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me? I don’t want any bad blood to be between us. Life is so short and after everything, I’m terrified 😞

Poor thing

I thought we had a chance you and I, but you always chose another person. It seems like you always love someone else more than me. Goodbye it’s clear I’m not the one.


As I have said so many times… I wish you could see into my brain and heart. I guess it doesn’t matter now, huh?

What in the vampire diaries is going on here

Look I know we haven’t talked in a long time. I just wanted to apologize for taking you for granted. I don’t know if you found somebody or you’re still single. It’s just hard to find the right person sometimes. I hope you understand.

Who you want me to deliver this to?

I’ve texted with two women I’ve met on dating sites and just a little bit after we started texting they asked me to buy them gift cards 😕🙄😒

Sound about right


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