Ask @tayyloorrrrr:

What's your favorite thing to do during down time?

Listen to music and write everything I'm feeling down. It makes me feel so much better to let everything out on paper.

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Do you like your boyfriend or are you done with him already? If y'all ever not work out would y'all still be friends?

Done with him already?
How could I be done with him already? It took us 1-2 years to get together. So long. We waited for forever. He finally told me how he felt and now we're together. I don't know why I would already be done with him. Of course I still like him! He's my best friend and my crush, what more could I ask for? I feel so comfortable with him since he's my best friend.
And if things don't work out I hope we stay friends because he's my best friend and I don't want to lose him. He means so much to me!

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