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tbh you are really really sweet and beautiful, your attitude is so positive and you put a smile on anyones face, your feed, clothing is goals asf and i really wish i can get to know you better than i already do.

Awe thank you so much! 💗 that just made my day! Who is this tho? Haha

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tbh: u have v cute style, and you're v v pretty. super glad i met you. you set off very positive vibes. and i swear your a model. we should take some pics together!! ly add me on sc kaila.alyssa if i don't have u already!

Aw, Thank you ! 💕And yeah for sure

Tbh; so glad I met you, I swear you're a model😍😍 we needa hang and talk more. You're outfits are super cute💜💜

Thank u ! Yeah for sure! Hmu😊


I'm honestly so tired of people😒 I help them with so much, try and make them as happy as possible when they're feeling down. Yet after they forget that I was the one that went through shit with them and that I'm the only one who really would.
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