How to find a good B2B trade Platform online?

How to find a good B2B online platform
Well, this is quite difficult question as a good B2B online platform to recommend. Because you have to know there are a lot of very famous Technology companies around the world, no matter in America, Europe, or Asia such as China, India or so on. In every countries these companies owned advanced technology will try to build its B2B online platforms and be widespread to oversea for their related services. You may try to search through Google engine, then you may find various B2B online to show you. Certainly, in meantime, there are some of good and qualified platform with geographic advantage and some top B2B platforms with more capitals. No matter how, some platforms you have known, some are new for you. Finally you have to decide to choose one as demand of your purchase.
According to my experience during foreign trade business around 10 years. There is the conscientious tips from me to suggest to everyone here. No matter it is worthy to you or something no any business with you, please be patient to read and keep worth and forget what you do not need. B2B namely is business to business, so the B2B platform will offer the most of buyers as local top and leading suppliers of relevant products. Now the famous B2B platform and technological giant from China is about Alibaba, GlobalSources and made-in-China. However these platforms also with some weakness you have never found before. This is about cost. How much cost you need to pay? Because the great brand often prepare something you need with high cost. Certainly, there is another B2B platform in China. Sinosources.com, the largest B2B steel trade platform in China, own enough service experiences and the suppliers from sinosources platform are absolutely qualified with more exported and imported experience. Until now the most of oversea buyers are from East Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa.
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