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hi guys! so after a long drought (which was the very worst :P) I've started listening to taylor talk again! looking through the old episodes, I noticed a feminism episode, and in the desc. it said there was a june 2013 episode where you interviewed @feminismtswift I think, but I couldn't find it on There ya are!! iTunes displays only the recent 50 episodes, but every episode is available on our Web site. Enjoy :-)

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Wait what? Caitlin and Grant are leaving the Agency?! How did I not know this XD

nozomioishi’s Profile PhotoNozomi Oishi
Hey Nozomi -- As far as I know, nothing has been confirmed nor denied by Taylor or her management/publicist. However, in recent performances (VMA's, iHeartRadio, etc), neither Grant nor Caitlin were present, so it's become a safe assumption that they are no longer touring with Taylor. Again, we are just assuming this, but based on their absence, it's becoming more and more likely every day that they are not returning :-(

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