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Why does a man walk away and give up on the one who actually loves and cares for him? Then go around saying "I'm ready to settle down" or "I want a relationship" ... But he had a loyal and solid female by his side.

He didn’t know what he had

Once again I am asking what do you want me to do?

Be happy and listen to yourself only you know what’s worth it or not worth it

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How many times have you made a fake Snapchat account, and try to add me?

Ion even do that. No fake accounts on anything

It is not my place to judge you, we are all brothers and sisters under the same rainbow bridge road most refer to as heaven. “Only god can judge us”

I don’t like how you said rainbow 🌈 bridge 💯😅 but everything else was positive . I’m not among y’all ok 👌 🤣

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