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Does your team hire post-docs? if does, what kind of skills are you looking for? thanks!

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately at this moment, my research group is not recruiting post-docs. In the future, when my research group starts recruiting post-docs, I will make a job post on my homepage and will advertise the job post.

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Can you please give advice to the interns who want to apply under you, a good SoP is must? What else do you think we should have? Thanks!

Our research group doesn't typically recruit interns. Sorry!

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What motivates you so much?

Make higher positive impacts on people around (e.g., students, collaborators, and broad communities) and live up to (and go beyond) the high expectations and respects from people around.

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what kind of students are you looking for to supervise?

Please refer to my keynote slides presented at ISSTA 2013 Doctoral Symposium: There I described a PhD (student)'s five essential skills (which I focus on training/advising). A vague answer to your question is that students should have good foundations of these essential skills for being further trained/advised, along with high self-motivation, passion for pursuing excellence, etc.

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How many hours do you work a week? How about your phd student?

I haven't kept track of them. It seems quite many hours (I indeed pay attention to time management and work efficiency). There are just too many emails (quite some of which are translated to todo lists) coming to my email inbox. In terms of how many hours each of my PhD students works a week, you would have to ask them (if they start using

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What is the *single* best piece of career advice you have ever received?

"Focus on the students, since graduating great students means you'll produce great research, while focusing on the research may or may not produce great students." by David Notkin (1955-2013) (my academic father) who passed it along from Nico Habermann (1932-1993) (my academic grandfather). Such advice can be generalized to other places, e.g., focus on (care about) people. Such advice is related to an old Chinese Proverb “授人以鱼,三餐之需;授人以渔,终生之用” whose English version is "If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime."

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why do you use

I start using after seeing some friends are using it, and after realizing that it can be an interesting and effective way to outreach to many more people (e.g., students) than otherwise. I am a person who likes experimenting things (and adapt things if needed) so why not give it a try!

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what are your thoughts on automated triage of change requests

An important problem to tackle but time may come soon for researchers to look into related industrial or open-source practices instead of always treating it like an algorithm problem (in other words, don't forget about human factors!).

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