Ask @taylormurphy6:

What is the difference between a women's friendship and a men's friendship?

i mean, women are none to be more gentle, but if you have a genuine good friend that’s a guy, they will give you some of the best straight up advice you could ever ask for. men & women have have completely different perspectives on things, & it’s great to see the differences in these friendships lol

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What is the appropriate age for marriage?

honestly? i think putting a specific age on when it’s “appropriate” to get married is only adding an unnecessary stress to the people’s lives. i don’t think marriage should be something people do bc they feel they’re at the “right age”. marriage is a beautiful bond between two people; it shouldn’t matter what age you are (unless you’re a literal child obviously). marriage is not about age, it’s about connection. okay, i’ll leave it at that lol

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