself a creative person? In what ways do you like to express your creativity? 📸🎨🎭🖋🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
In the literary sense, yes. Ever since I was a child I've been an avid writer, and throughout the years my writing's been complimented countless times. I'd love to dedicate more time to it, but I'm just too busy.

We write to understand ourselves better and sometimes end up answering questions we didn't realise we had. Alot of writers don't get as much praise as they deserve. Anyway, hope you have a blessed day Alex 🌼 and thank you for your writings and for being you❤

RayVen94’s Profile PhotoRay
"Written Words" by Nico, Photography by Mana5280
The written word has more power than any weapon of mass destruction because it has the ability to persuade and change the hearts and minds of men and women. So my sword and my shield are forged with written words articulated in the stillness of the night, while darkness surrounds the silent sound and awakens at dawn like a bald eagle spreading its wings in flight, searching for his prey.
"The discipline of the written word punishes both stupidity and dishonesty." -John Steinbeck-
We write to understand ourselves better and sometimes end up answering questions

Hello, I'm new here.. Mention some of your favorite accounts I want to follow them :)

I actually have only 3 starred accounts here on ask.fm
@Writesfromsoul & @QuotesLoveLife because of their writings and quotes. Though they're inactive for a long time.
And @SommyaVerma because no reason just she's my favourite and she matters a lot in my life. Also because she's such an amazing, beautiful, and a wonderful person😍 She is such a pretty and kind soul and damnnnnnnn, she's gorgeous🥺😭❤️😍🙈🌹💞
So, already a warning here, if you (Anyone) follow her here make sure you don't annoy, disturb, upset or disrespect her.
Hello Im new here Mention some of your favorite accounts I want to follow them

where is it shared anonymously? the journal. your art is pretty nice but no personal depiction of feelings..

I make abstract art for feelings stuff, that way I get to express myself but it's still personal and not too obvious I guess. And I used to post my writings on reddit but not anymore, haven't done it in a long time.
where is it shared anonymously the journal your art is pretty nice but no

Some of the nice writings.... 💚

ahmadsaljarrah’s Profile Photoᗩᕼᗰᗩᗪ ᔕ ᗩᒪᒍᗩᖇᖇᗩᕼ
‏وإذا أتاك صديقُ عمرك نادمًا
عمّا جرى بالأمسِ يرجو المعذرةْ
فاغفر لهُ وانسَ الإساءةَ والأسى
واذكُر بأنّ العفوَ عند المقدرةْ
فلقد أتاك بكُل نبضٍ صادقٍ
حافظ عليهِ وصُنهُ كي لا تخسَره 💜🔮

How do u deal w hate

I ignore hate whenever it is directed at me and walk away from it in silence. I refuse to participate in such cruel and malicious behavior caused by my fellow humans.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches
How do u deal w hate

Lucas, thank you for your kind words. Mostly I write to pass along knowledge that I have acquired over the years so that other people can learn from my mistakes and experiences. Sometimes my writing is quite serious, direct and to the point while other times it is simply silly and nonsensical.

You're a big-time writer now. You are a brilliant, brilliant writer.
They tell me you're a very skilled writer. You're a born writer. You're a born storyteller.
You're a big-shot writer. I think you have the unique, innate ability to bring out the strangeness in other people. Greatness is only skin-deep some people say. Well, that's not true.
But it's having a true talent, a gift born within, something no degree can give you. In every position he occupied, he stood out for his high level of professional ability and his gift for administration. You have one of the most natural talents in writings I've ever seen in my life. I have talent as a writer... but I'm a natural at only two things: modern languages and math.
I'm skilled at mathematics and decryption, but these equations are beyond anything I've ever seen.
I'm skilled at mathematics and decryption, but these equations are beyond anything I've ever seen. I am gifted at strategy games and can plan multiple moves out by assuming how one move will likely make my opponent play. The downfall of this is that my wife hates playing strategy games with me because I always win so quickly.
For example, I'm gifted at seeing things from multiple perspectives, but that makes it hard to decide which perspective is 'right' to me. I equally felt always different and misunderstood kinda, in kindergarden and early high school was often alone and suffered a lot from anxiety, now I get told often in my daily life that I'm really smart and knowledgeable, that I'm creative but that I think differently that im a bit weird... parents sent me to psychologyst early on because I was too closed inwards and insecure, never speaking, afraid of people and the world, everything was too much for me, hypersensitive and hyper lucidity about my surroundings and self all the time... The professional said im insecure and not particularly smart or anything, I took an IQ test when I was 15 and wasn't in the gifted range either... I was always last of my class each year and insanely stressed out evey day, kids would make fun of me for being so terrible, some teachers hated me. I was sweating of stress during tests even at 7, they made me repeat entire years because I was too far behind, would always zone out during classes and having no idea what the lesson was about or insanely focused to the point teachers told my parents I was too stressed out for my age.

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Glad to see you back, my friend. I hope you continue to be blessed each and every day. 🙏

Thank you Llama. I am trying to manage my time better so I can complete a book on poetry while also attending to a few other hobbies that I enjoy (music and golf). I have been reading some of the writings my friends post here and on tumblr. Many of your posts are too irresistible to circumvent, so I felt compelled to stop by and acknowledge your insight and creativity. -Alex-
Glad to see you back my friend I hope you continue to be blessed each and every

thx for not answering the second one , btw i wanted to tell you that u have the most cute eyes I've ever seen, to describe smth that beauty i think i need to write about 10 novels n poems to know where to start , btw i have alot of writings ''

_ really.....Every detail has a true glimpse of beauty....It's so sweet of you to say.....merci for your kindness alot....."#
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Some of the nice writings.... 💚

ahmadsaljarrah’s Profile Photoᗩᕼᗰᗩᗪ ᔕ ᗩᒪᒍᗩᖇᖇᗩᕼ
‏ألطاف الله تُحيط بك وأنت لا تُدرك؛ ‏حين يمنع عنك شيئًا أردتهُ بِشدّة ليمنحك بعدها الأجمل، حين يُعطيك فوق سُؤلك الضعف، حين تسألهُ أمرًا وتنساه ليستجيب لك في الوقت الأنسب، حين يُحدِثُ لك ما ظننتَهُ مستحيلاً لِتتغير كافة القوانين بِـ "كُن فَيَكُون".🖤

You do have a unique writing style Although your words are derived from your fragments of imagination contrary to prior experiences or observations what should've been the sole foundation behind your description in the first place

awaisasad1’s Profile PhotoAwais Shah
Thank you, but i'm not a big fan of conformity. I deliberately choose to portray my imagination in my works, no one can hold it against me yk; I believe "what could have been" and "what could be" enchant us more as humans. I'd rather my imagination shine bright in my writings than the factor of reality; not that i completely abandon my experiences or observations, you get a glimpse of those too at times.

Where does this other anon get off on saying "you've never written poetry before ever!", like they can see into your past and know everything you have/have never done? So silly 😂

i know, i'm laughing so much. not only that but my poetry and other writings have been published before, LOL.

Apna ask fm py experience share karein, kia paya kia khoya means ky kia mila ask sy?

MuhammadAliHasnain’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Ali Hasnain
Askfm 🙂😍☺️💔❤️😂🤦
• Askfm ny meri life bdl ti tbvh!!
Kafi achy dost mily jo meri smile ki wja bny. Kuch toxic log b mily jinho ny mujhy ye shikaya k mujhy unki trah ni bnna. Toxic logo ny bohaaaAaaat kuch seekhaya mujhy. Ak trah sy life bdl k rkh di. Bohat strong hui ma.
• I was an innocent little kid jb maine Askfm join kia ta. {Kid is liye bol ri q k ma waqei tb na smjh ti, immature aur childish ti (sbki baato ma a jny wli)} Phr life ny turn lia.
• Meri writing skills improve hui Askfm py. Aur maine kbi ni socha ta k ma Kisi b social media py itni famous ho Jao gi k mera account verified ho ga but then alhamdulila verification mili.
• Logo ny psnd kia writings ko jis sy hosla afzai hui. Writing skills improve kRny k bd aur confidence leny k bd maine apna Urdu Poetry page bnaya Insta py. {M a poetess} wha b logo ko meri POETRIES aur SHORT STORIES k post hony ka boht wait rehta ta.
Askfm k (kuch special) log meri life ma kafi change laye.
In short AGr ma Askfm join na krti toh aj meri life waqei "kuch aur" hoti 🙂☺️
• Ak wqt vo b aya jb is masum lrki ny Askfm ko hi "apni diary" bna lia 😂😂🤦🤦 aur apny dil ki har bat post krna start krdi
Kbi post krti ti kbi likh kr del kr dti ti. Yun writings b improve hui aur dil b hlka hua.
• Ma social media py sb sy zyada active rehti b Askfm py hi ti.
Lots of love @askfm😚❤️

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Apna ask fm py experience share karein kia paya kia khoya means ky kia mila ask

Maybe some people's handwriting are bad ، but some of their writings are good | Let's see the bright side | 🖤 ..

#التجاذب بين العمل والجزاء ( قانون كوني ) :
كن على يقين أنك ستأكل من زرع يديك رغم أنفك وستشرب من ذات الكأس التي أشربتها لغيرك ظلما وعدوانا, ثم ستموت ويؤول بك المآل إلى عدل رب العالمين لتنال جزاء ما كسبت يداك ؛
إن خيرا فخير وإن شرا فشر .
حصاد اليوم زراعة الأمس وحصاد الغد مازال بين يديك فتدبر .واعلم أن الدنيا مزرعة الآخرة فحصادك إلى جنة أو نار.
هذا ما نسميه قانون الكارما وهو قانون كوني .
كن حذرا
رددوا دايماً هذا التوكيد:
أنا أرسل طاقة خير وحب وسلام لنفسي وللآخرين❤..

I definitely agree with everything you just said there I have done a bit of biblical history study and I know that a lot of the old Sanskrit writings went through three different translations before English and words had been added that's why I'm not much of an advocate when it comes to words of man

I totally agree with you there!! I don’t follow scriptures that have been re-written and updated.. I like looking into the original works. Words have been used to mislead and misguide masses nowadays ??
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I'm kinda curious did Sir Tok-Tic left anything behind prior to his death like kids, weapons, journal entries, etc?

He left behind his Minute-Hand Lance, and some writings that were done in non sequential order, but when read chronologically show his descent into madness. In his last will and testament he left everything to his horse

See you learnt nothing from Umaira Ahmad. At least patience seekhni chahie thi aap ko, as described in Peer e Kamil :p Kherr do share some of your stuff with me if that works for you?

Peer e kamil. 😂😂😂 Ykw my friends call me hidayat say pahlay wali salar sikandar XD (see everyone read her)
because of how I'm, soo zero patience but I think now I'm doing better I've been calm for some time lately. And I don't share stuff XD. I don't even like it. I share stupid writings tho with really close ones. 😂
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This is my first YouTube video! If you want you can watch it and if you like it - you can give a thumbs up, as well as subscribe to my channel! https://youtu.be/tWY-KH8UUVc

The video is about my city, İstanbul, i think. But all the writings were in Russian so i did not understand anything. What is it about? What did you want people to learn from this video? Can you explain?

Does it ever feel safer to paint rather than write because you can get very personal all the while being coded, so only your eyes could look at it and see all that inspired it?

Yep, it definitely feels safer to share my paintings with the world. There is a lot that I've written but it's so personal that it wouldn't be appropriate to share it under my own name. But I've posted some of my writings anonymously online. I needed a release, and wanted to feel heard.
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Highly Appreciated! Actually I like your writing skills. The only reason I made you write something. Atleast short one. Missing your writings on insta badly. All prayers for you on of my favourite writer! From your elder brother.

Thats such a cute thing to call yourself a brother. Appreciated, alot! I'll start writing soon, once I'm done with mids. I miss writing too :')
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