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- this story really gets to me every time. This isn't the main reason I am posting this though. I want to talk to you guys and be here for you guys. It's okay to be trans, lesbian, gay or bi. No one should judge anyone for it. Guys seriously listen to me... Let's say you see this " guy " or you

Taylor Alesia ♡
Think it's a guy and you start catching strong feelings for " him " then you find out it was really a girl and you freak out and never talk to her again. Why would anyone do that? Date for personality not for gender. Some of you may have a problem with this but I honestly don't give a fuck. I am sick of society.. I mean no I have never dated a girl but that's because girls don't hit on me and if they did it wouldn't bother me there is nothing wrong with it and to be honest if I caught feelings for a girl I probably would go for it because there isn't anything wrong with it. Everyone needs to wake up and stop judging others. If any of you need help with anything just ask... <3

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