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Choose one from each pair: Day or Night Daffodil or sun flower Cricket or football Sky diving or cliff diving Chinese or French (language) White or Black Panda or Kangaroo Snickers or KitKat Juice or Milkshake Spring or Autumn 😊

Cheema_Mahnoor’s Profile PhotoMahnoor Cheema
Night,daffodils,football,sky diving, French , white panda, kitkat, milkshake, spring

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If you stop what your doing for 20/30 seconds and just listen... what sounds do you hear right now?

Sound of this fucking pizza machine 🏻♂️
If you stop what your doing for 2030 seconds and just listen what sounds do you

What do you like more: to take pictures or, vice versa, to be pictured? 📸

A photographer is always behind the camera 🏻♂️

Today if i said yes to your every wish.What would you ask for?☻👀 #trending #staif

I don’t ask for anything from strangers.


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