Teresa B-W

Ask @taouioui

Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?

Crying depends on having tear ducts. I think animals, some any way, do feel emotions akin to laughter, etc but cannot express it the same way humans do.

How important is it for you to have a lot of money?

I want enough money that I don't have to think, "do I have enough to buy *insert necessity*?".

What should a real man be able to do?

What does that even mean? A "real man" is whatever that individual man is. The stereotypes are bullshit.

Do you think people deserve a second chance?

Not everyone and those who get it ate never to be trusted completely.

Who is your most hated celebrity?

None of them are worth my energy to hate. I wish the gossip industry wasn't so lucrative because it's annoy seeing it everywhere.

What is your usual breakfast?

Egg, colby jack cheese and chorizo on an English muffin with fruit, typically a banana and a coffee

Are there any places you are afraid to visit?

Anywhere with a "Stand Your Ground" law. The thought that someone could kill me or someone I love because they're "scared" (how do you determine that) and they CAN retreat but don't. If you can safely retreat, do so. There a no shame in that. I would be forever haunted if I killed someone/anyone like that.

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