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do people really deserve a second chance? why?

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Yes. Kasi lahat naman tayo may kakayahan to correct ourselves. Up to you hanggang saan aabot bente pesos mo. Akin is sobra pa sa dalawang chances... mga 3...Chzzzz. unli bitaw... ata. Hahaha
Unless its r*pe, p*dophilia, or murder, then yes.
I probably won't be friends with you, but you don't deserve to be isolated by society if you're sorry and you make it VERY CLEAR that you're sorry.
I'm also more forgiving towards those 18 and under because teenage hormones and high school makes people make extremely stupid decisions.
A problematic 17 year old sucks, but a problematic 33 year old is much much much less redeemable.
My take on this is siguro as long as willing mag bago yung tao, I’ll give unlimited chances kasi I think they deserve it naman

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