Ask @taylormax:

thoughts while in class? ##

"uggh im falling asleep"
"ou hes cute"
'shit he saw me looking! LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY!"
"whens lunch"
"oh no dirty looks "
"i dont know the answer"
"im fucking dumb"
"damn shes pretty! , why cant i be pretty ? :)"
"nodd head so teacher thinks i know this shit "
"when will i need this"
"I am going to bed at 9:30 tn !"
" are my friends here today ?"
"im lost , where am i?"
"please dont sit by me , please dont sit by me ! "
" we had homework ! "
"get me out of this place"
" shit there goes my bus ,walking home now "
"shit forgot my key , wtf else can go wrong "

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