Ask @taizou:

I think you're cute too, what do you think about that?

aww omg thanks :3
i'm not sure why this thing is bringing out all these (two) people who think i'm cute, but i am okay with this

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You're cute. Oh, that's not a question.. Well then, did you know you're cute?

Awwwwwwwww thanks :3
I'm totally not though. Well maybe if the lighting is good. and my hair is good. and you're looking at me from the right angle. MAYBE. Sometimes.
aw but thanks anonymous person, that totally made me smile :D and i'm sure you're super cute too!
..and i'm kinda curious who this is now :o

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How old were you when you started playing video games?

Around age 5-6 I had an Amiga computer with a few games, I remember Zool being one, but my dad played them more than me - I really got into them with the N64 (Mario Kart on a store demo console was the one that hooked me), I think I was about 10 then?

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