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Think about it 🙏🏻
Girls spoiling themselves into boys, smoking stuff/drinking is most common between two genders. "Friends with benefits" is the new trend. Money is everything nowadays. Girls getting laid with rich lads, Boys going crazy for Playgirls. Not being in a relationship is a shame now. Being a Playboy/play girl is more attractive. Perfect face and figure is the new beauty. Saying "Fu*k" in usual conversations is getting common and it makes us very cool.
Word "Beautiful" is replaced with "Hot" and "Sexy". Snapchatting food before Bismillah is becoming important. Love is replaced with lust." Universities / Colleges became dating points. Come over tonight" is getting more common than "Let's get married".
I swear to God we are going toward massive destruction.You take these things very normal but you have no idea what you are heading to.

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