Ask @tanekah:

Do you want to redecorate your room by yourself? What style would you choose?

Yes, my style is weird i have a lot of odd things in my room. I even things from my ceiling fan.😂😂😂

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At what age should we start thinking about wedding?

Me nd u or jus people period? I started thinking of weddings at the age of 15 now that im 17 i think of waiting because people arent who you think they are.👌

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What does friendship mean to you? What should your friend be like? Do you have a lot of friends? What could be your reasons for discontinuing friendship with a person?

A friendship to me is like a person i love but can never date. Being honest, funny, caring, and loyal is what i look for in a friendship. No i don't have a lot of friends i only have 3 because u cant trust every one. For me to stop fwy u have to lie to me. Hurt me or sum1 i love.

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