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A little reminder to never give up. No matter what you want in life, keep striving for it. It may seem hard and it will be. Because nothing in life is easy. But those struggles always have a lesson to teach and the end results will always be good. Life will knock you down time and time again. But it's up to you if you wanna stay on the ground or jump right back up. Have faith in Allah, and never stop striving.🥀

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Tbh Shayari pasand bhai ko . Ik shair araz hay Choro ya sarsari waddy puray nahi hoty. Main is waqat mar jaun to mar jao gy kiya??

میں قابل تعریف ہوں نہ قابل تحسین
اک سلجھا ہوا لڑکا ہوں الجھے مزاج کا۔۔۔۔
اور دوسری بات یار وعدے سرسری نہیں تھے۔ نصیب ہار گئے ورنہ محبت دونوں کی سچی تھی⁦❤️⁩

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