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How does society brainwash the youth?

Ali_AK47’s Profile PhotoAli
• Society me sab se pehle parents aate hein jo apni thinking project krte hein apne bachon pe. Agr parents apna role sahi tareeke se ada kren tou fahashi, jo iss time arooj pe hai apne, kam ho jayegi. Parents should keep their eyes on their children and hold them accountable.
• Secondly gender discrimination aur patriarchy jab tak khtm ni hogi, kuch bhe ni badalna. Nothing can change the fact that people make a big deal if it’s a woman who does something wrong. Especially bht si mothers dekhti hun me aisi jo apne beton se joote kha kr bhe kehti hein k humara beta aisa ni hai.
«Parents need to understand that every child is different, not only in his/her abilities, but also in the remarkable way that he/she sees and understands the world»

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What do you think of this article and what is your advice? https://epnjournal.com/plutocrats-the-rise-of-the-new-global-super-rich/

Im Going To Give You "Two Answers" This Is My First Response Without Reading The Article And This Is A Response To The Title Alone And Thank You For Asking Because I Have Strong Feelings Towards This Matter! I Feel There Is Only One Race... The Human Race! And We Have Learned To Separate Everything In Life. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner! Morning, Noon, Night! And Without Touching On Racism Too Much, I Feel This World Has Become About "Classism" If You Have A Certain Amount Of Money Then You Can Walk Through Many Doors But Majority Of People Go Without And Lack Enough Funds To Even Create "Generational Wealth" Plus Society Keeps A Idea Of What Everyone Should Be Doing, So Long Story Short And To Wrap My Point Up... We Separate Everything And Have Become Capitalist In Nature! One For All! And Its Not Fair In My Head That We Have People Suffering Homeless While People Are Even Allowed To Buy A 56 Room Mansion! People Can Buy Whole Franchises While Most Cant Afford A To Eat 3 Times A Day! I Feel It Has Gone Too Far, And We Cant Tax The Rich Because Some Of Those People Come From What Im Explaining! I Really Think The Answer Is Teaching Our Youth! Reaching New Mindsets! We Need To Have Hard Unbiased Conversations In A Unjudgemental Place! Then Put Those Conversations Into Actions And Plans! The Rich Are Getting So Rich That One Day, People Will Get Tired Of Money! I Can Buy A Watch, But Not Time! Food But Not An Appetite! A House But Not A Home! I Really Want To Redefine Sucess! We Are All Successful! Everyone Who Sees This! We Are Alive! Some People Are Slaves To Work And Money Cant Substitue Joy! Joy Is Forever! Hapiness Is Temporary! We Can Be Happy About New Shoes But Soon We Will Want Again! Joy Is The Opposite! Its Waking Up Everyday! Joy Is Having A Sickness Or Illness Healed! The Rich Can Buy Doctors But Not Health! I Think We Really Need To Wake Up From This Dream Of Money And Get More In Tune With Living On Earth With Each Other! We Are Far Greater Together! Im Sure If More People Had Access To These "Powerful" People The World Would Change But Most Rich People Wouldnt "Spend" The "Time" Of Day On Something Like That Smh They Want Us To Feel Small When We Are The Majority! If No One Spent A Dollar Ever Again, There Money Would Be Worthless And Its Almost To That Point! Id Suggest Investing As A Soultion, And Also Teaching The Youth Different Forms Of Survival! Also We Should Have Classes On Money Management And Taxes And Law But Im Going To Read That Now And Give A Better Response... 🙈

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What do you think of this article and what is your advice

↳ MUSIK; Erstelle eine Playlist über dein Leben zurzeit!

JustAskUsx’s Profile Photojust ask us
Polo G – Painting Pictures
Pop Smoke – Manslaughter
Jackson Guthy – What if it‘s not
Wes Nelson – See nobody
Jamule – Liege wieder wach
The Neighbourhood – RIP 2 my youth
Xuitcasecity – Need somebody (acoustic)
James Gillespie – Don’t let me get me
Juice WRLD – Lucid dreams

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WELCOME ❀ TO ❀ THE ❀ NEW ❀ A G E ❀ MY ❀ 「 ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ 」

MazenukeaTrekaila’s Profile Photoʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴡɪᴛᴄʜ ᴅɪᴀʀʏ.「 ℬℊ 」
мaгии нет?магии нет, но есть чайные пакетики, на дне кружки. если долить к ним кипяток, кухню наполнит аромат фруктов. есть пасмурные летние утра. когда тебе тепло, но солнца нет. ты в лёгком свитере, джинсах открываешь окно и, свесив ноги, пьёшь горячий кофе с пряностями. есть тёплые осенние дни, когда ты, укрыв лицо от пыли большим шарфом, бредёшь по аллее, а под ногами ломаются горести заканчивающегося года, который ещё чуть-чуть и окончательно уйдёт. есть хрустящие корешки книг. есть белый шоколад. цветущие кактусы. объятья. цветные лампы. гелевые воздушные шарики. чья-та родная рука в твоей. мелочь на дне рюкзака, когда не хватает на проезд. солнце в пасмурный день. ароматические свечи. картинные галереи. вино. синие маркеры. переписки до пяти утра. случайные касания. облака. первые аккорды песни, и ты уже чувствуешь, что она тебе нравится. секреты. глупые рисунки на последней странице в тетради, которые находишь, спустя пару лет. билеты на концерт. размазанная тушь, под глазами девчонки, которая тебе нравится. открытки. вегетарианское печенье. осознание, что сделал всё хорошо, хотя был уверен, что облажался. отпустить прошлое. рассветы. стихи. ты. и если магии нeт, то всё это нечто большее.
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ andrey azizov — a better time ﹙lyrics﹚
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ caslow & exede — days of our youth ﹙lyrics﹚

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WELCOME  TO  THE  NEW  A G E  MY   ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

If you’re facing any kind of problems like mental health, depression, stress, unsatisfactory, lack of confidence, narcissism and unclear ultimate visions.* ask me. Plus I will not give any typical so obvious suggestions*

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Depression and stress are common issues that are not important in my books. As for the ultimate goal, I lack the motive to persue it, I think that gaining knowledge and giving it to the youth would be the way to live, for me. Whether it be my kids or others..
I'm open for suggestions, maybe you say sth that'll be a trigger to new thoughts.

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What's one thing that motivates you?

IqraMurtaza’s Profile PhotoIqra Murtaza Durrani.
Islamic Videos on Tiktok, You know why?
Here are my reasons:
I use tiktok not to watch dance videos or any entertaining videos I use tiktok to watch Islamic Videos which motivates me more than anything else. It gives me so much information about my Deen jo authenticate krny k badh I memories.
People abuse tiktok a lot.
But Tbh if you wanna use it for right purpose it will guide you a lot. I never got any vulgar content on my tiktok feed because tiktok algorithm suggests me content through my interest and likeness..
I always get Quran Ayats, Maulana Tariq Jameel and other mufti hazarat's videos.
And one of the best channel in tiktok is "The Real Motivation"
Damn they are too good, Enka content is just love and you know what they are young like me and you guiding our youth to enjoy in a halal way!
Technology galat nai hoti uska istemal usko galat bnata hai..

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Annyeonghaseyo ~♡ czy masz swoją listę ulubionych dram? 😃 chętnie bym zobaczyła 🥰 pozdrawiam! ❤

MyDreamKorea851’s Profile Photo☆ Kαωαιι-Cнαη *~* ♥
Annyeonghaseyo ~!
Oczywiście, że mam 😍👌🏻
Oto i ona:
♡ Love rain
♡ The ghost detective
♡ Lovely horribly
♡ Strangers from hell
♡ My dangerous wife
♡ Tell me what you saw
♡ Pinocchio
♡ Doctor stranger
♡ Secret garden
♡ Playful kiss
♡ Youth of may
♡ She would never know
♡ Search
Oglądałam jeszcze parę innych, ale już dawno temu i zapomniałam tytułów 😕
Mogę polecić również bardzo ciekawe 3 filmy:
♡ Scary story
♡ Insane
♡ Midnight FM
Pozdrawiam również bardzo serdecznie ~❤

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Annyeonghaseyo  czy masz swoją listę ulubionych dram  chętnie bym zobaczyła

what is your favourite part about experiencing summer where you live? 🌤🍦⛱

nurbzee’s Profile Photobday fundraiser: link in bio ✨
with age & responsibilities summer has lost its meaning.
In our childhood days..summers meant everything..there was no CV to build..no syllabus to chase..no expectations of good ranks or good colleges ..only youth and inexhaustible energy and a bright future lying ahead.
Now I'm tryna enjoy every moment..my evenings lasted beyond the sunset with clear sky which wore the colour of tangerine 🦋
Spend my it with my best friend ..my dear telescope 🔭Sometimes some friends share this with me while the cones of ice cream melt under the warmth of our hearts 😂
our conversations aren't shallow or depressing..they 're about small things that mattered to us
Enjoy the joy of a new book, new meal ,night walk and fresh air ...etc
Enjoy freedom ..I think that's the best part of my life:)

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what is your favourite part about experiencing summer where you live

In which of the these you fall? •The one who is open to opposite gender friendships on this platform and publicised them •The one who likes to keep things private coz of fear of being judged here •Not interested in making any.

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Things are good if limits are maintained. Lekin hamari youth apni AUQAAT se bahar ho chuki Hy. If you want to adopt this modernization then you must know the consequences. Half of the issues are just because of this modern culture we trying to adopt. Pehle rapes kyun Nahi hotey thhey ? Child abuse kyun Nahi thi ? Ab kya hua hy achaaanak ?

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Our handsome PM studied at Oxford but his mindset is still of a typical paki man!!! STOP BLAMING WOMEN FOR EVERYTHING, STOP JUSTIFYING WRONG WTH

It was never blaming women, it was blaming the rise of western culture and its consequences in our society..... the fact that adds of veet do much more damage in a conservative culture like ours, the fact that internet and mobiles and availability of everything previously unseen is having a major effect on youth is actually undeniable....

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What are your go to music genres? I listen to pretty much everything. I grew up on country. I listen to rap if I’m upset/mad and/or working out. Dubstep or pop if I want to dance away and rock is just my go to out of everything. If I like a rock song, I tend to listen to it more than 1 then go on.

Carmen4333’s Profile PhotoCarmen
I'm not picky with genres. I listen to many different bands/artists lately, such as Sonic Youth, PilotRedSun, Freddie Dredd, Wavves, 100 gecs, The Killers, Current Joys, 5SOS, Mac DeMarco, Hurts, Weezer, Korn, etc.

If India or China become football powerhouses, how do you think that would change the dynamic of football?

Pookeo9’s Profile PhotoEh?
It would shift the balance of power from Europe to Asia.
Europe is used to dominating the world game and all the best players in the world play in Europe. South America can kind of compete in the quality of players it produces but it can't keep them and will never be able to. For Asia to be a football powerhouse, three things would need to happen.
1) Asia would need to continue to catch up economically. It doesn't matter how good the players you produce are (see S. America) if you don't have the money to keep them. China is catching up but India and others lag behind.
2) The interest in the game would need to develop. Viewing figures and player participation rates are still below Europe. Cricket is the main sport in India.
3) Asian countries would need to develop players as good as the European nations. If you have loads of money but no elite domestic player base then you just become a retirement home for rich fading stars. China kind of is this already and their youth development systems are not yet at European standard.
Having said this, it could happen. It would just need for things to keep developing over the next few decades.

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What “old person” things do you do?

sairakhan7’s Profile Photoسائرہ
I'm an old soul, so I can totally relate to this question. then again, anon, age is relative. I might find myself old, but the generation above me find me young. 🤷🏻‍♀️
typical elderly things that I do:
👵🏼 find random aches in places that never used to ache
👵🏼 find enjoyment in appreciating scenery
👵🏼 have an abundance of life stories sprinkled with advice for the younger generation (by younger generation, I mean those several years younger than me)
👵🏼 be nostalgic all the time
👵🏼 reminiscence about the "good ol' days" that happened only a few years ago
👵🏼 overfeed the people I love
👵🏼 absolutely adore vintage things and photography
👵🏼 have a greater appreciation for the years of my youth (even though the last year of my youth happened only two years ago)
👵🏼 have less appreciation for current music
👵🏼 enjoy solitude
look forward to the sweet, sweet relief of my natural and timely death (I can *finally* rest in peace)

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What old person things do you do

Hôm nay của mình ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : )

Nhokcungdau’s Profile PhotoMạc Thiếu Gia
Tối qua mình nhắn tin với bạn. Đại khái chỉ vài ba dòng như này thôi cuối cùng kết thúc bằng việc bạn ý cho mình vào phòng tối đến chiều nay mới chịu thả ra. //^\\
Mình: Ở đó khôngヾ(´^`* )
Bạn: Cho nói.
Mình: Ngày mai tao nghỉ nhéヾ(´^`* )
Bạn: Cô bận à?
Mình: Không. Cảm giác ngày mai tao sẽ bị mệt nên tao muốn xin nghỉ trước.ヾ(´^`* )
Bạn: :) Ngày nào mày chẳng than mệt
Mình: Cảm giác ngày mai mệt hơn thường ngày á (*´ I `)ノ゚
----Giải phân cách có cũng được không có cũng chẳng sao----
Hôm nay trời mưa, mình đợi cô nhắn tin nghỉ học cả ngày (; ω ; ) Nhưng cả ngày mình chẳng nhận được bất kỳ một tin nhắn nào liên quan đến việc nghỉ học thế là đến giờ mình đành phải thành thành thật thật vào học như thời khóa biểu ghi lại. Vì sao á? Thời tiết thích hợp cho mình ngủ nướng, thời gian thích hợp cho mình đọc truyện và không gian thích hợp cho mình có thể nghịch vài thứ linh tinh…. ấy vậy mà mình chưa làm xong bài tập và phải xử lý chúng để nạp cho cô.٩(๑`^´๑)۶ Cuối cùng thì bên ngoài nghe tiếng mưa, bên trong bật đèn bàn nhỏ, ôi, một ngày đẹp trời của mình.
Ngoài việc biết được hôm nay lại có thể tiết kiệm được xíu tiền điện, mình không thể làm gì khác hơn việc nhìn đề và cố nghĩ xem tại sao mọi chữ cái mình đều hiểu nhưng lại chẳng làm nổi ლ(¯ロ¯"ლ) Khó quá, muốn bỏ quách cho xong nhưng lại không giám, cũng không chịu nổi hậu quả tương lai không có nó.
Bài cô chữa cho mình đỏ cả vở, chỗ không điền nổi hay chỗ điền rồi đều sai ngược xuôi. Sau khi kết thúc buổi học tối nay, mình đang nghĩ xem là do mình làm chúng không bằng cả tấm lòng của mình nên mới dẫn đến sai làm hay do mình không hiểu bản chất vấn đề, não mình không biết tiếp thu, mình lơ là v...v tục xưng tìm lý do cho vấn nạn học kém. Không khí đang được mình xây dựng rất là trầm thấp - như có đám mây đang treo trên đầu mình chực mưa bất cứ lúc nào ấy, mình trầm mặc tự tỉnh lại thì đại tỷ của mình chợt quay sang phá vỡ bằng cách bảo mình: Đừng vấp phải condi tình yêu biết không? Tuyệt đối đừng vấp phải condi tình yêu biết không?
Mình: Em không thất tình, em thất học. (¬ ^ ¬)
Đại tỷ: Biết phim "Youth Of May không?
Mình: Biết, nghe bạn mới bảo SE. Tính xem phim đấy để trầm cảm à?
Đại tỷ: Xem vài tập rồi. Vì có Lee Do‑hyeon mà phim nào của anh đóng cũng buồn vl. Tương lai đang tươi sáng, nữ chính chuẩn bị đi du học, đang trên đường thoát nghèo đến nơi thì va phải condi yêu đương, chết cmnl.
Sau đấy nghe xong đại tỷ khái quát vài tập chị ấy xem và những điều chị ấy biết được, với cái ngôn ngữ tự sự kể lại câu chuyện kèm những bình luật rút ra chẳng hiểu sao tự dưng tâm trạng mình tốt lên ಠ‿ಠ
Mỗi khi chuyện không vui đến, ngay sau đó là những điều vụn vặt mình thấy vui vẻ ghé thăm. Mỗi khi mặt trời khuất dạng, thế giới nội tâm của mình lại bắt đầu rục rịch đấu tranh lẫn nhau - Là đồng ý lời mời của Tiểu Cửu lướt sóng hay lý trí lựa chọn chấp nhận xử lý hết bài tập nóng hổi vừa ra lò hôm nay. Chà, ai mà biết được vài phút nữa ra sao (^◔ᴥ◔^) Đấy là một câu chuyện khác rồi, nhỉ

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Hôm nay của mình

How do you think beautiful Inès❤️ We should take care of our health and how?

I’m not a doctor...! anonymous ...
all peoples are different’s ...only God know... need care or don’t need care...every have different organism...! And it’s a personal case of everyone...!
and i amused who adhere to a supposedly healthy lifestyle, after a stormy youth... this is probably a consolation in old age ...but it’s really personal case ... ! Your question wrong anonymous becouse i can’t say about what should or not should to do all people’s ... i can say only about me... about my life....
true words about sayed
Richard Gere
“Richard Gere: My friend’s mom has eaten healthy all her life.
Never ever consumed alcohol or any “bad” food, exercised every day very limber, very active, took all supplements suggested by her doctor, never went in the sun without sunscreen and when she did it was for a shot period as possible-so pretty much she protected her health with the utmost that anyone could... She is 69 now and has s in cancer, bone marrow cancer and extreme osteoporosis.
My another friend’s father eats bacon on top of bacon, butter on top of butter , fat on top of fat , never and i mean never exercised , was out of sun burnt to a crisp every summer , he basically took the approach to live life to his fullest and not as other suggest . He is 81 and doctors says his health is that of the young person “
People you cannot hide from your poison. It’s out there and it will find you so in the words of my friend’s still living mother: If i would have know my life would end this way I would have lived it more to the fullest enjoying everything i was not to
None of us are getting out of here alive...so please stop treating yourself like an after thought! Eat a delicious food... Walk the sunshine Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind Be weird. There’s no time for anything else...!

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Ur views on malala's post.

beads9870’s Profile PhotoNoor
she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in her young age. Also, she has studied from one of the excellent university. Her statement is diplomatic, that's right. You guys don't like it? Why don't you ignore? What's the reason behind all the hype? Because people want to be relevant. No one knows the facts, no one knows the context.I do not understand all the h a t e she's receiving. But guess what, who's hating her?
You guys are part of a developing 3rd world country where 22 million children (ages 5-16) do not go to school. Guess what 22 million means? This means that half of our future youth are out of school. Again here, she has done a lot for girl's education.

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Có phim gì cày cho đỡ chán nhờ ?

tanvuu’s Profile Phototanvuu
để mình recommend vài bộ phim tâm đắc nè:
- Moon Lovers: dàn cast đẹp, nội dung lôi cuốn, ost đỉnh nhưng mà SE (anyway nó vẫn đáng xem lắm).
- Goblin: bộ này hay dữ lắm luôn
- Strong woman Do Bong Soon: bộ này chết chìm trong sự đáng yêu của cặp chính
- Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-joo: nội dung hay nhưng cũng không kém phần hài hước, diễn viên đẹp nữa
- Romantic doctor, teacher Kim: bộ này nghiên về y khoa nhưng mà hay lắm nha
- Phim Âu-Mỹ: Love Rosie, Me before you, To all the boy I've loved before (3 part), Kissing Booth (2 part)
- Mấy bộ gần đây: Youth of May, Doom at your service cũng nổi nữa nè (mình chưa có thời gian để cày nhưng mà xem sơ nội dung cũng khá thú vị á).
hi vọng nó giúp ích cho bạn ^^

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Post what you listening 🌚🌻

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
I'm fighting a battle
I'm fighting my shadow
Heard fears like they're cattle
I'm fighting a battle, yeah
I'm fighting my ego
Lost youth where did we go wrong
I'm fighting for me though
I'm lighting the long way home
Oh, the past, it haunted me
Oh, the past, it wanted me dead
Oh, the past, tormented me
Oh, the past, it wanted me dead
Oh, the past, it haunted me
Oh, the past, it wanted me dead
Oh, the past, tormented me
But the battle was lost
'Cause I'm still here
I am winning the war now
I'm winning it all now
Watch tears while they fall down
I'm winning the war now
I win against ego
Cast light on the shadow's long
I'm winning from ego
I'm lighting the long way home.

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Do you have advice to offer our youth? Please share with us this wisdom .

ElDiabloDeRobot’s Profile PhotoElDiabloDeRobot
Don’t try to grow up so fast. Its okay to be a little naive & childish. Explore & take adventures in your childhood. Play as much as possible. Try as many things as you possibly can. Take advantage of zero responsibility! 💖
Stop looking at a tv/computer/cell phone screen & wanting to be like everyone thats older. Stop trying to become a social media person, there’s PLENTY of adult years for that behavior. Dont expose yourself so soon & rob yourself of the funnest years of your life. ✨

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It was heartwarming to see the huge number of students coming out against the oppression of Palestinians and fighting for justice! #Free_Palestine ✊

EKhannn’s Profile PhotoErum Khan
While the #UselessUnitedNations has mostly remained either silent or biased, it's a positive sign that the youth around the world is seeing things the way they are, which is Israel's terrorism against Palestinian people. It's an act of state terrorism and should be labelled as such instead of calling it a so called "right to self defense."
It's ironic that most "superpower s" around the world have openly extended support to this inhuman behavior. Most of these countries claim to be secular nations and yet they are supporting an act of terrorism by a state, an act of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians and to top it all off, they call it self defense. The world watches through their hypocrisy and I hope that the sane minds grow beyond cast and creed discriminations to support what's right and help a nation free itself from the terrorist government of Israel. Justice demands that the world be united against Israel. Justice demand that they face sanctions. Justice demands that you and I ban their products and services. There are alternatives and if there aren't, it's about time we start working on them instead of letting one nation of merely 8 to 10 million people control and compromise the morals of 7+ billion people. Remember, as a consumer when you give up their good, you deprive them of another cent that let's them manipulate their capitalist slaves in these so called "superpower" puppet nations. That's the least we can do for our oppressed friends in Israel.
In Islam, Bait ul Muqaddas (Masjid Al Aqsa) holds such a high position, do it for the Masjid if not for people. If they take Masjid Al Aqsa, then they'll move further. What if they move towards Arab. Therefore, it's high time that we unite against the terrorist government of Israel and show our Palestinian brothers that we stand with them in solidarity until our last breath, until justice is served.
P.S. Here's a picture to show statistical proof that we live in a world of capitalist puppet nations.

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It was heartwarming to see the huge number of students coming out against the