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I wonder if my standards weren’t so high, I would have a boyfriend already, should I just settle for less?

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No..keep it that high. God has a purpose. You should wait for the right person, malay mo di mo lang alam andyan na cya natotorpe lang syo :)
wag teh! wag na wag mo yang gagawin just for the sake of having a jowa kasi ikaw lang masasaktan sa huli. di natin deserve ng bare minimum tandaan mo yarn!
No. Don't ever settle. Someone will come along who will be perfect for you. It just takes time and a lot of patience. Never settle for less. You deserve what you want in a person.
Nahhhh pal crave for more just observe yourself if u're really deserving i really believe sa qoute na "what u have is what u get" perhaps u're less if u have under average partner

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