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It might sound odd but you know what really hurts is seeing your bestfriend knowing all your secrets, acting like a complete stranger like she doesn't know you at all. I still pray for her tho (/_\) I dont even know how to make new friends ;_;

True this , nothing hurts more than being so close to someone , letting them know about your everything and then they judging you, acting all strange outta nowhere and ditching your side like you no exist. Right? And I know it gets even worst when it comes to childhood friend and learning how to make new ones. That totally sucks. Its your greatness and love that you still happen to pray for them whilst they are acting strangers. That's exactly the problem with people these days , they take everything for granted rather than valuing. How much of strong person you are ??.

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A childhood friend. I thought she was my best friend. Because she was my only friend as i dont get along with people easily ... Obviously i am the problem but the thing is that who ever i do good does me wrong and idk why i am telling you all this but .. Idk what to say...i am blank right now. sorry

Thats totally okay dont be sorry, if it makes you feel good telling me all this. . Thats the prob with people they do you wrong, they invent a bad name for you and a good name for their acts and then destroy you. Remind you that whoever is doing you wrong is actually helping you . Helping you in a way that they are making you realise what you dont need in your life and what you deserve . . Everything gonna be okay . .

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