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You judging about so many human beings haha. No sorrey but you can’t say it that way 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👬👭 even whatsapp understands that there is more than one gender type and types of relationships haha.

My dear honestly Idc what ppl do or who they with… your life your choice my friend, so pls don’t get me wrong✌🏽
BUT you can run the whole day around and say you’re a tree, you‘ll still be a human being. A lion doesn’t become a hamster by pretending to be one. You are what you are, if you accept it or not is another topic.

Are you happy with your life right now? If yes good, if no bakit?

Let's say I'm getting there. I wake up every weekday to work then before I go home bibili ako ng groceries if paubos na stock sa cabinet ko. Pag-uwi ko either magsasaing ako or hugas ng pinggan. Nakakapagod siya pero mas gusto ko compared before na umaasa ako sa parents ko sa mga gawaing-bahay.
At natututo na rin ako maglaba! Simple pero nakakatuwa. :)
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Aku nak bunuh diri boleh?

Hello anon. I don't even know who you are but... Is everything okay? Do you need someone to talk with? You're not alone, ok. Kalau ada masalah jangan pendam. You should talk with someone. Simpan sorang sorang sakit. Go find someone that you can trust so then it's easier for you to share with them.

Halee..mostanában halucinálok és tök életszerű.Annyira természetes, tiszta.Tegnap este éjfél előtt lefeküdtem aludni, majd kicsit később 00:19 kor kinyílt a szemem és egy hatalmas bogárszerű valamit láttam,ami volt vagy 30cm.Megijedtem és rádobtam a takarót, majd mondom megnézem mit fogtam de eltűnt

Csak én voltam. Meg akartam enni a lelked, félek a takaróktól, szóval shame on you, nagyon gonosz voltál.

Znasz nutkę nilu - Are You With Me / Jak tak to co myslisz o niej ? :)

ongointomyheart’s Profile PhotoPJOOTEROO
Piosenka podoba mi się muzycznie, a gdy coś mi się podoba to zaczynam szukać choreografii -jak to zatańczyć? Ponieważ lubię taniec towarzyszki, to niestety musiałbym sam do tego układać choreografię i nie byłoby to łatwe, bo piosenka byłaby bardzo trudna do tańczenia w parach. Znalazłem typowy street dance https://youtu.be/fL5KejirFVQKubaGR571’s Video 170334026469 fL5KejirFVQKubaGR571’s Video 170334026469 fL5KejirFVQ Czuję się za stary na takie wygiby i połamańce

Lubisz smutne nuteczki ? Dla mnie są cudne szczególnie niektóre Eda Sheerana czy Yoe Mase ;]

ongointomyheart’s Profile PhotoPJOOTEROO
Lubię, ale bardziej z zakresu muzyki gotyckiej, Evanescence, Within Temptation, czy niektóre kawałki zespołów metalowych. Zdecydowanym majstersztykiem jeżeli chodzi o takie utwory jak dla mnie (i poparte wczoraj przez mojego chłopaka) są "Breathe Underwater" i "A Place Where You Belong" Bulletów (to akurat nie metal gotycki, a metalcore), a ostatnio bardzo polubiłam "Break In" Halestorm i "Broken" Seethera w duecie z Amy Lee. A z popularniejszych wykonawców, jak już mam coś wybrać, to zdecydowanie Lewis Capaldi.

What have you learned from your mistakes?

like, is it bаd to procrаstinate? But I'm going to do it anyway. Is it bad to spend all the money on payday and live like a homеless for a month? Well, I decided not to do it for a whole year. Because of the dismissаl and deprеssion, I lived like a homеless for a whole year, but it was the most misеrable year of my life, because I did not pleаse myself. And was it necessary? This situation teach me nothing. I think I rarely learn from my own mistakes, because there are a lot of other people around whose mistakes I can learn from)

Any advice you wanna give to people?

wardazzled’s Profile PhotoWardah Shafi
Don't be sad that no one accepts your success. There is no need to be sad if you know how much you have worked hard and put in the effort because you know your importance and it doesn't matter if people accept it or not ...! People who know the importance of their hard work are never sad. The real thing is the self-identity that you have achieved. Your inner peace is more important than anything else

The Nursing Home took Devon's vacation away as punishment. He was partially to blame for the drama and that was part of him being reprimanded by the managers

Lmao. I think you need to check where you're getting your information from, cause that's definitely not true. How was he at all to blame for the drama? Please enlighten me. 😂

to anyone that didn’t for a period of time… what does it feel like to be in love with yourself and how did you get there?

It feels… peaceful. Like you’re at home within yourself. There is no need for any external validation and any true connection with another person is valued at a much deeper level.
How to get there? I can’t really say. It was a part of my spiritual awakening. But I suggest meditation. I sound like a broken record. 🤪

Do you think Nct dream or 127 members make more money? I was thinking it might be dream but with 127 tours it might not be dream.

dream make more from album sales, but 127 make more from advertising and tours. dreams advertising actually very cheap for a group like them idk what sm is thinking
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What did you learn too late in life?

maryumchaudhary’s Profile PhotoM A R Y U M
Ke ham aik kilo tamatar aur dedh kilo piyaz aur aik pao adrak aur adha pao lehsan ka masala aik sath ikatha bhoon ke, phir isko freeze kar ke bohat se din sukoon ke guzaar sakte hain... knowing comes with attempts... matlab aap apni standard gravy bana ke is main sabhi kuch paka sakte hain... Even rice...

My wife (23f) is denying we're married and wants to be called my 'girlfriend'... I'm confused

Sometimes, such behavior hints at a deeper and complex web of emotional conflict within self. It'll be better if both of you are able to find time to have a heart-to-heart dialogue over difference of perspectives. Although these may or may not hold true, some reasons for her actions include fear of judgement over early marriagehood, stigma over being a tied-down woman, evasion of wife duties, unwillingness to change/set boundaries on past lifestyles, desire over freedom and independence, sensitivity over appearing old and having cold feet over the marriage.,

Are you okay? how are you feeling

Thank you guys….
I really appreciate your attention and love….
and thanks to those who ask me every day how i feel ….
I don’t even know what to answer…
the first of August…. was the year…. how my beautiful beloved mom left me…..
The day before i collected baskets of goodies … and distributed them to people who knew and loved my mom …. in that day I took a sedative…oh…
how strange was wake but everyone had joy ….
I felt bad , but didn’t show it to anyone…. I tried to hide this pain ….
my mom always…. always…. brought
only happiness and joy …. she was so white so so beautiful… I even tried to laugh…. the priest accidentally…. hit the door and it definitely was looked funny ….
( a completely unfamiliar laugh escaped from my chest as if wasn’t me…. was short -circuiting….)
the next day …. , on the anniversary day…. i didn’t want to see anyone….
I spent the whole day at the cemetery…. I know that my beautiful mom is not there ….
( it is very difficult for me to type these lines …. right now….)
but i feel that the cemetery has value for her….
no, it’s not her home right now…. but it’s an important place for her….
it was a hot first day of August….
was really +37-38 °
sometimes more ….
but was so peaceful there …. as if there was no heat…. a light breeze was blowing…. butterflies were flying….
they say butterflies in the cemetery are new souls…. In the first days ( last year)
a beautiful white butterfly met me there every day ….
i was sitting and talking with my beautiful mom….😣
the next day i went there too….
stayed until lunch….
arrived and again…. unwillingness to see anyone….
and i went to a small museum….
and there were no people….i was walking alone among the exhibits
you know anonymous…. people are saved by people….i feel bad but
i was amused by the cloakroom attendant….
she said that the bag should be left …and she would personally guard my bag….
but i was amused by the fact …. that they thought that i foreigner…. who didn’t understand the language
and they have already spoken on their own nativity language….
how is she going to there with such big bag… and it was so fun….
no i
didn’t not tell them that i understood everything….
oh …

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For Your Heart 🤍❄️❤️

Mooooog167’s Profile Photo❄️Gïmê❤️Ñëûtron❄️
"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you I could walk through my garden forever"
" لو أن زهرةً نبتت لي في كل مرةٍ فكرت فيكَ ؛ لمشيتُ في حديقتي للأبد "
For Your Heart

If your ex reached out to you, would you reply? What would you tell them?

i talk to one of my exes almost every day, and another ex i talk to maybe once every week or so. i haven't talked to my third ex in maybe 15 years.

part 1: serious question: if you are in love with this guy and he ditches you - then he came back for another chance- you gave him - he did again - and now you don’t wanna give him chance - but he starts writing your name with blade on arm - and promises you that he’ll never do it again -

I've realised that cheating is a choice.I hate when people get caught and say "sorry i made a mistake".No bro you made a choice.When someone cheats on you they know what they're doing it's not as if they had no idea what they were doing so girl ab agr wo maffiyan mangay ya roye dont give a fuck bcz jo 1 bar cheat krta hai wo bar bar krta hai.😊

Ur favorite book and ur favorite quote from it 🌹

I have already answered that my favorite book is Eleanor & Park 💞💞💞
As for my favorite quote from it, actually I LOVE every word in that book but maybe “Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

What's the one thing people appreciate about you?

Iquratulainb’s Profile PhotoQᴜʀᴀᴛ ᴜʟ ᴀɪɴ
I'm a very careful listener so people love that about me. I listen carefully and I can calm a person so well showing them different perspective to think from where they stand. Honestly having a listener around who also understands is a blessing so big. When people feel heard and understood they heal.

If askfm had a meet and greet , all expenses paid. Would you attend? Who would you like to meet from here? Would you bring your family?

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
It would depend on if it was regulated or if it was a free-for-all. There are lots of people on here I'd like to meet, but there are also those who I don't want anywhere near me. I wouldn't bring kiddo, but I'd probably bring fella

Would it bother you if someone flirted with your boyfriend?

It would bother me if there was history/feelings there from that person or intent yes. It would bother me more if the flirting was entertained. If it's harmless banter with a mate then eh, as long as it's within the boundaries of the relationship then it is what it is. You can't control other peoples actions haha

Your lips my lips …..

my expressions of thoughts and feelings …. often “walk on internet “….
and i like that you guys remember them…. and everything that concerns me….
i’ve neverbeenkissed girl….
but i can feeling…i don’t know how….
and the expression sounds like this ….
‘your lips my lips apocalypse….’
sorry, but it’s not for you anonymous….

How to forget someone you love??? Serious answers only

Zindagi me masroof hojao. Kabhi kabhi khayal aa he jata hy phr bhi. Agr mazboot ho toh don't look up on them or agr nhi ho toh just take a look at them and again go back to your routine. Finally a day will come you won't care as much as you now do. And a day would come when you marry a righteous guy and live with him.

What is one trend you think is stupid?

When people advocate for something but can't answer simple questions about that thing. If you have no knowledge or don't understand what it is you're agreeing with then why speak on the subject at all? If you want to understand different views, I get that but blindly supporting an opinion cause it's "politically correct" makes no sense to me

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