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When is #Prothishod releasing?! Upload it fast

August end or September.

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Who all r acting in the new film?

As for now -
Fayez (GTA lead actor)
Farhan (Bad Agent in Khaled)
Tajriyaan (Good Agent in Khaled)
Mayaaz (Khaled)
Areeb (Contest Winner)
and other minors

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Can't wait for protishod.

Neither can we. :D

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Favourite film director?

Cristopher Jonathan James Nolan.

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Any new videos coming out?

Currently in the pre-production stage!

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U guyZ don make any videos no more :( plz do

Coming soon!

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I wish I won the giveaway :( wanted to act in one of your videos really badly.

Aww :( maybe next time! ;)

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No more videos? :(

Hold your horses! They're coming soon!

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So you guys got selected for the Robi film festival? That's great!


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I quite likes GTA: Dhaka City. I bet it was one hell of an experience!

Yes it was!

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What do you do with Screenflow?

Edit videos, edit photos, make screencasts etc

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I'm a huge fan... Would like to meet you guys someday :)

#TeamFreddieW #TeamTiTV


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are you guys gonna participate in any films festivals?

Yeah we plan to. Three film contests - Robi Short film contest, CelebratingLifeBD and CFF

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More webisodes plez.


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You guys are da best (y)

Thanks! (btw that (y) thing only works on fb

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What camera do you use?

Canon Powershot SX-40 HS

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What software do you mainly use?

Screenflow & iMovie.

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Tell us about yourself? How you grew this interest and how you started?

My inspiration is Freddie Wong. I started watching his videos and tutorials on youtube two years back. I started making videos myself with my friends and cousins. Then TiTV was created in July 2012 and slowly we started getting noticed. Our video GTA: Dhaka City is what got us where we are today :)

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When is ur next movie coming out ???

We haven't started shooting any films yet. We plan to shoot in the end of this month.

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gta: dhaka city was the BOMB

It was!

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you guys should make titv shirts they would sell a lot. not just with the logo but with cool designs and stuff.

hmm.. good idea! but we have to wait till we reach 5K-10K fans, then we might get a few customers.

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You guys should do live streams, giveaways and contests in the near future!

We plan to!

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tomader site khub valo hoise... ke design ar develop korse?

Ami (Taha) pura site ta nije design korsi.

View more is my homepage B|

NICE! you deserve a cookie! :D

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