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should you keep some things secret from your partner or should you tell them everything?

I think that you should keep some secrets to yourself until you feel comfortable enough to know you won’t regret telling them the secrets you keep. If it’s something that concerns them or something you think they should know, it’s best to tell them. If you think it’ll make them angry and/or will cause issues in the relationship, it’s best to give them a heads up about what you’re about to share and have a serious talk with them. At the end of the day, it all depends on how much you trust them and how comfortable you are with sharing such information with them.

Do you consider yourself good looking?

Yes sometimes, sometimes not! Normalise there are times when you can be good looking and feel ugly. you can sound confident and have anxiety. you can look healthy but feel like shit. you can look happy but miserable inside.
So be kind, every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about! 🙌♥️
Do you consider yourself good looking

If you could say one thing to your younger self what would it be?

Oliviaaah’s Profile PhotoLiv
Stand up for yourself, girl! Those bullies are sad and pathetic. They're jealous, immature and most of all... wrong. You're not too big, you're not disgusting to look at, you're not a nobody. You deserve to be treated with respect, and anyone not giving you that respect is not worth your tears.

What is something life has taught you through the years?

Self-care is not selfish — it is a necessity. Life was never meant to be fair — shit happens, and you will learn to get over it for the sake of your sanity. Your own thoughts about yourself matter more than the opinions of others. Be grateful for the hardships and the lessons that it is teaching you. Seriously, stop caring so much about others and start caring about yourself.

Are you the type of person to express your emotions or do you keep it all to yourself? Why?

toxictaurus6’s Profile PhotoDawn
I prefer to handle the majority of my emotions privately and focus on processing them in a constructive way rather than venting them to the public and making no progress. I prioritize healing over wasting time complaining about my circumstances and feelings, especially considering the risk of them being used against me. I believe in addressing my emotions responsibly rather than being overly expressive, as there are already plenty of people who do so. meh

Do you believe that we are all hypocrital to some extent?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
Being not one has a price to pay or a cost to bear... If you think you can take this burden it is advise, please do try your limits... Either you will jam in or you'll at least be able to say that you have known yourself a little better this way...

I wanna be someone's first choice

Why does being someone's first choice really matter? What is it that we seek from others which we cannot provide for ourselves? This senseless and unrelenting desire is what leads to our undoing. Your heart will never stop wanting because that's all you've conditioned it to do. You'll find no peace but the one you make for yourself.

How can i control Pleasures and Lust. Damn! Shitty feelings are ruining my life😫

Bro try to protect your eyes as much as possible. When we see something which is haram, we start thinking about it. Then it can lead us to commit sins.
So lowering our gaze is the first step.
Secondly, keep yourself busy, start a productive hobby/interest, and surround yourself with people who are righteous and talk about Deen..

Why are some people obsessed with serial killer documentaries? Is there a part of us that likes to indulge in the macabre?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
Maybe bcs these documntaries offer a safe way to explore the dark side of human nature. Its all about understanding extreme behavior and the psychology behind it. Plus, they give you a thrill, letting you indulge in the macabre and experience fear and suspense without any real danger.
Personally, Imm not fond of serial killer documentaries, but I do enjoy stealth games like Metal Gear. In these games, you're a one-man army against an entire military, you create your own strategy, disguising yourself, hiding behind curtains, or sneaking through vents to take down the main boss with a dagger 🗡️jus to get extra xp points for a clean kill. xD

Do y'all believe in second chances in relationships? Be honest lol

toxictaurus6’s Profile PhotoDawn
It would have to depend on what my partner had done. Some people deserve second chances. Take it into consideration as some deserve the same courtesy as you would for yourself. It may allow both of you to grow stronger as a couple and heal what had damaged the relationship.

If you've been to a convention of any kind, what did you think of it? 📚🎮🦸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My favourite band has a 4 night convention at Centre Parcs in the Netherlands every two years (extended to 5 nights next year). They completely take it over and every house/apartment is filled with fans, with the band's music playing in the bars and on the TVs, three full gigs with a different setlist each night, loads of support acts in the evenings and afternoons, quizzes, Q&As, autograph sessions etc. The band and their families stay on site too, so you meet them in the bars, in the shops, in the pool, in the restaurants etc. About 3500 people go, and if you're on your own or can't fill an apartment yourself (and want to avoid a single occupancy supplement) then they will match you up with similar people to share (nationality, gender, age, non-smokers etc). I always used to go on my own and made loads of new friends that way, but now I book a large house with a group of friends who I met previously. Everyone is very friendly and excited and approachable and there's a real buzz about the place, but you can still escape to the beach or the pool or the next-door nature reserve (on the free hire bikes) if you need some space. The normal age demographic of the fans is fairly old (50+, it's an 80's prog rock band), but a lot of people take their whole families, so in practice there's actually quite a good age range there and it's a family friendly event.

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Have you ever wanted to be someone’s favorite friend and do you think being petty about not being someone’s favorite person is an indication of immaturity?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Omgggg Merve! I have! I have gotten really close to several people and I would love that title! But at the end of the day, I’m too much of an independent drifter friendship wise to be the true best friend someone deserves so I just have many close friends that know how I much I love them (hopefully 😅)! Be patient and be a good friend though. It always pays off. You can’t force yourself into a mold for anyone, but you can bless people just be being you!
Have you ever wanted to be someones favorite friend and do you think being petty

How do you prepare yourself for any social interaction? :-|

espresso6785’s Profile Photoummay
last time khud ghar say bahir apnay doston say milnay gaya tha November main.
uskay baad jo bhi shaadi, dawat, event etc aaya hai uspar nahi gaya.
mujhse nahi milla jata ab logoun say tou mere liay apnay aapko social interaction k liay prepare karna mushkil tareen hogaya hai 🤷🏻‍♂️

Do I sound like a bad person if the only reason I miss my roommate, who's on vacation, is because she's the one that cleans and cooks and does all the household chores? The house has been a mess this past week.

You sound lazy but not bad. To be a better roommate and prepare yourself to possibly living alone one day, it’s best to get the household chores done before she comes back.

Subah ko ankh khulte yaad tera anaa :)

highswissmiss_’s Profile Photolyba
Yahe rehgya zindgai ma haina ?
No offense but, they ain't that important so don't make them important. Focus on your life and do something good to make yourself proud.
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I am feeling very low. Can you say something which can uplift me.

your_prince_izhere’s Profile Photokhan
I hope you find yourself out there. I hope you figure out your heart. I hope you figure out your mind. I hope you learn how to be kind to yourself. How to embrace the journey you are on. I hope you learn to be proud of the person you are becoming. I hope you learn to be proud of where you are even if it isn’t exactly where you want to be. 🍀

What was something you were reluctant about getting yourself into but you ended up being really good at it and was happy with your decision in the end?

Probably singing. I didn't believe in myself due to people not thinking I could do it. Their projections onto myself.

How do you bare a loss and grief over it elegantly?

dementor_4’s Profile PhotoWreckage
I don't think there's an elegant way of dealing with grief. Grief works in weird ways. Years after the loss when you think you're over it, it would knock on your door on a beautiful day and envelope you in a crushing embrace. You'll bawl your eyes out and feel like the wound which had nearly healed is opening again. Let yourself cry. Grief is love, all the love you gave or couldn't give, wearing a mask. Cry your heart out if you need to. Then, wipe your tears with a smile for the day is still beautiful and you've loved. You've loved enough to mourn. ❤

what is one thing life has taught you?

x3_bebesota’s Profile PhotoJazMarie ✨
- You don't have to do anything anyone tells you.
- You have choice.
- You can be tall.. thin.. big.. gaystraightbi idc a man or a women.. off.. here.. there.. an animal.. my brother.. my buddies friend or whatver. Idc.. if your nice to me. Ima be the same back. It don't matter.
- Stand up for yourself.
- Be open minded. You can make a friend from anywhere in this world and outside of your country. #Onelove @illin_ahmed @redoasis2017 and more maaany more.
- Being alone is ok. You do not have to be with someone just to make you happy.
- Don't put yourself down for someone else.
- Don't be selfless.
- Nor be selfish.
- You can go out and have fun. Nothing or no one is too busy! Stop. Plan. Do. Enjoy. Relax. You deserve it. All humans do. No excuses.
- Don't have excuses. Just do!
- You can forgive and forget. Fact.
- Give 2nd chances. Depending. Try.
- Children are innocent. Teach them right always. Teach them early to be kind and to love and to love correctly.
- Respect doesn't HAVE to be given to give or the other way around.. just learn to be the bigger person.
- Respect your elders.
- Do your best ALWAYS. REGARDLESS.
- It is never too late for anything.
- Nothing is impossible.
- Practice can make perfect.
- Stop telling people everything about you. They don't have to know sh-
- Don't fight people. It isn't worth it unless you are defending yourself of course.
- Overlook childnessessessss.. infact.. walk away.. you win automatically.
- Ignore ignorance.
- If being bullied.. bully the bully 4x back harder and then tell them.. Don't feel nice do it? Wins everytime.
- Get out there and earn it.. then nobody can tell you they gave u sh-
- Be you. Its the best thing. Even if you think it isnt. Well guess what. It is. Be you. Not anyone else.
- Confidence is the biggest thing hated these days. Rock it proudly.
- Nothing wrong with expressing yourself and it be ok
& so so much more life has taught me. These are just some. What has life taught you? Stay tuned -Bella

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what is one thing life has taught you

What does it mean to be a good person?

Do what you can for others. Not at the expense of yourself though. We can never truly do right by others if we aren't helping ourselves. Do as little harm as you can. Help people wherever possible. Always lean on truth. Above all else love whatever you love with all your heart

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